Two stunning dykes are sharing each others vaginas

Two stunning dykes are sharing each others vaginas
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BRIEFING After writing my first & rubbish story, I received a comment telling me to write a BDSM story, this is the introduction and beginning. If you like and would like to read the rest, just post a comment and I'll upload the rest on the parts.

Regards, Natalie INTRODUCTION "Hello?" I whispered, "Hello?

Is anyone there?" my voice echoed. There was no answer. I was standing. The floor was cold and my arms were stretched above my head. There was total silence. From the far corner in the room I heard a slight chuckle. "Who is that? Help me" I pleaded. A gush of air passed me. I couldn't see a thing. I suddenly heard lights being switched on and I sense a vague amount of brightness. But I was blindfolded and I couldn't see a thing.

"Very nice" a voice said from behind me. "Who are you? Please help me" I felt a presence circle me. "I'll ask the questions" the voice replied. "What? What the fuck is this?" "Not to worry, with time you will learn" the voice said in a calm tone. When I felt a damp, hot breath on my body, I realised I had no clothes on.

"Get the fuck off me, prick!" "I'm not touching you" he sniggered "Please? I don't know what I've done but I am sorry. Just let me go and we can forget all about it. I promise I won't tell anyone, I promise, just let me go!" "Oh, I know you won't tell anyone, Natalie, even if you did, no one would believe you" "What do you mean?

How do you know my name?" "Ohh, I know a lot about you, Natz. Opps wait, I forgot, you hate being called that. Nobody would believe you because, not only are you a vivid liar, but you also over-exaggerate every situation." "Please, just untie me." "Not only do I like the view and the anticipation of what I am about to do you, but I need to teach you a lesson and hopefully change your selfish ways" "YOUR FUCKING PSYCHO!!" I screamed "Yes, bark dog, bark." "MY DAD WILL FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU SICK BASTARD." "Well, he'd have a pretty good reason too.

But it would be worth it. I wonder if you are as good a shag as your Mother." "WHAT?


WHAT DID YOU FUCKING SAY?" I tried to shake free but it was no use, I was securely fastened in place. "I didn't have to tie her up though; she willingly sucked my dick and licked my ass. But I want you.

I want a tight pussy. I want a firm ass." he said with accomplished tone in his voice. I am 16 and have long dark hair. I am 5ft 7 and have green coloured eyes. With my slim/athletic I have a lovely pair of 34B sized tits. "YOU SICK FUCK!!" "Natalie, you can scream all you like; here I'll help you; HELP ME, HELP ME. SOMEONE RESECUE ME!!" He yelled whilst stamping his feet on the floor. "Right, okay. What do you want from me?" "Well done.

Now you are ready to comply, here are the rules of the game. You will speak only when spoken to. When you do speak, you will address me as 'Master'. You will wilfully submit yourself to any position ordered. Now the consequences; if you resist me, fail to address me adequately, or disappoint me in any manor, you will under go appropriate punishment. Of course, there are rewards too, these consist of my cock and your need to come, and it goes without saying that you will receive neither of these without begging or at least asking politely.

Now, Natalie, do you understand?" "This isn't fair", I pleaded "OUCH! For fuck sake. Yes, okay" I shouted after I had received a harsh slap on the side of my face. Again, I endured another slap on the opposite side my face. "I beg your pardon?" he asked "I thought I was meant to be doing the begging around here?

But yes, I understand, Master" He twisted my head to the right and whispered in my left ear, "That's better. But don't get fucking wide, slut".

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My head fell to my chest. PART 1 I felt my cheeks burnings. I felt dizzy. My arms felt numb. I was hungry too. "How are you, sweetheart?" "Fine, Master!" I growled. I don't know how I got here, I remember leaving school and passing the church but after that and before I woke, well, it is all just a blur.


I don't recognize the voice either, defiantly a male though. Why am I here? Am I going to be raped? Or worse, killed? I am scared. "You have been very patent. I will allow you to see your owner", and with that he ripped the duct tape violently from my eyes as well as pulling half of my, once, gorgeous hair out.

It took me a few seconds to adjust to the brightness. The lights hanged bare-bulbed from a ceiling which seemed to go on forever. The exterior was, well, bland. A grey and cold colour scheme, not the most welcoming room, I have to say. And there he stood, my "master". He was a black man, muscular frame, shaved head and piecing blue eyes. I'd say he looked about mid thirties to early forties. He wore a tight white vest and black combats. With his mean expression I could tell he meant business.

"Please, Master, may you release my wrists? I can no longer feel my arms." "Wriggle free, Bitch." He crept behind me and violently grabbed my ass. I flinched.

He pulled at my body and then peered over my shoulder, "Are you a Catholic girl, Natalie?" "No, master" he pulled away from my body and within less than a minute or two, a whip across my back struck me. "ARGHHH! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" My body jilted forward. I could tell from the numerous leather belts that landed on my body that he had his 'cat-o-nine-tails' out. In his other hand, he had, what felt like, a feather and caressed the spot where he beat me.

"OUCH!" he struck my thighs, but then tickled them with his feather afterwards. He then returned to give my back another seeing-to.

He continued to thrash my body and then brush the sting off over and over. The sensation was unbearable. "Please, master, I am sorry. Please, it hurts". "Shut up, Cunt. You are here to serve me. I am enjoying myself." He sharply replied. I began to cry.

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I didn't deserve to be beaten like this. He must of heard me sobbing because he repeatedly told me to 'shut the fuck up, or else'.

The 'or else' part worried me. Can it get any worse than this? Thankfully, he eventually stopped, "You look even better now. You're my slut. Did you enjoy it?" I had tears streaming down my cheeks, "Answer me!" He walked in front of me and was right in my face. I looked to the ground. "ANSWER ME!" he screamed. It was the first time he had raised his voice. "Yes, Master." I muttered. "You whore." and with that he took a step back and with his right fist he swung for my left cheek.

Blood was dripping from my nose and mouth and it mixed with the tears. After his violent outburst, he got onto his knees in front of me and lifted my right leg over his left shoulder to expose my freshly waxed pussy. He then savagely inserted his index finger from his right hand up into my cunt. "OWWW!" I screamed. He ripped out his finger and threw my leg to the floor.

"Well, considering your entire pussy is numb and soaking wet, yeah, I'd say you fucking loved it, you dirty slut." He said feeling, some-what, pleased with himself.

"Have you done A-Levels before, Natalie?" "I am studying for them just now, Master." He then burst out in a fit of laughter.

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I was confused. "HAVE YOU BEEN FUCKED UP THE SHIT-PIPE, YOU STUPID BITCH?!" he shouted in my face. "Err, no, Master" I hesitated. "Wait. You're not a virgin, are you?" he asked while staring down at my pussy. I didn't reply. I was ashamed of not having sex before. All my friends had but not me. It wasn't as though I wasn't "ready" either, nor was I ugly, it's just, I liked others to respect me, so that meant I had to respect myself.

"Ohh, this day just keeps getting better and better. A sixteen year old virgin?

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My goodness." I hanged my head down to the floor. He walked behind me and started to stroke my legs and work his way up. His touch tingled. He caressed my tummy and worked up to my breasts, "Perfect size, just enough to hold in my hands, and possibly my mouth". He rubbed them together and then rolled each nipple between his thumb and middle finger whilst grinding his hard-on onto my ass; this made my nipples erect and my pussy even more wet. After that, he gently moved my hair so he was able to kiss my neck.

His hands and fingers ran up and down my arms and he reached for the bar that my wrists were tightly attached to. He released the lock and my arms collapsed to my sides. I was free. I spotted the door and chased for it. I tried the handle but it was ajar. I pulled at it hard and to my delight it burst open. As I took my first few steps out of the hell-hole I met two massive black men.

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They both stood well over 6ft. They were dressed in the same clothing as the first man but had tinted shades on. I punched and kicked them both and tried to move them out of my way, but it was no use. They stood like a solid wall with their arms crossed.

"Please, I've learnt my lesson. I am sorry." I pleaded. "Not this again," Said my Master, "Please, men, adopt position one." Before I had time to beg even more, I was face down on the floor with my hands twisted behind my back where they met my feet. I felt a man's knee pressuring on top my back to hold me in place.

A rough rope was tied around my wrists and the same with my ankles. They joined these roped together with another. I was completely bound. My Master appeared before and tied my hair back with a hairband. "Get that stupid mutt out of my slight. If she wants to leave, throw her out. My Master dictated. The two strong men picked me up and carried me outside.

"No, please don't. I am begging you. I will do anything. Please, it is too cold." My cry went unheard and to ensure I was seen and not heard to anyone else either, a dirty cloth was forced into my mouth and securely shut with a strip of duct tape. My eager eyes pleaded for the men not to leave me on the sidewalk. They didn't. They stayed by my side a few yards away. It was a busy street; cars zooming up and down and pedestrians walking along the pavement.

I didn't recognize the street, nor any of the people the walked by, I have to admit that I was, some-what, relieved that none of my family nor school friends had seen me in the state and position I was in. The men were silent. One or two civilians tried to help me, but once they seen the two "bodyguards" they quickly fastened their step and moved on. I felt humiliated. Bystanders looking at me in disgust, other passers-by would snigger comments about how fine my ass looked and congratulated the two men whilst gulping at my exposed holes.

I felt like I was lying on the pavement for hours when suddenly, one of the men clasped a handful of my hair and dragged me back.

I tried to scream but it was no use. It was sore. Thankfully, after awful ordeal, I felt the warmth of the indoors. "Move then, Bitch" One of the men said. I just laid there. I was unable to move, plus I didn't know where to go. The man began to drag me with my hair again across the rough carpet. The sensation was horrible and it burned like hell. The other man politely knocked on the door and waited patiently for a request to come inside.

It was the original room we were in. The man threw me to the floor on my stomach. "How was your little break of fresh air? You can't say I, we, are depriving you of sunlight, can you not? I wouldn't want to think we were dehydrating or staving you either. So, if you care to look to your right you see a nice bowl of pedigree food. Now for the fluid." My master stepped in front of me and began to unzip his combats.

I knew what was about to happen. I vigorously shook my head. "Open up, Girl" he said with a wide grin on this face indicating for me to open my mouth. I was staring up at him but instead of reaching for his cock and spun around and reached for a basin of freezing cold water. "HAHAHA! Embrace it, Bitch" he snarled as he threw litres of freezing cold water all over my naked body. My eyes clenched shut. I shivered. I couldn't open my mouth so I had to inhale deep breaths through my nose.

My lovely long locks were now all damp and knotted. I cried. It felt like my heart stopped when the first drop of water hit my cold and tender body. The 3 men just laughed in my face. While I was recovering from the impulsing shock my master told me that while I was out he had been getting set up.

"I am sorry, Alec. I know I promised you first go, but I can't allow you to take this whore's virginity," My master explained. Alec was the man who dragged me by the hair around the building. "Please, Les, if you may?" My master asked as he pointed at me.

Les looked the youngest out of the three men; he was the "polite" door knocker.

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He straddled the back of my head and began to untie the ropes. After they were loose, my arms and legs collapsed the hard floor. He got off the back of my shoulders, knelt in front of me, raised my head and ripped the tape from my face. My head then thudded the surface and I spat out the dirty material. "Natalie, would you care to hop onto this piece of apparatus?" suggested my Master.

I hesitated. "Or, perhaps you need to dry off outside?" And with that I quickly rose from the floor and walked toward him. The end of Part 1, leave comments etc and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism alway appreciated. Regards, Natalie