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The summer before her fourth year at Hogwarts, Hermione experienced her sexual awakening. Being dentists, her parents often had to entertain clients and potential partners for their practice and one summer evening, early on in the holiday, Hermione had what she thought was going to be the unfortunate displeasure of meeting Mr. and Mrs. Huntington. The couple themselves were boring and very average. They were good looking though and had managed to create a son that was very handsome and only a few years older than Hermione.

Although they had never met before, Hermione and this Muggle, Connor, had a strange connection. At dinner, they sat next to each, hardly saying a word to one another, and yet their eyes said something their mouths couldn't.

Half way through the second course, Hermione was shocked to feel a warm presence on her right thigh. At first, Connor's hand moved slowly and softly, and he massaged and caressed with care and ease. She looked to her right and saw his face remained cool and collected. Connor even laughed at an irrelevant joke her father made. The adults laughed uproariously and Connor seized an opportunity to latch his hand firmly on her pussy.

Hermione couldn't help but jump up in surprise but no one noticed. After the laughter subsided and after Hermione's mother wiped tears of laughter from her eyes, she announced it was time for tea. The adults began to gather their plates to take to the kitchen when Connor suddenly, "If you don't mind, Hermione and I would love to clear the table." Hermione's parents gave her a look and she nodded fervently as if they had been planning this the whole time.

"Yeah," she said, a smile spreading across her face. Once all the plates were in the sink, Hermione turned to Connor and said, "What was that all about in the dining room?" Hermione had enjoyed his attention but was a bit taken aback.

Never before had a boy like him expressed interest in a girl like her. Connor laughed and flashed her a smile. "I think you're gorgeous. Hasn't anyone ever said so?" Hermione bashfully looked at the ground and shook her head disdainfully. "Well," he began, striding toward her with a confidence Hermione had only seen in movies, and grabbed her face tenderly with his hands.

"You are." Hermione closed her eyes and moaned softly as he kissed her. It was her first kiss and her parents were in the other room, only separated by a door.

"Is this the right time to do this?" Hermione asked, pulling away breathlessly. She gestured to the dining room where the adults talked loudly. Connor looked deep into her eyes and nodded. His lips infiltrated hers and his tongue slipped in slowly.

She laughed to herself, finding it funny that she once thought the idea of French kissing once repulsed her.

His tongue was soft and warm and it moved in circles around her tongue and even tickled the roof of her mouth. She eventually slipped her own tongue into his mouth and the two danced together effortlessly. Connor lifted Hermione off her feet and set her down on the counter and began to kiss her neck with unbridled passion.

They moaned in unison as Connor's tongue traced circles. Connor's mouth soon began to gravitate to her blouse, which he unbuttoned slowly, only barely exposing her young breasts.

He placed his face the crevasse between the two mounds of flesh and kissed her warm skin. He pulled her bra down and took her right breast in her mouth. Hermione had to keep from screaming in ecstasy as he nibbled and sucked. Pain mixed with pleasure as she felt an unfamiliar sensation growing between her legs.

Hermione closed her eyes and leaned her head back as Connor whispered, "You like that, do ya?" He unzipped her shorts and put a hand inside. Hermione was alarmed at first but let him take control. "Ooh, like that," she whispered. "Oh God, yes!" Connor slipped in two fingers and started to drill with all the power he could muster when Hermione felt a wave of pleasure break over her. Hermione sighed and panted.

Connor looked up at her and planted a final kiss on her small mouth. "Thank you for that, Hermione. You were absolutely amazing," he said. He patted her cheek lightly and went back into the dining area, where the adults hadn't even noticed their absence.

Hermione remained on the counter, still breathless. Mr. Huntington walked in and raised an eyebrow at her. Hermione looked down and saw that he blouse was still unbuttoned. Rapidly, she covered herself up but she was already too embarrassed.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Huntington. That was completely inappropriate." She jumped off the counter and attempted to run out of the room, but he cut her off. "There's no reason to apologize. It's quite sexy, actually," Mr. Huntington said as he looked her up and down.

"I heard you two just now. Connor has quite the reputation and clearly," he paused and cleared his throat, "you weren't able to resist." Hermione was surprised by his bluntness and could only choke out, "I'm sorry?" "Don't worry. I won't tell." Suddenly, Connor's father advanced towards her and grabbed her face just like Connor had only a few moments early.

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Hermione melted once more and gave into her desires. Draco's face was in the nape of Hermione's neck. Hermione wanted to concentrate as best as she could but something was off. She was missing Ancient Runes again and she hated being in Draco's room in the dungeon.

The air was damp and stale and the brick walls that surrounded them made Hermione feel trapped. Draco moaned as he took his boxers off, evening the playing field.

Both of the naked bodies moved together in unison. Draco gave his erection a quick pump before he took the head and dipped into Hermione's flower. Hermione was so distracted she barely felt his entrance. All she could hear were Harry's threats and blackmail. She knew that fucking Draco was wrong, but it felt so right.

Finally someone was listening to her carnal needs unlike the other guys she had been with before. "Hermione? Where are you?" Draco asked and he thrusted in and out at a steady pace.

"C'mon, don't leave me hanging here." Hermione lifted a leg up onto Draco's shoulder, finally getting her head in the game. "Fuck me, Malfoy," she whispered darkly. "Fuck me with your hot cock. Fuck me faster! Fuck like you've never fucked me before!" Draco picked his pace up and he began to dive in her quickly. With each thrust, Draco pulled out his entire shaft and slammed in her, balls deep.

Hermione shrieked with delight and Draco grunted with pleasure. "Ah shit! Yes! Fuck! Yes!" Hermione's screams bounced off the brick walls. Draco continued to drill her and started to laugh. "Quiet down, you dirty little bitch!

Someone is going to hear us!" Hermione shook her head playfully and resisted. "No!" she yelled, just to spite Draco.

"Fuck me, Malfoy. That's it, you nasty man!" Draco put a hand over her mouth to subside the screams. The pair continued to fuck like rabbits until they climaxed together. "Mr. Malfoy, that was great. Thank you," she said, resting her head on his pale chest. "I really needed that." "Uh, Hermione, you haven't told anyone about us, have you?" Draco asked. Hermione could sense the hesitance in voice. Clearly, he didn't want to bring this up.

"No. I mean, I haven't told anyone. Someone found out though." she drifted off, hoping that Draco wouldn't pursue the matter anymore. "Someone? Who's someone?" Draco asked. Hermione took in a deep breath and said, "Harry." Draco clenched his fist and said, "Fuck. I knew it." Hermione sat up and said, "What?

How did you know it?" She panicked and wondered what the hell Harry was up to. "That little rat fucker has been sending me notes, like that's gonna fucking stop me from having my way with you," Draco said in a malevolent tone.

Hermione scurried and grabbed her clothes off the floor. "Babe? What are you doing?" "I'm going to have a talk with him. It's one thing to threaten me, but he's really crossing the line by including you in this." Hermione got dressed and stormed out of the room. "Babe? Hermione?" Draco's voice echoed as she entered the common room and into the dungeons.

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Harry didn't know what he was in for now. Harry and Ron walked to the Great Hall together, both talking about their girlfriends. "Lavender is a complete freak, Harry. She wants to go down on me all the time. Like three times a day," Ron said. He looked at his best friend with a serious face. Harry was shocked to see that his friend wasn't enjoying the perks of having a girlfriend.

"What is wrong with you? Ginny is the same, actually, but I love it," Harry said shrugging. "That's fucking disgusting. That's my sister," Ron said, groaning and shaking his head. As if she was summoned, Ginny showed up out of nowhere and grabbed Harry's hand and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hey!" she said in a chipper tone. "C'mere, I want to show you something." Harry and Ginny broke away from the herd of students going to eat lunch, leaving Ron by himself. Ginny, dragging Harry by the hand, took him into the girl's lavatory.

Harry knew exactly what was coming when Ginny took her wand out and locked the door and led him into a stall. She uttered, "Scourgify!" and the toilet was clean. Harry took a seat on it and Ginny straddled him. The couple began to make out in a quick frenzy. Tongues and hands explored regions they were all too familiar with.

Harry grabbed Ginny's ass and he grabbed it hard, eliciting moans from Ginny's mouth. She grabbed his quickly rising erection and rubbed it in his pants. She undid his pants and slid off his lap. She pulled his pants down to his ankles and massaged his thick package through his boxers. "All right now you prick tease, stop torturing me!" ha whined and Ginny giggled and continued to massage him. She bent down and placed little kisses on his tool.

She could feel his dick twitch and move, trying to say, "Put me in your mouth!" She pulled his cock out, balls and all and quickly went to work, engulfing his entire shaft in one swoop. Ginny relaxed her throat and let him slide all the way down. Harry closed his eyes and took the back of her head, holding onto her hair as she bobbed on his cock. Ginny paused and took him out of her mouth with a soft pop and took the time to lick his the underside of his head.

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Ginny was loving every second of sucking him off, but Harry wanted to expedite things. He tightened his grip on her hair and forced her mouth onto his dick and slowly began to fuck her face. Ginny moaned and groaned in discomfort as he rammed his entire shaft in her mouth. She began to gag for air but Harry moved faster and faster. Ginny pleaded with her eyes for him to stop but at the rate that Harry was going, nothing would have stopped him.

He reached his climax and took Ginny's head and forced her nose right into his pubic hair and coated her throat with his cum. Ginny sprang off his dick and wiped her mouth and said, "What the fuck? Couldn't you see I was choking?" Harry wrapped a hand on his deflating cock and gave it a few final strokes, letting the rest of the cum out. Ginny burst out of the stall in anger and said, "Whatever, asshole." Harry heard her leave and pulled his pants up.

Since he ravaged Hermione in the third corridor, he hadn't been able to get off with out being authoritative.


In fact, he couldn't fool around with Ginny without thinking of Hermione. He strolled out of the lavatory and decided to skip lunch and headed to the common room to get a jump start on his free period. Harry walked through the halls, regretting once more that he hadn't forced Hermione's mouth onto his dick. Hermione often thought about the brief moment she shared with Connor in her kitchen only a few years earlier.

In fact, it was good inspiration many times when she was alone and horny, which she had been for the better part of the school year. The time she kissed his father resonated a lot clearer though.

With her nose in his face, she could smell his aftershave, and the scent sent pleasant shivers down her spine. Mr. Huntington's tongue moved with more expertise than his son's and he had a knack for kissing passionately while keeping Hermione excited. But it was a kiss, and only that much. When they broke apart, Hermione could feel her heart beating in her ears.

Yet, the single kiss turned her one more than anything else she experienced. She often thought of it when she was angry or stressed as it calmed her down.

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The image and sensations were extremely clear as Hermione stood in Harry's dormitory hatching a small plan for her revenge. She knew she would have to approach this without harming her relationship with Harry. She scoured the room for his Invisibility Cloak and found it in the trunk at the edge of his bed. Hermione put it on quickly and hide by the door, hoping to disarm him once he came inside.


The plan deviated however, and a seemingly good plan went awry. Harry whistled as he walked up the stairs to his dormitory. His chipper attitude dissolved when he sensed an odd presence when he grabbed the door handle.

He took his wand out of his robes, planning to disarm the person on the other side. His year in the DA perfected his Shield Charm and he was ready to use it. Harry opened the door quickly and leaped into the room. He heard a soft rustle to his left, by the door and right as he attacker yelled, "Stupefy!" in a clear voice, Harry said, "Protego!" He didn't see anyone but heard a body hit the ground and a leg seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Harry instantly realized that his attacker was using his Cloak and he ripped it off, surprised to find Hermione crumpled on the ground. "Hermione?" Hermione grumbled and stood up on weak legs. "Fuck you. You ruined my plan." "Shit," Harry said, running a hand through his dark hair. "I thought you were Malfoy. What the hell are you doing in here?" "Funny you brought up Malfoy, actually.

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You're blackmailing him too now?" Hermione said maliciously. "I knew it! I knew you hadn't stopped fucking him!" Harry said triumphantly.

"I wish you would stop it with all this. It's not worth it. He's not a Death Eater and he's not connected to You-Know-Who," Hermione whined. "Oh, did he mention that when he was drilling you? 'Hermione, just so you know I'm completely innocent blah blah blabbity fucking blah'," Harry mimicked.

"Not exactly, but I know that he would tell me," Hermione said in a huff. "What? Are you his girlfriend or something?" Harry asked snidely. Hermione shot him a dark look. "No. Of course not. It's nothing like that." Harry chuckled, knowing that he had trumped her. He stared her down, noticing how effortlessly hot she looked; her hair was frizzy like it usually was but it was in sloppy ponytail and bits of hair fell onto her head and she was wearing her uniform but the monotony of the outfit worked with her expression of despair.

"Harry, we need all of this to stop. Come clean to Ginny, and I'll. I'll really break it off with Draco. He's been too clingy anyway." "I'm not going to tell Ginny," Harry said adamantly. "Well, why should I agree to your demands?" Hermione asked, placing one hand on her hip. "Because you know exactly what I can do." "You're going to rape me again?" Harry didn't answer but the look in his eyes conveyed the message loud and clear.

Hermione sighed and sat down on a bed. She was tired and frustrated. All of her sneaking around had caused her to miss lessons and she was behind on homework and she had to sacrifice precious hours devoted to sleeping in order to stay on par. That, plus Harry's idle threats of raping her, were really starting to take a toll on her. She closed her eyes and thought of the kiss again and a wave of relief broke over her.

She opened her eyes just in time to see Harry press his lips forcefully onto her. His kiss was nothing like the one she had been imagining. It was harsh, invasive, and juvenile. He roughly grabbed her breasts, eliciting more pain than pleasure. Hermione squirmed and squealed but Harry was relentless. "Stop, stop," she tried to say but her cries were useless. Harry pulled away and while Hermione regained her breath, he slapped her sharply across the face, causing her to scream. Harry took his wand and put it to her throat.

"Lie down and turn over, ass up." Hermione scrambled to comply, fearing what he would do to her. He muttered a charm and she felt binds on her wrist. She tried to break free but saw that she was tied to his bed. Hermione could hear him take his clothes off and he mounted her body. He tore her skirt and underwear off in one try and planted his face between her arse cheeks, kissing roughly like before.

He raised his head and said, "You're going to listen to me or really going to get it this time." Hermione only whimpered in reply and as a result, Harry struck one her cheeks with the back of his hand.

Her eyes stung with pain and she tried to say, "Harry, please," but Harry used another enchantment and suddenly, Hermione had a gag in her mouth. Harry now began to wail on her cheeks, reaching ten, eleven, twelve swatches before he stopped. His hand started to explore her pussy and much to his surprise, it was completely wet. "You really are a dirty skank, aren't you?" Harry said as Hermione shook her head rapidly. Harry adjusted her binds, letting Hermione turn over, much to her discomfort.

Her ass burned from his slaps. Harry unbuttoned her blouse and for a moment she remembered Connor again. Harry stood in front of her on his knees, pumping his shaft and letting it grow. He took the gag out of her mouth and said, "If you'll stoop so low to suck Malfoy's cock, you'll have no problem choking on this." Before Hermione could plead, Harry already began to ram his shaft into her throat.

No one had been this rough with her, not even Draco in the dungeons. "That's right, bitch. Take it all. Fuck, you aren't so bad at this, are you?" Harry said between thrusts.

After a few minutes of fucking her mouth, Harry took his cock out, just before blowing his load. He spread her legs and began to wail on her pink cunt. Hermione's eyes welled with tears. He knew he was hurting her, her yelps and screams were enough evidence of that, yet he carried on without a word. He continued to brutally thrust into her when suddenly their little party came to a close as Ginny opened the door.

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