Ravishing brunette teen face sitting in the wood with senior

Ravishing brunette teen face sitting in the wood with senior
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Her scream of release was deep and harsh and piercing; even the gag couldn't conceal it. The cool air made her sweaty body shiver, and it continued to shake and twitch as little tremors ran up her spine. She gasped and panted, like a long distance runner after a hard race; her throbbing cunt keeping time with the pounding of her heart.

He pried open her legs freeing his captured head and pulled off his ski-mask, a smug, self-satisfied smile on his dark, rough features. Rivulets of sweat trickled down from his forehead.

"Her Royal Highness likes to have her white pussy eaten by Kaffir, Mentu," he said to his companion. "Her cum is sweet as honey, my friend." Panting, the Princess of Wales stared at her pleasure-giver's grinning face, a stupid half-smile of surprise on her lips; her body still in turmoil. She had just experienced the most explosive cum of her life, yet the ache in her loins was even more fierce than before; a fire that seemed unquenchable.

Embarrassment and shame were forgotten feelings; quickly replaced by a physical agitation and a lust for the taboo. Slowly, she turned her head, following his gaze; her eyes blinked and widened, and her mouth gaped in surprise. The man, Mantu, stood naked, his big hand fisting a cock of huge proportions.

It was the biggest prick she had ever seen, at least two hands long and massively thick. Mesmerized, she stared at the swollen, dark purple head as it twitched in front of her face.

It pulsed and slithered with a life of its own. The pounding in her chest increased in tempo and breathing became harsh and ragged.

"I am Jumo, that is my friend, Mantu, and his little plaything. Do you like it?" he asked in a whisper, his sweaty face close to her ear. Breathing heavily through her open mouth; eyes wide in wonder, her head nodded slowly and her body gushed a hot stream of cream to her itchy cunt.

Behind the gag, her throat went dry. She didn't believe the urge she had to take that monster in her mouth. It was almost overpowering. What was happening to her? "If you like his little thing, you will dearly love mine, Princess!" Her eyes, suddenly alive, snapped back to him and she choked on the gag. He had stripped and his massive prick was inches from her face, sticking straight up; the bulbous head swaying in front of her shocked, bulging eyes. Were they all freaks?

she wondered; creatures from a circus side show? His cock was even bigger and thicker than Mantu! Could that be possible? Her surging mind reeled, assaulted by unknown passions and forbidden sensations. She was the Princess of Wales, yet, like a bitch in heat, her body screamed with a lust that knew no bounds of convention or propriety. Her mouth ached to be filled and her cunt throbbed with a seething passion; the sudden, terrible need of the addicted. Groaning, almost in pain, she strained against the binds; hands trembling to touch, and rubbed her face along the huge, meaty shaft of Jumo cock; smelling the musky aroma of his body, wallowing in the heat of his flesh.

Her mouth salivated. Her one free hand cupped his heavy, hanging balls and an electric thrill ran up her arm and down to her hot cunt as his body heat flowed to her. Thick, clumsy fingers pried the gag loose from her mouth, and he shoved the fat knob into her willing mouth. She felt the massive, slug-like cock stretch her lips wide - Oh, God, she thought, it must be three inches thick! - her teeth scraping the skin as it buried itself deep in her wet mouth.

She gagged when the hard head hit the opening of throat. Mouth aching, she pulled back, running her tongue over the heavy, bulging veins; tasting his special flavor and tangyness, washing the length of his majestic shaft.

The salty taste of his cock drove her into a crazed frenzy, stripping the will to resist. Her head began to bob and his hands entwined in her flaxen hair, guiding her hungry mouth.

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"Aaaaah," Jumo sighed, "Suck! Suck my black cock, Princess! Give me a royal blowjob!" Her mind reeled. She was the Princess of Wales, and she was sucking a huge black, Kaffir cock!

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And it was wonderful! Her cunt throbbed and her body twitched as her stretched lips began to slide over his pulsing cock. She held it upright with her one free hand and licked his swelling ballsac; her tongue spreading dribbling saliva up and down the steely shank.

She stuck her tongue in his piss-hole and was rewarded with a drop of crystal-clear pre-cum. It tasted better than the sweetest honey. Her lips encircled the rock-hard knob and her tongue flicked over it, back and forth. Her free hand roamed her own body, kneading, pulling, pinching her tingling flesh; stoking the volcano in her body.

She rubbed her tits, twirling the hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger and tiny slivers of lightening zapped her body. Her mind was a screaming mass of hot flashes, that erupted, violently, when her finger slid into her grasping pussy. The puffy lips closed around it, holding it prisoner, and she sighed as a heated wave of pleasure washed over her. A heavy nudge against her cheeks caused her eyes to open and widen. There was Mantu's cock, hard and black and sweaty, swaying in front of her.

"Ooooh, yes!" she heard herself say as her tongue washed over the musky head, bathing it with her Royal spit. It was almost as long, but not as thick as Jumo's and it slid into her mouth with less problems - was she becoming better? - she wondered. Her hungry mouth went from one to the other. "Oh, she sucks good, Jumo! Almost as good as a Zulu woman," Mantu said, his voice gasping as the Princess's mouth engulfed his hot African prong.

"Better!" Jumo answered. "Look how her mouth stretches, how she scrambles from one to the other, always licking and sucking. Her pretty pink tongue never stops.

Imagine how her little pussy will scream when it feels it's first taste of my cock." Jumo's words swirled around her fevered brain, taking seconds to register through her lust, and determined cock-sucking. They were going to fuck her! Stick her with those huge monsters! Rip her apart! "Yes!" she moaned, "Oh, yes, fuck me!" Her voice was almost a whisper. A prayer. Jumo's laugh was pure evil. "Beg me for it, Princess!

Beg me to put my Kaffir cock in your Royal pussy and fuck you ragged! Go on, beg me!" She gasped and swallowed her saliva. Her body trembled with heated shame. She was being debased and she knew it.

Her body flushed with a residue of pride and shame. Then her cream-smeared finger twisted in her juice cunt and, magically, she didn't care. All that matter was his magnificent cock! And getting it in her pussy!

"Please fuck me!" she choked. "Stick your black cock in my cunt and fuck my Royal pussy. Please! Please, I need it so badly!" She was on the verge of tears. Mantu joined his companion in laughter and sank his cock back into her mouth, thrusting his hips forward as he did. The huge fuck-meat pushed at the opening to her throat and forced its way past.

Automatically, she took a deep breath and tried to relax the constricting muscles. The huge cockhead surged all the way down her gullet, until her nose and mouth were buried deep in his cock hair. Roughly, he grabbed handfuls of hair and pounded his cock - eight fat inches!

- into her waiting face. His cry of passion was like an aphrodisiac to her, blotting out her abject surrender to them.

Her body screamed with renewed pleasure. Jumo laughed and swiftly untied her right leg, forcing it back to her tits, flatting them, and completely exposing her golden pussy. He pulled her hand away from her cunt, leaving it gaping and bare and feeling lost. Her silky cunt-hair was smeared with sticky cum-cream, and her thighs were streaked with the remnants of her massive cum.

He rubbed the head of his cock against the puffy lips of her pleasure-raw cunt, extracting a low, mournful moan from her busy lips. She tensed in anticipation, but he didn't move and her eyes went wide, begging him. Her hips strained against his cock-head. She was frantic with desire! Ripping Mantu's boiling cock from her mouth, she screamed, "Fuck me, you bloody Nigger!

Fuck meeeee!" Jumo's lips curled in a snarl. Mercilessly, he plunged his thick, nine-inch prick into her gaping cunt, stretching it beyond belief. Her scream of rage, and passion, and pain filled the loft and echoed off the walls. Her mind exploded and mercifully, blackness washed over her brain. She felt as if she had been in a great storm, fighting for her life, and suddenly she had come upon a safe harbor where the waters were calm, and warm, and wonderfully soothing.

Wavelets rippled over her. Slowly, at first, then coming faster and faster. Each wave rippled over her body, making her feel good, and the feeling grew and grew until she was forced to moan her pleasure aloud. "That's it, Princess!" Jumo grunted, "Move your hips! Feel my joy in your lily-white pussy! Yes! Squeeze my prick!" He grimaced in actual pain as her incredibly strong cunt muscles clamped on his cock-head, freezing it stiff in the boiling caldron of her juicy pussy.

Gone was his desire for humiliation; replaced with a wonder of incredibly tight, white, blonde pussy, and indescribable desire. Thunder and lightening raged through her enflamed body. Blinding white heat! Through a hazy mist she saw Jumo's massive black prick plunging in and out of her stretched blonde cunt, slimy with white froth; her nylon-clad leg dangling carelessly over his shoulder, her cherry-tipped tits flopping in time to his vigorous poundings.

Fascinated, she watched the dark log-like cock slide all the way in and all the way out of her straw-colored cunt. It was mammoth!

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And she was taking every pleasure-giving inch of it! Her body trembled and shook as his blackness pounded her body; her wanton hips twisting and pushing up to meet his fierce stroke. Sweat poured off of his muscular body, giving him a shiny satin gloss; the contrasts of forbidden color still stimulating her new-found lust. Each pounding stroke forced the air from her lungs and she gasped in passion and desperation.

Her tongue licked her dry lips and she was aware of a strange, tangy taste; different from anything she had ever tasted; something thick and sticky. Her fevered brain registered the texture and flavor and she realized that Mantu had shot his cum-juice into her mouth while she was blacked out. She felt surprisingly disappointed.

Licking her lips and fingers, she tried desperately to capture the flavor.

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Discovering stray droplets of the thick, milky-white cum on her tits, she rubbed it into her skin, anointing her body, giving it a glistening sheen. Mantu jerked her head up and dangled his slick cock above her gaping lips. "Suck it clean, my Queen!" he said in a voice still choked with released passion. "Aaaaah," he sighed as her lips encircled his drooping prick. Trance- like, she sucked the deflating shaft, using it as a soothing pacifier to the burning lust that Jumo's throbbing cock was generating in her body.

Her passion-enflamed brain was running in slow-motion, unable to think or comprehend beyond the surging pleasures of her body; the incredibly intense tiny cums that coursed through her sensory system; each one driving her closer and closer to a crushing tidal wave of pure pleasure.

She felt his body stiffen and his cock jump in her cunt.

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Wrapping her free arm around his body, she pulled him fiercely to her, heedless of the pain in her up-stretched leg. The wondrous release was at hand! Her free hand squeezed Mantu's stiff cock and she hissed in Jumo's ear, "Yes!


Yes! I'm going to cum! Fuck me! Cum with me! Now! Now! Nowwwwwwww!" Her body went rigid, arching into a tight bow with only the back of her head and one foot touching the damp mattress.

Incredibly, her slender body was supporting his massive weight, holding him up in the air as his engorged cock exploded in the furnace of her throbbing pussy. Hot cum splashed wildly, deep in her body, crashing against the steaming walls of her cunt, flooding her, and overflowing the stuffed love-channel. Her own surging cum-juice mingled with his and seeped, hotly, down her thighs and into her asscrack, dripping unchecked beneath their harshly panting bodies. For one masterful moment, they stood on the top of the world, and as one, they collapsed into the softness of their battlefield; exhausted warriors.

The raging storm of blinding passion waned; replaced by a warm, wonderful tide of unbridled pleasure, and she shivered as it ebbed slowly from her foggy mind.

She ached in all parts of her body, especially her battered cunt, but it was a good ache, one of triumph and accomplishment. She had taken Jumo's mighty cock, every bloody inch of it, and squeezed it dry. She had sucked the life from Mantu's lovely prick. Her drifting mind glowed with the wonder of her forbidden passions; her lust, and desire.

She, the blonde and pure Princess of Wales, had willingly sucked raven-black cock like a common slut, and had reveled in the forceful penetration of black cock into her trembling white body; desperately, she had swallowed the thick, jism of their taboo mating and had thrilled at her own subjugation. Sex had never been this glorious, this exciting, this thrilling! Sex would never be the same! A smile of triumph passed her lips when Jumo pull his deflated cock from her pleasure-raw pussy, but it quickly passed, replaced with a sudden feeling of loss as her cunt was deprived of his wonderful fullness.

Behind misty eyes, she moaned softly. Then, as if by magic, the feeling returned! Her body twitched and she gasped as her cunt slowly filled up with the incredible thickness of his beautiful prick. Her body reacted with joy, filling her cunt with slick, warm juice. Jumo was back, she thought wistfully; hard and strong again. It was wonderful! She sighed and opened her hazy eyes. Mantu's gap-tooth grim greeted her surprise gasp. She moaned and tossed her head back as he roughly pushed his thick, black, rock-hard cock all the way up her grasping pussy.

Mantu! Jumo! It no longer matter! She craved the pleasure of their massive cocks. Everyone of them! Lovingly, she wrapped her arms and legs around his thick body - when had they freed her completely? - and gave herself up to the glorious thrills of his long-stroking, pleasure-giving cock.

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She lost track of time; it no longer had meaning. She lost track of the times she climaxed; the violent rumbles, and massive shocks that seemed to run together, each one draining her body and mind, exhausting her; but each time she felt a hard cock enter her body she was renewed, hotter and hornier than before. She was possessed with a sex-lust that drove her from frenzy to frenzy, from climax to climax, from one stunning pleasure to another.

Her greedy mind and body knew no limits. She remembered Mantu's long passionate fucking; how she climaxed two or three times before he pulled his cock from her squishy cunt and sprayed her body with his hot, rich cum-juice. She had washed her heaving body with the thick, sticky cream, licking it off her hands and fingers; loving the slimy taste of the silky globs. She remembered sucking Jumo huge prick again, her saliva making it easier for him to plunge it into her hot body.

She could see herself on her hands and knees, head twisting from side to side, as he fucked her from behind, like a street dog; Mantu grabbing her face and sticking his soft cock in her mouth, his hips pounding her sweating face until his prick was hard again, ready to shoot another hot load of rich, African cream down her waiting throat. Together, they flooded both ends of her body until cum-juice ran down her cheeks and thighs, streaked her tits and stomach, and dribbled down her back and her slender round ass.

She remembered their hot tongues. Long and agile, they snaked up her oozing cunt and down her gasping throat. She had sucked on one, like a miniature prick, while the other slipped in and out of her pussy, and rimmed her puckered asshole like a hot dart, giving her a new, exciting perversion to enjoy. Their fat lips sucked on her hardened tit nipples, thrilling her beyond belief. She didn't remember one from the other, and she didn't care. All that mattered was their size, their power, and their thrilling blackness.

They had fucked her on her back, on her side, on her hands and knees; up against the wall, with her legs wrapped tightly around their waists or up over their shoulders.

She had squatted over their raging members, forcing herself down on each one until her cuntlips rubbed against the base of the hairy crotch. She had bent over and rolled backwards, and contorted herself into every conceivable position trying to get their wonder-pricks in her body. She had spent eons playing with their pricks, sucking and licking the heavy ridges of their shafts, tickling the hairy ballsacs that hung below, lapping up the warm, sticky cum-juice.

And still she craved more. She remembered their mutual, unbridled laughter when, finally, they collapsed on the bed, spent and exhausted, the men unable to raise another hard-on even with help from her magic mouth.

Finally, in annoyance, she sandwiched her gamy, white body - sweat and dried cum streaks crisscrossed her flesh, like lash marks - between their heaving black bulks. "No more, no more," Mantu protested. "My cock is ready to fall off. You have won, Royal one." "And you, Jumo?" she asked with a smile and a groping hand.

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"Are you fucked out, too?" "Mantu is right," he chuckled, "you have won! Even two Zulu's can not tame a Royal pussy, Your Highness. Perhaps we were foolish to try. My cock will never be the same." The Princess Royal giggled, "Neither will my pussy, my lovely captors.

You've stretched me so much, you can drive a truck through it now. What's my husband going to say?" "Help!" Jumo bellowed and they all joined in, laughing like children. "Well, let this be a lesson to you. The next time you kidnap a princess, make sure you have enough help to keep her happy." "Yes, Your Highness!" the men chorused. "I'm still not completely satisfied, you know." Jumo sat up. "My god, woman, even a Zulu female's appetite would be quenched by now." She winked at him mischievously.

"That's because a Zulu female can have your giant cocks anytime she desires. I, on the other hand, have to make the most of what little time I have." He couldn't believe his eyes or ears; an English Royal Princess, a mere skip of a woman, barely past girlhood, craved the pleasures of their black cocks like a demon possessed; sucked them into her slender body and squeezed the life out of them, and then demanded more.


And like zombies, they did as she bided. Who here is the captive? And what have we unleashed, he wondered. "Play with me," she said, turning herself around between them, her head at their groins, her cunt and ass staring them in the face. "Play with my pussy and my asshole," she ordered, her voice husky again, as the heat began to flow in her loins. She raised her right leg straight up, stretching the suspenders on her garter belt to the fullest, giving each man a clear view of her spectacular, open and waiting, charms.

"Please?" she said in a plaintive voice, taking their flaccid pricks in her small, delicate white hands, and massaging them. Chuckling deeply, the men raised their eyes skyward in resignation. "We have created a monster!" Jumo said sticking his long, pointed tongue in the Princess's wet, pink cunt. Mantu just smiled his acceptance while his hands kneaded the soft ass-flesh of her twin mounds.

Licking his finger, he inserted it in her asshole, slowly twisting it around until it was seated all the way up against the puckered opening. Taking Jumo's cockhead in her mouth, Her Highness sighed in contentment as the teasing, tantalizing pleasures washed over her body. The last images she saw before falling asleep was their shiny blackness, stark against her pale body, and her own sudden and perverted lust.