Petite oriental beauty gives a blow

Petite oriental beauty gives a blow
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"So, I see you enjoyed yourself last night" Jennifer sat up with a really bad headache. She looked around, taking in her surroundings. She was in another room with stone walls and a single light on the ceiling. But now there was a table in the room. And when she took a closer look, realized that they were all sex toys. This room was also much larger. "Well Jennifer, you are going to have fun with humans again," came the voice again.

The speaker was still in the high corner of the room as always. Jennifer didn't say anything. She had been able to handle two grown gorillas.

She felt like she could take anything now. "Before I let you get on with it, I'll let you know about these particular men. They are criminals" Jennifer froze. "They were all either convicted for murder, assault, and of course, the majority of them were convicted for sexual assault. Jennifer felt like she was sinking into a nightmare. "We paid off the police and they were able to give us twelve of them. You don't need to worry about them killing you. We have guards with guns ready to kill them if they try anything.

But they can do anything short of killing you, which means you are probably going to be in for one hellish day" Jennifer moaned in fear and backed away from the wooden door where she knew they were going to come in from.

"Have fun" the voice said.

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Jennifer wanted to die. She began whimpering, and licked her dry lips. The sound of chains could be heard from the other side of the door. Before she could get a hold of her fear, the door opened. Two guards came in, carrying machine guns. They were leading a line of some of the largest, meanest looking men she had ever seen.

They were all wearing orange prison uniforms, and they were enormous. Every man was at least six feet tall, muscular, with scars and tattoos riddling their faces and arms. There were twelve of them. Half of them were white, two were black, and the rest were Latinos. They were all grinning evil grins as they walked forward. Jennifer opened her mouth and began screaming as loud as she could.

The men were all chained, and they were laughing and holding their chains towards the guards to be released. One guard stayed between Jennifer and the men, while the other began unshackling each of them.

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When they were all released from their bonds, the two guards retreated to the doorway, and stood on either side. The convicts, rubbing their wrists, looked at each other grinning. Jennifer stopped screaming. She was petrified with fear. For a moment, no one moved. A second later, they all lunged for her.

The first man reached her and Jennifer kicked out at him, trying to cover her nakedness. She caught the man in the groin, and he doubled over.

And then they were all around her. She fought back as hard as she could, but then one man struck her across the face, hard. Jennifer cried out, and began to sob, hysterically. The men suddenly backed off. She looked up, hardly believing they had stopped.

But they had only stopped to pull down their pants, and take off their shirts. Each had a huge hard on, at least 8 inches long. One of the black men, who was the tallest and strongest looking, turned to his fellows and spoke. "Four at a time" he spoke gruffly. "It don't make sense if we all try and get some at the same time.

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Me and ma'brother'll go first, with two of you Spanish guys." "Who the fuck made you in charge boy?" one of the white men asked. "I ain't watin' in line before a fucking ni…" Before he could finish his sentence, the black man punched him hard in the face. Jennifer heard a crack through her sobs of terror, announcing that the man's nose had broken.

"Y'all will listen to me, or I'll fucking kill you" the man growled. All the guys backed off, leaving the four he had designated to be the first. The white man with the broken nose backed up against the wall and began muttering to himself" And without another word, the four men began walking towards Jennifer. Each man grabbed a huge toy from the table as they passed it.

As they advanced, Jennifer resumed her screaming, and began to kick again. One of the Latino men, who she had kicked in the groin before grabbed her leg, and twisted it viciously. Pain shot up Jennifer's leg and the man growled "think kicking me in the balls was funny huh? Fucking bitch!" He kicked her in the stomach, and all of Jennifer's breath whooshed out. She opened her mouth for air, and suddenly found it full of cock.

One of the black men had shoved his cock in her throat, and was now starting to fuck her mouth. He grabbed her hair and pulled on it roughly.

Jennifer wanted to scream, but couldn't. She could barely breath. As precum began to leak from the man's cock, he began to go faster and faster, shoving it in and out, in and out, his balls slapping her chin. The other black man came up be hind her and lifted her up slightly off the floor, and got underneath her. All the fight had gone out of her, and she was trying to concentrate on not gagging. She felt the black man underneath her fumbling with his cock, looking for her ass. When he found it, He shoved his sex toy in her ass, spreading it.

Jennifer felt pain shoot up her invaded ass. And then even more pain as the man shoved his cock forcefully up into her anus with the toy.

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Jennifer gave a muffled scream as she felt the skin around her ass tear slightly. The black man laughed, and pulled out the toy. He started fucking her hard, shoving her down on it by pushing on her shoulders. She was sitting down on the man, with the other black man still face fucking her on her side. He suddenly slapped her across the face, hard, she could feel both cocks going in and out, in and out, and hear squelching noises from the two cocks in her holes.

She had almost forgotten about the two latino men who hadn't even started yet. One suddenly sat down on her chest, and she felt pain as he just dropped his 200 pound body on her. He put his dick between her breasts, and started fucking them. The other man got between her legs, and Jennifer saw that the man was wearing a toy that was strapped to his waste, which gave him a second dick.

He shoved both into her pussy, began to fuck. The men smelled awful. She cried silently as they roughly shoved in and out of all her holes. They were hitting her in the stomach, face, and chest as the fucked, and she felt constant pain. "Ungh, ungh, ungh" the men kept grunting as they fucked.

She felt the man with two cocks shoving deep and hard into her. The slightly longer toy hitting the wall of her womb inside her. The black man in her ass was still going strong and fast. She felt like she was taking a painful shit as he fucked her. Every man had already cum several times, but they were instantly up again.

Cum was leaking onto the floor from her holes.


When they were done, they left her battered and bruised body laying there. And then the next four men came and took the positions. The only constant in what they did as every man took their turns was that they always hit her, and made sure she couldn't enjoy any of what they were doing to her.

She closed her eyes after a while, feeling all of the cocks fucking her hard, and tried to block out the pain. In, out, in out. The men some times took breaks so that there was only one man fucking her at certain points.

At one point, it was only the leader, the enormous black man. "I'm going to show everyone that even tho you're a girl being raped, you still just a ho like every other girl. I'm going to see how long you can keep from begging me to make you cum" Jennifer cried and cried, as he began to fuck her, but soon began to enjoy it.

He was still doing her incredibly hard and deep, but he wasn't hitting her. She began to feel pleasure as her well lubricated slit began to slide more easily with his cock inside. As she began to moan in pleasure, nearing her climax the man stopped, and she was left with a feeling of dissapointment, and as the man had predicted she would, began to beg for him to keep going. The men laughed and she felt so humiliated, and violated, she began to cry. But she still wanted it. The man continued his fucking again.

She lay back on the floor, feeling the shockwaves of pleasure going through her body. Suddenly, the man grabbed her neck, and began to choke her. Gripping her neck tightly, he stood up, with her still impaled on his cock. She couldn't breathe, and began to panic, but then the man loosened his grip a little and began to fuck her again, standing up. He went to a wall, and pressed her against it, fucking her harder then ever.

"OHH YEA! FUCK ME HARDER" she screamed. He continued, grunting as he fucked. He stopped for a moment, and twisted her around, so that she was pressed against the wall. He stuck his cock back in her anus and began fucking. Again. This time, it felt good, the juices from her pussy and his precum lubricated her ass as he fucked. She neared her climax.

Suddenly he pulled her from the wall again, and was doing her doggy style on the ground. Through her pleasure, she realized the rest of the man were standing around her, dicks in hand and jacking off. "Oh, I'm almost there, oh, oh,oh,oh,oh AHHHHH" she screamed as she came. After hours of fucking, she was finally cumming. The man in her grunted too, and shoved deep inside her, and caming, covering the walls of her colon with hot sticky cum. The men around her all began to cum too. They covered her hair, her tits, belly, legs, face, it was everywhere.

They came forward, and she grabbed their cocks and began to suck them off, cum was still flying everywhere as she sucked, it got all over her and she continued sucking them off. One of the men stuck his still cumming cock in her mouth and came down her throat. The taste of it was revolting, but still pleasurable.

She moaned and collapsed, panting on the ground, once again lying in a pool of cum.

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"whew, I gotta take a piss." One of the men said. "Hey, open your fucking mouth!" another said. Still laying on the ground, she opened her mouth, and watched as the men came up in a circle around her again, and pissed on her.


The smell was terrible, but she took it, swallowing some of it. They laughed and went back to the door way. The guards began shackling them again, and they were led away in good humor. Jennifer sat against a wall, nursing some of her injuries. She fell asleep, thinking of what was going to happen to her the next day…