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PLEASE NOTE: Since English is not my native language, there might be some spelling or grammar errors in texts. I'm making sure to correct as much of the errors as I can. Thank you. .Morning. I woke up at 5am and I couldn't sleep anymore. I got out of bed quietly and put on my shorts and a shirt. I got down to the kitchen and I made myself some hot coffee. Yum. I went to the terrace and slowly started sipping it. The fresh crisp air was really cool and the coffee was warming me up.



I was watching TV and my youngest sister woke up and went downstairs. "Good morning." She yawned, "Hi." I said. "Why did you wake up this early ?" I asked. "I can't sleep." She said. "Hah. I woke up at 5am." I said. "Wow. You sure did wake up early. I heard you making something in the kitchen." She said. "Yeah. I was making coffee." I said. "If you want, there is coffee for you too." I added. "Thanks." She said and went into the kitchen. She came back sipping a cup of coffee.

"Yum. It's good. You make better coffee that mom." She said. "Thanks." I replied. "Is there any of that better than mom's coffee left for me ?" My brother, Ben, asked. "Hi." I smiled. "Yes, yes there is. It's in the brewer." I told him. He came back. "Yum. It's really good." He said.

"Thanks." I replied. "Now, what are you watching ?" "Videos on YouTube." I said and turned off the full screen. "Aaahh. You got around the internet connection." He said. "Mhm. I fixed the cable."I replied. "Our technician." I heard my dad say. "Hi dad." We all said. Than we watched TV, browsed the internet and it was really nice. Everyone started waking up and coming down. At around 9-9:30am we were all up.

.Noon. "It's so hot." Ben said. "Let's go out for a swim." I suggested. "Yeah, let's go." He said and we both got our shorts and went swimming. "Ahhh. Much better." Ben said as he got in the water. "Aky, get into the water." He added. "Wait a little. I'm trying to get a tan." I joked and laid next to the pool. I was really trying to get a little tan but.

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"Oh, come in. " He told me and pulled me in the pool. "You're crazy !!" I said and we started laughing like crazy. I sprayed him with some water and he jumped on me. We wrestled in the water for a little and then he got out and laid on the beach chair. I got out and laid on the other one. Later, he got up and stood right next to the pool. I got off too and stood next to him.

"I'm going to drown you now. " He said laughing. "Oh, really. And how will you do that if I drown you first." I said and pushed him into the water. I didn't notice that he had wrapped his arms around my waist and when I pushed him I got pulled back too.

I landed on his chest and we splashed together in water. We laughed like mad for a good 2-3 minutes. Whoops. His hand slipped in my shorts pulling out my crotch. I got hard instantly. "Wait, wait. I want to do something first." I said and slowly got his hand off my crotch. I pulled his shorts off and threw them on the chair.

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"Bend over, and I'll show you something." I told him. He bent over exposing his beautiful butt. "Purr. You'll be mine soon." I thought. I kneeled and slowly pushed my tongue in his ass. He made a noise and spread his butt cheeks away with his hands. He came very soon.


"It felt good. When did you learn that ?" He asked panting. "I saw it on the internet." I replied. "Hey, let's do it in water. " He suggested. "Yea. Let's do it." I accepted. "It'll fell good." He said.

"Yeah. I'll give you this round." I told him and I pulled my shorts off and threw them on the chair too. I spread my legs underwater and let his cock get my ass. "Ungh. It's good. Wow." I could only say that.

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He started doing me as hard as he could as soon as we started. "You're not as tight as you were before." He said panting. "Yeah.

Your cock spread me wide open." I said. After some good time, we came together. Than we got back to swimming. "You're skinny dipping aren't you two ?" My dad asked. "How did you know ?" Ben asked like it's nothing.

"Your underwear." And he pointed. "Yeah. We thought it would be fun." I said nervously. "When I was your age, I swam with my friends too. Sometimes we'd swim like you are now, bare. Eh, those days." He said. "Anyways, have fun." He said and left. "Hah. I thought he would yell at us." I said.

"Why would he ??.

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He said he did this with his friends too." Ban said. "Meh. I don't know." I got of the water and got my shorts and put them back on and came back in the water. "Oh, come on." He said and took off my shorts and threw them out of the pool.

"Hey." I said. "You don't need them." He said. "Ah, OK than." I said. Than we swam some more and got out of the pool. I quickly put my shorts on and he put his on too. We laid next to the pool getting a little tan. We kissed too. It was a nice day overall.

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When we got in the house, my mom said: "I heard you were skinny dipping. Hah. You crazy kids." "Yeah, we did skinny dip." I said, "It's OK. As long as you don't do something different." She said.

"What exactly are you trying to say, mom ??" Ben said. "Nothing, nothing." Our mom said and left. Thank you so much for reading part 6 of my story. Part 8 might not come out tomorrow because I'm going to be out of town tomorrow. I might post it at night.

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