Serena Blair plays with friend

Serena Blair plays with friend
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Wendy Wong sat in her hotel room not knowing quite what to do with herself. She was terribly confused by the events of the day and yet her body longed to be fucked once again. She felt lonely now, her sense of her own person had been taken away forever, now she felt lonely by herself, she wanted a man's heavily throbbing cock fucking deep up inside of her salaciously spread cunt-hole. She knew what she had done was wrong but she also knew that she would and must do it again.

Now her passions had been unleashed, life would never be the same. She had wanted to stay with Russ, walk upon his arm, even go to dinner with him. She wanted all those other bitches in the hotel to know that she too was a woman now, a desirable woman. She wasn't just a little girl anymore, she had given herself to a man, she had been fucked. Russ Redford had thought it best for them to separate, return to the hotel alone.

He didn't want the cops coming down on his head for raping a virgin. So Wendy had returned to her room alone. On her way through the hotel lobby she had noticed men and woman together, they looked so good.

She felt good too, after all she was initiated now, she was one of them. There was a little sadness in her heart for the loss of her virginity, the loss of her innocence, never again would she be able to dream about, well .

what it would be like to see a man's cock, what it would be like to feel his penis driving itself inside of her. As she began to think again about men and their cocks she felt a strange sensation building up in her loins. Her vagina began to quiver as if in remembrance of Russ's penis inside of her that very afternoon.

It felt good to be alone. Alone she could dream and remember. Wendy removed her halter top and her pants and looked at herself in the mirror. There was just enough moonlight filtering in through the window for her to see herself.

She contemplated her body in the soft light of the moon. I am a woman now, she thought, yes, now I'm a woman and I am beautiful. She touched her nipples and they sprang into hardness at the touch, she ran her hands lovingly down her thighs and they tingled with new found excitement. Wendy thought again of the delicious penis which only one hour before had been deep inside of her and shivered with delight.

She turned from the mirror and walked over to her bed, crawling in between the cool, crisp white sheets she held herself tightly and gazing out the window into the night, she contemplated her new found womanhood. Russ Redford was not feeling himself, not at all, in fact he was feeling quite weird. Whatever had possessed him to fuck a thirteen year old girl, he must be some kind of pervert or something. For sure Suzie had driven him insane with rejection and the memory of his cum all over Suzie's cunt and belly and then watching his nephew necking with Wendy .

well, Goddamnit it all . it was too much. And then Wendy's body was almost as sensual and voluptuous as her aunt's, she was quite a wild little filly once she got started. He couldn't forgive himself, though, however hard he tried. He had fucked a thirteen year old virgin.

He really need to be alone now, to collect his thoughts and unconsciously his feet led him towards the ocean.

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Russ suddenly realised he was at the beach and then almost immediately noticed that someone else was on the beach too. Goddamnit! A couple making out on the beach, just when he needed to be alone. Humans were just like dogs really, he thought, making it everywhere and anywhere. Somehow or other though Russ continued walking along the beach, getting closer and closer to the couple on the beach.

There was something familiar about them, he couldn't quite make out what . Holy shit!


Russ Redford stopped dead in his tracks! There on the beach, completely naked lay Suzie Wong, her golden body totally nude her legs upraised high in the air wrapped around the waist of a young boy .


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Oh God! Russ could hardly believe his eyes, in fact he blinked them a few times to make sure he was seeing correctly. He was seeing fine, oh yes. there in the moonlight was Suzie Wong getting her tits fucked off by his very own nephew. Holy shit! It was too much to believe! They were rocking rhythmically backwards and forwards, her ankles were locked tightly around his pumping thighs while Mike rode astride her, his firm hard buttocks thrusting powerfully into her, his lips sucking her nipples, her breasts upthrust in the moonlight.

There was the soft slapping of their eagerly seething bodies and the wet sluicing sounds of the teenager's hardened young cock fucking up into the older woman's hair-rimmed vagina. They were mewling and grunting as their pleasure rose, as he fucked deeper and faster into the abandoned writhing woman. Russ Redford was furious, his ego shattered. How was it that this fourteen year old boy had been able to arouse this bitch, arouse her in a way that he hadn't been able to.

He was absolutely furious and increasingly excited by the sight at the same time. But most of all at this very minute he was livid and he walked towards them with a determined air. "You dirty cheating bitch!" he cried suddenly, standing over the fornicating couple. "I'll teach you to make a fool of me! I'll show you that you can't get away with . with . th-this!" But as he was talking he could feel his cock throbbing with an excitement more intense than he had ever known .

And he looked down at his nephew . his mood changing from anger to pride and passion . and he said, his voice calmly controlled, "Hey, that's okay, Mike . I was just a little shocked . Listen, you just keep on fucking her . she seems really crazy about it!" "Russ!" the astonished woman called his name but was speechless to continue. "Yes," said the boy's uncle, "keep fucking her like crazy, only make her get on top," he ordered his son.

"But ." Mike was totally confused as well as wildly aroused, and so he thought it best to comply with his uncle's weird request. He continued to thrust his throbbing cock up into her tingling pussy, at the same time slipping over on his back and pulling the voluptuous raven-haired over on top of him. Russ stared at the couple as he continued to implement the fantasy which had just occurred to him.

"W-what are you doing?" Suzie gasped as she watched disbelievingly while the tall athletically-built man began to strip off his clothes. Dear God in Heaven, what was he planning? "Never mind, baby," he said throatily, "You just keep on fucking my little boy!" Now Russ Redford was naked and already his huge lust-engorged penis stood out from his hirsute loins.

Grasping it firmly in his hand, he dropped to his knees beside the still-fucking couple.


"Now I'm gonna give you something you'll never forget," he promised as he reached over and with his two hands began to hotly caress the smooth round cheeks of her naked ass. Suzie pulled back instinctively from his illicit embrace, but her hips kept fucking Mike's prick inside her vagina. What in the world did Russ Redford have in mind? He began to pull apart the fleshy cheeks, revealing the dark, cringing split of her anal crevice.

Suzie pulled back again when she felt the touch of his fingers in that secret place, prodding and probing lasciviously at her small, defenseless rectum. "Oh, please Russ," she begged, but to no avail. "Easy baby, it'll take a minute, but then you'll feel how exquisite it will be," he murmured. "You just keep on fucking the boy," he continued, all the time lewdly exploring her quivering ass-cheeks with his wandering hands. And then she felt the slow yet strong intrusion of his finger in her rectum, screwing itself further and deeper up into her nether depths .

At first the small orifice hurt a little but slowly as he continued to gently work his finger in the tight channel the pain began to turn to pleasure . "Aaaaaahhhh! Aaaahhhhh!" she was surprised to hear herself groaning with pleasure, and she wriggled her buttocks now around the finger embedded so pleasurably up her ass.

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Below her, young Mike, who by now had taken the only possible attitude . whatever feels good, do it! . Because if he thought of the crazy doings the evening he'd go mad-or burst into wild hysterical laughter. So he just continued to concentrate now on his own pleasure, made more intense by the fact that now he was screwing his girlfriend's aunt while his very own uncle had his finger up her asshole.

Holy Shit! He couldn't have dreamed this one up if he'd tried.

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And so the young boy redoubled his efforts and sent his power-charged cock soaring up into the woman's wetly writhing pussy. Muffled beneath her warm, enveloping body, he was wildly aware of what was going on between the raven-haired woman and his uncle . Russ Redford's eyes now gleamed with lust and excitement as he stared down at the sight of his finger stuck to the second knuckle in the tightly clamping little outer ring of her anus, and a thrill rippled through him as he saw his nephew's slender white cock thrusting in and out of the woman .

it was almost as if he were in two places at once . After a few more moments he slowly eased out his finger, watching as the thin membrane of her sphincter closed firmly back into place.

His cock by this time was big and pounding with the blood that was coursing through it, and now he dropped his hand to stroke it licentiously, encouraging the huge organ into even bigger size and length. He began to rotate his lust-distended penis around her now slipperily lubricated anal crevice.

For a moment longer, he held it there, moistening it with the moisture that had appeared at the tip of his cock-head. Then he began to press it, slightly at first, against her now more easily yielding anus. A wild shiver of pleasure rippled through her in response. "Oh, God, I-I can't believe how good this is," she moaned. Russ Redford's breath was coming in heavily gasping pants as he eased his rigid rod of pulsing flesh inch by inch into her tight little anal channel.

He held it there for a long moment, enjoying the sight of the small opening clinging to the thick base of his rock-hard cock. Then he slowly began to withdraw his lust- thickened cock from her tight rectal passage, and just when the burning head of his penis was still lodged inside, he eased it forward again, this time driving the palpitating shaft right up into the hot buttery depths of her anus.

And suddenly Russ Redford felt amazingly free. Freer than he'd ever felt in his life.

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He had been feeling guilty before . guilty because he had fucked Suzie Wong's virginal thirteen year old niece, his nephew's girlfriend. But, holy shit, he had just discovered his nephew and Suzie 'Upright' Wong herself fucking right here on the beach.

Christ, the whole world was doing it, or thinking it or planning it, whatever! Jeez, from now on he'd follow his cock, with no reservations about anything . shit! This was what it was all about . he felt as free as a giant soaring eagle fucking this woman in the ass with his own nephew right beneath. Meanwhile, beneath them, young Mike was still fucking gamely up into her wildly dilated pussy.

He also felt the tremendous rush of freedom from worry and thought as he realized what was happening . everything was okay . it had to be, because if it wasn't, it was all too crazy to believe! And the knowledge of all that had gone on tonight, spurred him on, making him even more excited. Russ Redford continued to drive his hotly pulsing cock right up into her now moistly lubricated rectum.

"Oooooohhhhh .

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yesssss," she sighed as she began to thrust back her nakedly flaring buttocks, screwing her tightly clenching anus back on his pile-driving penis. "Yes, that's it, darling, Russ! Fuck my asshole . Do it, do it to me!" And Mike was still screwing into her helplessly aroused pussy. She was being fucked by uncle and nephew . both at the same time! She too suddenly felt purged of all her sins and all her guilt . her frigidity cured forever.

She delighted at the thought of the life of pleasure that lay ahead for her. Oh, she really did love Russ Redford . and she really lusted after his nephew, Mike. So, really, there was no reason why she shouldn't have them both . The thought of her niece passed through her mind .

she had, in fact, taken her own niece's boyfriend away, but somehow she would explain it . somehow things would take care of themselves . they had to! But she wouldn't worry now. She had spent a lifetime worrying and finally for the first time, this amazing pleasure was all hers . 'Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Fuck me both of you!" she moaned as she flicked her wildly rotating ass-cheeks backward and ground her now hungrily milking rectum back up to Russ's thickly sodomizing cock and then flexed his hips down to receive Mike's lovely young penis below as it fucked up deeply into her desire-ridden vagina.

They all revelled at being a part of such a licentious trio, and they all fully relaxed to enjoy the obscene three-way tuck. All resentments and angers were slipping away, and the three forgot all about everything except the erotic physical act. Russ was driving his red-hot cock up into her now eagerly accepting rectum at the same time his nephew was beneath her fucking up her cunt.

Uncle and nephew stroked up as one into her twin passages, feeling each other's pulsating shafts through the thin dividing membrane, screwing her unanimously and now in complete accord.

And Suzie Wong, unfucked and frustrated for years, was the pivot of this incredible threesome!


She was transported to the dizzy heights of complete sexual bliss by now. All her worries and fears were over. She had no doubts now about what she wanted, and she enjoyed the idea of her body being used as a receptacle for pleasure. She was conscious only of overwhelming passion.

Wanton, lecherous she certainly was. But at least she was happy and fulfilled, too, instead of being empty and miserable! Sandwiched between uncle and nephew, the lascivious older woman felt herself being swept along on an overpowering tide of accelerating sensation so that her entire naked body was quivering and breathtakingly alive.

Russ Redford and Mike were aware of the rushing current of her passion, and Mike was the first to tumble into the wildly churning maelstrom of fulfillment. "Aaaahhhh . I'm cumming!" he moaned, as his lithe young form arched and stiffened, every nerve ending tingling and excited. His head was like a bomb, exploding and exploding again, sending out showers of pleasure-sparks which landed on his quivering body and ignited into blazing fires of incredible passion as his wildly jerking cock became a Roman candle sending shot after shot white-hot cum up into the voluptuous Chinese woman's thirstily sucking pussy.

At the same time, he heard his uncle gasp and mutter coarsely as he reached his shattering orgasm with several quick, short strokes up into Suzie's tightly clasping rectal passage. "Aaaaaanrrrggghhh . I'm .

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I'm cumming too!" the boy heard his uncle cry out, as he began to thrust wildly against the woman's raised buttocks, ramming his ejaculating penis right up to the hilt in her greedily milking anal channel. His fingers tightened on the velvety softness of her ass- cheeks, and his face was suffused with intense pleasure.

He had never felt better in his life than he did at this moment, both from the incredible sensations of his climax and from the realization of the quantum leap to freedom they had all made. The men's two perspiration-soaked bodies slapped wetly against the soft voluptuousness of the naked woman's provocative form, giving her as much pleasure as they were getting from their mutual release. Suzie felt she had reached the heavenly gates.

It was like nothing on earth, the feeling of having her two lovers filling her to overflowing with their hot, searing sperm which commingled to form a wet pool of undeniable bliss deep inside her satiated belly.

She felt safe and secure sandwiched between the two men as she allowed herself to drift off into an incredibly satisfying release. Not shattering or overwhelming, but deeper and better than anything she had ever experienced before.

She didn't even moan out with pleasure; a sensuous smile curved her lips, and her face was imbued with a look of sheer happiness as if she had glimpsed the way into Eden. And as far as she was concerned, she had! And she came . and came . and the spasming of her deeper cuntal and rectal muscles was creating the most satisfyingly beautiful orgiastic cum she had ever had.