Fetish flexible lesbians licking and fingering

Fetish flexible lesbians licking and fingering
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Nerd Love Part III (Author's note: This chapter is kind of from Carly's point of view, kind of a prequel and backstory but I think it is pretty good if I do say so myself. I decided to change it up a bit. Lol Hope you enjoy it) As Carly woke up from the nap that she took after having the time of her life she looked at her two sleeping lovers, one was her friend from online gaming who she just recently met and the other, her sister.

All three of them still naked because they were too worn out to get dressed before they fell asleep on each other, Carly was in awe at how beautiful their bodies were, Jimmy was about 6 feet tall and was mostly skin and bones but Carly didn't mind, in fact she thought the skinniness was pretty sexy, even she didn't know why she thought that.

Staring, Carly couldn't help but look at his now flaccid penis in between his legs and the small tuft of hair just above it, "he must trim it" she thought to herself. Now her gaze moving to her sexy sister, Trisha was 5'7 about an inch taller than herself, but one thing that Carly was always jealous of her sister for was her 36 DD breasts, "mine are an okay size but I want them to be as big as hers" she whispered to herself as to not wake the sleeping perfections before her.

It had been about 15 since Carly woke up and neither of her two lovers had awakened yet so her mind started to wander to her first sexual experience. All her life Carly was a pretty chubby girl always overweight, all through her school years the boys would call her mean names and want nothing to do with her. When she hit high school all that changed as she started jogging and working out to get rid of the fat that she had taken on early in life, most of the boys in her high school were drooling over her and many asked her out but she always turned them down because she remembered the pain that they had caused her back when she was chubby.

Sometimes the guys would ask for hand jobs or blowjobs because they were perverts but back then Carly had no idea what they were. One day Carly got sick of not knowing what they were talking about so she made a plan to ask her sister Trish about it when she got home from school that day.

Trisha was only 2 years older than Carly but since she had been good looking and well endowed throughout her life she was a lot more experienced when it came to guys. When Carly arrived home she set her backpack on the couch and started up the stairs to her sister's room.

She knocked at her sister's door knowing she would be home before Carly because Trisha could drive. After a few seconds Trisha opened the door and gladly let her sister into her room.


"Hey sis, what's up?" Trisha asked "Hey Trisha, I was wondering if you could explain something to me." "Yeah sure what do you need to be explained?" "Well I was wondering what a blowjob was, a few guys at school asked me to give them one but I have no idea what they are." Trisha was a rather nice sister so she decided that if her sister needed her help with this, why turn her down.

"Well," Trisha started. "A blowjob is when a girl sticks her mouth over a guy's&hellip.member and makes him feel good." Trisha realized her explanation was not very good as she looked at her sister's still confused face."Here let me show you" She said as she reached for her laptop and opened it up. She went to Google and typed in blowjob. She found a video of one being performed and showed it to Carly. Carly looked in amazment at what she was seeing, she didn't know exactly what was happening she just knew it was beautiful.

The chick in the video was bobbing her head up and down on the mans dick as he was moaning loudly. Carly started to feel an odd feeling in between her legs so she started to shift a bit and she started getting wet and uncomfortable.

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Trisha noticed this and she too was getting wet, not so much from the video as seeing the reaction of her sister to the video. After the video was halfway through Carly was so wet she couldn't think of anything but the man's penis inside the girls mouth.

She started to rub herself through her pants not really knowing what she was doing, Trisha was just looking at her younger sister with lustful eyes. Finally Trisha decided she wanted to try something. She slowly moved her hand and cupped her sister's left breast. Carly jumped up as her sister's hand started massaging her boob.

"Trisha what are you doing?!" Carly half yelled "I can make you feel good, from the way you were rubbing yourself it looked like you needed it" Trisha said in a seductive voice.

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"But we are sisters! We can't do stuff like that… that's just wrong" Carly was pacing the room now. "Why is it wrong? Because society claims it is wrong? There is nothing wrong with making each other feel good. And besides, Adam and Eve and their kids had to have sex right? So its nothing that hasn't been done before, now come give me a hug." Carly still a bit nervous and flustered went to hug her sister. "I wouldn't push you to do anything you wouldn't want to do Carly, just know that." As Carly was calming down a bit while hugging Trisha with her head on her shoulder she couldn't help but slightly agree with what her sister said.

Who cares if they are sisters? Finally Carly did something that shocked both her and her sister she tilted her head up towards Trisha's and kissed her on the lips, not a sibling kiss but a full on romantic kiss. "I thought you didn't want to do anything like this with your sister" Trisha said with a sly grin. She couldn't finish teasing Carly with words because Carly once again kissed her sister hard on the lips. As they sat there on Trisha's bed kissing Trisha decided to get bold and flick her tounge out of her mouth and grazing her sister's lips as if asking permission to enter, Carly shyly opened her mouth, her sister had to instruct her on how to french kiss but after a few minutes Carly got the hang of it and their tounges wrestled with each other till Trisha decided that she wanted to be the one to teach Carly all about sex.

Trisha broke the kiss off and Carly pouted a bit till Trisha took Carly's right 34 B breast into her hand and started massaging it like she tried to before. Carly was now moaning because this had been the furthest that she had ever gone with anyone and it was even more exciting since she was doing it with her sister.

Trisha got sick of the barrier that kept her hands from feeling the silky skin that was hidden just beneath so she grabbed the bottom of Carly's shirt and slowly lifted it off her body, now there was only 1 thing that kept her from what she desired but Carly was already working on that as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra and let it fall off of her shoulders.

Trisha had seen Carly topless a number of times because they used to share a room and since they were both girls they decided to change in the same room but now was completely different, she sat staring at some of the most beautiful boobs she had ever seen, at 34B and with small nipples that were about the size of a penny around.

She decided that it would be selfish if Carly was the only topless one in the room so she decided to take off her shirt and bra as well, now it was Carly's turn to gaze at the beautiful sight before her. Trisha couldn't take just looking anymore she started to massage one of Carly's almost perfect breasts. Finally feeling the silky skin that she desired was an amazing accomplishment for Trisha as she felt herself getting wetter by the second.

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Carly was just sitting there getting herself massaged by her sister feeling absolutly wonderful, she was amazed that anything could feel this good, just as she was thinking that Trisha's pointer finger grazed Carly's left nipple and Carly felt a tingle run down her spine and she gasped at how great it felt.

Trisha heard the gasp and thought "oh her nipples are sensitive huh?" and without warning her mouth closed in on its target, Carly's right nipple Carly almost screamed in pleasure as she felt her sisters mouth close over her extremely sensitive nipple.

Trisha loved the reaction that she was getting from doing this so she took her tounge and repeatedly flicked her nipple with it, with each flick Carly nearly jumped off the bed and she moaned her sisters name. All through the empty house all that could be heard was the constant moaning of "Trisha! Trisha!" Carly was in a state of bliss that she never knew exsisted but what happened next made this feel like the weekend at the movies.

Trisha decided once again to take this adventure into sexuality further by unbuttoning her sister's pants.

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Carly didn't try to stop her at all hoping that this would lead to even more pleasure. After Carly's pants and black and white stripped underwear were off Trisha admired Carly's nude form.


Since Carly didn't know anything about sex she didn't shave her pubic region yet but since she was still in high school she didn't have much to begin with anyway.

Trisha couldn't help but think that her little sister was perfect in all ways. After a few seconds of looking at her sister she decided to treat her to one of the best experiences ever.

She lowered her head down till she was inches away from Carly's hot core. She took a deep breath and dove right in. She started licking slowly on the outside just savoring Carly's taste, she licked up and down the entire slit and just as she reached the top she flicked her sister's clit with her tounge and Carly screamed out in pleasure, grabbing the back of Trisha's head and shoving her mouth onto her clit telling her to lick it more.

Trisha happily obliged and soon she had Carly almost passing out from the pleasure. Then as she noticed the signs of her sister coming close to an orgasm she slowed down a bit and started licking up and down her slit again, not quite ready to end the fun. She then took a small break from her sister to take her own pants off and when she finally did she shoved two fingers deep inside herself and started licking her sister once more.

Carly was now almost screaming Trisha's name at the top of her lungs and in between licks Trisha was moaning out Carly's name and pushing her fingers deeper and deeper into herself.

Trisha finally decided that Carly deserved her first orgasm and started licking her clit with no mercy and fingering herself at speeds that she couldn't believe.

Carly at this point was moaning and wriggling around and with one final lick from Trisha, Carly exploded in the most pleasure she had ever been in before. She swore she actually saw stars that day. "Carly?" "Carly?" "You in there?" Carly awoke from her daydream/flashback by Jimmy waving his hand in front of her face and Trisha saying her name. "Yeah im in here" she replied. "I was just spacing I guess." "Well space cadet, I'm hungry lets go take our new boy toy with us to Olive Garden" Trisha said winking at Jimmy.


Jimmy just chuckled a little nervously. "Okay sounds good" Carly replied.

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And with that they all got into her car to get some tasty italian.