Comendo a minha mae no banheiro

Comendo a minha mae no banheiro
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Well the night before was very interesting. I was abit sore from the pounding I got last night. I shivered as I walked to the hotspring, where Squall's maids were preparing a bath for me.

Most of them were fuckin' whores. Even worse. lesbain whores! They were constantly trying to do stuff with me. I hated it. I am a frim believer in staying ture to my master. Even though I had a long way to go before completely earning his trust and regaining any domination in the relationship, I was happy. This was a happy time for me. No longer alone. I had him. As the whores. I mean maids cleaned up the area and laid out some new clothes for me, I pondered on a idea on how to keep them away from me.

I pondered as a blonde haired one came towards me and pulled me close against her stupidly large breast. I blushed madly and growled at her. Matelli. or Matie for short. Matie had a very bad habit of trying to pull me into a dark corner and having her way with me.

I could just tell Squall and have her fired. or killed. as possessive as he was, but I'd prefer not to have anyone else beheaded or killed on my behalf. like the last butler who tried to molest me. "Is everything to your liking miss head pet?" Matie said, lust and vemon in her voice. It made me twitch and want to cry out to Squall.

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"Its fine Matelli-chan. really. now please let me go." I whimpered abit, pushing the breast out of my face so I could breath. "Awwwh. but you're such a sexy little mutt girl." she said. I twitched. I hated being called 'mutt-girl'. "Grrrr. that's it!" I yelled, making a hand-sign.

My voice had changed."Can you please let me go now." "What the.?" Matie pushed me away and looked at me wide eyed. I smirked. "You changed. into a boy?!" "Yup. dick and all." I laughed, with the smooth voice of a young boy. Matie frown and stomped off. upset.


obiviously. at least she'll leave me alone now. I sighed, as all the girls left. I was finally alone. I smiled as I found some strawberry shampoo. My short black hair fell just above my shoulders and my eyes were a navy blue, if not almost black also.

I removed my clothing and wet my hair abit, then went to a small stool and sat in front of the large mirrors. I sqruited some shampoo into my hand then started to massage it into my hair. I closed my eyes and rubbed my hair, thinking about things that had happened in my life. I had gotten so deep into thought I didn't even notice when someone came into the spring.When I reached for the warm bucket of water to get the shampoo out I couldn't find it.

I looked around for abit with my eyes closed to keep the soap out of my eye, when someone poured the water onto my head. I shook my head rapidly, my hair shaking like a dog's fur.

I rubbed my eyes clean and looked behind to find my master behind me, laughing. "You should learn to keep your guard up more my dear Okami." he said, chuckling. I looked up at him, grunting and blushing. Squall smiled and picked me up and carried me to the spring. I looked down at the water and then to him. He had a smirk on his face. Oh no. As I predicted her dropped me into the water. I regained control and lifted my head out of the water splashing him.

We both laughed. He was only wearing his pants and that silver chain he always wore.

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He grinned when he saw he and his pants were all wet. "Looks like I'll have to take a bath aswell." he said, still grinning.

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I knew this meant some interesting new personal chore I had to do for him. He removed his pants and his boxers before looking at me and smiling ever so devilishly. "Come her my dear Okami." I did as I was told, walking over to him timidly. He sat down on one of the stools, one that was abit taller than the one I was sitting on. He looked at me, then clapped his hands. One of the maids, brought him a basten with a lofa, some shampoo, and some soap. He handed it off to me and gestured for the maid to leave.

He smirked. "Now. clean me up." He said. I blushed. "Wha-What?!" I barely kept myself from yelling. "Clean me up. don't make me repeat myself Okami." he said frimly. I glupped. "Yes Master." I said shyly. I had no choice.

I wondered if he even minded that I was currently a boy now. I shurgged at the thought and filled the bucket with warm water. I walked back over stumbling abit with the now heavy bucket full of water. Squall chuckled at him and I pouted abit. Bad enough I have to wipe his body down and now he's gonna laugh at me. I poured the water over him.

sadly he was expecting it so there were no suprizes. I started at his head, shampooing his hair.


I guess he liked the way I massage his head because I swear I heard him purring. Then I started rubbing his shoulders and back. I used a tender hand with him so I didn't cause any accidents like cuts and srcapes. That would get me in trouble. I started to go lower rubbing the soap on his lower back, then going around and washing his chest.

He wasn't very dirty. or even dirty at all. He was always clean except after a battle. I loved that about him. despite me being always messy. I do keep myself clean but my living area is quite literally the seventh pit of hell.

I got abit lower and stopped, turning my head and blushing. Washing his private part wasn't exactly what I was looking foward to. It just felt awkard. He chuckled noticing my hestitation. "Go on. there's nothing to fear," he reassured me. I wasn't convinced. "Is there any other option.?" I asked. "Clean it with your mouth." he said with a grin. I twitched and blushed brightly. "Well?" "I'll use the lofa thank you very much." I said, as I started to clean his manhood. He chuckled.

I really wish I didn't use my strawberry soap on him. I loved that soap and now it was more than half empty. I would have to beg him for another bottle and try not to demand one. When I was finished I pour another bucket of water over him to get the soap off.

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He stretched and smiled. "That was nice. " He said, as I started to clean up. "Oh don't worry about that. Matelli will take care of it." I laughed at the thought of Matie having to cleaning up after two boys.

Squall made his way to the hot spring and without him even telling me I followed right behind him. I realized I was on two legs before I kneeled over onto all fours. I knew my master liked that so I did so. Once we both settled in the hot spring, we talked for abit.

We actaully had a normal conversation. which suprized me really. it shouldn't but it did. But that never lasted long. I was kinda thankful for that. It would get boring I guess if my master wasn't himself. He grinned at me.


I knew that grin and I had seen it many times. Oh boy. what was gonna be my next command. even though I shouldn't complain. but what would he have me do as a boy. "Okami-kun. come here." he commanded. I blinked and nodded, making my way over to him.

"I was thinking. I kinda wished you did clean me with your mouth." My eyes widened. I didn't like the sound of that. or did I. My little friend inbetween my legs seemed to think otherwise. I knew I didn't have a choice when he drew me choser into a deep kiss, pulling us both out of the the deep end of the water and into more swallow water.

He placed his hand around his own manhood and rubbed it abit presenting it to me. Needless to say I blushed. "You know what to do." He said. I blushed and started to make a handsign, but was stopped by him. "No no. stay just to way you are Okami-kun" He stessed the -kun in with my name. I glupped as I went down just above his manhood. My hand replacing his at the base. I blushed as I ritaully kissed the tip of his cock, then started to lap at it.

He started to purr abit, as I started to suck on him. Almost like a reflexed he spread his legs abit more purring and 'Mmmm-ing' from my caresses.

I soon started to suck abit hard, massaging the base of his hardening erection, bobing my head up and down. I looked up at him, seeing his eyes closed. I realized I was pleasing him so I continued. My hand tenderly rubbing his balls and base of his cock. My tongue swirling around his erection and even deep throating it. Soon I felt something warm in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pulled me away, so I could see the pre-cum. I sat back much like a canine, the water covering my hands, feet, and behind.

He smirked. "Nice work. now come here." he said. I crawled over to him and he turned me around and pulled me into his lap. He postioned me right over his hard manhood. "Now bring yourself down" He whispered in my ear, which made my own manhood twitch with desire. I did as he was told but slowly. He smirked, putting his hands on my waist and bring me down onto his cock. As the hard inturder pushed into my entrance, my insides tightened instantly.

It was easiler to come down thanks to the water acting like lubication. I guessed thats why he stessed a normal conversation in the water, so I could soak and it'd be easiler on me.

When he filled me to the hilt, I must of really tightened around his erection because he groaned out loud. I leaned back, my head on his shoulders, me clenching my teeth together as I adjusted. When the pain subsided I shivered and moaned. I stirred abit and he took this as a signal to continue. He started to thrust upward into me, holding his hands on my waist, encouraging me to move up and down.

I did so as a leaned forward abit and started to move. He grinned as I fully adjusted and he started thrusting upward at a insane speed. I moaned and cried out as he started pounding into to me.

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After a few minutes, he stopped and repostioned us. He leaned me over one of the warm hot spring rocks.

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I looked back my eyes clouded with lust and love from the heat of the moment. He angled himself and thrusted in again. I striking wave of pleasure hit as my version literally turned white. He started to pump my hardened erection as well. This only increased the intense pleasure. All that mattered now was him and I, joined together prefectly. My hands clung to the rock as he thrusted in and out, pounding against my prostate. I cried out his name several times during the session.

Soon, after some hard, deep thrust he came deep inside of me and like a good slave I came after my master, splattering the rock with my seed. We panted, shivering as we tried to hold ourselves up.

He pulled out of me and I moaned before colasping onto the large flat rock. I welcomed its warmt and the comfort of its smooth surface as I panted. Squall, of course, caught his breath before me and kneel over me again. I could feel his breath against my neck. "Love you my dear Okami-kun" he said. I smiled with my eyes closed. "I love you too, my Squall-sama" I said, dreamily.

He gave a light chuckle. "What?" I wondered. "You just have the cutest face when you cum." he said with a smirk.

I blushed and opened my eyes wide. He laughed abit. I could only smile, turning over and looking up at him. "Mmmmhm. well anyone would when getting impaled by you." I said, my vision still hazy from the whole ordeal. I can't believe he recover so quickly from all that. Oh well. guess being his pet will test my endurance and stamia aswell. Hm. Well I wouldn't have any other way. My master, Squall, teaching and me, his Okami, learning it all.