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Japanese girl very big milk
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Tanya & Bo by bodaciousbob © In 'Tami and Bo', Tanya had watched as Tami got hers.

Now she wanted some of the action. As soon as the bristles of the small camel hairbrush touched her nipple, her nipple became hard with the delightful sensation it sent through her skin. Bo ran the soft brush around the pebbly skin surrounding her hardening nipple causing Tanya to giggle. "You will have to do better than that if you intend to win," she said in a mocking tone.

"Oh! I will," was his only reply.


They were playing a game Bo had hatched up in the hot tub. He was always coming up with some clever game and this one was new for Tanya. It was called the 'coat hanger' game for lack of a better name. Simply enough, she was holding onto a wooden coat hanger with both hands. If she let go, she lost. Bo on the other hand could not touch her directly. If he could not get her to let go of the coat hanger within an hour, then he lost.

What the winner got as a prize had not been made clear but Tanya was sure it would be something delightful. She would worry about that after she won. For now all she had to do was hold onto the coat hanger which seemed easy enough. Bo had taken the coat hanger, with her hands gripping it, and hooked it over the door in his spacious bedroom.

This caused her to stand upright with her arms stretched out above her and her body exposed to his attention. She had dressed in a white see-though blouse and bra, and some lacy white panties for this game.

She wanted to look good enough to entice him to touch her, but have the sensitive parts of her body covered so that he would not be able to gain easy access to them. As always, Bo was full of surprises. She had not counted on the scissors. As soon as he had her in the compromising position, hanging from the door, he had produced the scissors.

She thought that he would just cut her clothes off with them but that would have been too simple. Instead he had carefully cut an opening through her sheer blouse and then cut a hole in her bra to expose one nipple.

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She could only watch as her hands firmly grasped the hanger. Then he had produced the artist brush, which he now was teasing her exposed nipple with. They had only started and already he was making her crazy. While he teased the one nipple, the still clothed one seemed to begging for attention by becoming erect and pushing out into the material covering her other breast.

"I just wish this were my tongue," Bo said as he licked his lips and continued to circle her rock hard nipple with the soft brush. "Of course if it were my tongue it would be a lot wetter." With that Bo produced a small pot of body oil. He dipped the brush into the warm oil and applied it to her waiting nipple.

Tanya gasped as the smooth oil was swirled over the exposed portion of her breast feeling a great deal like a lover's tongue wetly circling her nipple. "That feel more like it?" Bo asked with a smirk. Tanya replied," Nothing could be as good as your tongue on my bare flesh, Bo. Why not just suckle it for me? You know you want to" "Not a chance." With that Bo slopped more of the warm oil onto her aureole making a sodden messy out of her blouse and bra cup.


Tiring of this Bo reached for the scissors again and carefully cut the buttons from her blouse being careful not to directly touch any part of her. The blouse swung open revealing the proud swells of her full mounds where they rose from her bra cups. Bo took the brush and slowly painted the cleavage between her breasts until the oil started running down between them.

Because of the size of her tits the narrow strap that held her bra cups together was held away from her body and the oil found this passageway and trickled through it on the way to her smooth tummy.

Tanya gasped, as the sensation of the traveling rivulet made is way down her body like a lover's kiss. Bo just smiled as he noticed her breathing rhythm change. "Now if I could touch you I would slowly undress you. But since I can't, I will just have to do it the hard way. Unless you want to give up and let go of the hanger." "Never," Tanya replied as she took a deep breath and hung on even tighter.

This was beginning to be more of a test than she had thought. If he had just tied her hands it would have been easier as she it would have been out of her control. Having to keep her hands out of the action voluntarily was torture and Bo knew it.

Bo took the scissors and cut through the material of the arms up to the shoulder until the blouse fell away leaving her lovely tan body in just bra and panties.

The tops of her breasts were oily and one bra cup had the hole in it making her a delightful sight. Not wanting to be denied the sight of her lovely breast any longer he cut the shoulder straps as she looked down between her upraised arms and watched.

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The bra stayed in place until he cut the strap holding the cups together and then her breasts sprang out as though they were glad to be free. What a proud sight they were with the warm rounded masses presenting two hardened nipples for his teasing pleasure.

Seeing him eye them Tanya swelled her chest. "Go ahead and have a handful," she offered. "No thanks. I can hold out," he replied but the swelling in his shorts indicated he was lying. "You seem to be developing a problem with your clothes," Tanya said giving a knowing glance at his crotch. "You should do something about that." "You would like for me to be swinging free and inadvertently touch you, wouldn't you?" "You know you are going to give in first anyway so why not?" she said happy that he was getting so hard it was making him uncomfortable.

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"Well I do need a little relief." Bo admitted. With that Bo stepped back and took off his shorts revealing the bulge in his underwear had gotten out of hand. He left his underwear on but arranged his harden tool in a more comfortable upright position. His length was such that the bulbous head of his cock showed out of the top of the waistband. Tanya looked down at his throbbing manhood. "If you just put that in my mouth I could make you feel so good, so fast, you would forget about this stupid game," she said licking her reddened lips suggestively.

"If you want it just reach down and grab it," has his hoarse reply. "Not on your life. But I would love to wrap my tongue around the velvety head of your big cock and swirl around it until you moaned with pleasure." Bo groaned at the image her words brought forth. To counteract what she just said he took up his paintbrush and applied liberal amounts of the warm oil to the topsides of her rounded breasts.

The excess followed the valley between her breasts making a tiny river down her torso until it hit the waistband of her white lace thong panties. The material covering her sex soaked up the oil making the material even more sheer and molding it closer to her warm womanhood. By the time Bo had completely covered her large mounds with oil the panties were soaked and showing every contour of her shaven pussy through the material.

"Just imagine that the oil is my tongue trying to find its way to your swollen little clit," Bo encouraged her. This made Tanya give out a soft little moan and her eyes closed to halfway in a look that Bo recognized as her 'fuck me' expression. This was going better than he had hoped.

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Of course his cock also gave an inadvertent twitch and the head protruded further out of the top of his underwear. Bo reached for the scissors again and slipped the end of them inside her oil soaked panties. He cut through the front of the panties right at the top of her slit and the small flap of material fell damply away revealing the swollen lips of her beautifully wet pussy.

Tanya gave a gasp as the cool air hit the exposed skin of her superheated pussy. Bo used the brush to add more oil to her torso and watched as the rivulet made its way to the waistband.

The excess came through that barrier and flowed into her slit and eventually started dripping off of the fat lips of her pussy coating her thighs. While having kept her thighs together so far, this was more than she could bear and she shifted so that her rounded legs opened up. The small piece of severed panty fell through her legs. Bo used the scissors once again and slowly cut through the waist band of her panties while Tanya breathed deeply and watched gripping the coat hanger ever more tightly.

The elastic of the waistband sprang free, once severed, and fell away from her leaving her oil soaked body completely nude. Her breast heaved as she breathed ever more deeply.


Bo stood back and admired his handiwork as Tanya helplessly looked on. Her body was covered with oil from her taut nippled titties to the her shaven pussy. "Gosh you are beautiful like this," he said. "I so want to fuck you." "You know you can at any time," she murmured hoping that he would, putting an end to this madness. "Not until you let go of that clothes hanger. Maybe this will encouraged you to do the right thing." With that Bo reached down and pulled his underwear off of his swollen cock.

It sprang out and stood out from his body and twitched at the delightful sight of Tanya's naked body. Tanya just groaned at the sight of his massive tool swinging in the air in front of him, wanting to give up the game and throw herself at him.

His shaft was so thick and the swollen head of it pulsed as though having a life of its own. Seeing her weaken Bo added more oil to her covered body watching it trickle ever so slowly down her flat tummy, over her now exposed mound and into the inner reaches of her cunt, eventually dripping off her pussy to form a pool in between her feet.

It was difficult for him to tell how much of the excess was oil and how much was her feminine juices but he suspected that she was leaking with desire. Throughout this he was careful not to let his swaying cock come into contact with her body.

The trickle of oil caused her clit to swell to the point where it was visible and Tanya started to moan more regularly now.

Her body was shuddering with the sensation of the warm oil caressing her hot little pussy and she thought that she would come soon without ever having been touched. The thought of it was maddening to her.

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Bo stopped what he was doing and stood back and looked at her once again. Her body was taut from her position holding the coat hanger and her torso was cover with oil. Her pussy was sopping wet and her long brown legs were damp on the inner thighs. The nipples on her breasts were so hard that they looked painful.

Bo circled his shaft with his hand and started a slow massage of its length while he looked at her and she looked down at what he was doing. "I would so like to slip this into your tight little cunt and drive the length of it slowly up into your warm tummy. You know it would slip in so easily with you all oiled up the way you are. He continued to stroke himself as she looked on and moaned with increasing regularity. "But I guess I will just have to come all over you without your help." He increased the cycle of his masturbation as she moaned even louder.

His breathing took on a different rhythm as the sight of her excited him even further. "Please stop, Bo," she begged. "Let me loose and I will make you so happy.' "There is nothing stopping you Tanya but yourself." With that she said 'fuck it' and let go of the hanger. To be continued with 'Tai and Bo"