Amazing babe rides on a massive lovestick hardcore and blowjob

Amazing babe rides on a massive lovestick hardcore and blowjob
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"Mmmm… it's morning already?" Denise stretched and sat up. Her legs were feeling a little numb from last night.

She gently moved her legs over to the edge of the bed and slowly stood up. "Woah…" Looking at her clock she noticed that it was 11:24 a.m. She shrugged and made her way to the en suite. She turned on the shower, used the bathroom and brushed her teeth before cleaning her body once again. She hummed and then burst into a fit of laughter as she thought about him again. "Why does he keep entering my thoughts?" "Who keeps entering your thoughts?" "FUCK!" She turned the water off and pulled the shower curtain to the side.

Her husband was standing there, still in his suit from the day before. "Hey baby, when did you get back?" Her husband was a really handsome man. He was 29 and looked like he was 21. He had short black hair and hazel eyes. His body was amazing too. A beautiful white that had been touched with just a hint of apricot. He had a six pack and strong arms that picked her up with ease.

His ass was nice to look at too. She smiled as she looked her husband up and down. She looked at his crotch and licked her lips. His member wasn't anything to joke about either. A nice 8 inches in length and 2 inches around, he sometimes did some damage, though she was always able to recover from it. Clearing her throat, she brought her eyes back to his and grabbed the towel that was on a hook by the shower.

She wrapped it around herself and stepped out. He shook his head at her and smiled softly. "I've been here for a few hours. I saw you sleeping, naked by the way, and decided to let you sleep." She avoided his eyes when he mentioned her sleeping naked.

"So do you have to work again tonight?" "Yeah, I just stopped by to get a quick shower, change and then head back to the office." He left the bathroom and began to strip out of his clothes. "So who is this guy you can't stop thinking about?" Denise looked at her reflection her eyes wide open as though she were a deer caught in headlights. "Oh you know, my huge big time crush. You know I can't keep Liam Neeson off my mind." He used to enter her mind all the time.

That old man could do anything to her if she had that opportunity. She grabbed the strawberry coconut oil bottle from off the vanity and began to apply it to her skin. When she was finished she went into their bedroom and entered their large walk-in closet.

She pulled out a jean mini-skirt, light blue laced tank top, and a short jean jacket. She left the closet and threw the clothes on the bed and made her way to her dresser. She pulled out a light blue bra with dark blue hearts printed all over it as well as the matching thong.

Blue had always been her color and it went well with her dark chocolate complexion. Removing the towel, she dropped it to the floor and put on her underwear. She felt eyes staring at her and she looked up. He was staring at her and her face grew hot. "What?" Shaking his head he licked his lips slowly. "Just admiring what a sexy wife I have. You may not see it, but I definitely do." "Uh…" She quickly turned her head.

He was always saying stuff like that.

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Granted it did make her happy, but she could never see what he saw. "You always say the most embarrassing stuff." She giggled and proceeded to get dressed. Shrugging her husband walked into the bathroom and closed the door halfway. "I'm saying what I know to be true. Now don't be out too long hun. I love you." The sound of the water from the shower filled the silence that had soon ensued between them. Denise walked to the bedroom door and grabbed her favorite pair of wedges from behind it before opening it.

"I love you too babe." She left the room shutting it silently behind her. She walked down the short hallway and into the kitchen. A soft vibration was heard and she looked at the counter. It wasn't her phone, because she realized at the last minute that she had left it in her car.

It was his. Looking back toward the hallway she picked it up. 'A text?' She knew that her husband always got texts from work and he never really bothered to change the password on his phone. She knew what it was, her birthday. She entered the 8-digit number and immediately went for the text messages. Her heart raced as she saw a woman's face that she didn't recognize. Her hands began to shake as she read a part of the text that showed up.

'Hey baby! So when u coming.' 'Baby? Coming?' She quickly went to the home screen and locked the phone. She placed it exactly where she got it from and went to the end of the counter to the bowl where her car keys were. She grabbed them and rushed out the door. 'I-Is he…no he can't be.' She thought about the text the entire time until she exited the apartments and got into her car. She placed the keys into the ignition and sat there.

'Is that what he's been doing when he doesn't come home? Has he been fucking some other woman?' She shook her head. 'Maybe it was an accident. She could just be a friend of his who sent the text to the wrong person. It happens all the time. It's happened to me a few times. Yeah that must be it.' She took a deep breath and put the car into drive.

She peeled out of the lot and onto the busy street. "I think I'll go chill at the mall for a while." She made her way to the mall, the thought of her husband possibly cheating on her, drifting away. As she pulled up in a parking space, Denise grabbed her phone and put it on vibrate. She placed it in her skirt pocket and grabbed her purse. Stepping out of the car she closed the door and was almost devoured by the hungry stares of young teenage boys and men.

She avoided their eyes and comments, smiling to herself. She was looking down at the ground and wasn't paying attention as she crossed the lot. A loud honk rang in her ears and she finally looked up. A dark Escalade was driving a little too fast and headed her way. Her legs stopped and her heart raced.

'Well hell, if I die, at least my husband won't be left alone.' She closed her eyes and readied herself for the impact. Suddenly she felt herself being yanked backward and strong arms being wrapped around her stomach. The Escalade flew right past her and turned the corner going towards the larger end of the mall. Her heart raced wildly. She was speechless for a moment, not sure what to say. "You know, I think we should stop meeting like this.

It'll be bad if you died before I could actually get to know you." 'That voice!' She stepped out of the strangers arms and spun around. It was him and holy shit he was sexier today than he was yesterday. He was wearing fitted black jeans, fastened up with a leather belt. His torso was covered up with a tan and dark brown t-shirt with an eagle holding a scroll and skull in each of its talons and a black blazer over that.

His hair was a little messier today, but still a gorgeous jet black with gold running through it. His eyes were playful as he smiled down at her, his hands finding their way into his pockets.

Denise swallowed hard still unsure of what to say. He chuckled. "Speechless I see? Well, I will take that as a thank you for saving your life. And," he leaned forward, his lips just a hairs breath away from her ear, "you're welcome." Her heart skipped a beat. That silky voice of his rang in her ear, her brain repeating that welcome over and over again.

Her knees locked up. He laughed softly into her ear. "You know, you just look so cute when you can't say anything. But I would love it if you said thank you." Before she knew it her mouth opened. "Th-Thank you." "Mmmm, good girl.

You're very welcome." He groaned softly in her ear and stood up straight. "So what are you doing here at the mall? Hoping that you would run into me?" When she didn't answer right away, he smirked at her. "Answer me." "I wasn't coming here to possibly look for you. Don't get your boxers in a twist." She cleared her throat and turned around. She looked both ways this time before crossing the cross walk to get to the mall doors.

'Why did I do exactly what he told me to do?' Her heart was still beating from that. She looked behind and saw that he was following her. She stopped and waited for him to stop behind her. She turned around and placed a hand on her hip. "Is there a reason as to why you are following me?" She glared at him, her dark eyes looking up into his dangerously mysterious silver ones. He shrugged. "I figured this would be a good time to get to know each other." He reached a hand out and caressed her cheek softly before cupping her chin.

He looked down at her and gave her a rather boyish grin. "Besides, I think I just discovered something that you probably didn't even know about yourself and I think it would fun to use it to my advantage." Denise felt the stares of the people in the mall. She wasn't sure as to what could be running through their minds, but she knew what was running through hers: wanting to fuck this boy right here and right now with everyone watching.

"Now, here's what's going to happen: you're going to happily walk with me around the mall, until we get to a store that you want to shop at. I'll buy you whatever you want. You aren't going to complain or talk back to me." His eyes turned a little dark as he said every word. Her legs started to grow weak and her very center began to throb as she heard his commands. "You will also do whatever I ask of you. Got it?" Her heart stopped and her voice came out weak and a little broken.

A soft moan followed behind her words. "Y-Yes sir." He smiled again. "That's my good girl. Now, for starters, tell me your name. First and last." "It's Denise Noble." "Well Denise, it's nice to meet you. My name is Jake Matthers.

Now, why don't we get this date started?" 'Date? This isn't a date!' "Y-Yes sir." With his words being said, he lowered his hand and grabbed the hand that wasn't clutching onto her purse. Her face was heated and she looked around wildly, making sure no one she knew saw her with this boy.

But of course they wouldn't she a boy, they would see a full on man. You'd never guess he was 19 if you first looked at him.

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His hand was warm against hers, his fingers were a bit thicker and rougher than her own. She caught a glimpse of his profile from the corner of her eye. He had a little dark stubble lining his strong high set cheekbones. His jaw was a little wide, but it wasn't as noticeable if you looked at him from a distance. He had a few small loop earrings on the upper part of his left ear. He seemed to be smiling, though his expression wasn't what she would call happy.

She saw his eyes shift and look at her and she quickly turned her gaze in front of her. She cleared her throat. "Wow, the mall is rather busy for it being a Tuesday." He chuckled like he seemed to do any time she opened her mouth. "It is summer break after all. So kids with nothing else to do just come here and do nothing." "I'm pretty sure you were the same way in high school." "No, I spent my time in cyber chat rooms jerking off and when I was tired from that, I played video games." "Wow, so straight forward you are." "If we plan on getting to know each other, might as well be everything right?" She felt his hand tighten when a group of college guys approached them and stared at her.

She heard a low growl leave his throat. The guys quickly averted their eyes from her and avoided her as they walked past.

'Wow, he seems to be the territorial type.' Looking up she pointed to a store that she shopped at frequently. "Let's go there. They have the cutest outfits and I need to do some well-deserved shopping." He dragged her along behind him and only stopping when they got to the escalator.

He let go of her hand. "Ladies first." Swallowing hard, Denise stepped onto the next step of the escalator.

Her face heated up as she remembered that she was wearing a mini-skirt. She had no plans on taking the escalator. She placed the hand that was holding onto her purse behind her. "Don't cover it up." His voice rang up to her. She removed her hand just as fast she placed it there.

Her legs seemed to grow numb, and she knew that she had stained her thong. She moaned softly as he stared up her skirt. The ride up escalator seemed to take forever, but she was getting rather excited by it. Finally she had reached the top and she stepped off slowly, her legs slightly wobbly as she stood by it and waited for him get off.

He grinned wickedly down at her and grabbed her hand. "Thanks for the show." He led the way to the store that she mentioned. It was a store for plus-sized women. But being as she wasn't that big, she was able to fit the smallest size that they had.

It was a big store. Fixtures on almost every square inch of the floor. There were even dividers that separated some of the racks of clothing.

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She nodded to an associate. Luckily none of the women that she knew were working today. She sighed happily and made her way to the back of the store. It was out of view from the registers and from anyone else that would look back. She only went to that section because that's where the hidden gems were normally placed. She began to search to rounder, when she felt his hands on her waist, slowly moving up her shirt.

Her eyes flew open and she opened her mouth. "W-What are you doing?" "Uh-uh, what did I say?" She closed her eyes and sighed. "You said no complaining or talking back." Her body shivered as his hands moved across her stomach. He moved his head down and kissed her ear softly. "Mmmm, that's right. You are a good girl aren't you?

You remembered. I like that." He kissed her ear again, and she gasped. Her purse fell to the floor and her heart seemed to not want to stop racing uncontrollably. She let out a choked moan as he suckled on her ear. His tongue tracing her earlobe and the top of her ear. He bit down hard on her earlobe and she bit her lip holding back a moan.

Another chuckle followed by a groan vibrated in his throat. "I want you be very good girl and not make a single noise. Can you do that for your young Master?" As if she really had a choice, she just nodded slowly. "Good. Now, let's have some fun on our first date." His hands finally moved up to her breasts.

He squeezed them through her bra, her nipples hard and stabbing through the padded fabric. His finger-tips brushed against them; it took everything in her being to hold back a moan. Her hands reached out and held tightly onto the rounder.

She felt something hard pressed against her ass. She knew what it was, and from the feel of it, it was much larger than her husbands. Jakes fingers moved down to the underwire of her bra.

He lifted it up and her breasts spilled out, jiggling softly as they did. She panted silently the moment his large hands cupped them. "You're breasts are so big Denise.

I love that. They are practically spilling from my hands." He growled in her ear. "I want to taste them so bad. But we can save that for another time." He licked her ear again and ran the tip of his tongue down her neck slowly. He stopped right in the middle of her neck. Her body tensed. 'Oh no, not right there. Please not right there!' "It seems as if I got to a sweet spot.

Your body is very honest, you could never defy me." His lips wrapped around her neck and he sucked hard. She sucked in a deep breath as one of her many trigger points was attacked. He was right though, sometimes it was hard for her to fool her husband whenever they had sex, but her body always told the truth.

And she knew deep down, that she never wanted to defy him, no matter what he said or did to her. Her neck grew more sensitive the longer his lips were latched onto her. The tip of his tongue traced around the small bit of flesh that was in his mouth. Flicking it as if it were a nipple. Which he also happened to rolling in between his thumb and middle fingers.

Having her nipples played with and neck sucked at the same time was a new experience for her. She was loving it. Her breathing grew heavier by the second, by knees locked beneath her and her back arched. Her pussy was throbbing as if it had gone mad. Her knuckles grew a shade lighter the tighter she held onto the rounder.

She wanted so badly to defy his command, for if she let out something now, she was definitely going to lose it. He mouth left her neck with a soft pop, a short thin trail of his saliva hanging between his lips and her now darkening neck.

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"Dark chocolate it's my favorite flavor." She let out a low shaky breath. 'Thank goodness it stopped.' One of his hands traveled down her stomach and down to her skirt. He leaned forward slightly to slip his hand underneath it. He felt her thick thighs and he moaned.

"I love the feel of thick thighs wrapped around my face while I'm down there getting my meal. I bet your husband doesn't even play with your succulent pink cunt now does he." It was amazing that he even knew that. Although her husband loved her and told her on countless occasions how sexy she was, he refused to go down on her.

She just nodded her head in agreement, her face heating up more as his fingers rubbed the outside of her thong. "A thong is a very daring choice Denise. You hoping to run into me weren't you? Be honest with me." Again she nodded. Although it was probably the last thing on her mind, she had been hoping to run into him again.

She groaned silently when his finger found her clit. He rubbed the hardened bud slowly. "You're so fucking wet. Such a dirty little girl you are." She whined upon hearing those words. When he stopped rubbing her clit, she realized she had made a huge mistake.

Her eyes widened and before she knew it he spun her around and stood back forcing her down onto her knees. He glared down at her. His silver eyes darkening to an almost black. For some reason, seeing this dark side of him really turned her on more.

"Didn't I tell you to not make any noise?" He asked her, his voice going dark and full on dominate. His hands started to undo his belt buckle. He had it unfastened and took it off and stood there holding the belt in his hand.

"Put your hands up above your head." She slowly raised her arms. He grabbed them and pushed her back into one of the legs of the fixture. He wrapped the belt around her wrists tightly, fastening it. He crotched down and held her chin in his hand.

"I have to teach you how to be a good girl and slave. I thought you were better than this Denise. It looks like I have to train you the hard way." He pressed his lips against hers roughly forcing his tongue into her mouth. His tongue was thick and a little rough. She moaned against his lips as his tongue pressed into hers forcing it down. He stroked it with the tip of his tongue. He kept his eyes on her, saliva building up in her mouth. He forced his own saliva into hers tilting her head back so it slide down her throat.

His tongue ran along the inside of her cheeks. She whined again her eyes slowly closing shut. He growled again and broke the kiss, opening his mouth he bit down on her lower lip. She breathed heavily through her nose and squeezed her thighs together; as the pain coursed through her mouth and down her spine and straight to her already throbbing cunt. He pulled back and smiled wickedly. "Now that your mouth is ready," he stood up towering over her; dominate and intimidating.

He unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled them down along with his boxers. Denise never knew true fear until she saw his cock. Her eyes widened and she tried to back away. Her chest was rising and falling fast.

She looked at him quickly and opened her mouth. "I-I'm sorry M-Master. I-I promise I'll be a good girl. P-Please don't make me swallow that." His cock had to be a whopping 11 inches with at least 2 ½ inches of girth. It stood throbbing and tall as he stroked it before her. "You're still talking." He tsked and grabbed her by her hair, he lifted her head up and pressed the tip of his cock against her lips.

"You're going to be the best slave I'll ever own, one that men will be envious over and beg to want to fuck. Your husband will never know about this do you understand? You are my property, my personal fuck slut. You will not defy me. You will do exactly as I ask and with a slutty grin on your face." His words crept through her and sunk in. She was growing wetter with every word that left his mouth.


She wanted this. She needed to be put in her place. She finally knew that. Throughout her sex life, she knew that there was something missing, and this was it. Being submissive and having someone else make all the decisions and telling her what to do. She looked up at him her eyes filled with lust and defeat.

"I love that look in your eyes. Now, be a good little slut for your new Master and open your fucking mouth." She opened her mouth without any hesitation. The moment it was fully opened the taste of his cock erupted on her taste buds. It had a raw musk like taste, but it also tasted like the soap that he must've used from this morning. It was thick and almost heavy in her mouth; flattening her tongue. The head throbbed the moment it reached the back of her throat.

"Keep your eyes open." He continued to push further into her mouth his grip growing tighter in her hair. She hushed a moan, only breathing heavily from her nose. As he entered her throat, her throat opened up to him. She wasn't used to having something this large in her, but she happily greeted it. She heard him groan a little louder as his entire length slid down into her.

She felt his cock bulging her throat and she swallowed hard trying to contain her excitement. His gaze never left hers. "You look so fucking hot with my cock deep in your throat. You dark lips wrapped around my thick white member. Fuck Denise!" His cock throbbed in excitement, and he slowly rocked his hips. He placed his other hand in her hair, pulling her face closer and closer to his trimmed pelvis. His cock twitched and pulsed deep in her throat, making her pussy throb with each pulsation.

She wanted to moan and whimper loudly, but knew that she had to do as he asked of her. His thrust gradually quickened. All 11 inches of him left her mouth, before he slammed it back into her. He lifted her head more angling her throat so he could go just that much deeper. He looked around the store, noticing that there weren't that many customers and he smiled to himself. "Imagine the embarrassment you'd face if a friend of yours walked in and saw you in this pathetic distasteful state.

I wonder what they would say." His hands were practically ripping her hair out from her scalp. "Just the thought of their disgusted looks is turning me on even more!" He pressed her face into his pelvis, she then began to gag against him. Her eyes watered, her throat squeezing and twitching around him. Her hands twitched as well. He then moved his hips fast into her face. The force almost knocking the wind out her each time.

She struggled to keep her eyes open, her vision growing blurry with each thrust.


Every aggressive stroke, made her cunt wetter; her thong was completely soaked and she felt her juices running down her thighs. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. The wet sound of her throat being fucked rang loudly in her ears.

Every inch forming I her throat, not only was he punishing her, but he was molding her throat to his cock. And she loved every second of it.

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Denise seemed to be in euphoria, and it was only a matter of time before came. Jake removed one of his hands and slipped it down her shirt, grabbing onto her breast and squeezing it roughly.

"I can't get enough of this slut throat of yours. I can't wait to fill it up with my hot cum. You love this don't you my beautiful ebony slave?" Denise could only tighten her throat as an answer. She stroked his cock with her throat as if she were an expert. Her muscles massaging every inch of him. Drool was spilling down her face and throat as he pounded her face faster. "Denise your Master is about to cum. Are you ready for him to mark your throat?" Her eyes rolled forward for just a spilt second, a begging yes written in them.

He smirked at her and pulled her nipple twisting it roughly. Her eyes rolled back and her back arched, as his hot cum exploded in her throat, she came hard.

Her own ejaculation was rushed flooding her thong and leaving a puddled stain on the carpet of the store. He pulled his cock out of her mouth a little too fast, her throat going raw from the release. He released his other hand from her hair and stroked his cock still cumming, coating her face.

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It was thick and had had a rather pungent smell to it; but she loved it. Her mouth was still open and she got a good amount of his salty yet sweet taste.

He stood above her panting hard. "Now, swallow." She nodded and closed her mouth. She loved his taste so much!

It was much better than her husbands. It was thick and the texture was almost silk like. When she finished she opened her mouth and showed him. He nodded in approval. "Such a very good girl Denise. Now, my cock wants to get a taste of that sweet pussy of yours." She looked up at his cock, it was just as hard as it was when he had it shoved down her throat.

She wasn't sure if she should be happy about this or straight up terrified. Denise didn't have the time to ponder on it, because Jake was already on his knees and was spreading her legs open. He lifted her up and pushed her soiled thong out of the way. "Looks like my slave got really exited from taking my cock in her throat." He laughed. It was dark and menacing, yet still seductive.

She bit back a moan, her pussy throbbing as he rubbed her sensitive lips with the tip of his cock. "So fucking hot. I hope it's just as hot inside." With that, he plunged deep inside of her without any warning. Her face twisted up in pain and ecstasy. His thickness stretched her further than her husband ever could. The tip of his cock was already at her cervix. She knew for a fact that all of him wasn't in, but just because he was at her cervix, it didn't mean that he wasn't going to try to go further.

His free hand rested on her hip as he thrust into her. She threw her head back, not crying out in pain as it hit the leg of the fixture hard. Her bound hands tightened into fists. Her walls hot and way past moist clenched tightly around him. She panted hard, doing her best to not make a single sound.

His hand on her breast continued to squeeze tightly as his hips moved more into her. Her mouth hung open, as her desires awoken inside of her. She moved her hips along with him, her wedge covered feet planted firmly and flat on the ground. She didn't care if her arms hurt, she knew that she had to have more of this young cock. He laughed as she moved her hips, slamming loudly against him.

"My my, you don't care if we get caught now do you?" She shook her head and closed her eyes, her body being taken over completely by her lust. Jake squeezed tightly on her hip, his thrusts growing more rapid and rough, and the head of his cock pounded against her cervix. "I'm gonna fuck your womb Denise. I'm gonna claim it and stain it with my cum." He dropped his hand from her breast and held tightly onto her other hip. He pulled out her halfway and looked at her.

"Master is coming in." He thrust his hips and forced her down; the head of his cock finally burst through her cervix. Her womb was finally conquered. Her eyes watered as the pain consumed her entire body.

She held back moans of pain and pleasure, her legs shaking and growing numb. Her womb hugged him even more tightly and he grunted as he stirred her up. Her cunt grew tighter and he sat up higher on his knees. The fixture rocked and she wrapped her legs around his hips. "Denise you're driving me crazy!" She bit hard on her bottom lip, it was growing numb and she soon tasted blood.

She shook almost violently, her arms already numb. His hands cupped her ass and squeezed tightly. He thrust harder and grunted more, the sound vibrating throughout her body.

His cock throbbed wildly, her walls clenching and unclenching when he moved in and out. Her heart pounded in her chest and she felt as if she was going to break. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "You are the sexiest woman I've ever seen Denise, and I can't wait until I make you mine permanently. Now my sexy thick ebony slave: moan for your Master." Denise let out the loudest moan that she could muster.

She didn't care if anyone heard her. She didn't care if her husband found out, or if she could never show her face out in public ever again.

Jake was making her feel so fucking good and that's the only thing that mattered at the time. "That's right you fucking slut. Moan for me more! Tell me who your fucking Master is?" He pounded into her fast, the sound of their thighs rang loudly through their section of the store. Some customers grew suspicious and came to investigate. "OH MY GOD!" "That's, actually kind hot…" "Wish my boyfriend was as adventurous." "Who's your fucking Master slut?!" "Y-YOU ARE M-MASTER!

YOU'RE MY MASTER!" He grinned evilly, his once silver eyes turned a charcoal. He fucked her womb right there in front of the curious customers. "You've gotten so tight.

You love being watched don't you cunt?" "YES MASTER! I LOVE HAVING STRANGERS WATCH ME AS I GET MY SLUT CUNT FUCKED!" His grunts and groans sounded in her ear like a vocal aphrodisiac.

She screamed loudly and panted. "MASTER YOUR SLUT SLAVE IS GONNA CUM!" Tears ran down her face as her climax was finally at its limit. She felt him grow thicker inside her. His hips moving at a speed she thought was not possible. The loud wet sounds of her cunt was almost hypnotizing.

"Cum for your Master! Cum all over your Masters cock!" She whined loudly, followed by an almost blood curdling scream. Her throat grew raw from the sound leaving her throat. Her cunt clamped down around him, almost milking him as she came flooding his cock. "I'm cumming too Denise.

Take all of your Master hot cum!" He erupted in her womb, and she came again. The force of his semen hitting her womb made her body relax. Soon even her bladder came. She pissed all over him as he came into her. Her face still covered in cum, was twisted and looked as if she was broken. He tongue hung limply out of her mouth, her eyes halfway open and rolled all the way to the back of her head.

Her body twitched as continued to cum. He slowly pulled out her cum still oozing out his cock. He filled her not so tight canal and smiled as he pulled out completely.

He looked at her face and smiled. "You look so beautiful like that Denise. Just like a broken slave. But this is only the beginning my lovely pet." He stood up and pulled up his pissed covered jeans, fastening them. He leaned forward and undid the buckle around her wrists watching her fall and collapse onto the floor. He put the belt on and then proceeded to take out his wallet.

He pulled out a few hundreds and stuffed them in her bra. "You can buy whatever you please, but make sure I'll like it too." He turned to the sales associate whose once pale face was now a deep shade of pink.

She seemed to have liked the scene that was before her. He reached back into his wallet and pulled out a business card. "Call this number and charge the man on the card for the repairs. Don't worry, he's used to this kind of stuff.

Oh, and don't tell you managers about this, if they have a problem call the number on the back and that man will handle your problem." With that said Jake walked out of the store. Denise laid there her body still twitching, her new Masters cum slowly creeping out of her spent and throbbing cunt. "Wow…I really want a Master now." Denise sat at the table of the restaurant and stared at the menu.

She wore something a bit more revealing than the outfit from the other day. A tight red dress with black leather on the side. The top of the dress sat rather low, showing off more than enough cleavage.

She wore a red and black custom made collar with her name on the tag and on the back: Property of Jake, around her neck. Her legs were covered in black stockings and her feet were dressed in black peep-toed 4 inch stilettoes. She smiled and brushed her bangs out of her eyes, her hair tied up behind her head and held up by chopsticks. She grabbed the strawberry daiquiri that was in front of her and took a sip from it.

She had been sitting in this restaurant for almost 45 minutes, waiting for him to show up. She smiled as she heard his voice. Per the agreement she didn't turn around when she heard his voice. As he approached her, goose bumps crept across her skin. She then felt his breath on the back of her neck. She took in a deep breath and caught the seductive whiff of his musk. She closed her thighs together and continued to look straight ahead.

She felt the softness of leather brush against her arm and shoulder. Then the soft click of a clasp. "Is my little slave ready for dinner?" Hearing those words she smiled and slowly turned her head and looked up at her sexy young Master.

"Yes Master. I'm always ready for anything you dish out."