Japanese babe gets a fishing Hook in pussy

Japanese babe gets a fishing Hook in pussy
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Introduction: This would be my first time actually righting a explicit story. I'm not new to it or anything because I have wrote my own things before and giving them to friends to read.

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I had a family member once tell me to look into a publishing company to make my own porn book but with some beliefs that I have I don't think I could every get something published like that. I will start with myself first. Even this story isn't about me or anything I just thought I would share me to you. I'm 19 years old prolly 5 feet 9 inches, I have brown eyes and blond hair, I'm not the skinniest person but I don't see myself as fat owning that I weigh only 245ish.

I new I was gay for the longest time prolly since I was 10 years old. It was hard to accept at the age because I grew up with the teaching that homosexuality was a sin and all from being part a religious family, However that isn't the case now. I'm still a Christian and Believe in God and will to this day.

So anyways lets start. The two main Characters that come to meet are Jacob and Kyle and here is there story. It was a long day at school and Jacob decided to walk home because it was such a beautiful day. On his way home he met up with one of his friends. It was Kyle, Kyle happened to be Jacobs crush even though they pretty much were best Friends.

Jacob yelled "hey" and scared the shit out of Kyle throwing his books while he screeched. Jacob went to pick them up owning that it was hist fault. Jacob looked Kyle in the eyes and immediately started to get raging horny from just being at level of Kyle's crotch. Jacob got up and said sorry to his friend. Kyle said it was fine and glad he showed up because it was the weekend and Kyle's parents were gone for a trip for a week and asked Jacob if he could stay at his place.

Kyle told him he couldn't imagine the loneliness at the huge house of his parents. Jacob said I don't know my parents are gone for a week on a missions trip to Guatemala.

However he Jacob said he had the phone number to the missions church there to contact them.


He phoned up his parents and got a hold of his dad. He asked if Kyle could stay the week and his Dad said ohhh not a problem just no parties and we mean it. Jacob said Dad you know me I couldn't do that. Well the two boys finally got home and Kyle said I really need a shower that heat out there tears me up would you mind if I hopped in to take a cool shower. Jacob replied I really don't care just you don't have any clothes.

Jacob thought hey you can borrow mine until we can get too your place and get you some clothes. Kyle agreed even though he didn't know that Jacob sometimes cummed in these clothes to sex thoughts of him late at night because Jacob didn't believe masturbation was the right way to release one self he felt it need to be with the one he wanted to love and share with.

Kyle walked into the bathroom and got naked. His nice toned athletic body started to show. His nice 8 inch penis flopped flaccid around the bathroom. Little did he know he forgot to shut to door all the way and Jacob could see him at a glance.

Jacob thought dang I missed is penis. Well Jacob thought he would experiment. He knocked on the door asking if he could go take a leak. Kyle said yes and went to piss. In the mirror he could see kyle taking his penis and cleaning it down. Jacob flushed the toilet knowing it would bring the water pressure down and make the shower real hot.

Next thing you know comes a running Kyle and topples over Jacob. At the moment Kyle fell Jacob tried to support him but missed and grabbed his penis instead. Kyle looked petrified and didn't say anything and Jacob thought yes I got him.

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Kyle automatically pulled away and said Jacob I'm sitting here naked in front of you like the day I was born and you grabbed me and now I have to tell you. Jacob was wondering what was up. Kyle said "Jacob I know you are a Christian and I know your family believes different then I do but the thing is I don't want our friendship to change because you know what I'm Gay.

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Jacob please don't let this change anything between us and immediately Jacob leaped on him and starting Kissing him. Kyle Shocked again enjoyed this but shuddered at the thought. Jacob then says I'm gay too and I've always wanted you. Kyle said I've always wanted you too. Kyle got up and asked so I guess this means we are together then Jacob looks and says yes.

Jacob immediately grabs a hold of Kyle and kisses him more and more. He takes him to his bed and lays him down. Jacob kisses Kyle making is hot sexy 8inch penis grow to a raging hard on. Kyle then pulls aways and Starts playing with Jacobs neck sending him into ecstasy.


He pulls of Jacobs shirt and then hist shorts and comes to his sexy looking brief underwear holding back a monstrous beast with in. He leaves those on and both boys laying down passionately French kissing each other. Jacob then starts to move down Kyle's neck and starting sucking on the side giving him a hicky the size of a grape. He then took his hand down the Kyle's 8 inch penis and starting playing and playing jacking him off slowly.

Kyle arched up saying enough blow me I want my dick in your mouth pleasure me ahhh please Jacob please Jacob slowly moved down and took his tounge and played with his new boyfriends manhood. Jacob then moved down the shaft licking it and giving it a slippery mess of saliva. He moved down to the monstrous balls giving them a nice massage with his tounge. Me moved back up taking the whole thing in his mouth moving his tounge all around causing Kyle to scream in hotness.

While Jacob kept sucking and sucking Kyle reached to pull Jacobs raging hard on free from the hold of his briefs. Kyle pulled them down and was surprised to see his lover have a dick bigger then his.

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It was an awesome 10 inch penis he immediately grabbed it and pulled Jacob off to start sucking him hard and gentle. Well Jacob wasn't done with Kyle he laid Kyle on the bed got over him and started a nice 69 position.

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They both sucked on to each other as if it was the last time they would get to have this passionate love towards each other. Immediately Jacob scream Ahhhhhhhh Kyle I'm gonna cum and Kyle screamed I'm gonna cum too ahhhhh huhhh and they both reached climax and release at least 7 loads of cum in each others mouths. With their mouths full of cum they kissed passionately until Kyle looked to his new lover and said oh please fuck me. Jacob never fucked a guy before but since this was his new lover he though oh what the hec.

He looked for a way to give some lube to his new sexy man and couldn't find any so he used the cum in his mouth to loosing up Kyle's virgin ass. He spit Kyle's own sweet nectar into his hand and rubbed it nicely on Kyle's ass Crack.

Kyle looked at hum going hummmm I love that feeling I'm ready babe don't tease no longer.

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Jacob put some on his cock and lined himself up. He pushed into Kyle and kyle yelled in pain. He said "Take an easy you pain in the ass I never been fucked before and that 10 inch of spunk will hurt".

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This time Jacob tried again only a little slower and with a pop he was in and Kyle let out a big ahhhhhhhhhhh. Jacob tried to go further but couldn't so he then pulled out again this time leaving the head in and slowly rocked back and forth with only 3 then 2 then 1 inch to go and then ahhh he was all the way in. He felt Kyle tense up because he just realized he hit his prostate as a little bit of cum began to leak out of Kyle.

Jacob was no able to move freely inside Kyle without any problems. He slowly pounded Kyle and Kyle simply rocked back and forth with the nice movement with Jacob. Kyle said faster babe aghhhhh faster and deeper let me feel that hit my G-Spot ahhhhh. Jacob started going faster and faster like a jack rabbit.

He realized that this felt so good he wanted it to last so he slowed down a bit and just fucked and fucked. Kyle kept screaming ahhh thats right ahhh yes I like it like that and Jacob going ahh you do like like that. Jacob hadn't built up a load again and laid down. Kyle then bent over Jacob and lined up with his dick and sat down and Jacobs dick slipped in.

Kyle was riding Jacob. Kyle started moving up and down and Jacob thrusting so hard he was feeling like he was in a different world. Kyle was moving so fast it was it Jacob Couldn't take it. Kyle felt Jacobs Cock start to Tense so he squeezed is ass and said ahhhh thats right cum in me I want to beable to feel that move oh yes baby cum.

With a Huge Thrust from Jacob Kyle once again Cummed and Jacob cummed at least 8 loads in Kyles ass. He then pulled off Jacobs dick and stuck his own finger up his ass hole and then stuck it in his mouth saying ohhh baby your cum is so sweet in my ass and then Jacob pulled Kyle to him and cleaned his ass clean. The two boys to a shower together and ate dinner.

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After dinner they would go to Kyles house to get his clothes and then play games. The Next part Takes place at Kyle's House. If you want more just let me know and I will get it too you. Please refrain from rude comments or spam Thank You.