Hardcore insane fuck and dirty room permission to cum

Hardcore insane fuck and dirty room permission to cum
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Mike finished loading the last of the camping gear into his Pathfinder and closed the back. He and Linda had planned this weekend getaway for several weeks. As Mike drove over to Linda's house he thought of the seriously "hot" fun they were going to have together. But he was totally unprepared for the turn of events.

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He drove into Linda's driveway, but surprisingly she and an unfamiliar girl came out the front door. His initial thought was that girl was just visiting, but Linda soon burst his balloon.

"Mike, this is Jamie. Her parents had to go out of town for the weekend and asked if she could stay with me. You don't mind if she goes along with us do you?" Mike looked into Jamie's brown eyes as he said, "No problem. . Hi.

. I'm looking forward to getting to know you much better." But inside he was very disappointed. Jamie was in high school, although her small frame made her look somewhat younger. She had short honey blonde hair, and was wearing a halter-top and a pair of denim shorts. Leather sandals finished her outfit. Mike fanaticized about what she looked like naked, but he knew. . he probably wouldn't get the chance to find out.

Feeling like the weekend was ruined he smiled and said, "We'll just need to stop at the store and add a little more to our provisions." Mike helped the girls load their gear into the back, and after a short stop at the store they were on their way.

Jamie sat in the back seat feeling like an intruder. She wished her parents had let her stay home, but they had insisted she stay with Linda.


As they drove along, Mike included her in the conversations and she was soon glad she was with them, feeling like they really wanted her along. Linda could tell that Mike was disappointed that Jamie was along, but as he made an effort to draw her into the conversation she began to feel better. She reached over and squeezed his hand. Catching his eye she smiled and mouthed, "Thank you," to him. He smiled back, returned the squeeze, and drove on.

Several times along the way he wished the girl would lift up her top and show him her breasts, but that never took place. After driving for about an hour, Mike turned off the main road onto a little used trail. The tree branches, and brush, on either side of the narrow track scraped against the car sides as he drove. "Aren't you going to scratch your car?" Jamie asked. "Maybe," Mike responded. "But scratches are a small price to pay for where we are going. You'll see what I mean when we get there." They bounced and jostled over the uneven terrain.

Sometimes Jamie wondered how Mike knew where he was going as the trail they were following seemed to vanish at several points in their travels. They had been going downhill for the past 15 minutes or so when the trees suddenly opened up and they drove into a green and blue picturesque paradise. Spread before them was a green meadow that sloped down to a sandy beach and a crystal clear lake.

The sunlight sparkled off the water and Jamie stared in wide-eyed wonder. "It's beautiful," was all she could say. Mike pulled the car closer to the lake and parked by a fire pit surrounded by several logs. He stopped the car and they started unloading their gear. "Mike and I have been here before," Linda said.

"We've been adding a few refinements each time we come. We've been working with the owner and are going to buy some of the surrounding land next month." They all helped setup their one tent and Jamie began to wonder how it would hold them all. Mike pulled out a battery-powered pump and, plugging it into the cigarette lighter, and began inflating a double bed sized air mattress.

Once it was inflated he snaked it into the tent where it went from wall to wall. Mike grabbed 2 canvas wood totes and said, "Ok girls, you get the bedding setup while I go gather some firewood.

We're going to have steaks, baked potatoes, salad and wine for dinner." Jamie secretly hoped he was including her with the wine. She wanted so much to be older and thought this might just be the ticket. "Come on Jamie, help me get some sheets on the air mattress and arrange the pillows and blankets. It's too hot to use the sleeping bags," said Linda. She arranged it so that she was sleeping between Jamie and Mike, hoping that they could quietly make love after Jamie fell asleep.

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Mike returned with both totes brimming with wood and stacked it just outside the circle of logs. "I found some good sized logs. Can you girls help me bring them closer?" he asked.

They all worked to get the logs back and Mike set the ends into the center of the fire pit. He would slowly push the ends into the fire as they burned down.

Next he began to build and light the fire. He wrapped the potatoes in heavy aluminum foil and set them around the edge of the fire. It would be about 30 minutes before the coals would be ready for the steaks. "Come on Jamie. Let's leave Mike to the steaks and potatoes while we rustle up some salad," said Linda, and she and Jamie went to their task with energy. When the steaks and potatoes were almost done, Mike pulled out a bottle of red wine and popped the cork.

He set it aside to breathe while they served up the meal. When everyone had his or her plates he poured wine into 3 plastic cups and handed one to Jamie and Linda. Jamie was pleasantly surprised, and was delighted that Mike was treating her equally. "Cheers," Mike said and, tapping his cup to first Linda's and then Jamie 's, and then he took a small sip of wine from his glass.

Both Jamie and Linda did the same. "Do you like it Jamie?" Mike asked. "I've never had wine before, but it tastes ok," she said.


They visited while they attacked their meal. . Mike getting to know Jamie while she learned more about him. When they had finished their meal, Mike picked up the dishes and walked down to the shore and scrubbed the plates and utensils with sand and then rinsed them in the lake. Coming back he picked up the bottle of wine and poured each of them another glass.

As the sun began to set, Jamie was feeling a warm glow spreading throughout her body. She laughed and giggled at the jokes told by Linda and Mike. She felt relaxed and happy.

As it grew darker the full moon began to peak its glowing face above the trees across the lake. Its light reflected from the water drew a silver line to their camp.

Linda leaned in close to Mike and whispered, "It's time to teach this young woman to be naughty!" She turned around and faced Jamie. "Let's play some cards," said Linda, as she headed for the tent. She returned with a blanket, which she spread, on the ground. Mike lit a lantern and placed it on an upturned log.

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"5-card draw," Linda said as she began to deal out the cards. Jamie won 3 hands, Mike 1 and Linda 2. Linda was getting ready to deal again when she said, "Tell you what. . Let's make this more interesting and play.

. STRIP poker." This caught Jamie by complete surprise and she was not too sure about letting Mike see her body. She had never done anything like this before, and she was a little bit scared. However the wine had relaxed her a little, so she agreed and said, "Sure". Mike's cock began to pitch, but he pretended to be uncertain as to Linda's suggestion. "I'm not so sure. You girls have been winning all of the hands and will probably leave me buck naked in short order." Both Linda and Jamie laughed at this.

Jamie knew about guy's boners and looking down at Mike. She knew he was really very excited about playing this game and maybe seeing her young body. . by the rising shaft in his pants. "BUT before we start. . we all have to be equal," said Linda. "I have on a T-shirt, panties and shorts." "What about you Mike?" "I have a T-shirt, underwear and shorts," he said.

"Jamie, what do you have?" Jamie could feel her cheeks flush as she said, "Halter-top, panties and shorts." "Great, then we're all equal," she said and began to deal the cards. Everyone was a little uncertain as they looked at their cards for the first time. Linda had a pair of three's, Mike had a pair of jacks and Jamie had nothing. She was beginning to feel this was not such a good idea as she looked at the young couple.

"You can discard up to 4 cards," Linda said as she turned to Jamie. "How many do you want?" Jamie took 4 cards. As she opened them she found she had a pair of ten's.

She felt a little better about the hand she was holding, but she was still not sure. "How about you Mike?" Mike discarded 3 cards, including his jacks. The cards he received in return left him holding nothing. "I'll take 3", Linda announced and proceeded to deal herself the cards.

"I have 2 three's," Linda announced as she lay her hand down. Jamie felt relief as she laid her hand down, announcing her 2 ten's. Mike said, "Looks like I lose, because I don't have anything." And he reached up and pulled his shirt over his head. Mike was in top physical shape and Jamie's eyes opened wide as she inspected the chiseled chest the man was now displaying.

Linda observed the girl's glances and her pussy began to twitch in anticipation of the fun she was hoping to have. She was going to go about this slowly, but she wanted to give her man the peep show of a lifetime as she began to slowly seduce the young girl. The next hand saw Linda lose, and she pulled her shorts down and off her legs. Jamie found herself thinking she might not have to take anything off, when she lost the next hand. Following the lead of Linda, she removed her shorts and tried to sit with her hands in her lap to cover herself as much as possible.

She was wearing a pair of skimpy panties that she was certain would fail to cover her up much if she had to stand up in front of Mike. . but her mind fantasized about doing just that. Linda lost the next hand, and she seductively removed her T-shirt. Jamie, feeling relaxed from the effects of the wine, found herself sneaking looks at her breasts and wondering if hers would ever get that big. Mike lost the hand after that and had to remove his shorts.

On purpose he pretended to need to stand up in order to get them down and off his legs. He deliberately stood in front of the girl knowing she would see his stiff shaft sticking out the front of his boxer shorts. Linda loved the surprised look on Jamie's face. Cards were dealt and Jamie lost the next hand. Not wanting to show the couple her bare pussy she reached back to untie the lower strap of her halter-top, and knew her face was glowing red.

She then untied the top string and pulled the halter-top away from her body, revealing her firm breasts that hugged her sleek frame. She could feel the cool night air on her nipples as they tightened and grew hard. At the same time, she felt herself getting wet between her legs and her body began to shiver.

"Are you ok Jamie?" Linda asked, with some concern in her voice although she loved eyeing the girl's bare titties. She hoped to soon manipulate them, and get the girl off, which would make everything move much faster.

Linda had to ask a second time before Jamie's mind cleared enough to respond. "Huh? Oh yeah, the coolness of the night just caught me by surprise," she replied. . looking down at her now stiff nipples.

Linda dealt the next hand, and Jamie lost. Mike seeing the uncertainty on her face jumped up and pulled down his boxers, fully displaying his long cock for the girls to witness. He then headed for the lake in a slow run. "Let's go skinny dipping girls," he shouted back over his shoulder. Jamie felt a surge of relief as she watched Linda jump up, take off the rest of her clothes and run after him.

She figured she could use the water to cover her nakedness and cool the new sensations coursing through her body, so she jumped up stripped of her scant panties and ran toward the lake.

Mike was already in water up to his stomach as Jamie entered the water. His hardening cock was temporarily hidden in the moonlit depths. Linda came splashing toward him, sending sparking droplets of water cascading off his cheek. Not to be the only one soaked he ran to her, and lifting her easily in his arms, threw her giggling into the lake. Linda came to the surface sputtering.

"Come on Jamie, let's get him," she called, and she and Jamie advanced on Mike with determination in their eyes. "Now!" Linda yelled, and she and June dove for him. Mike fell back into the water as the girls attacked, pulling them with him. His hands grabbed two naked asses, both tight from years of dancing. He gave each a gentle squeeze as he came back up to the surface.


Linda leaned over and whispered something conspiratorially in Jamie 's ear and they launched another attack. This time, as Jamie attacked high, Linda dove low. Pulling Mike 's legs out from under him she grabbed at his waist and quickly placed her lips around his erect cock.

. but only for a few seconds. Jamie was having so much fun she didn't think about her nakedness as the three wrestled and played in the shallow water. She felt hands stroking and caressing her naked ass and her nipples, but she never knew whose hand it was. Often she would feel a hand reach between her legs and softly stroke her smooth pussy and she would feel the warm sexual glow grow brighter.

Her hands would feel Linda 's larger breasts, and the hard nipples at their peak. She felt the hair growing between her legs and would sometimes let her hand pass softly through that tangled mass.

She could feel Mike's hardness as it rubbed against her body, and more than once let her hands linger on his stiff shaft, having never touched one before. Mike was growing very excited and couldn't hide his growing erection. Nor did he want to.

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He felt hands moving over his body as they wrestled and played in the water. His own hands slid over the wet skin of the two girls. He wondered whose hands kept returning to move tentatively over his erection. He stood to gain his footing in the shallow water. It was only just above his knees, and his hard cock pointed out into the moonlit night.

Jamie stared in amazement as Mike stood with his cock less than a foot from her wide-eyed gaze. She could not take her eyes off of the pulsing flesh.

She felt Linda move up behind her and watched as her hand reached out and began to stroke his pillar of flesh. Next, she felt Linda reach around her back and taking her right hand. . began to move it towards Mike 's cock. "Touch it!" She heard Linda whisper in her ear, and as if mesmerized.

. let Linda move her hand toward the man's cock. When her hand first made contact she let out the breath she had been holding, as a soft moan escaped her lips.

The flesh now in her hands was warm to her touch and she could feel it pulse and grow. Linda moved Jamie 's hand over her boyfriends cock and she felt both its hardness and it's softness.

When Linda removed her own hand, Jamie continued stroking, and exploring. Never before had she touched a boy or man's cock and this was an extra special moment. Mike could not believe what was happening as he watched Linda move Jamie 's hand to touch him. The first touch of her hand send blood pounding into his engorged member and it pulsed with excitement. He held still, letting Jamie explore him at her own pace.

When Linda removed her own hand. . Jamie continued to stroke him, and soon her other hand joined the first. Linda left Jamie stroking Mike's cock as she pressed her body against the girl's back, moving her closer to Bill.

She reached around and began to stroke the girl's nipples, and feeling her push forward into her fingers, knew Jamie was enjoying the sensations coursing through her body. Jamie felt like her naked figure was on fire. Unknown sensations were coursing through her as her hands moved over, and explored Mike's hard cock. It was now only inches from her eyes and she could see the contours and veins highlighted in the moonlight.

She felt Linda beginning to roll her stiff nipples between her fingers and a moan escaped from deep in her throat. Linda moved one of her hands down and over Jamie 's smooth stomach and between her legs. She cupped the excited mound of Jamie 's sex and felt the heat blazing from those delicate folds of flesh. Moving her fingers over Jamie 's pussy, she felt the secretions and knew the girl was as excited as she was. She began to stroke her finger in Jamie 's slit and gently crooking her finger began to insert it into the opening of her sex.

Jamie felt Linda's hand move across her stomach on its way toward the burning center of her sex. She wanted Linda to touch her and moved her legs further apart, hoping the older girl would touch her pussy.

She was not disappointed as she felt Linda's hand completely cover her small pussy then begin to stroke and probe. When Linda's finger began to enter her she felt the fullness of it. When the invading digit touched her she felt a twinge of pain, but she felt Linda move her finger back out to concentrate on her clit.

She pushed her pussy into the hand trying to gain more contact with the fingers bringing her so much pleasure. "Kiss. . lick. . and then SUCK his cock for me," Jamie heard whispered in her ear. She did not know exactly what to do, but she watched as Linda demonstrated by leaning over her and taking Mike 's cock deep into her mouth. She could feel Linda 's lips pushing her hands further down the hard member as the older girl took more of him into her mouth.

As Linda 's lips moved back toward the tip she felt the slippery trail of saliva deposited there. Her hand moved easily over the slick surface. "Go ahead and suck it. . he'll love it!" She heard again in her ear, and as if drawn by a magnet she leaned forward, opened her mouth, and let the soft spongy head of Mike 's cock slide past her lips and into her mouth. Mike couldn't believe his eyes as he watched the girl open her mouth and close it around the head of his cock.

He moaned at the feel of her small mouth molding his flesh. Then she began to tentatively use her tongue to circle the head, as she began to stroke him. He fought to keep from letting loose the torrent of cum seething in his balls as he watched her work more into her mouth. She was trying to remember what a friend of hers in Trig had done to her boyfriend as she experimented on Mike's cock. As Linda watched Jamie taking in more of Mike's shaft into her mouth she increased her stroking of Jamie 's nipples and aching pussy.

She moved her lips to Jamie's neck and began to nibble at the tender flesh. .

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. licking and panting her hot breath into Jamie 's ear. "Do you want to drink his cum?" Linda asked. Temporarily Jamie lifted her mouth off of Mike's cock. Jamie was not too sure, so Linda looked up at Mike and told him to let her know when he was ready to cum and she would finish him off.

"Go ahead and suck him off Jamie. I'll drink his cum when he's ready to shoot." The excited girl began to move her mouth along Mike 's cock and he placed his hands on the back of her head, directing her motions. He let her control the depth of each thrust. Linda kept busy with Jamie 's pussy and tits as the girl sucked away.

"I'm going to cum," Mike whispered hoping he wasn't too late. And Jamie quickly removed her mouth to be instantly replaced by Linda's. Jamie felt the pulsing of Mike 's cock in her hand as he pumped his load of cum into Linda's eagerly waiting mouth. She could see Linda swallowing the load as it shot deep into her throat. When Mike had pumped the last of his cum into Linda's mouth, she let him fall from her lips, and turning to Jamie she immediately began to kiss the girl's lips.

Pushing her tongue deep into Jamie 's mouth she shared the last of Mike 's cum. Jamie could taste the salty mixture as Linda passed it to her, and realized she liked the taste. She thrust her tongue into Linda 's mouth trying the find more. She knew that the next time she sucked Mike 's cock.

. she would let him cum in her mouth so that she could taste the entire load. Mike sank slowly into the water, spent. The sensations of Jamie 's mouth on his cock, the blasting of his load into Linda's mouth and the visual stimulation of the two girls together had completely drained him.

As he slowly regained his breath they all hugged in the water. Jamie and Linda had not cum, but they were both ready to continue what had started. Linda stood, and taking Jamie 's hand in her own, began leading the horny girl back toward the fire. She led her to where the blanket laid waiting, and picking up a towel, gently wiped the water from her body.

Jamie took the towel and softly dried Linda. Kneeling, Linda drew Jamie down to the blanket with her. Jamie looked deep into Linda 's eyes as the older girl lowered herself to lie partially on her, and saw the fires of desire deep within. She knew those same fires were burning in her own eyes as Linda 's lips met hers in a heated kiss. She opened her mouth to let the older girl's tongue enter.

Her skin was alive wherever they touched. She could feel the heat and passion coursing through her and reaching up with her hands pulled Linda 's lips tighter to her own. Linda 's body was ablaze with lust for the girl below her. The sweet nectar of Jamie 's kisses were something she would always remember, and always want. She kissed her lips, her eyes, her cheeks. She moved her tongue to lick softly at her neck and felt Jamie shiver. She kissed across her chest and downward toward the gentle rise of her breasts.

She took the small, delicate nipple in her mouth and moved her tongue over the hard nub. She touched, looked, and licked each breast, enjoying their firmness, their sensitivity. Jamie was delirious as Linda 's lips and tongue danced over her skin. She squirmed beneath the girl, moans escaping at each new sensation Linda expertly brought to her. When she felt Linda's hot tongue on her breasts and nipples a small shiver of orgasm coursed through her body.

She was climbing a mountain of pure bliss she never knew existed. Like an avid explorer she couldn't stop until she reached the top. She felt Linda trailing kisses across her stomach, kissing deep into her navel where it tickled and excited at the same time. Instinctively she knew the final destination of those kisses, and her legs began to open an invitation. She wanted to feel Linda 's mouth kiss and lick her there. Linda trailed her kisses over Jamie 's stomach and felt the young girl begin to spread her legs.

She opened her eyes and looked at the wet pussy before her. Due to obvious shaving, there was very little hair surrounding the center of Jamie's sex. Linda softly drew her fingers over Jamie 's pubic mound and the girl beneath her arched her hips up at the touch. Linda could smell the juices bubbling out of the wellspring of Jamie 's sex and dipped her finger into the wet slit. Jamie's pussy was on fire, and as Linda's hand softly caresses the gentle slope of her mons her hips thrust up as if drawn to a magnet.

She was craving the touch, and wanting Linda to feel her, to totally possess her. Her breath was racing into her lungs; her heart was pounding in her chest, as her sexual need rose higher. She felt Linda's finger dip into her slit, sliding through the wetness there, and she looked down just as Linda moved the soaked finger to her mouth and licked the pungent froth.

She watched Linda's eyes close in pure lust as she licked the finger. She saw Linda begin to lower her open mouth, surrounding the entire petal of her pussy with her mouth. With a cry of pure pleasure she threw back her head, her hands reaching for Linda's head and pulling her into harder contact with her pussy as her orgasm screamed through her body. Her body convulsed as the muscles of her stomach drew tight, pulling her upward.

Her body was taught and strained as she came. Her legs had clamped onto Linda's head, holding her mouth trapped against her gushing pussy. She could feel Linda's tongue flicking constantly over her erect clit sending jolts of pleasure coursing through her small frame. When she thought she could not cum anymore she felt Linda's teeth gently bite at her clit and a new wave of sensation would sweep her away, and again the cries of passion would escape from her throat.

Linda was not ready for the speed with which Jamie's orgasm had overtaken her, but she instinctively knew what the young girl needed.

She felt the viselike grip of Jamie's legs clamped to her head, and began to work her tongue over the girl's disgorged clit. When Jamie's orgasm would begin to wane, she would nip at the extended nub with her teeth and send her careening into another shattering climax.

Jamie was on a roller coaster of delight and Linda was making sure she enjoyed it to the fullest. Mike's cock grew rock hard as he watched the two girls make love. He had watched the flush grow on Jamie as Linda licked and caresses her body. He listened to her moans of passion and watched the minor quakes of orgasm shiver through her body. And when Linda engulfed her pussy with her mouth, his cock erupted as he watched Jamie convulsing under Linda's expert ministrations.

His seed shot out from the end of his cock, falling onto Jamie's back. He had never cum without touching himself, but he had never seen anyone brought to a shattering orgasm like the one Jamie had just experienced. Jamie slowly relaxed, her breathing slowly returning to normal. She felt Linda gently licking up the juices covering the juncture of her legs and minor tremors would cause her to catch her breath and shiver. She reached down and drew the older girl up to lie on top of her and kissed her long and deep.

She tasted her own juices on the older woman's lips and tongue. She smelled the pungent aroma and it made her head swim with renewed lust.

Her breathing began to quicken. She wanted more. Linda moved up over Jamie's body. They kissed and Linda could feel Jamie beginning to respond, wanting more. She drew back from the kiss, and swinging around, straddled Jamie with her legs, her dripping pussy only inches from the high school girl's face. Reaching between Jamie's legs, she parted the petals of her pussy and began to gently lick and kiss; fanning the smoldering flames of passion she had so recently ignited.

Jamie was looking into Linda's pussy. She could smell the sweet aroma, much like her own, and see the glistening dew clinging to the lips. Tentatively, she reached out her tongue and tasted the warm moister. As she drew the heady mixture into her mouth is was like ambrosia. A taste she would always crave; always want. She moved her mouth up to cover Linda's pussy just as the older girl had done her, and sucked the thick syrup into her mouth.

She dug her tongue deep into the folds of Linda's pussy seeking out and capturing the nectar clinging there. Reaching up, she wrapped her arms around Linda's ass and pulled her down to her hungry mouth.

Mike watched the two girls lick each other's pussies and his cock began to grow hard again. He wanted to join in the fun, so he moved behind Linda and began to slide his cock through the moist folds of her pussy. When he was well lubricated he began to sink his engorged rod deep into her body. Jamie felt something hard bumping against her head and opening her eyes to saw Mike's enormous cock sliding through the juices of Linda 's heated pussy.

She watched in wide-eyed wonder as Mike positioned his juice soaked member at the entrance to Linda's pussy and began to sink the hard length into her. She would have never believed she would watch someone fucking, let alone that her view would be from mere inches away. She watched Mike piston in and out of Linda's snatch, pumping out more of the precious juices from deep within her. Linda felt Mike moving up behind her and run his hardness through the lips of her pussy. She arched her back, signaling her desire for him to sink deep into her.

Jamie had stopped licking her clit, and she knew the young girl was watching as Mike moved into position and pushed himself deep into her body. After Mike had established his rhythm, she again lowered her dripping pussy to Jamie's mouth, signaling the girl she still wanted her mouth licking and kissing her feverish clit. Jamie was the first to cum. She cried out into Linda's dripping pussy. The vibration of her cries against Linda's over-extended clit sending the older girl into the throes of her own climax, her juices gushing out to fall into the girls waiting mouth.

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The fluttering walls of Linda's pussy pulled Mike over the edge and he added his own spunk to the mixture dripping into Jamie 's mouth. The pretty girl lapped up the precious concoction as it poured from deep within the pussy above her.

Spent, Mike pulled his wilting cock out as Jamie clamped her mouth over the dripping cavern, capturing all of the flowing juices. She drove her tongue deep into the recently vacated cavity searching for more of the elixir. Linda reeled as Jamie's tongue poked and prodded deep within her, setting off yet another series of orgasmic pulses through her body.

Spent, the three lovers moved off to the tent for some rest. Linda spooned her body up behind Jamie, her hand cupping the girl's pussy, feeling the warmth radiating from its depths.

Mike pulled the blanket over them as he spooned himself behind Linda. His cock lay nestled in the crack of her ass, his hand reaching around to mold one of her tits. "Good night," he said, but the girls had already drifted off into a much-needed, satiated rest. Mike woke the next morning to the sound of soft moans.

Turning over, he was greeted by the site of Linda and Jamie, once again entwined, drinking from the wellspring of their sexes. Linda was on the bottom, and Jamie's small, tight ass was presented to his gaze.

He reached out to caress the glistening orbs and watched Jamie arch her back as she felt him join the morning's pleasures. Mike leaned over and began to kiss and lick the succulent flesh as Linda continued to suck on Jamie's clit. He positioned his finger at the opening to her pussy and slowly inserted it. He probed deeper with the digit until he felt the membrane and slowly and carefully began to stretch it to accommodate the finger in preparation for his hard cock.

He felt Jamie push back against the invading digit as it sank past her barrier. His finger was buried deep inside her body. The walls of her pussy pulsed and sucked at the invader as Linda continued to lap at Jamie's clit. Mike pulled his finger almost completely out and then slowly moved it back into her. He setup a steady rhythm as Jamie began to move back against the invading digit.

Then he pushed his finger deep into her and crooking it downward reached for the spongy bundle of nerves nestled behind her clit. Jamie's body exploded! Her nerve endings shot through her skin flailing in the morning air. I primal scream tore from her throat to echo across the lake. Her muscles knotted into hard cords as waves of the most intense orgasm she would ever experience ripped from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.

She was suspended between heaven and hell, floating on the waves of bliss permeating through her. She could feel Linda lapping at her clit as Mike 's finger stroked the fire from within. She wanted it to stop, she wanted it to never stop; she wanted to become it. Mike felt the walls of Jamie's pussy clamp his finger in a vise like grip, as he pushed into her G-Spot, trapping his finger deep inside her.

He stroked the bundle of nerves as he watched Jamie's body ride the wave of her climax. The scream that tore from her resounded across the lake, echoing back to redouble with the sounds she still issued forth. His cock was ready. It was time to take Jamie. It was time to plunge deep into her.

As Jamie began to return from wherever her orgasm had taken her, she felt Mike's stiff cock rubbing through her soaked pussy lips.

She remembered watching him do this last night with Linda, and she knew he was preparing himself to penetrate her dripping hole. With both fear and excitement, she longed to feel him there. To signal her invitation to him she opened her legs wider and arched her back, giving him full access to her body, and especially her blazing pussy. She felt Linda spread the folds of her pussy, opening her even more, and then the spongy head of Mike's cock was poised at the portal.

As Mike pushed forward, she pushed back, feeling the head stretch her open as it gained entrance into the threshold of her body.

She felt the fullness there within the entrance to her pussy. She began to rock back against Mike, slowly taking more of him into her until she felt his hardness push up against the stretched membrane. She found herself pushing back hard and impaling herself on Mike's hard mass. Her innocence now a distant memory as the impassioned man sank past the barrier.

Mike had now breached Jamie's pussy and after pausing to allow her to adjust to his invading member, he began the rhythmic motions of fucking, as his cock sank deeper into her with each thrust.

Jamie could feel the hair that surrounded his cock and then the probing tip bumping up against her cervix as he drove deep into her. With abandoned lust she began to ride the pillar of Mike's cock, feeling it caress and stroke the inner depths of her body. She loved the feel of him stretching her, filling her, as he continued to pump into her. She felt Linda grab her clit between her teeth and gently bite and her orgasm crashed over her. She rode Mike's cock harder, faster, wanting to feel his cum splash her insides.

She screamed out, bucking on the invader deep within her. Mike felt the walls of Jamie's pussy grow tighter around his cock as he drove into her. Their pulsing massage was more than he could take and with one final lunge, stabbed the end of his harden cock tight up against the opening to Jamie's cervix and blasted wads of sperm deep into her.

He cried out as her pulsing sheath milked the seething juices from his body. His body was held rigid as he pumped his seed deep inside the once virgin girl. Jamie felt Mike's cock grow even larger as he pushed hard into her. The first blast of his hot cum sent her reeling into yet another climax. She could feel the force as it blasted from the end of the cock buried deep inside her.

She could feel it seeping out from her distended hole to be lapped up by June lying below. Linda watched Mike's cock pulse as he pumped his seed into Jamie's pussy. She reached out with her tongue as the overflow began to course back out of the overfilled canal and she drank down the heady mixture.

When Mike pulled from Jamie, she covered the opened orifice with her mouth and sucked the excess liquid from the freshly fucked girl. Linda, Jamie and Mike spent the rest of the weekend exploring each other.

Jamie grew to love the feel of another girl's lips and tongue on her pussy and the taste of another girl's juices as they gushed into her waiting mouth. She liked the feel of Mike's cock plunging deep inside her, spurting its warm offering against the furthest reaches of her canal.

As they drove back toward the city she thought of the other girls in her dance class and began to make a plan to include them on the nest camping trip.