Czech beauty gaping her hot snatch

Czech beauty gaping her hot snatch
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time you never forget, by Rachel Maher, SLUT, ''We'll be back tomorrow at about eight pm ''Yes mom'' said the girl standing at the doorway holding a bowl of cereal in one hand and slowly closing the door with the other ''Rachel, make sure the house is still tidy for when we get back'' said her mother opening the car door in the driveway ''Yes mom!'' said Rachel 'Cya tommorrow!' ''Cya'' shouted a deep voice from the passanger seat.

The door slammed shut. There stood Rachel.

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She was about 5 foot 4 with Blonde shiny hair to her shoulders and blue eyes which glowed with innocence. 'Yes! home alone at last!' she thought happily. Although she was 15, and was very mature for her age, she still could not believe her parents trusted her enough to look after the house by herself.

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''Max, here boy'' she called going down on her knees. Suddenly a large alsation dog came running around the corner from the kitchen and into the hallway towards her. ''I think its time boy, do you think its time'' Rachel said softly kissing Max on the nose and letting him lick her face. ''Come on boy, upstairs we go' Rachel got up and started to walk towards the stairs, when the phone rang.

''Hello?.yes dont worry about it.ill take good care of Max, have a nice too bye'' 'Take good care of Max indeed' Rachel thought 'O my god my heart feels like its going to explode, what if i get caught, what if I get some sort of disease which makes me have to come clean about the whole thing?' Rachel walked over to the chair and sat Down with her elbows on her knees and her head leaning against the wall.

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Max came over to her and lay down just in front of her. Rachel stared at him. She stared at the shine of his magnificent coat, she stared into his big brown eyes looking up at her. ''Do you want me?'' she said to him, knowing that he couldnt understand her.

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She lay down beside him and put her head next to his. ''Do you want me?'' she whispered into his ear and started to stroke him along the arch of his back. Rachel with the other hand started to undue her button of her skirt, she decided to get up and take it off. Once again she sat on the chair staring at Max. She started to stroke herself around her stomach sliding her hand beneath her black panties and coressing her wet vagina.

As if he could smell her sex scent, Max got up and started sniffing between her legs and licked her inner thighs. ''Mmm thats nice do want me dont you'' Rachel went along the hall to her room and lay on the floor, Max followed.


She then removed her panties and her top and bra so she was completely naked. ''Im so horny boy'' She opened her legs allowing Max to lick her juices clean ''thats it boy wash wash it with your tongue'' Rachel got on her knees and started to stroke Max,s sheath.

''You like your getting hard'' Rachel started stroking Max,s now fully erect cock, teasing him. ''Youve tasted me, now its my turn to taste you'' She said kissing him gently on his ear. She crawled underneather him so his cock was centermeteres from her face, without hesitation she put it in her mouth and as if it was a huge lollipop started playing with it inside her mouth with her tongue. ''You taste so good'' she said removing his cock from her mouth After a little kiss she got up and went down on her hands and knees.

''Fuck me boy, fuck me like a bitch'' she said rubbing her wet oozing pussy in his face. Max was licking it like a starving man would lick a plate clean. ''Fuck me boy, fuck me'' Max climbed on her, although she had read about dogs 'not hitting the right spot', to her surprise he did.

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His hot cock slid into her tight wet pussy with ease and Rachel let out a little scream of pleasure. As Max started pumping her, her screams got louder, ''Yes!!.thats it!!.right there!!' She started to dribble with pleasure, as his cock seemed to go in and out of her like a jackhammer. Suddenly Howlie groaned and Rachel felt a hot liquid soon enter her pussy. ''thats it boy, fill me up, fill my pussy with your hot cum'' It seemed as if Max had had enough as he dismounted her and stood there with his still hardened cock dripping with cum.

''Youve had enough of my pussy have you boy'' she said, exhausted ''your wasting all your cum, let me put it to use for you'' Rachel grabbed his cock and started licking it clean. ''Dont worry boy, there wont be a spec of cum which has gone to waste'' To Rachels surprise Max hadnt finished, he shot another load of hot cum right into her mouth. Not being able to swallow it all Rachel let it shoot out all over her face rubbing it all over her nose and eyes.

'That was fucking great' Rachel thought ''Ohh Max what would i do without you'' she said to him as He started licking his cum off her. ''Woof!'' Barked Max, he had heard a sound coming from the window, Rachel looked up and saw two faces at the window, shitthe two Boys from Next door was looking through the window smiling, Had they seen what we had been doing,?

I grabed my skirt and held it up in front of me to hide my nakedness, I walked over to the window and opened it , One of the boys ,his name was Tim, Said that was great Rachel,dos Max fuck you like that often, I was shocked to know that they had seen everything, Dick the other brother said bet your Mom dosnt know you let Max fuck you.

What would she say if she knew.? Oh please dont say anything to my mom and dad, Well that depends Tim Said, hows about we come in and do have some fun , Rachel who had never had a boys cock up inside her, though abit and then said ,ok but not for long, the two Boys went round to the back porch Rachel let them in, Tim pulled the skirt from Rachel so she was completly naked again, Dick was opening his shorts to release his now hard cock.

Now Rachel i want you to suck this like you did Max,Rachel grabbed dicks cock in her hand and slid it into her mouth, sucking on it, and moaning,by this time Tim had his cock out to ,he was rock hard too Rachel got hold of his cock and started wanking him.

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Max came over to Rachel and shoved his nose in between her legs and was licking her cunt, Tim said to dick let me have my cock sucked now. so Rachel swapped places and started sucking Tim, while wanking dick, she told the two boys to lie on the floor side by side next to her she got down on all fours so that Maxs could mount her again, she took it in turns wanking the two boys while max fucked her from the rear, she was moaning with delight as Max was fucking her cunt,the boys where near to cumming and moaning too.

Max slipped his cock out from Rachels cunt and then she rolled over on her back, the two boys got up on the knees and both cum there spunk over Rachels face and up her nose, she was covered in ther spunk, she slipped there cocks in her mouth one each side and sucked the remaining cum from inside there cocks, Max want round to Rachels face and started licking the boys cum off her, all three of them lay on the floor ,panting ,the boys empty of cum and Rachel well fucked, Tim said we must do this more often RachelNext time we both will fuck you like max dos, Rachel repied Yes we must do this again, with that the two boys dressed and left, Rachel shouted Please dont say anything to my parents, the boy shouted ,why spoil a good thing, we will bring more friends next time, Rachel smiled , and went to have a shower.

come Max lets sleep.


A time you never forget , by RACHEL MAHERDOGSLUT,