Nasty Raw Threesome With Big Black Cocks BBC

Nasty Raw Threesome With Big Black Cocks BBC
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Excuse me fella, but you look like somebody I can trust.and I need a little bit of help here. Me, I love raping some bitch more than anything.

I love sticking it to them. Ramming my thick hard, thick 12 inch cock into some unwilling ass and pussy is the greatest thing in the world. It isn't so much the sex though that is damn fine, or even the way my cock feels, pulsing like it's going to explode deep in some dumb cunt's pussy; it's the power, the domination, the forcing of myself into the bitch's body, the violation of something so intimate to them.

From the way you're grinning, I see I was right.and that you're just the kind of man I'm looking for. See, I was on my way home when I saw the woman standing beside a steaming car. I can't believe my luck, as I have been thinking all day of how much I want, no need to fuck the day lights out of some broad, so I pull over and ask if I can "help". (help myself to her pussy and ass!!) It's very hot and her blouse is stuck to her lovely brown skin from her sweat .I can see she has no bra, that her tits are little (no bigger than lemons) and firm, and my mouth waters.

She's so pretty, so girl-like. She is so grateful that SOMEONE has finally come up this road . though she does take a "double-take" at what she can see of mebeing that I Is one evil looking fucker. Totally bald skull, coarse black hair covering my huge 6'7 300 pound body makes me look more like a gorilla than a man a few people have had the nerve to tell me.

And of course I've been told I got a face that will turn milk sour. Though there are a few women who seem to love evil fuckers like me. Yeah.I think they think can "gentle" us, ur that we have some decent inner core that only they can bring out. Anyway, I ask her what she is doing on this highway, seeing that it doesn't even appear on most maps since the new Interstate opened up two years ago.

She explains she got lost and has no idea where she is. I ask if she is travelling alone, and she nods. That's good to know, because that means no one else knows where she is either. Which means that when she turns up missing no one will have a fucking clue as to where to pick up her trail. In fact . she broke down on entrance to the private road that leads to my cabin.

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As I stare at her tits I get an instant hard on .as I think of what I can, what I will do to her, but she notices me staring and suddenly becomes aware of how much I can see. Of course me sitting in the truck, she can't see that my fuck pole is all but tearing itself out of my pants.


She gets real shy-like amd crosses her arms over her breasts and asks if I would please call a tow truck when I get to a phone. I just laugh as I climb out of my truck . reaching for her blouse, I grab a handful and pull her to me. As she screams and tries to break free I yank hard and rip the cloth off her body exposing her sweet little child-like tits. Spinning her around I push her against the truck and press up against her.

She cries out in real fear as she feels the size of my thick engorged cock pressing through my pants. it's rock hard solid and its throbbing against her sweet flat belly and she screams for help.

"Scream all ya want baby", isn't nobody going to hear you, ", I tell her calmly. "Besides which a woman screaming just makes my fuck-pole all the harder" She continues her struggling and pushing against me to no avail as I begin lifting her short skirt with one hand as I rip off her panties with the other and then and shove a finger into her tight cunt.

I tell her how that I am going to thoroughly rape her, how I am going ram my thick fuck pole as hard as I can first up her cunt and then ass .and that gets her to screaming and struggling even harder which of course excites me even more. No one will be by . no one will hear . there will be no interruption or "salvation" for this cunt.

She is mine to do with as I will. I have always had a fantasy of raping a woman tied to my truck in the middle of day and here is the perfect opportunity. Almost if the Dark One He was aiding me. Lifting her struggling half naked body I sling her across the truck's hood and tie her wrists to the outside mirrors.

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Leaving enough play in the rope so she can slide on the metal I step out of my jeans freeing the mammoth 12 inches of cunt punisher. Gripping her thighs I pull her down over the hood till her wide spread cunt nestles over the tip of the big purple helmet head of my prick.

My blood is pumping hard . causing my cock swell bigger than it has ever been before.I am almost insane from the excitement of hearing this helpless woman scream and beg for help as she writhes and squirms in a vain attempt to break free. Then what she is saying thru her incoherent sobbing pleas suddenly register on my ears. " Please please.dont do this to me. I'm a virgin!! II am on my way to join a convent!!" I stand still . totally amazed that I have this beautiful, helplessly naked VIRGIN about to be ripped apart by my stiffly throbbing fuck pole!!!!

Now I know that the Dark One is favouring me.a virgin, a christian, a nun-to-be about to be utterly destroyed by me!!! I laugh with evil glee and tell this captive beauty how that knowing she is a virgin makes this all the more enjoyable, that I am going to enjoy raping her cunt even more knowing how much this is going to hurt her spiritually as well as physically, even as I slowly, inevitably pull her down farther onto my hot pussy hungry throbbing thickness .

her gyrations impaling her even more firmly onto my raping shaft. Suddenly, without warning, I THRUST.ripping into her helpless body .pushes up on her hips .

sliding her across the hood then yanking her back down onto her pole of torment.

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Her tortured screams fill the air, and filled me with incredible joy, as I feel her precious virginity ripped from her body as my ever thickening raping tool continues it's vigorous plunges into her wet tight softness. Over and over I repeatedly thrust in and out of her soft virgin cunt.


Her hot tunnel grips my cock, squeezing it like a tight glove. I only wish I had another cock to rape her ass as raped her that I could increase her torment and my pleasure.well perhaps later I can find a "partner" who will help me with that I decide as I continue to slam fuck her as hard as I possibly can.

Pulled harder down onto my ridged rod she now hangs on its full 12 inch drilling length, denied the leverage to get off it as I force her tormented body to jerk and squirm against my prick. I revel in the fact that is not only in extreme pain, she is also in absolute despair. Her broken sobs growing hoarse as I continue to slide her back and forth across the truck hood and down onto my massively swollen rod, grinding harder and deeper with every raping thrust into her abused pussy again and again and again.

Now I stop, my cock hard and straining for it's warm pussy as I untie my captive and pull her, sobbing and stumbling, onto the tailgate. Forcing her to her hands and knees on the edge of the tail gate I can resist giggling like a friend as I say, "Shall I rape your ass now, my sweet", which really makes her struggle.

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I laugh harderthen pull her thighs apart exposing her bruised and battered cunt lips. Taking aim at her glistening cunt lips I once again hurl my solid cock deep into her wonderfully hot, tight, depths. Her screams again ring out into the forest air as I unmercifully fuck in and out of her struggling body, grabbing and squeezing her sweet little tits. Grunting with the effort of every thrust because her hot hole is still incredibly sooo tight I pound into her harder.faster. over and over . until with a yell of victory erupting my throat my hot cum explodes into my captive's cunt.

Spent now, my body falls over hersand while my softening cock remains embedded in her wetness I listen with pleasure to her shuddering sobs. I tell her how I will see to it that cocks fill every hole she has before her life is done. which may or may not be short depending on how many men I can find to help me fuck, rape, use her to death. and then I threw her into the back of my truck and took to my cabin .

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So you say you've never actually raped a woman? Is it because you are afraid of getting caught? Well man, if that's the ONLY reason, now's your chance to give it a try.I hope you'll get addicted.