Hot brunette fingering her ass

Hot brunette fingering her ass
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PART TWO I loved the way my body felt in bed. I loved the way my chest felt heavy, falling to my sides. Not being about to sleep on my chest was a bit annoying, but I felt sexier than I ever had. I had passed out pretty fast when I got back home, but was now fully awake.

I checked my phone and it was only 10. I had slept for maybe three hours, but I felt alive. I wanted more. With this new body I wanted more sex, but it was more than that. I wanted to see what else I could experience. Down that stairwell were possibilities I couldn't imagine. I stood up and looked at the clothes I had bought earlier that day. I loved the way they looked, mostly because they reminded me of the body I now possessed.

I picked up the bra I had worn earlier that day and put my hand in the cup. Even though I could look down and see my chest, it was amazing to see the depth with which my hand could find inside that lace container. I sat on the edge of the bed. Unpacking was the last thing on my mind.

I didn't know what to do. I looked down at myself. At least I had this playground. I grabbed my chest, and for the first time, they felt like mine. The touch had lost the newness. The weight felt normal. When I pushed them up and let them bounce, it felt that a regular thing. I stood and looked at the closet door. I went for it. I moved through the boxes, and went down the stairs and without pausing, walked into the chamber.

The door shut and then the familiar hum. "Welcome back Stacy. There has been an alteration of your body, do you want me to identify?" "Yes." "Seman is present in both your vagina and anus. There is also an impregnated egg in your uterus." Damn. He must have had magic sperm.

"Would you like this to remain or be eliminated?" "Please eliminate." God, I couldn't go for being pregnant, but I could certainly breast feed with these. "Eliminated. How can I assist you?" "Body alteration." The menu popped up as it had, and I chose "Form New Body." There were two choices: Human or Other.

I paused, laughed, and then chose human. It prompted me for male of female, and I paused, then selected male. I next hit the button for random assignment and then I saw the picture. The man was bland, but attractive. I increased the height, toned up his body so he had an amazing six pack and ripped body, got rid of all body hair, and then touched his crotch. It zoomed in and there were two sliding scales at the bottom of the screen.

One said erect, the other flaccid. I slid both as far right as they would go and the man's dick was below his knee. I laughed. I would run in real life if that came toward me. I pulled them back to the left and admired my creation. I made the flaccid one more to the left and saw that a faint image was over top the other. This must be how it will grow when its hard. I made the flaccid dick about half the size of the hard, but still very large.

Just watching the image made me wet and made me wish I could get my present body fucked by the one I was looking at. I altered my balls to make them larger. Then I hit finish. Again the walls closed in on me. This time it was different. There was more heat and more pain. It lasted much longer. My chest hurt with the force, my head hurt. I felt myself being stretched, pulled, and I almost screamed.

I felt my pussy almost explode and then I felt myself being pulled. Finally it was over. I felt my feet hit the ground and the walls retracted. I looked down at myself.

My dick was huge. My stomach alone was amazing. I looked like I had no fat on me. You could see every muscle in my leg. I named him Steve.

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I left the closet and almost ran to the bathroom. I leapt up the stairs with ease. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn't look away. I was clearly well over 6 foot. My body was so fucking sexy, and my dick. Holy shit. It was huge and just dangled there. I held it in my hand. I started pumping it, and the feeling was amazing.

I felt my heart beat quicken. It didn't take long until I was hard as a rock. It was absolutely amazing. I studied the head. I felt it with my fingers. I pinched it and there was a bit of pain, but I took the precum in my fingers and tasted it.

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I closed my eyes. Its what I loved… the sweetness and smoothness of it. I ran into the other room and felt my hard dick slap up and down. I got to the kitchen and found the ruler that I saw earlier on the floor beside the microwave. I rushed back to the bathroom. I put it next to my dick. The ruler was 12 inches. I was probably 2 inches past that. I dropped it on the floor. Maybe I was too big? I didn't know. I had to do something, but I didn't want to jack off, not yet.

I wanted to delay that experience. I went into the bedroom and almost panicked. What should I do? I tore through boxes.

I found a pair of Marks jeans. They were too big and too short. I found shorts and put them on, my now semi hard dick taking some work to get down. I found a tee shirt and this time it was too small. It looked like a muscle shirt. I found some flip flops and looked in the mirror. I looked like a ripped surfer guy, not the example of upscale fashion, but not too bad. I almost ran out the front door, but then stopped. Where would I go? Then I remembered. There was one girl I could call. I ran back into the bedroom got into my purse and found the slip of paper.

I dialed the number. "Hello." "Hey, you don't know me. My name is Steve." "Well hey Steve. How the fuck did you get my number?" "A friend of mine gave it to me." "So fucking what." She was clearly annoyed. "The friend you met in the dressing room this morning." There was a pause and silence.

"Ok. Speak." "She said I should call you." "Why would she have YOU call ME?" "Oh. So your only into women. I'm sorry. I didn't know. She just gave me your number." "What so she said, for a good time call Marie?" "No. She's new in town, I'm here helping her, and she was busy.

Told me that I should go out and do something. Told me to call you." "Whatever." "Well you busy?" "Guy I don't know you." "Well let me buy you a drink." "Whatever. Alright Corner of Franklin and Spruce. One drink." I hung up.


I grabbed some cash and almost ran to the car. It was amazing how it felt just to move in this body. I found the bar pretty quick. I had passed it a few times since we had moved, and now, as I pulled behind the building and found a spot, I realized just how busy the night life could be. It was busy. I went to the bar.

I was amazing at how high I was over everyone. I ordered a beer and the bartender handed me one. I looked around and noticed women were looking at me. I smiled at one woman and she smiled back even though there was a man sitting beside her. The last thing I wanted to do was get into a fight, so I turned around. When I did, I saw her enter. She looked around and made her way to the bar. I moved toward her and asked her, "Marie?" "She looked me up and down.

Yeah. I'm Marie." "What? Thought I would be this old fat guy?" "Actually yes. I need a drink." "I gotcha." I made space for her and pulled her at my side though the space I made. "Whats your poison?" "She ordered a vodka tonic." I hadn't noticed how attractive she was earlier today.

She probably stood 5'4" and was petite. I guessed a size 4, however, she did have some curves and her blouse she wore showed off an adequate chest. She wasn't Stacy, but she was large. It fit her body. She caught me looking down her blouse.

"Hey there Mr., those will take a few more drinks." She was actually laughing a little bit. She smiled from ear to ear, and actually held onto my arm.

We drank in silence for a bit, and she tried to talk, but there wasn't much we could do with all the people around. "So how do you know our friend?" She was looking up at me taking the ice from her drink into her mouth. "We haven't know each other than long, I'm kinda new on the scene." Her smile faded a bit. I could tell that I said something wrong.

"Do you want another drink?" She looked at me like she was confused. "Sure. When do you need to get back to Mrs. Thing? What's her name?" "Its Stacy, but we aren't together. Just helped her move. Want another vodka tonic?" She instantly looked better, and I knew I had her at this moment. Again we drank in silence. I sat my beer down on the bar and looked at her. "Can we get out of here? I can't hear myself think.

Let alone talk to you." "Sure. We can go back to my place if you want." I grabbed her on the shoulder and lowered to her ear so I didn't have to shout, "that would be great." She chugged the rest of her drink and I took it and lifted over a girl and put it on the bar.

The woman looked back at me as if she was pissed, and said hello. She smiled. I looked toward Marie and she was already making her way through the crowd. I looked back at the woman, put my hand on her ass, put my face to hers and said, "your beautiful tonight." She turned red and didn't say a thing about my hand on her ass.

"Thank you so much. That's so sweet." I kissed her forehead and reached under her arm that was resting on the bar and cupped her left tit. "I have to leave right now, but maybe if I see you here later I'll buy you a drink." She didn't say anything. Damn it was easy when you were hot. "That would be really nice." I smiled at her again and turned and left. When I got outside, I found Marie waiting at the curb, and she asked me what took me so long.

"Some girl started talking to me." "I bet that happens all the time." "You should talk." "Well your hot stuff. Hot as hell." "Thanks." I said. "Now lets get to your place. You owe me a drink." I learned my lesson earlier that day, and pulled her arm toward my car. I opened the door for her and she got in. Once we were in drive, she looked at me, "so you always have hair bands in your car?" She laughed. "Nah. This is Stacy's car." She pointed me in the right direction and after a series of turns, we arrived at her apartment complex.

She lived on the third floor, and she led the way. As she walked up the stairs, I watched her ass switch back and forth. It was crazy. While I had my same mind, the emotions and feelings that came to my mind were not mine, but rather my bodies. I mean I had always been curious about being with a woman, but never this much. I was craving her. It was shocking, and even though this is what I went out for, it wasn't what I thought it would be. When we arrived to the door, she turned and looked at me with her shoulder against the door.

"Now look. I didn't think I would bringing anyone back here, so my place is a mess." "No worries. Its cool.

As long as you got some liquor or beer I'm good." We walked in and she told me she had to go to the bathroom. Once she was out of the room, I looked around. It was the typical apartment, white walls, little decoration, and she had clothes draper over her couch. It was clean, just a bit messy, something I couldn't live in, but didn't show total disregard for cleanliness.

She came back into the room. "How bout that drink?" "Yup Yup." "She opened a few cupboard and grabbed two glasses. Then she opened another and tried to reach for the bottle on the top shelf. When she did her shirt lifted up to reveal a tattoo along her lower back and the full shape of her ass.

She had removed her shoes but just couldn't get the bottle. "Need some help?" I was already right behind her. She turned and was a bit shocked that I was almost on top of her. "Yeah. Would be great." I reached over her and grabbed the bottle of vodka.

My chest was right against her face and I saw her close her eyes. I paused, lowered the bottle, and smiled as she opened her eyes. "Sorry. I don't know where my mind went." "Its fine. Really. I figured you needed me over here so I came on over." "Yeah. Need you around more often." I didn't say anything. I let her get some ice, leaning back against the other counter and watching her as she moved. Several times she looked back at me with a smile, clearly nervous.

As she was pouring the vodka, I thought I would make her feel uncomfortable. "So are you just into women, or into guys too?" She stopped pouring. She didn't respond right away, finished the drinks, finally turning toward me and handed me my drink. I waited. She put the tonic back in the fridge. She took a sip and then turned. "I like women, some men." "Interesting." "Yeah. So she told you about today." "Yeah." "What did she say?" "So you want to use me to get to her?" "No.

Not at all. I'm glad you are here." "So I'm one of those guys?" "Could be. I'm not usually attracted to guys, but you are the exception." "What do you mean." "Shut up. You know your hot." "I am?" "Shut up." She smiled and looked in her drink. She was moving back and forth on her legs. "So what do you like about being with women?" She looked at me with some shock. "You really want to talk about this?" "Sure.

Why not?" "Well I love a woman's body. Men are really harry, and the softness of a woman is amazing. The softness of a man is gross." I laughed. I knew exactly what she was talking about. I didn't know what to say. "Well I know what you mean about the beauty of a woman's body." "Is that all you want to know?" She smiled. It was almost a dare. "No. So what about the select few men?

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Why you like them?" "Honestly?" "Sure." "Well a nice dick is good, and some guys are just sexy as hell.

Just drip sex." "Cool. And I ooze sex?" "I said drip." "I drip sex?" "Shut up. So you've had your drink." "Oh, want me to take off?" "No." She was way too eager to say that and she knew that I knew that she was too eager. "You love doing this to a woman don't you?" "Do what?" "Teasing me." "Women tease. I'm just a guy." "You can't be serious. You know your hot stuff. I bet women through themselves at you." "Never had that experience." "Shut up." We were smiling at each other.

"So you want me to take my shirt off and see if you throw yourself at me?" She smiled and made a drink. Then she pour two shots and took both. "Need to get drunk?" "Naw, just want to get drunk.

Do you want me to get drunk?" "What, so I can take advantage of you?" She smiled. "Sure." "Well I don't think I want to wait till your drunk. That might take a while." I smiled at her and finished my drink. I set the glass down and walked to her, placing my body right against hers. I leaned down and kissed her.

She didn't hesitate. Her mouth attacked mine. Her lips were soft and lush. They felt so different than a man's, but unlike a man, her hands stayed at her side. My hands felt huge against her face as I kissed her. She didn't move or respond other than with her mouth, and as I loved my hands off her face and down her sides, going down to her waist and then back to the sides of her breasts still no movement. When I finally pulled my hands to her breasts, she moaned and then put her arms around me.

I caused me to pull her close to me and as I did my now hardening cock was clearly noticeable. "Someone's awake." She kind of pushed me away and was looking down at my crotch. "So your ready to throw yourself at me?" She laughed. "I gotta have more than a good kiss and a cock pushing me in the stomach.

That is par for the course." My smile turned to a serious grin. I reached down and took my shirt in my hands and pulled it up over my head. I knew the reaction it would get because dear god, if I was here I would be in heaven. When my shirt was all the way off, she just starred at my stomach. My abs were hard, but mere description does them no justice. Picture Brad Pitt in Fight Club, but more cut. My pecks were rock hard and defined.

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They were wide and led to broad shoulders that held two arms whose size and fitness were amazing. She put her hand on my stomach and rubbed up and down. "Damn. You are beyond sexy." I grabbed her face and kissed her.

I reached down and grabbed her shirt and began to pull it up. She didn't resist at all, just raised her arms as I kissed her and moved back when her shirt reached her face. She attacked my face when it was off her. I put my hands back on her sides, feeling her cold skin on the palms of my hands.

Again I moved up to her breasts. They moved with my touch, and I could feel her hard nipples through her white cotton bra. I moved my hands around her back, stilling kissing her, and with a quick movement, I undid her bra.

"Some experience with that huh?" I didn't say anything. I pulled her back to me and kissed her deep. Our tongues danced, and I felt her breasts pressed against me. I stepped back and looked at her breasts.

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I could see she was breathing quickly. I crouched down and took one of her nipples in my mouth. When I did, her head went back and she moaned. I swirled it around in my mouth, sucking, and then moving down her breast.

I grabbed the other in my hand, and felt myself getting harder. Her breasts were just bigger than my hands, spilling over my left hand as it squeezed. They were amazing to feel, soft, and smooth, and the feeling of her nipple was driving me nuts. I pulled off her and looked at my saliva on her nipples. She brought her head back and kissed me. Then without any suggestion, she started to go to her knees.

I knew what she was doing, had done it plenty of times myself, but was totally unprepared for her to do it. I stepped back. On her knees she looked up at me. "Are you ok?" "Im sorry. Wasn't ready for you to get to your knees." "Is there a problem?" I could tell that her voice revealed a break in the moment and now she was not comfortable being where she was.

"No. I'm just really large. Some women don't like a dick like mine." Her expression changed. She grabbed my waist band and pulled me to her. She undid my button with both her hands and then unzipped me. I didn't have to look to see her response.

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My dick was only half erect and it flopped out and hit her in the face. She just starred. She didn't move and her arms flopped down to her side. When she did my shorts fell to the floor. My dick was hanging right in her face. She looked up at me and smiled, then opened her mouth. At first she just put the head in her mouth, and gently cupped her lips around it, flicking it with her tongue. Then she started to move on my dick, taking a little bit at a time. The feeling was amazing.

All sensation went to my dick. Just looking down on her was enough to get me more turned on. As she moved on my dick, I watched her tits sway, and I began to fully understand men's obsession with breasts. I was now fully hard. She pulled it out of her mouth and starred at it. "This is a fucking monster. I've never seen a dick this big." "Stick it back in your mouth." She obeyed. She wrapped both her hands around my dick, one next to the other and moved her mouth down to meet her hand.

I knew there was no way possible that she could take it all in her mouth, but she went to town on the dick that she could get to. She eventually pulled it out of her mouth, out of breath and still starring at my cock. "Where's your bedroom?" She didn't say anything.

She took my hand and pulled me into her room. Once there she sat down on the bed, looked at my cock and without breaking her gaze scooted back on the bed. I stood on the edge and told her to take her skirt off. She complied. I crawled up the bed and put my face on her panties.

I sucked on her pussy through the fabric and felt her body completely give way. Once I tasted her through her panties, I had to have more. I tore her panties trying to get to her pussy.

Once exposed, I put my mouth on her pussy and she moaned loudly and tensed her arms against the bed. I inserted my tongue into her slit and moved it up and down, taking her wetness into my mouth, then I moved up and took her clit between my lips and lightly sucked. I grabbed the waste band of her panties and started to pull the down. When they reached my face I released her clit and she moved her legs to allow me to pull them off.

Once off, I slid my hands under her ass and without problem lifted her and put my mouth back on her pussy. I cleaned her opening and then without delay moved to her clit and concentrated on flicking it back and forth with my tongue.

The taste was amazing, and before long, more and more wetness came from her. She started bucking her hips and her hands came forcibly to the top of my head. She started to cum and then her back arched and she grunted loudly. I held my head against her and flicked at her clit.

She bucked and grunted again. Finally she slammed her legs together and rolled onto her side. She was still panting when she said, "God, I haven't been eaten like that in a while, and never by a man." I climbed up the bed and crouched in front her while she was on her side.

I wasn't hard, but I wasn't soft either. When she saw me, she rolled over on her back and looked at with both fear and desire. I pulled her legs apart and then pulled her to me. I put the head of my dick against her clit and patted the head against her. With each touch she flinched. I knew what she was feeling. I put my dick on her opening and I felt her hold her breath. I didn't wait for an invite. I wanted to feel what it was like to be inside someone so bad that I just pushed myself into her.

She screamed. I stopped. "Go slow, please." I pulled out a bit and then moved a little more. I worked slowly, each time I pushed in her entire body moved back. Eventually her pussy loosened a little and I could get more of me inside her.

We moved back and forth, and eventually, her pain subsided as she started to move with me. Her moans grew louder, and eventually I got my dick all the way inside her.

"Oh my god that's huge." "Im not really hard yet." "What?" She stopped and her eyes caught mine. I pulled all the way out of her and saw her gapping hole. Once out of her I stroked my cock and looked at her. She propped herself up and looked at me.


She saw my size and her eyes wouldn't leave it. As I jacked, I got harder and with my full size, she laid back down and took a deep breath. "I don't think this is possible." "Just relax." I put it back at her opening and got half of me inside her with one thrust. I pulled out and then pushed in again. She grunted loudly.

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The feeling of the tightness around my cock was amazing. After several more times of pulling out and pushing in, I pushed as hard as I could and went into her pussy up to the hilt. "FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK." She screamed at the top of her lungs and her arms flew at my chest to push but then her pussy erupted. She squirted a huge stream of cum up into the air.

She screamed again, this time much different, so I started fucking her harder. I slammed in her and every several times she bucked and came. Over and over again her body flew around with my fucking.

Eventually she pushed me away. "I cant take it anymore." She was panting. "Get on top of me." She resisted, but she did what I asked. She squatted down and she slowly lowered herself on me.

Eventually her legs started shacking and she collapsed on my dick allowing it to penetrate her completely. Again she screamed. She sat there without moving. Eventually I grabbed her hips and started moving her forward and backward, never moving my dick out of her but just having her grind on my cock. I felt her vaginal walls try to grip and then let completely loose.

I knew she was through. I tried to keep her moving, but the weight of her body was like trying to move a dead body on me. I threw her off me, and she collapsed onto her stomach. I knew the feeling, but I wasn't about to let up because she was done. I got behind her and pulled her up on her knees. I entered her from behind and she grunted. I took it easy on her, not putting all of my dick inside her, and eventually she began to respond with thanks, moaning and moving back on me as I moved into her.

Eventually she raised herself onto her hands, and swayed with the movement. I reached around a few times to cup her breasts, even stopping at one point to watch them move back and forth. They truly were amazing to see move. As I felt her orgasm build, I parted her ass cheeks with my hands and pressed both of my thumbs against her asshole.

When I did, she thrashed forward and came. I felt her erupt once again onto the bed, and watched her squirm on the comforter. Quickly I grabbed her up and brought her back to her knees. With one thrust I put my entire cock into her and she screamed. Again she came, and tried to move away. "No more. Please. My pussy can't take it." I didn't say anything, but pulled my dick out of her and rested it against the crack of her ass.

Its length ran the entire crack and my heart beat made it bounce against her with the head sticking above the base of her back. She kept her ass in the air, and rested on her chest, breathing deeply, and turned to look at me. "Holy shit you have a nice dick. Sorry my pussy just can't take it." "Not a problem. We have other options." She smiled at me and started to turn, I guess to blow me, but I straightened her out and grabbed her hips with my hands.

She obeyed, and I put the head of my dick against her asshole. "Oh no. I can't take that thing back there." "Relax. It will be fine. I know what its like." She resisted, but only half heartedly. My dick was soaked by her juices, and her ass was also dripping, and immediately as I pushed I slipped in a few inches. She grunted but allowed it. I paused for a minute, but the urge to push in hard was overwhelming. After a few moments, I pulled out a bit and went in further.

Again she grunted. I paused again, and rubbed her ass. The third time I withdrew almost all the way and then pushed in further. Now half my dick was in her and I tried to pause, but the pull of her ass against my dick was to much. I slipped all the way inside her with one slight push, my body pressing tight against her ass.

"Holy fuck, fucking shit, god damn… fuck fuck fuck." She screamed with the full size of my dick inside her. "You gotta pull it out. That fucking hurts. Oh my god. Fuck." "Just relax. I won't move." "Just stay there. Don't move. Please." I stayed there for at least a minute, maybe two. I felt both our heart beats. Eventually it was her that started moving, not me. I also felt a change in her ass.

It didn't grip as tight and as I moved in and out of her slightly, although it was really tight, it did not squeeze as I moved. I knew it was ok to fuck. I grabbed her ass tight and pulled out, about half way, then pushed into her with force. She grunted loudly but kept moving as much as she could. I pulled almost all the way out and then pushed slowly all the way back into her, testing the waters to see if she was alright.

She didn't stop me or hesitate. I wanted to fuck. I wanted to fuck bad. I felt the animal instincts taking over and I began to fuck her hard. Her ass took what her pussy did not, I pulled her to me with force, thrust into her so hard that I felt that I was going to bruise her ass with my pelvis, but her asshole took it in stride.

I was beginning to take my dick all the way out and push in with one motion, each time looking down and seeing her gapping asshole, when she turned her face to me. "Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard you fucking bastard." Where the fuck did that come from? She was done a few minutes ago, and now she was the anal queen. She began to grunt faster than my thrusts. It seemed she was going into spasms and then she started to cum. Her ass relaxed completely, wide open now, and I watched her with envy.

I had never cum that hard in my life. She thrashed around a few times pulling my dick out of her, each time being greeted with demands from her to get my "fucking dick back in her." I complied each time and finally I started feeling my dick grown with pressure, and this strange feeling in my balls.

She was calming down now, still moving against me, every once and a while moaning loudly, and suddenly I knew what was happening. All the feeling in my body centered onto my crotch. Suddenly it happened. Everything seemed to surge out of me. I could almost feel my cum leave me and enterer her, and it wasn't lost on her.

She moaned a loud "fuck," and started cumming once again. My orgasm however didn't cum and leave so quickly. It was prolonged. I felt it rise and leave me, more cum build and then squirt out again. The feeling was amazing. Her ass felt like a slippery tube, wide open and squishing with my movement. My cum was already pushing out around the base of my dick, her ass a red mess with white bubbles of cum being forced out everytime I moved into her.

Eventually it seemed the amount of cum I was shooting subsided, and the sensation of my dick moving was all too much to handle. I stopped, panting and out of breath, and collapsed on top of her, my dick still lodged in her.

We breathed together, hers slightly more shallow as I knew my weight on her was a bit much. I rolled onto my side and pulled her with me, unwilling to move my dick. She laid there on my arm, the other over her side, and I played with her breasts as my breath slowed and my dick shrank.

"I feel like I have a gallon of cum inside me." She turned her head slightly, "how much did you cum?" "God I don't know, but it felt like a lot." "I'll say, there is so much pressure in there, I'm afraid that when you pull out I'll flood the room." She didn't flood the room, but when I slipped out of her a rush of cum did begin to leak out of her.

As nasty as it sounds, I lowered myself to watch it. It began with a slow trickle, and then the flood gates seemed to let loose. A steady stream of thick white cum began to follow the trail established by the leak and made its way onto the bed. "Amazing." "What your cum or it leaking out of my ass?" "Both." "Well I didn't get to see your cum, but it feels like it would be amazing to see, and with that dick of yours, holy shit, you were made for fucking." "Well anytime you want to, just call." "Leave your number before you leave." "Your kicking me out?" "My girlfriend will be home in about an hour, and I can't have a man here when she gets home.

She's very possessive." "Damn girl. How you going to explain the mess we made?" "That's why you gotta leave. Gotta get this sex den cleaned up." "Alright. Great fuck. Hope we can do it again, next time maybe I won't take it easy on ya." She looked at me with a mixture of horror and excitement.

"Bullshit." "Bullshit my ass. Next time you'll see." I got up and got dressed, wrote my number onto a piece of paper and then handed it to her, and then went out the door. When I got to my house, I noticed that my husband's car was home.

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I panicked. All the lights were out. I opened the door slowly, no sound. I walked into the bedroom and saw him laying on the bed, his head in the pillow. "Glad your home. Sorry I didn't call, I just wanted to get here." I hurried to the closet and then heard him talking, although I could barely make out the words.

I went down the stairs and rushed. When I crawled into bed and snuggled next to him, it was only then that I realized that when I transformed, I said Nancy, instead of Mandy.