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Post Op Glass Cock Superstars
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I guess you could say that my curiosity started much like any other straight guy. Started watching shemale porn which slowly switched my thinking to " I wonder what it's like to get fucked like that". After that I started looking through the CL M4M ads and then started posting them really just getting turned on by the responses of what men wanted to do with me had I actually went through with it which I didn't really plan on at the time.

Then after quite sometime I thought I had a bright idea. I put up an ad saying I wanted to role play like I was there to look at something as a handyman and I wanted the man to make a move while I was there.

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I figured this way I could go a step further by going but could still back out like I had been set up by someone else. Little did I know that my plan wouldn't work out as I saw it. After seeing several of the usual responses I noticed one from an older gentleman around 58 years old. He was a little stocky and some body hair but I found myself oddly attracted to his cock in his picture.

It was trimmed close, about 7-8 inches, not too thick, cut, and a nice mushroom head on it. Not sure why but I couldn't quit thinking about what it would be like even after closing the ad to look at his garbage disposal.

I went on about my day as normal but couldn't get his picture and his cock out of my mind. I finally decided to respond to the ad: "I can certaily come check that garbage disposal out and possibly help with other things as well" and continued with a little more about myself. I'm 30 years old and really your all around average guy. I'm 6'3 at 205lbs some body hair but wouldn't consider myself to be hairy by any means.

My ass is naturally smooth and I have a smaller 6" cock. Within an hour I have a reply from him asking me to stop by the next morning and he would be free as long as it took. I spent the rest of my day with butterflies in my stomach and really considering not going but I went back to my thought of that I could fake being set up and just leave. The next morning came and i got dressed as normal in my jeans and tshirt and headed out the door.

My nerves were going crazy as I was driving towards my destination as I thought of all the things that could happen. I pulled into the driveway and sat for a second waiting to not seem too nervous as I walked to the door.

Finally I got enough courage to get out if my truck and walk the sidewalk towards the door which seemed miles long. I knocked on the door and waited for the few seconds that felt like eternity before a man answered the door, "Hi there.

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Can I help you?" "I believe I'm here to look at your garbage disposal." I said nervously. "Absolutely, come in. I'll show you where it is". We walked through the house which seemed pretty normal although I did notice a laptop on the kitchen table with what appeared to be porn on it. Once in the kitchen he pointed at the sink and I walked over and peered in the drain.

After that I opened up the cabinet and knelt down to have a look underneath and I heard him moving around behind me. With my head stuck in the cabinet I said, "Everything looks hooked up right so I'll have to get some tools to see what I can find." I took my head out of the cabinet and spun aroundstill on my knees, to find him standing the with his semi hard cock inches from my face.

I froze in place unsure what to do. I hadn't planned on anything getting this far. He reached his hand out and put it on my head at which point he started pulling me closer. "Go ahead, wrap your lips around this. ", he said smiling. I finally had to admit what was going on. "I'm sorry but I can't do it. I've never done anything like this and I just wanted to see what it's like to show up for an ad like this." I said while looking up at him. "Well I'm guessing you placed the ad because you were curious about being with another man right?

Now's your chance. No one will ever know. Just lick it a few times and if you still want to leave you can, I'm not going to force you." he said somewhat disappointed. I thought about it for a second and he was right. I was curious and we didn't know each other so when would I ever had this chance again. So I started to lean forward when he placed his hand on my head again.

Slowly I stuck my tounge out and made contact around mid shaft and moved my tongue up and down a little. After a few licks he told me to try licking the tip some, which I did. It wasn't as bad as I had imagined, not really much taste to it, just a slightly musky scent.

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After licking tip to shaft for a minute or so he looks down at me and says "Now put it in your mouth". I looked up at him reluctantly as he reached down with his free hand and held his cock up pointing it at my face.

His hand starting pulling me closer and he asks, "Didn't you say you've been wanting to try this?" To which I answered shyly, "Yes." He stopped pulling my head towards him and tilts it back so Im looking up at him again. "From now on you will refer to me as daddy. OK?" "Ok daddy." I replied at which point he tilted my head back down and put his cock on my lips.

As I slowly parted my lips and let his cock slip in I realized how hot it made me knowing I was to call him daddy. It was at this point I realized my cock was as hard as it's ever been. I started moving my head slowly forwards and backwards while rolling my tongue around his shaft.

As I picked speed I could feel his cock growing in my mouth and hear moans escaping his lips. "Mmmmmm that feels great baby. You keep sucking that dick like this and I'm going to cum down that throat of yours in no time.

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Is that what you want?" he said. All I could mange to do was get a muffled "mmhmm" out from around his cock. After about ten minutes he grabbed both sides of my head stopping me with his cock about halfway in my mouth. I looked up and him and I'm sure I looked like a cheap whore sitting there on my knees. He held my head and slowly started pushing his dick further into my mouth until I gagged a bit at which point he pulled it out.

He slid it in again, further this time. Only this time when I gagged he held my head there and tried to go deeper. I felt the head of his cock push into my throat making me choke. He continued to hold me there while I struggled and tears ran down my face. He pulled his cock out of my throat and looked down at me on the floor.

As I sat there looking up at him with his cock covered in my drool I couldn't help but be more turned on knowing this guy had complete control of me and I was ready to submit. Standing over me he holds out a hand and says, "Time to give you a little pleasure now. You did shower before coming over, right?" To which I nodded. "Take your pants off." he said leaning back against the counter to watch. I slowly unbuckled my belt and undid my pants.

I slid my pants and underwear down to my ankles revealing my rock hard dick standing straight up. He looked down at my cock and smiled, "Looks like someone enjoys being a little cocksucker huh?" Yes daddy, I did", I replied almost blushing. He walks up to me and puts a hand on my should and starts to spin me around saying, "Bend over the table. I want to eat that tight little ass of yours. You want that baby?" "Yes daddy", as I spin around and slowly bend over the table.


After bending over he kneels down behind me and I feel him grab my ass with both hands. He spreads my cheeks apart and I feel something wet and warm start to touch my hole. He starts to swirl his tongue around slowly and it feels amazing. Slowly he licks up, down, side to side, then I feel him start to slide his tongue inside me. I reach down and start to slowly touch my own cock until I'm met with another hand.

"Don't touch yourself. Daddy is going to give you all the pleasure you need", he says. With my mund going in a million directions I answer, "Yes daddy. I'm all yours" As the words had left my mouth so easily it occurred to me that I was fully enjoying myself and that I was his.

At that moment I realized that this was what I wanted all along and was happy to be getting it.

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To be the one pleasing another man sexually. He went back to tounging my ass when I felt a finger running up and down from my balls to my hole. His tongue moved away and my hole instantly felt cold when suddenyl I felt something touching my hole that was different from his tongue. I felt it slowly pressing into me stretching me a little as it entered. When it was all the way in I realized it was his finger as he slid it back out. He started fingering my tight little ass and I felt like my own cock would explode any minute.

He continued this as he got faster I eventually caught myself moaning little by little. He took his finger out and I heard the snap of a bottle behind me as he said, "Let's try two fingers with some lube now. Is that what you want?" I arched my back putting my ass in the air ass acceptance and said, "Yes daddy. Please finger my tight little hole" I felt him squirt the cold lube directly down my ass and it ran down to my waiting hole where he caught it with his finger.

His fingers worked around the hole for a second before he started working them into me. I tensed up a bit from the slight pain of him stretching me but he kept going and I wanted him to. As he slid hus fingers in further I pushed back against his hand. "Seems like someone is enjoying themselves a little", he said with a bit of a laugh.

"I am daddy. It feels so good", I said while moaning. He started sliding hus fingers in deeper and faster. "Tell me how much of a slut you are and you like to have your ass stretched out baby", he said.

"I love you stretching my ass daddy. Please don't stop. It feels so good baby", I said as his fingers were working in and out of my hole quickly.

Then out if nowhere my real desires took over. I stood up from the table, turned around, and knelt down in front of him.

I grabbed his cock and started sucking him while jerking him in my mouth working every inch of it. "Wow", he said. "What's gotten into you?" I stood up and bent back over the table. "I want you to fuck me daddy. Please fuck my tight ass. Make me yours.", I said as I reached back and held my ass ooen for him.

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Without saying a word I felt him move behind me. I felt the lube dribble down my ass as he squirted it out of the bottle onto my waiting hole. He slowly slid the head of his cock up and down my ass crack a few times.

I felt him stop sliding and line up with my hole at which point he stopped for a second. I couldn't wait any longer and started to push back into his hard cock. As his head started to penetrate me and slowly open me up he said, "You really are a little slut aren't you?" I looked back at him as my hole took his whole head inside and said, "No daddy.


I'm your little slut." I stopped to get used to his cock inside me and he started slowly pushing deeper into me. The pain started getting worse so I asked him to stop so I could get used to it which he did. Once the pain lessened I started pushing back again and he pushed in as well. Soon I could feel his balls between my legs. He was buried deep inside me. He slowly pulled almost all the way out and slid back into a few times as the pleasure started growing inside me.

"Fuck me daddy. Make me your little slut", I moaned to him as he slid his cock in and out of my once virgin ass. "Yeah baby, this is my ass now. Take it all bitch", he said between thrusts. Hearing him talk like that to me turned me on so much more. Also knowing a real man was getting pleasure from fucking me send me over the edge. "I'm cumming baby. Please don't stop. Oh god, please fuck me harder!", I screamed as cum started dripping from my cock onto the floor. "Yeah baby.

Take that dick. Im gonna cum in yiur tight little ass next", he said as he pounded my ass harder and harder sliding the table against the wall. "When you cum in my ass you're gonna own me daddy. Breed me like the little slut I am.", I said between balls deep poundings. With that I felt his pace quicken and his body start to tense up. He thrust deep inside me and held it there as his dick pulsated inside me. I could feel splashes of warmth deep inside as he shot rope after rope of cum into my ass.

He stood the for a second leaning over onto my back breathing heavily. Then he slowly pulled his now softening cock out of my ass and I felt a rush if cool air enter me. I stayed bent over the table with everything that had just happened swirling inside my head.

"Open your ass up for daddy", he said as he moved around behind me. With that I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart to feel the cool air touching my now gaping hole.

I started to feel his cum dripping from my hole down my leg. I looked back at him as he stood there admiring what he saw. "Now get down and clean this shit off my floor", he said somewhat angrily. I looked at him slightly confused which led him to grab my neck and somewhat forcefully push me to my knees and point to my cum on the floor.

"Lick it up slut", he said while pointing. I leaned down and slowly stuck my tongue in it to taste it first. Having never tasted cum before I wasn't sure what to expect but thought it couldn't be that bad. It was slightly salty and had a odd bleach type odor to it. After licking it off the floor he told me to get up and pick my things up off the floor.

He started walking towards the other room and stopped to see if I was following. Without thinking twice I followed him into the living room and down the hallway. He turned into a room which, when I walked through the door, realized it was his bedroom. He turned to me and said, "Get totally naked slut. We're gonna spend the rest of the day in here." I slipped my shirt over my head and walked to the bed, "Yes daddy.

This ass is all yours" That's the first part of my first time with a man. I will add to it if you like it. Constructive criticism is always welcome.