Ringlight anal with toni ribas asa akira and pornstar

Ringlight anal with toni ribas asa akira and pornstar
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Legal Lust Incest was the part of my marriage vows I was not aware of, nor was my wife Pam. We were always kind of kinky, right from the first day we met. Hey, no big deal. Our hot little imaginations used to come up with some great ones to try. We met at a frat party while we were both attending the University of Wyoming in Laramie. They have a much better law school, if you are interested in Law, that is much better than the Big Three with all their Networking.

Anyway I had to go piss and there were lines in front of all four bathrooms. Even though it was the dead of winter I decided to step outside and make a little yellow snow. She was already outside standing in the shadows on the porch when I stepped outside, unzipped and started to let fly.

"Here, let me help you," a female voice said. She came over, grabbed hold and held it while I pissed. "Didn't your mama ever teach you not to grab strange guys' cocks?" I asked, more to make conversation than to get an answer.

"Hey, if that had been my mama she would have grabbed it in her teeth and nibbled while you pissed." Well, I figured she either had a slutty mother or was quick with a good comeback. Then she continued, "You are long enough I might want to try it that way." "Pammy, you came with me, what are you doing out here with someone else?" I recognized the whiny voice.

It was Ralph Bentley, rich asshole without equal. It took all his father's influence to get him pledged to us. No one liked him and the girls all detested him. "I'm Pamela to you, asshole. I did not come with you. You couldn't make me cum under any circumstances.

You gave me two hundred dollars to accompany you and that is what I did." She dragged me around to face him with a death grip on my cock. I either turned with her or had it ripped out by its roots. She waved it at him, "This would make me cum and not your pathetic little peter." She looked up at me, "Stop making a spectacle of yourself and put that big thing away." "Will you kiss it goodbye?" I asked.

I was joking. On the other hand, she said "sure" and she was not joking. She took my half hard cock in her mouth and deep throated it once.

"There, that ought to hold it." Hold it hell, that son of a bitch got so hard it hurt. I worked it back inside my pants and zipped up. "Let's get out of here," I said. Ralph was used to rejection. He turned and went back inside where he would get drunk off his ass and sleep alone. I escorted her back inside and got my heavy parka. She had worn a ski jacket.

We waded through the people fucking on the floor and took off. We went to her little apartment in town and fucked out brains out.

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The next morning we decided I belonged with her. We went to our classes days and studied and fucked nights. That first night I had trouble getting into her.

I forced my head in and stopped. It was like trying to shove a fist in a wine bottle. "Wait," I told her. I pulled out and positioned us for sixty-nine. I started slurping and licking and she took me into her mouth. She became naturally lubricated and I switched ends and I worked a little more in. After I was about halfway in I stopped and worked my way in and out gently.

An hour later I came for the first time that night but not the last. An hour later we commenced to fuck some more. I came in a half hour and rolled off her. "Jesus girl, you are tight as a virgin." "I almost am," she told me.

I have only had my brother's cock in me once when I was thirteen. After that I let him eat me out every once in a while. When I grabbed hold of that big thing of yours I knew I wanted more. "You mean that's all?" I thought she was putting me on. "No, There was one more time when I was fourteen and sucked Brian off in front of his fianc?She dared me and I did it." "You are one weird lady," I told her.

The next day I moved out of the frat house and into her apartment. I called my dad and told him. "Good," he said. "You will save me some money." My dad had put money into my education fund for years in order to put me through law school. With his allowance, the academic scholarship and government grants I was able to attend without working at a job.

Dad told Mom who was standing next to the phone. "Dear," Mom asked, "Is she a Church member?" I asked Pan, "You belong to the LDS Church?" "What's that?" she asked. "The Mormon church," I told her.

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"No!" she exclaimed, "Nor do I belong to any other church." Mom heard her. "Oh," she said disappointed. "Is she white?" "Are you white?" I asked her.


"My mom wants to know." "Well, everywhere I'm not pink," she answered and grinned at me. "Is she a nice girl?" Mom asked. "Are you a nice girl?" I asked. My mom wants to know. "What do you think?" "Mom, she is more than nice, she is great." I continued, "She is not used to being around a bunch of guys though.

Her brother looked after her before she came out here to study." "Oh dear, you treat her like her brother did. Don't you act up like you did here in Salt Lake City. "I promise I have already started to treat her just like her brother did. I have to go now, Mom. I'll call later. Pam gasped and choked. I popped her on the butt and said, "Let's go to the Round Up for lunch." "Treat me like my brother did one more time before we go to lunch." She ordered.

So she lay back on the bed and I ate her pussy until she moaned.

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Then I slipped my cock in her and worked my way to the bottom. After I cum deep inside her we got dressed and spent the rest of the day together. Over lunch she said, "Tell me about your parents. They sound like Ward Cleaver and Wife. You, on the other hand seem more like Beaver Eater than Beaver Cleaver." Okay, here is the condensed version. My parents are standard Mormons in transition.

Mom sort of believes. She serves on a couple of committees. Dad does not believe at all, but it is good business to go to the Mormon Church.

He owns some office buildings and rents to other church members." I grinned and continued, "He fucks my mom about every month or so. When she wants it, she starts to get cranky and bitchy. Then he spends the rest of his sperm in his secretary, a cute little Mexican widow who gives great head. "You mean you listened to your folks have sex?" She sounded weirded out. "No, it's just that Mom wanted no interruptions. So she made my dad check to see if I was asleep. He would come into my room and ask me, "Are you asleep?" I would answer yes and he would go back to his bedroom and tell Mom I was asleep.

Then they would do the obligatory missionary style fuck with his prick shoved out through his temple garments and she would undo hers and let him enter Paradise. "You are awful cynical." "That's because I am a cynic." Six weeks to the day later she said, "I am pregnant." **** Two weeks after that we were married by Mom and Dad's bishop in the folks living room.

No temple marriage for me. Knocked up brides are not permitted temple marriages. That especially goes if the knocked up bride is not even a Christian.

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After a non-honeymoon wedding night at the Marriott in Salt Lake it was back to class and studies. She quit school when the baby was born. Cynthia Ann Martin was born on time, had no complications and nursed on her mommy's tits to her heart's content. I made the honor roll and graduated third in my class. We moved back to Salt Lake and settled down in a house the folks bought us. Not to be outdone, Her folks furnished the house with French provincial furniture, a riding mower and a new Porsche for Pam.

Since I biked to my new office, we made do with her car for the time being. Then things got interesting. When Cindy was two months past her second birthday she discovered my peter. There was nothing wild or exciting about it.

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I was sitting naked on the floor like always while we watched television. I was leaned back between Pam's legs. "Well shit!" I exclaimed. "Look at little miss pervert here." Pam looked over my shoulder and giggled. Cindy had grabbed it and was studying it like it was a biological specimen. I guess in a way it was. "Let her play with it until she loses interest," was Pam's only comment.

After that, Cindy played with my cock every now and then and life went on. When she turned four she upped the ante and started to lick it. Pam saw her start it. "She takes after me," Pam said. After that whenever Cindy licked Pam watched. I began to get hard from her licking and finally exploded.


The four splurts shot across Cindy's face, my chest and splashed Pam across the lips. She licked her lips and I got up to get a couple of moist towelettes to wipe Cindy's face. Cindy had watched her mother lick her lips and she did the same. I wiped her face and said, "I better wear some underwear after this." "Oh Keith, don't bother I thought it was kind of cute.

And kinky as hell, too." A day later Pam told me, "I'm pregnant again." We tried to celebrate with a good old country fuck and had to stop. She finished me off with her mouth. Cindy had wandered in and watched. She got the idea. Pam called me at the office the next day. "I have an infection," "What caused it?" I asked.

I was damned sure Pam was not out cheating on me. She would probably have invited me along if she had. "It is something going around. Someone brought it to the states and now a lot of people are getting it. Honey I have not cheated on you." "I believe you." I told her. "If I ever do, I want you along to give the new guy pointers." I laughed and she said goodbye. Dana Larsen, my secretary came in and told me, "I have to see the doctor.

The clinic just had a cancellation and if I leave now I can barely make it." "What's the matter?" "Ah, it's an infection of a rather personal matter." "Is it a vaginal infection? There seem to be a number of cases of it and no one knows what is causing it." Her face got red and she answered, "Yes." Then her face turned grim as she added, "I know where I got it.

I bought some underwear at a women's shop.


I called around and there are a number of others who shopped there who got it. Everyone who bought that new line they just introduced is infected." "Contact everyone you can and tell them to contact me. I want to bring a class action suit against the manufacturer and the importer." She nodded and left.

When I got home, I told Pam my news about where she might have gotten it. Pam gave me the big news, "Honey I may be out of commission for a while. Cindy and I shall make certain you never suffer. We will take turns giving you head. She practiced on Popsicles and shows a natural talent." That evening, right after the seven o'clock news I agreed that Cindy did have a natural talent.

Pam got sick from the meds and had to be hospitalized. She was gone a week. When she got home Cindy and I showed her our new trick. I got naked first, Cindy followed and sat on my face. I tongued her until she was satisfied.

Then she took the end of my cock and sucked it and brought me off. "That is so cool," Pam said. They got Pam's infection under control by the time Terrence was born. Once he became more than a wrinkled appetite that yelled and had to be changed, Cindy gave her thoughts. "I want to suck him. I want to be the first." That was twelve years ago when she was five. **** Cindy just got married and plans to bring her new husband over this weekend.

"I want Mom to help me break Clark in. He is interested but afraid. Terry came into the front room naked. "My new gf is coming over for the weekend. She wants to see Dad's big cock.