Girls gone wild young blonde lesbians make out and eat pussy in club

Girls gone wild young blonde lesbians make out and eat pussy in club
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This is a true recollection of my first threesome. I was just barely nineteen years old, and I had been fooling around with one of my guy friends, who we will call Asher, for a little over a year when he started dating a girl we will call Selena. Now Selena, while gorgeous (very slim, tall, blonde, tan, and big fake perky tits) was a true pain in the ass.

She was clingy with Asher, always talked behind my back because she knew I had been fooling around with Asher before he got with her, an all around pain in the ass. What she didn't know is that he and I continued our "relationship", even though they were together. Asher was, and still is in fact, very good looking. 6'7, muscular, dark hair and dark eyes with olive skin, Asher had no problems getting a date. The only problem was finding a girl who would go along with his kinky plans, that's where I came in.

I am a sucker for a man with a kinky side, and Asher did not fail me. We hooked up drunk at a party at the beginning of my freshman year of high school, and ever since then we would meet up and fuck like kinky little bunnies. Hell, even into our mid-twenties we'll still get together once or twice a year and go for a marathon weekend of anything he can think up.

It was during one of those weekend get togethers he propositioned me to be in a threesome with his bitch girlfriend, Selena. Asher had grown bored of her plain vanilla sex, and wanted to try to get her into our kinky plans before he had to end things with her.

I agreed on the spot. I was only thinking about the fun we'd have with her, and the bragging rights of the century I'd have. I'd get to tell everyone that I had princess Selena, the girl who talked shit behind my back for several months, on her hands and knees eating me out while her boyfriend fucked her. The thought alone was enough to get my soaking wet. Over the next month Asher and I continued to see each other on the weekend, and he didn't bring it up again.

Then one weekend in the middle of October he told me he had a plan.


He had talked to Selena and told her everything, that he wanted a threesome with her and another girl. I was shocked that he was so blunt with her, and that they were still together. He explained that they fought, because she didn't want to, but that he kept telling her it'd be fun and nobody would know.

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He also neglected to tell her I was the other girl. She eventually caved and told him she'd do it. In the coming weeks I didn't get to see Asher much because of work, but one day he sent me a text and told me the three some was on for that night.

My heart jumped into my throat.


I had been with girls before, but never a girl and a guy at the same time. My nervousness soon turned to excitement at the thought of getting a little revenge on Selena though, and by the time I got home and ready to go to Asher's apartment, I was practically running to my car.

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I arrived at Asher's place and walked in like I always did. My jaw immediately hit the floor as I saw Asher, his entire cock down Selena's throat.

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He looked up and saw me and gave me a thumbs up that I returned. He put his hand on Selena's head and held it down, whispering to her to keep her eyes closed. "Our guest is here, Selena. Stay down, I'm going to blindfold you, it's supposed to be a surprise." She groaned a complaint around his cock but kept her head down and her eyes closed while her wrapped a blindfold around her head and tied it. Once she was securely blindfolded, I got beside her and rubbed her large tits through her shirt.

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She moaned and pulled away, her head dropped backwards in pleasure. I raised an eyebrow at Asher. "She took some pills to loosen up.

I think she'll do just about anything we say or want." He told me with a grin. I smiled in return and leaned down to Selena, kissing her lips.

She eagerly returned the kiss, shoving her tongue in my mouth. We kissed and I straddled her lap, ripping her blouse open roughly as we made put on front of Asher.

I pulled her shirt off and threw it away from us, groping her naked tits. I broke the kiss and pulled away from her, standing up I looked to Asher. "Can I eat her?" I asked him breathlessly, barely able to contain my excitement. He nodded and started running his dick in his hand, telling Selena to show her pussy to me. She did immediately, hiking up her skirt to reveal her puffy hairless pussy. I groaned and stood up, quickly shedding all my clothes and undergarments before diving into her.

I attacked her pussy with my tongue and scratched her inner thighs as I pushed her legs out as far as they'd go. With her slick sweet pussy open to me, I buried my face in it and started tongue fucking her slippery cunt, my nose rubbing her clit hard as I fiercely ate her out.

"Goddamn that's hot! Don't stop, mm girls. Don't stop." I heard Asher talking behind me but I didn't care, I was in heaven. I was so focused on giving Selena her first earth shattering orgasm from the mouth a chick, I didn't hear Asher get behind me. It was only when I felt his large cock press against my asshole I knew what he was doing. I was no stranger to anal sex, but rarely did it with Asher due to his size, but that night, he was dead set on fucking my ass so I moaned and opened up to him.

As he worked his thick cockhead into my tight anal ring, I started suckling Selena's hard little clit, my fingers working deep into her soaked snatch. She screamed out and started grinding against my fingers, so I added a third and kept fingerfucking her and sucking her clit.


Moments after adding a third finger she gasped and her pussy juice exploded onto my chin. I immediately started lapping up her pussy and swallowing every drop that went into my mouth. Suddenly a pain ripped through my body, and I realized Asher must have got impatient not getting any pleasure, and yanked my body backwards, impaling my asshole onto his big fat cock.

I screamed and gritted my teeth. "Fuck you Asher, jesus! You can't do that with that fucking monster you call a cock!" Asher laughed and slowly pulled me back and forth on his cock, rubbing my hips as he did. I looked at Selena and rubbed her pussy, and she tensed up, moaning. "Oh god, it's you, isn't it? Jenni, is that you?" She sad as she sat up and took the blindfold off, looking at me on my elbows and knees, face first in her cunt as her previously thought to be devoted boyfriend was balls deep in my asshole.

I nodded and kept rubbing her pussy, licking around her clit slowly. She moaned and flopped back, covering her face in embarrassment. I grinned and sucked her clit between my lips, causing her to scream out and moan. Then she did the unthinkable.

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She sat up, looked down at me licking and sucking her clit, and told me she wanted to taste me. I stopped in my tracks, my heart skipping a beat again, but I nodded and pushed back against Asher. "Ash. She wants to taste me, let me up." Asher growled and kept a hold on my hips, thrusting into my ass harder. "Ow fuck! Just let me sit on the damn thing then, you can put it right back." He considered the idea then pulled back quickly, yanking his cock from my tight asshole with a pop.

Asher sat on the couch and I stood up, my back facing him as I sat down on his fat knob, his hand guiding it back into my slick asshole. I positioned myself so my feet were on the edge of the couch and my legs spread, and he started pushing up into my asshole, slowly fucking me. I looked down at Selena and beckoned her to me. She crawled on her hands and knees sheepishly, watching her boyfriends cock slide deep into my ass. I smiled as she approached and told her to do what I did to her.

She shakily nodded her head and started to lick my dripping pussy from my clit all the way down to Asher's cock sliding in and out of my asshole. I moaned and leaned back into Asher, pulling Selena's head into my pussy as she ate me out. Asher started thrusting harder and faster into my tight hole and Selena was getting the hang of pussy eating quickly, I was in heaven again.

With the warm tongue darting in and out of my pussy and Asher's fat cock violating my ass, I lost it. I ground my pussy into Selena's face as my girly cum squirted into her mouth and my asshole clamped hard around Asher's cock. He gasped and pulled me down hard by the hips, moaning as he sprayed his thick cum deep into my bowels.

I screamed and went limp against his body, Selena still lapping my juices up hungrily. After a few minutes I pushed her head away and leaned forward, moaning as Asher's cock started to slip from my hole.

With a wet pop we were separated and I fell down on my knees, moaning as I felt his cum start to leak out of my asshole. Asher sat forward and pushed me over on my hands and knees, forcing three fingers easily into my ass as I screamed in pleasure. He yanked his fingers out and I sighed.

I heard I little commotion behind me and suddenly Selena was behind me, leaning down over my asshole that was propped up in the air and she surprised us again. Selena started licking her boyfriend's cum out of my asshole, paying great attention to make sure she got it all. Asher held her head there and told her to get it all as he forcefully fingered her pussy, making her cum once more as she licked my ass clean.

After that night I hooked up with both of them many more times, and selena even moved in with me now that we were fuck buddies. I still see Asher, and I've hooked up with Selena in the last month, but we three haven't gotten together again. Maybe soon.