Cute eighteen year old angel gets fucked hard

Cute eighteen year old angel gets fucked hard
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Cindy packed her two piece and a towel along with some pop and snacks. She and Kim were going out to spent any quality time together and she was looking forward to relaxing with her friend. The Craig's were an elderly couple who owned 140 acres with a large farm that bordered the Musquean River. The river was about 100 yards wide and slow moving. There were some great sandy areas but the Craig's had the best one.

There was the beach itself with shade trees bordering it, and the river pooled just out from the shore and was about five feet deep. The Craig's were pretty careful with who they let on their property, so it was really quite a private spot.

As Kim and Cindy approached the trees bordering the beach, Kim suddenly slowed and then stopped. She glanced at her friend and whispered "Shit, I hear voices." Cindy heard them too. The girls slowly and quietly crept toward the beach and saw the bare backsides of two boys standing on the edge of the river. They were looking out and chatting away as comfortable as if they were wearing bathing suits. Their backs and legs were well muscled offering proof that they were at least teens.

Both girls sucked in their breath and opened their mouths in an expression of shock. They kept looking at each other and back at the boy's bums as if they were completely unsure of what to do next. In hushed tones they began. "Who are they?" "I can't tell yet" "Great butts!" "Really great!" "Should we go?" "No, let's make them turn around." "Cindy, you bad girl!" "I know, but if they want to skinny dip, then they have to take their chances." Cindy crouched down and picked up a large stone.

She drew her arm back and launched it into the bushes far to her left. It landed hard making a loud noisy rustling sound. Both boys nearly jumped out of their skin and turned automatically toward the sound. This left them almost facing the girls directly. They looked quickly around and at each other and ran back into the water.

Once they were deep enough, they stood beside each other and stared towards where the sound emanated from. The girls had gotten a good look and now knew that it was Daryl and his friend Brett.

To Kim's delight, she saw her first naked boy and she was enthralled. Two mature penis' on display, and both, though still soft, showed strong promise. Looking at Cindy, Kim just shrugged and started toward the beach.

Giggling, Cindy followed. "Hi guys." Kim said as she started to spread out her towel beside theirs. She also dropped her bag and stood to look out at them.

Cindy did the same and then stood beside Kim. "Hi Daryl. I'm so glad you're here. I've missed you. Hi to you too Brett." Daryl looked at Cindy and smiled in a bashful way. "Uh Cin, we weren't expecting anyone, and we're not wearing suits." Brett looked at Kim and smiled.

Kim smiled back noting his beet red face. Cindy pretended to be surprised and looked over at Kim who followed her leaded "You mean you're naked!" Kim loudly whispered at them. Brett instinctively ducked a bit lower in the water. The girls laughed at his shyness though Daryl was certainly not showing any.

"You coming in?" he asked. Cindy looked at Kim and said "Ok, but you guys turn around until we get in there." Kimwho was never one to be shy about sex was shocked that Cindy would volunteer her and looked at her with wide eyes and mouth open. "Oh come on Kim." Cindy whispered "They won't see anything really once were in the water and you do want to see a boy naked. This is a way to do that in a safe and fun way." Kim was so fast stripping down that now she shocked Cindy.

"Girl, I'm not the shy one here. I was just surprised that you suggested this." She had whipped off her top. She wasn't wearing a bra and when her shorts followed, she evidently had chosen not to wear panties either. She looked at Cindy and said "Well, we were just changing to suits so why bother?" Cindy quickly got naked and together they waded out to the boys.

The water was just above the girls breasts. As they stood behind the boys, they could clearly see naked bums and Kim looked over at a grinning Cindy and fanned her face with her hand. Cindy ushered Daryl away from Kim and Brett and snuggled her naked body against his back and bum making sure she had her boobs and vagina in pressured contact.

"What a nice surprise." She whispered. Meanwhile Kim placed her hands on Brett's shoulders, gently turned him around and looked into his eyes. He was a very good looking boy she thought. Tall and thin and muscular. He was staring back at her and she could see he was nervous.

Still staring into Kim's eyes, he took a deep breath and basically blurted out. "Kim, I'm sorry but I have a boner.


It just wouldn't stay soft. I'm really sorry." 'My God' Kim thought. 'He's sooo shy!' Kim thought that all boys were kind of aggressive. They seemed to act that way.

She remembered Cindy describing her first experience with Daryl and how he was so worried she'd laugh at his erection. She had learned a lot from Cindy and used her new knowledge to try to put Brett at ease. "I'm nervous too Brett. I've never seen a boy naked and no boy has seen me this way." She reached for his hands under the water and lifted them up to her chest.

She gasped quietly at his touch and smiled shyly. "Do you like them?" "They feel fabulous Kim…really!" "Would you like to see them?" "Boy, would I ever! Uh…I mean sure if you don't mind." He was embarrassed by his outburst, but Kim just giggled and started walking backwards pulling him along by his hands until her breasts were totally exposed to his eyes. Her breasts were a solid upright 34b with small very erect nipples.

They indeed were beautiful and Brett was engrossed. She let go of his hands and wrapped her arms around his neck. She then moved in close and kissed him. It was just a bit awkward at first, but both teens had learned how to kiss and were soon virtually eating each other up.

She could feel his penis all hard and big against her tummy and her breasts were smashed against his chest and felt wonderful. She pushed back just a bit. "Feel me Brett" she whispered.

"I want you to play with my boobs." Brett complied immediately and grabbed her breasts like they were two footballs. She gasped "Brett!

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Gently boy gently." He giggled and relaxed his hands so they moved in more of a massaging manner. He tweaked at her pointed nipples making her moan and push her pelvis forward into his erection.

She definitely groaned at this contact also. He had never felt as horny as he did now and then it happened. Kim slid her hand into the water between them and took hold of his cock. She felt him jerk back a bit, but tightened her hold just enough to keep him. "It's just me Brett. I hope you don't mind, but I've never touched a boy like this." She was amazed. His penis felt so big and hard.

Even if he wasn't big in his own mind, he was certainly so in hers. Through her talks with Cindy, she knew how to masturbate him and looked around to see where the other two were.

Seeing them just out of specific detail range, she could see both of them standing only knee depth with their backs to Brett and her. Daryl's but was pinched tight and Cindy's legs were open fairly wide.

They were masturbating each other. This scene, along with Brett massaging her boobs and she herself rubbing his cock made her pussy literally soaked. Pulling him by his penis, she backed up to knee level like Cindy and Daryl. Brett, who was still in shock, could now clearly see Kim's lightly covered vagina.

He was simply awed. Her vagina was soooo sexy. He loved the shape and her lips looked swollen and pink. He reached out to touch it and she opened her legs a bit to allow him access. As soon as his fingers touched her, she drew in a deep breath and kind of wrinkled her brow in a way that told him she was very pleased.

God she was wet. He looked at her and drew his fingers up to his nose. She looked at him and cocked her eye in a way that said 'You'd better love the smell buddy.' In answer to her unspoken question, he licked his fingers, moved his hand back to her pussy and kissed her. His finger found her center and he slid into her. She gasped in passion and started stroking his cock in time to his finger going in and out of her.

'My God!' she thought. 'I'm cumming!' Brett felt her squeeze her legs tighter and at the same time, he gasped "Shit Kim…I'm gonna." She looked down at his penis just in time to see ropes of sperm jet out in front of him. She was thrilled and came herself, hard, soaking his hand. She looked at the sperm floating around her and what was left on her hand. Looking directly in to his eyes, she brought her hand up to her nose and sniffed at his musky odor.

She then touched her tongue to it and giggled. She then quickly wiped her hand all over his stomach and ran out of the water to her towel. She lay on her back, propped up on her elbows to watch him walk naked towards her. He was beautiful. His penis was about half hard and hung loosely down from his thin mat of wet pubic hair and as he reached the blanket, she could see his balls. He was smiling as he lay on his back beside her. He reached over to hold her hand and they lay there, sated for now.

Cindy had taken peeks at her friend's antics and was so happy for her. She and Daryl had made each other orgasm and cleaned off just as Brett shot out his stuff and Cindy was thrilled to get to watch, even if it was from a distance. She took Daryl's hand and began walking to the blankets "Geeze Cindy. Are you gonna make me show my stuff to Kim?" "Oh Daryl! Really? We're a little beyond being shy and you get to see Kim naked.

I know you'd like that." Daryl thought about Kim more and more as they got closer. Cindy giggled at his growing erection and in looking at Brett's growing erection, she was almost proud that that her nudity was at least prodding that along. Brett stood up beside Daryl so Cindy could lie down with Kim. Both boys were fully engorged and the girls were up on elbows smiling and looking.

Brett was blushing and obviously uncomfortable so Cindy commented. "Brett, you don't have to be shy around Kim and I. We know it's normal for boys to get erections, especially around naked girls.

We're actually kind of happy we cause them. It makes us feel attractive. Very nice penis by the way." "Mmmm, yes, very nice!" said Kim. "Daryl, you look great too.

Now both of you just relax and let it be. We're just as nervous about putting our boobs and lower parts on display." "Daryl, do you want me to help it go down?" asked Cindy Everybody stared open mouthed at Cindy. Kim thought to herself 'Way to go Cindy!' Daryl, not to be outdone said "Sure, if it's turnabout." Cindy knew that Daryl knew that by now she would have a very wet and needy pussy.

Her legs being close together had been hiding her state and keeping her scent in check. She opened her legs so he could see her wetness and in a sultry voice said "I love turnabout" Kim suddenly rose to her feet and pulled on Brett's arm. "Cmon Brett. Let's move away a bit so these two can have at least a little privacy." Daryl moved to his knees beside Cindy's tummy where she could easily reach his penis.


His position also allowed for him, when he was ready, to easily reach her breasts with his left hand and her vagina with his right hand. He was facing Kim and Brett, who had moved their blanket a few yards away. Brett got in the same position so he was facing Cindy and Daryl. Kim tilted her head back and opened her legs for Brett to see.

Her pussy was very wet. Brett began massaging her left breast and tweaking her protruding nipple. As if it just seemed natural, he leaned forward and took it into his mouth. Her eyes widened and she groaned loudly "Oh my! Oh, Oh that feels sooo good!" She moved her soaked hand to his turgid penis, gripped it and started moving it up and down.


Brett in turn, started rubbing her vagina. Kim groaned in appreciation. Then she stopped him. "Brett, I meant it when I said I've never done anything like this before. I love everything we're doing but we really are just learning. I'd like you to tell me how to touch you in the ways you like, and I hope you don't mind if I help you learn more about…well.down here?" She began slowly rubbing her vagina. "God Kim, I really have no idea about your girl parts. Just what I've heard through other guys.

I'd actually really appreciate it if we could kinda teach each other." Kim was so horny by this time that she just grabbed him and pulled him down to lie beside her. With both of them pressed on their sides together, she initiated kissing. With only a little adjustment here and there, they were soon necking up a storm.

Their hips and other body parts were grinding with their passion His penis sliding perfectly along her vagina caused her breath to come quick and her moans to become louder.

She was absolutely loving this connection and could feel her orgasm building. Sweating panting and moaning together, she soon heard him gasp and reveled in the pulsing of his organ against her. His sperm warmed her belly and she pampered him with soft kisses and encouragement. "That's ok. I was expecting this. Just let it go Brett". Brett felt both great relief and a bit guilty at having his release.

He lifted up a bit and saw that he had cum in a big way. "Kim, I'm sorry. I wanted to wait for you but I just couldn't. I know you need to cum too. How can I help?" Kim giggled and began wiping his cum off her belly.

"Silly boy. I know guys can cum quick. Now you can take your time with me.

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Put your head closer to my vagina and I'll explain things." She raised her knees so he got a complete view. Cindy and Daryl were watching from their blanket as Kim explained her vagina to Brett.

She took his index finger and ran it up and down both sides of her labia. Even with her guiding him she was definitely getting aroused.

"These are my labia or outer lips. I like it when you include doing this. Even if I'm not wet, which is not likely, this nice gentle rubbing will get me going." She glanced over at Cindy and fanned her face with her hand. Cindy giggled and did the same thing to her own face. "Ok, now I'm going to open the outer lips a bit so you can see my inside lips called the labia minora." He tucked his face in close and saw the two pink fluttery lips.

He also was treated once again to her aroma, and could hardly contain himself.

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"Fuck you smell good!" he whispered. Kim blushed at the compliment, not used to having comments made about her scent. She continued. "Brett, this is my clitoris. It's like a mini penis and you need to do this to it to make me cum." She whispered.

"You can put a finger in my hole and move it in and out at the same time&hellip.but not too deep and go slow at first." Brett complied and was entranced at the tightness and warmth of her pussy.

He didn't speak while he ministered to her. He just watched her passion and listened to her moans and instructions. "Oh&hellip.oh God!

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Your finger feels so good in me. Keep rubbing my button Brett. You're gonna make me&hellip.of God, Mmmm…Oh.

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Ohhhh I'm cumming! Don't stop!

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Finger me harder&hellip.faster!" All of a sudden she raised her head, grabbed both of his busy hands and squeezed her legs together trapping his arm between them. She held her breath and looked at him pleadingly and he felt his hand become wetter. Finally spent, she reddened with a mix of embarrassment and exhaustion and flopped back, legs open, on the blanket.

Brett was proud of himself. He looked down at her and he saw beauty. She was gorgeous nudity. Her breasts were mounded nicely, her stomach flat and her downy pussy was red with excitement and still wet from her orgasm. "Did I do ok?" he asked, smiling down at her as he slowly stroked his aching hardness. She watched him stroke himself and wondered if he was going to shoot again. " God Brett, you made me cum sooo hard. I've never cum that hard.ever!

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I'm really quite messy down there aren't I." She looked at his erection and then up at his eyes. "Do you want to cum again?"