Babe sucks and rides bbc

Babe sucks and rides bbc
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Craig glanced nervously over either shoulder at the two blonde giants who walked slightly behind him, but close enough to make sure he knew there was no choice apart from going in the direction indicated.

As he walked down the long corridor towards the double doors at the end, he could feel a trickle of sweat run down his spine and the flash drive in his pocket seemed to be burning through to his skin.

The two giants had picked him up as he was leaving his office and politely ushered him to the car with the single utterance, "Miss Julie requests your company." Since then they rode in the car in silence and Craig had felt crushed even though the limousine had plenty room enough to accommodate the three of them.


A couple of times Craig had tried to ask where they were going and why, but his words fell on stony silence and in the end, he had given up asking. The two giants suddenly moved like greased lightening to step in front of Craig and held one door open each as he walked into the plush but neutral office.

The décor was totally non-de with no personal items anywhere, just a large desk in the corner, with two monitors and a large leather swivel chair with its back to him. The back two corner walls were pure glass and looked out over the evening view of the city and the lights in the distance picked out the various landmarks of London. Suddenly a soft voice beside him made him jump as Julie had appeared almost from nowhere and was not sitting in the chair as he had expected.

"Sit," said Julie indicating one of the two chairs in front of the desk and without waiting for him to obey, sat and elegantly crossed her legs allowing the short skirt to ride even further up her thigh.

Craig sat and waited and the silence started to become unbearable as Julie steepled her hands and stared intently at him. Craig felt like a deer staring into the eyes of a tiger moment before the tiger pounced and devoured it's prey.

The silence was suddenly broken as Julie laughed softly as she said, "Well.

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Well. Well." shaking her head in an amused way, "what are we going to do with you?" Then without waiting for a reply held out a slim hand devoid of any jewellery apart from a single white gold wedding band. When Craig didn't respond Julie snapped her fingers and said, "the drive," her voice tinged with a degree of irritation.

Craig reached into his pocket and as he did so was conscious that the twins, who were standing at either shoulder, tensed and didn't relax until his hand came out holding the dog shaped drive. Picking it from his palm Julie twirled it round and round as she went back to studying him in complete silence.

Suddenly her face broke into peals of laughter as she said, "Have you ever seen that game where the contestant gets to pick a box? In one is cash and in the other they go home empty handed?" When Craig just nodded dumbly Julie went on, "Well that's almost like this evening for you Craig.

In box number one is shame and humiliation, the contents of this drive spread across the net, sent to your work colleagues, to your sweet innocent wife. Then when the details of your fraud comes out, your gay lovers, your drug abuse, I suspect things may get a little tricky for you. Doubt you will get a job or see your kids ever again." Craig's mouth dropped open and he went to deny the accusations when it dawned on him from the unswerving smile on Julie's face that these things would become true, even though they were total lies.

Julie held up a hand to silence Craig as she went on, "of course that's box number one. In box number two we have a new job with double the salary working for me. Sydney my current accountant is looking to retire soon and go back to his native Israel and you would be a perfect replacement. There would be a year to hand over and then you would run the finances making sure that. shall we say. things that don't need to be revealed will stay secret." Craig was trying to let things sink in as Julie went on as she waved her hand expansively, "This would be your office and you can decorate it however you like, and a personal assistant will be provided if you pick that box." Craig opened his mouth to say yes when Julie held up her hand again, "there is a couple of things you may want to consider.

With box number two you will only ever do what I tell you to do, if I say leave it you do, if you aren't sure you ask me, you obey me without question." "And the other?" Craig croaked already picking out furniture in his head. Julie looked at him with a steady gaze and the cold blue eyes were like lasers as she said quietly, with no emotion in her voice, "If you steal from me your own wife will not recognise your remains." "Box two," said Craig quickly, "and I am your man every inch of the way." "Wise choice," laughed Julie, "and you will now stop snooping around your wife, I do not want her knowing about any of this." Craig nodded as Julie went on, "and as a.

let's call it a signing on bonus I am going to arrange a live sex show just for your eyes only. I will let you know the details." With that Julie rose elegantly and shrugged a coat round her shoulders and left flanked by the two giants. As she got to the door held open by one, she turned and said, "Don't forget to turn out the lights when you leave, oh and the car and driver will take you home." Then she was gone and Craig could slowly feel his breathing return to normal and his heart starting to beat less like the bunny beating the drum in the Duracell advert.

***** A week later Hailey had completely forgotten all about her call with Julie as she led the mastiff down the path to the cottage. It had taken some shouting and screaming at Deepti to get the code and in the end with tears running down her face Deepti had sobbed saying, "Miss Julie won't be happy, Miss Michelle won't be happy." Hailey had just ignored her pleas and anticipated a pleasant afternoon of being fucked senseless by the mastiff's massive cock which had already started to swing below his body as he walked.

As she walked Hailey muttered under her breath, "Julie doesn't really care about me so I might as well do what I fucking like." When Hailey got to the cottage, she was a little concerned to find the door was unlocked and almost pushing the mastiff in front of her for protection she slowly entered the room. To her shock sitting on the couch with her legs crossed at the ankles, clad head to foot in black leather like Trinity in the film Matrix, was Julie with an inscrutable smile fixed on her face.

"Hello love," Julie said with the same warmth in her voice that a snake greets its prey before it devours it, "I think you were telling me how you run things round here so I thought we should have a little. chat." The last word was delivered like the sound of a knife being bought down hard onto a chopping board.

Hailey started to stammer an apology but fell silent as Julie held up her hand and pressing a small remote control a montage of clips started to appear on screen showing Hailey being fucked by the dogs round the Spanish villa and then by their owner, followed by various clips of Sam fucking her, and even the two dalmatians taking turns with her.

In every scene her face was clearly seen and there was no doubt that she was in the throes of ecstasy and a very willing participant every time. "Who first?" Julie said with a note of curiosity in her voice. "What do you mean?" said Hailey in a confused manner tinged with real fear in her voice. "Who should I send these clips to first?" said Julie her voice like a steel lash.

"Let's see after they have been posted on the net, I think your husband, then perhaps your in-laws, am sure Shirley & Ron would get a huge laugh watching the mother of their grandchildren perform like a common slut. Then the police or do you think they would pick them up from when we post them on the net with the name and address of the kennels running as a strap line." Hailey dissolved into tears and sobbed, "I am sorry Julie I didn't mean any harm I was just frustrated." Julie sprang to her feet, her eyes blazing like burning coals, "You can call me what you like, you can shout at Deepti, you can tell people you run the fucking place but." Julie paused a moment to compose herself then taking a deep breath said, "Do you know who Lena is?" Hailey looked confused at Lena's name suddenly being mentioned, then Julie went on quietly, with menace in her voice, "She is Victor & Hugo's little baby sister." Hailey went white and was sure her bladder control would fail her when Julie continued in the same low tone, "and I gave my fucking word she would be looked after." Then waiving a hand in dismissal Julie turned away and snorted in derision, "oh well you run the place as we will be leaving, taking the special dogs with us, and oh by the way, we will be calling up the debt owed to us." Hailey looked shocked as Julie laughed cruelly, "Oh you didn't read the small print in the documents you signed This whole thing was funded by a massive intercompany loan that the parent company has the right to demand back at any time it chooses.

and it chooses now." Hailey felt like her whole world had crumbled around her in the space of a few short minutes and as she sobbed, she kept saying over and over that she was sorry. Suddenly Julie's arms were round her, holding her tight and wiping away her tears, "it doesn't have to be like this if you don't want it to be Hailey, we can fix it if you want." "How?" said Hailey between sobs, "I have abused your trust and you will never forgive me." "All I need is a little favour, which I am sure you will enjoy.


In return for that, the parent company will write off the loan and you will get full control of the kennels. You will even get to pick which dog out of each batch stays and Michelle gets the rest. The boys will stay for as long as you want and Lena as well, but would suggest you leave her alone." Hailey nodded at the last part then said eager to get things back to normal, "and what's this favour?" "Simple enough," laughed Julie, "I want this mastiff here to fuck you." Hailey's face lit up with joy but then fell again as Julie continued, "In a sex show for one who will also be able to touch you." Hailey looked at Julie wanting to say yes but still a little concerned as she said, "Who is this person?" "Oh, don't worry about it," laughed Julie, "You won't be able to see him anymore than he will be able to see you as you will be wearing a hood." "Ok," said Hailey, "Craig will be out on Saturday, the kids are at the grandparents so does that work?" "Perfect." said Julie as she led the mastiff out of the cottage and back up to the kennels chuckling softly to herself leaving Hailey to breath huge sighs of relief.

***** "So where do you think would be best?" Julie said to Hailey as she watched her remove the last of her clothing. Hailey stood naked, shivering slightly from a combination of cold mixed with fear and as she looked at Julie and said nervously, "I will let you decide." Julie smiled as she led Hailey outside to the kennels where the dogs in residence started to bark and yelp with anticipation as they caught the scent in the air.

Outside of the four kennels was a larger enclosed area for the dogs to move around in together and in the middle was a padded bench with straps at the base of each leg. "What do you think?" said Julie waving her hand proudly at the bench. "and look," she went on, showing a panel of switches, "all of the kennels doors can be released from outside." Hailey could actually feel her juices start to trickle down her inner thighs in anticipation and imagination of being restrained and left available for the dogs to do with as they wish.

Trying to find her voice Hailey croaked, "Oh Julie it's amazing." Julie tilted her head as she heard the sound of a car slowly approaching the cottage and said, "OK then let's get you strapped in and get the show started." Hailey almost threw herself over the bench and as she lay there turned to Julie with lust burning in her eyes, "After the mastiff will you open all the kennels?" Julie chuckled and patted Hailey's rump as she fastened the last restraint and said, "Maybe after the show as a treat." and then Hailey was plunged into darkness as Julie put the all concealing hood over her head.

Hailey found she could breathe easily as positioned almost over her mouth was an opening that allowed her to open her mouth, but leaving the rest of face completely covered, letting in absolutely no light. Hailey's other senses were heightened as she could feel the leather padding on her tummy and the cool air playing across her naked flesh. She could hear the dogs yapping and the deeper sound of the mastiff as they became more agitated wanting to get at this bitch in heat.

In the cottage Julie opened the door and ushered Craig inside who looked around a little disappointed and a little warily he said, "so where is the show?" "Don't worry," Julie said smiling, "We will go outside in a moment but first a couple of things." Craig's face fell a little as he expected a series of rules but instead Julie went on, "our guest slut today is a little shy so we have covered her head with a hood, though her mouth is available.

Please don't leave any marks on her, but apart from that you can do what you wish." Craig could feel his cock harden in his jeans as he licked his lips in anticipation and croaked, "Anything?" and smiled when Julie nodded her head. Then he went on, "what dog is fucking the slut?" Craig nearly came in his pants when Julie said, "A mastiff that has a cock nearly a foot long and a knot like a tennis ball." They walked outside and Hailey heard the door creak and Julie say, "So there she is and you can see how ready she is." Hailey could feel movement behind her then felt a man's large finger run along her pussy lips and then two fat fingers inserted deeply and twisted inside her body.

Hailey had to bite her lip to stop herself from moaning out loud, then he withdrew them and she could hear the sound of him licking his fingers to taste her wetness.

"Mmmm yes she is very ready by the feel of her." Hailey thought her heart would stop, she knew the voice instantly, it was her husband Craig.

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"So, where's this mastiff then?" said Craig and Hailey knew by the tone of his voice that he clearly hadn't recognised her.

"Here he is," said Julie, leading out a big heavy dog whose cock was already hanging half out of its sheath. "Christ he is big," said Craig and as he watched Julie knelt on the ground next to the mastiff and began to manipulate the dog cock making it swell even further. Julie bent her head and held the dripping cock to her mouth, licking the watery pre-cum and smacking her lips with relish, "Mmmm he tastes great as well." Hailey could feel herself almost flooding with anticipation, she was not only about to take on the huge cock that she had dreamt of so many times since she had seen him pound Deepti into unconsciousness, but she was going to take it in front of her husband.

Hailey half wanted to cry out so that Craig knew it was her but decided to keep quiet and instead wiggled her ass in encouragement. "Look" laughed Craig," she is clearly very eager to take this cock so best not disappoint her Julie." Julie released the mastiff who bounded over to Hailey's up turned ass and took a massive lick, his tongue rasping from her clit all along her divide and up past her anal star.

Hailey virtually orgasmed on the spot and released more juices which the dog licked with great gusto sending her to new heights. Trying not to speak Hailey just made noises and grunts with no formed words as she felt herself shudder in yet another orgasm. Satisfied his bitch was ready the mastiff rose up and started jabbing with his semi-erect cock, missing the target and leaving trails of pre-cum along Hailey cheeks.

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Before frustration could set in Julie leant under and with her fingertips pointed the dog at Hailey's willing pussy. The tip of the dog cock slipped inside and once the feeling registered in the dog's brain it thrust forward with all its weight burying its cock deep inside Hailey.

Hailey was relieved that the bench was supporting her, as without it she was sure she would have been battered to the ground. This wasn't the main thing on her mind at that point however, it was the fact that it felt like a baseball bat had been shoved inside her and was now being rammed in and out.

The pain was intense yet at the same time the pleasure outweighed it as the dog fucked her with a savage intensity forcing his cock deeper inside with each powerful fast stroke. Craig watched in amazement as the woman under the dog was fucked like a rag doll and he could tell by the sounds she was making that she was clearly coming over and over.

He went to step forward to join in when he felt Julie's hand on his upper arm as she said quietly, "I would let the dog finish before you join, just in case he doesn't feel like sharing." Craig nodded silently and watched open mouthed, his jeans were long gone as he stood naked from the waist down, his cock harder that the last time he had taken Viagra.

As he watched, the dog forced its huge knot into the woman who simply made a mewing noise as the dog slowed its pace and began to pump fluid steadily into his new bitch. "Fucking hell," Craig whispered under his breath as he watched the almost frozen tableau of the woman panting in synchronisation with the dog as she was slowly filled.

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After a few minutes the mastiff tugged itself free from Hailey leaving both Craig and Julie staring at Hailey's very open and oozing pussy. As Craig watched the cum drip out her, he muttered, "I have to have some of that," and without waiting for Julie's permission he stepped forward and drove his aching cock into Hailey.

He was amazed how open she was and could feel the dog cum warm and wet around his cock and as he tried to gain friction dollops of it were escaping. "Need something tighter," Craig said between gritted teeth. Then pulling out he gripped his cock by the base still coated in the dog seed and with his free hand scooped a large dollop of dog cum and smeared it across, and into, Hailey's anal star before savagely thrusting his cum covered cock into her ass.

Hailey was in an ethereal trance; her head was spinning and she felt the dog pull away leaving her like a zombie unable to make her brain or body function correctly.

She felt her husband mount her and try to fuck her, but nothing really registered on her dulled senses.

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Then like an electric shock she felt the sudden stab of pain in her ass as her husband brutally entered her, though the pain soon gave way to pleasure as he fucked her almost as fast and as savagely as the dog had.

She heard her husband grunt with pleasure as he unloaded into her ass, jerking forward with each spurt until both of her holes were filled. Hailey felt Craig pull out of her ass and her head was lifted and his cock thrust into her mouth. She could taste her husband's cum mixed with her own juices and the taste of the dog cum.

The mixture was so amazing Hailey felt a tremor of orgasms run through her again as she slurped and licked eagerly. Craig gripped the hood and looked at Julie as he said, "Can I remove the hood?" Even in her post orgasmic bliss the words cut into Hailey's brain like a knife and she held her breath waiting to exposed.

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She felt her heart beating at a million miles an hour and could actually feel her husband's hand gripping the hood, just moments away from revealing her to him. "I said you could do anything," said Julie, "so you can if you wish. however. I would rather you didn't. but it's your choice." Hailey held her breath as she felt her husband pause and consider Julie's words before he said, "I would rather do as you wish," and removed his hand before pulling up his jeans and tucking his cock away.

"Excellent choice," said Julie removing her hand from her coat pocket, leaving behind the small gun she had been holding and led Craig by his arm back into the cottage. As the back door closed Hailey finally let out a long sigh of relief and collapsed against the restraints and waited for Julie to return.

Inside Craig was in heaven and buzzing as he pulled on his jeans and could feel his cock throbbing, making him unsure whether he wanted to rush home and fuck his wife or go and find Deepti and fuck her. Julie coughed gently to get Craig's attention and said, "I said there was a couple of things." Craig nodded as she went on, "The other thing is you will never visit this place without being specifically invited, if you break this rule, I will be.disappointed.

Now the boys are here and will run you back to the main house." After Craig had left Julie walked back outside to where Hailey was still tied up and Julie walked over and crouched down so she was at head level. "Well?" said Julie looking at Hailey. "That was fucking amazing," Hailey panted looking around blindly, her head still covered by the hood, "I thought I was going to die when he went to lift the hood, how did you know he wouldn't?" "I told you to trust me, didn't I?" smiled Julie, "and if I was you, I would come totally clean with Craig and perhaps be honest with him and let him join in with you.

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and maybe Sam." "Maybe," said Hailey cautiously, "but if I don't, we could always do this again. couldn't we?" Julie chuckled as she heard the high degree of begging in Hailey's voice. Hailey then went on, "So are you going to untie me?" "Nope," said Julie, "not yet anyway" and with that Hailey heard the clicks as the other three cage doors slid open and the other dogs came bounding out and started to sniff and lick at Hailey's ass. ***** It was three months later when the phone rang in Hailey's office and picking it up, she heard Julie's voice breezily down the phone, "Hiya love how's it going?

Looks like we have our first customer, well customers to be exact." Hailey was excited, the special dogs had all been trained and shipped back to the island and the four special dogs installed at the cottage where Lena looked after them personally. Hailey had made her peace with the boys and with Lena. In fact, Lena seemed overjoyed at her new responsibilities and was devoted to the four dogs who were permanently housed at the cottage.

Deepti had gone back to the island with Michelle and on the last night before they left Hailey had apologised to Deepti for her words. To her surprise Deepti just hushed her saying it was OK to speak to sluts in that way, but Hailey also saw a little smile that she knew meant she was forgiven.

Even Craig seemed a lot more content with life and was loving his new job where he was, as he put it, "personal financial adviser to some rich old biddy who live in Switzerland." "That's fantastic'" said Hailey breathlessly down the phone to Julie.

Julie reeled off an address of a discrete London Hotel and said, "Meet me there on Tuesday and will we conduct the final interview together."

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