Sultry kitten gives a blowjob in pov and gets yummy kitty plowed

Sultry kitten gives a blowjob in pov and gets yummy kitty plowed
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copyright: Lesley Tara, 2009 The young school-teacher fled desperately down the corridor, the flat slapping of her shoes echoing sharply in the silence. Panting for breath, she ran past deserted classrooms, none of which offered any hope of refuge or escape she was on the third floor of a long block, and even if a window would open far enough, it was too high to jump. Tearful and gasping, she looked back over her shoulder at the sounds of closing pursuit, the raucous whoops of her hunters.

Three black teenage girls appeared around the corner, running with an easy lope, barely having broken into a sweat. They laughed jeeringly when they saw her small form leaning against a doorway, exhausted and straining for breath.

The teacher realised at that moment that it was hopeless not only could she not out-run them, but they had been playing with her, herding her like a sheep to the pen.

They had cut her off at every chance of escape, forcing her ever deeper and higher into the empty school buildings, so that now she was completely trapped, on the top floor and in a hallway that was a dead end. Still the instinct to flee dies hard, and she pushed herself away from the wall and staggered, rather than ran, to the furthest end of the corridor.

Her attackers closed in on their target, more serious now as the reckoning approached. As the teacher backed, sobbing and pleading, into the empty classroom at furthest end, they crowded in around her, and seized their prey.

'How had it come to this?', thought Jenny Gibson in fear and distress, 'Dear God! help and save me now!' She had tried calling out at the start of the assault, but a swift punch to the stomach had left her gasping for breath.

Then, when she had first run from them, she yelled loudly for help. There was usually a security guard on patrol at this time, but there was no one in the block the bitches had timed her capture carefully. As she was at the start of her teaching career and had little experience, Jenny could not be too choosy about where she worked so she had taken this job in a high school on the edge of the inner city, where about two-thirds of the pupils were black.

It was not the roughest or worst of schools, and after seven months in post she had no longer worried and had, she realised now, become complacent and made herself vulnerable to the sharks that swam just below the school's surface, waiting for a helpless victim to snatch and drag under.

Jenny was in her early twenties, white and middle-class, not very tall at five feet four inches, and quite pretty not outstanding, but well above merely average in her looks. Her hair was light brown but she dyed it blonde, and she had nice brown eyes and a good complexion. Jenny's breasts were a jutting triangular shape and amply filled her 30C bras, and she had a trim waist which was often accentuated by a tight skirt waist-band or a belt.

However, her best feature was definitely her ass it had always been cute and round and bouncy, but without the slightest suggestion of flab or fat. She liked to wear tight skirts, even pencil cut, or well-tailored trouser suits, but this time the tapered knee-length black skirt and the two-inch heels on the matching black boots had been no help at all, restricting her movements as she ran and slowing her down.

Probably she could not have escaped her fate anyway. The gang of three black girls who were about to overpower her were all much larger and stronger than she was, and ten times meaner. Although they were pupils at the high school, they were all seventeen years old and were star performers in the athletics and sports teams one was a sprinter, one a javelin thrower, one a tennis player, and all three were in the basketball team. They were between five foot ten and six foot in height, and built in proportion not over-muscled, but fit, strong, sleek, confident and aggressive.

They didn't lack feminine curves or attraction indeed, that had been the problem, the lure that had caught her, landed like her a fly baits the hook for the fish. The ringleader of three, Marcella, was in one of Jenny Gibson's classes for modern American history. Her striking height, her glossy black skin, her shapely figure and her overall beauty had caught the young teacher's eye from the start, but she had made very sure at the school to clamp down on her feelings, never to show the sexual interest that she felt.

Jenny's secret was that she was a lesbian, and the secret within the secret was that her fantasies often revolved around seducing her more attractive pupils and especially the black and Asian girls. Of course, fear of losing her job even, in the case of the younger girls, going to prison deterred her from ever acting on her fantasies.

They remained a matter for masturbatory tangles in the sheets in the loneliness of her studio apartment or, on her occasional weekends in the state capital when she cruised the lesbian bars and tried to get picked up by the youngest and most feminine woman available (which she managed fairly often, being a cute and attractive package herself). Sometimes on these occasions Jenny would close her eyes in the moments of approaching orgasm and pretend that it was a girl from one of her classes who was going down on her, like sweet sixteen-year old Kishiko with her small breasts and boyish slim hips, or curvy redhead Macy-Jane with the ass that looked so hot in tight white pants.

On this fateful Tuesday, warm in the late spring, the last class of the afternoon had been the one including Marcella. When the young black woman strode into the room, laughing with one of her friends, she had almost taken Jenny's breath away.

The black babe was scantily dressed even for a teenager in this neighbourhood on a hot day very brief and tight cut-off denim shorts, with a seam that must be riding up into her pussy cleft and rubbing it with every movement, and a sleeveless, low cut, halter-neck shirt which showed most of her breasts.

These were large easily D cup and firm, needing no support; it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were poking through the thin cotton top.

Her long shapely legs ended in white sporty ankle-socks and a smart pair of trainers. Jenny took a gulp, and tried to ignore the pooling wetness in her panties but that became almost impossible, for instead of taking her usual place at the rear of the room (where Jenny knew Marcella indulged in sardonic commentary with her friends during the class, insolently just below the level of hearing, almost daring Jenny to challenge her about it), the black girl took the desk in the very middle of the front row.

As Jenny began the class, rising to her feet in sudden uncomfortableness and feeling the need to move around, Marcella sat forwards in her chair, appearing to be interested, but at the same time affording Jenny a very clear view down the front of her cleavage. Jenny tried to tune this out and carry on, but her eyes kept coming back to the sight of the ripe young breasts, visible almost to the nipples. At the end of class Jenny was relieved and so aroused she wanted only to get out of the school and go home to jerk herself off.

However, as the other pupils filed out of the room, Marcella approached and asked if she could talk to her about something.

Jenny agreed it was the first time the tall black girl had ever shown an interest and she wanted to encourage it, and besides if Marcella one of the coolest kids at the school, a real trend-setter liked Jenny's classes, her status and popularity as a teacher would go up. So when Marcella then explained that she had to see the athletics coach for a few minutes, by prior appointment, but if she came back in fifteen minutes would Miss Gibson please still be there, Jenny readily agreed.

When twenty minutes had passed, with the school now emptied of its pupils and staff, Jenny gave a shrug and decided Marcella had either been detained or had forgotten, and it would have to wait for another day. In fact, no such thing had happened, and there was no appointment with the sports coach everything from the clothes Marcella had put on that morning to her after-class request had been carefully planned, so as to leave the cute Miss Gibson alone, defenceless and vulnerable.

Then Jenny heard laughing voices coming along the corridor one of them, she was sure, being Marcella's and in her innocence she was pleased, and put down the jacket and briefcase that she had been about to take home.

The door of her classroom swung open, and three tall and arrogantly confident black girls swept in. Marcella was at the apex of their wedge, flanked on the left by Cerise (a bit less full in the bust, but taller, and with long curling black hair falling to the middle of her back) and on the right by Darby (the tennis player and most muscular of the three, but still attractive with her wide nose and full lips that Mick Jagger might envy).

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Cerise wore a short and very tight scarlet mini-skirt, with a contrasting navy-blue figure-hugging sweater on top; Darby had white boots, black hold-up stockings of which the tops were visible under her extremely short white skirt, and a short black tube top which left both her midriff and her shoulders bare apart from the thin straps of the underwired black bra that she was wearing underneath it.

They were a powerfully sexy trio, exuding sensuality but also menace and danger. Jenny couldn't help taking a slight gulp as they eyed her, and the teacher backed against her desk. 'Well, howdy, Miss Gibson,' said Marcella with a slight sneer, 'how nice of you to be ready and waiting for us.' 'What do you mean,' stammered the young teacher, trying for a tone of authority and failing dismally. 'We know about you, Miss Lezzie,' suddenly said Cerise, looking avidly at the white woman, 'oh, yeah we know!' 'What??

What do you mean?' gasped Jenny, shocked and now feeling the first stirrings of real fear but for her reputation and career, not yet for her body.

Marcella suggestively cupped her own breasts in her skimpy halter neck, and sneered at the dumbfounded teacher: 'Liked looking at these, didn't you, cunt!', and turning to her henchwomen, she added: 'The bitch couldn't take her eyes off them all lesson!' 'Well,' said Darby with a fake Southern drawl, as she reached out to cup and squeeze one of Marcella's melon-shaped tits, 'Ah can see why, honey-chile, ah can surely see why!' Marcella's demeanour then changed, as she swung round to confront the much smaller and slighter school-teacher.

'This is the way it works, bitch we're gonna gang-bang you, here and now, and afterwards whenever we want and you're gonna take it and like it!' 'No!' protested Jenny in a hoarse, shocked whisper, 'Stop this at once, or I'll call the police touch me, and you'll end up in jail!' Jenny's one attempt to recover control over the situation lasted only for a second, as in response Marcella slapped her across the face, whilst her two accomplices grabbed Jenny's arms and held her trapped between them.

Jenny was shocked and half-stunned never before had she been struck by a pupil, and she hardly knew what to do.

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Then she gave a half-scream, half-gurgle, for Marcella had reached forwards and grasped one breast, whilst Darby had grabbed the other and the cruel black bitches twisted them in opposite directions, before pinching hard on her nipples. Jenny shrieked in outrage and pain, and then with redoubled frantic panic, as Marcella thrust her hand up the young teacher's skirt and gripped her crotch. 'Your fucking pussy belongs to us now, you lezzie slut and don't you forget it!' Jenny was horrified women didn't do this sort of thing to each other, women just didn't do this sort of thing it was male, violent and hateful, and just for a moment in her fright and anger the thought crossed her mind that these mad bitches had maybe been taking too many steroids, which had made them mentally (though clearly not physically) into men.

Why else would they want to rape her, to hurt and humiliate her? Jenny's quiet suburban upbringing and her vanilla sex-life meant she was quite unprepared for anything of this sort, indeed could barely imagine it but this was no fantasy, it was down-and-dirty reality.

For just a moment, the black gang released their hold on the ashen-faced young white woman. Jenny seized her opportunity, shoving aside Cerise (who was between her and the door), and making a dash for freedom. In a second, the black girls were after her, and suddenly Darby appeared from a parallel corridor to cut in front of the young teacher, closing her off from the main entrance hallway.

Then the pursuit began, hounding Jenny from corridor to stairs to landing, herding her upwards and away from safety, into the most remote and quiet parts of the empty echoing building. It had all been a game in fact, they had deliberately given her the chance to run, knowing that her small size, awkward clothes and general unfitness made her an easy catch, and wanting to get her into a place where the chance of interruption or rescue was nil.

So now, in the upstairs classroom, the three black vultures closed in on their prey a victim whose resistance had largely been broken in the pursuit, and who now had little strength, physical or mental, with which to resist her fate.

Marcella pushed her face up close to Jenny's, and hissed menacingly at her: 'You ain't gonna be tellin' anyone about this, you cunt, becos' if you do you'll be the one with her ass in jail, getting fucked over by the dykes and guards, not us!' The frightened school teacher gaped at the domineering black girl: 'What . what do you mean?' she quavered. Marcella's explanation was brutal they had 'babes' in the years below who would accuse Miss Gibson of coercing them into having sex with her, and there would be witnesses to back this up.

Jenny was stunned, but tried to rally and countered with: 'you won't be able to explain my bruises that way I'll go to the police, and it'll be obvious I was attacked!' Marcella shook her head, and replied that they would say that she is a submissive masochist who threatened them into doing kinky things to her, and that the younger girls would confirm this.

She also pointed out that all the class would agree that Miss Gibson had been ogling Marcella's tits, and she had made it look as if the teacher was the one making the after-school assignation with her, not the other way round.

'So,' summed up the black girl, 'who do you think they'll believe all of us girls, or you? Especially as you are a lesbo anyway!' Jenny felt almost faint at the prospect; she realised that she had not been at the school long enough for anyone really to know or trust her, and of course a police investigation would soon unearth her sexuality and her one-night stands in the big city.

Even if she escaped jail, doubts would remain and the damage would have been done: her career as a teacher would be finished almost before it had begun. She couldn't take the risk, and the clever black bitches knew it. There was no doubt that the vicious gang had targeted Miss Gibson's weak spot, and they were going to take full and horrific advantage of it.

'You psycho bitches,' the teacher yelled or tried to, but instead of sounding like firm defiance, it came out as a hopeless wail, her will to resist visibly crumbling. Jenny wept, unable to see any way out, terrified but also just slightly aroused by her helpless, submissive plight. 'Please, don't do this, don't do this to me,' begged the school-teacher in a shaky voice, 'please don't hurt me'. However, her pleading only aroused the sexual excitement of her rapists even further, and the quavering sound of her fear stoked their lustful anticipation of her ordeal to come.

Cerise and Darby moved in on either side of her, as smoothly as if they had rehearsed it, and each gripped one of her arms. Jenny gave a shrill scream as Marcella produced a small but vicious-looking knife, and held it against the trembling teacher's throat.

'Don't struggle, and you won't get hurt', she said and then, as if prompted by honesty, she added: 'or anyway, not as badly as if you fight us'. Jenny's was quaking and her eyes were wide with fright, but she offered no more resistance as Cerise unfastened and unzipped her skirt, tugging it over her hips to tumble around her ankles, whilst Darby unbuttoned the smart shirt that she had been wearing.

Putting the knife aside, Marcella bent swiftly and lifted each of Jenny's feet in turn, removing the skirt and throwing it aside into the corner of the room. A swift backwards tug from Darby stripped the opened shirt down Jenny's arms, and it too was discarded.

The pretty young teacher was revealed in the decorative laciness of her favourite white underwear, with a soft cup bra decorated with an entwining-flower motif and matching knickers in a sensual Brazilian-style cut with a curving lace trim around the top, and white hold-up stockings. Jenny looked in shame at the floor as the three black girls gazed avidly at her soft pink body, now offered up in this alluring feminine lingerie. Marcella reached out to cup Jenny's breasts, pushing them upwards and together, emphasising even further their full roundness and deep cleavage.

'There, I told you she had a nice pair, didn't I?' she queried her companions in crime. 'The cow has got a good ass as well', Darby said with an anticipatory relish that stirred a little extra fear in Jenny's stomach, and then the teacher yelped as the bitch gave her nearest buttock a sharp pinch. But worse was to come: with a cruel gleam in her eye, Marcella slipped her fingers inside the bra cup of Jenny's left breast, found the nipple, and squeezed it hard.

'Aaaargg!! oh oh, stop! please, stop!' sobbed the teacher, gasping in relief as the smiling teen released her bruised tit. Marcella ran her hand appreciatively down Jenny's firm flat stomach, as if one might check the flanks of a horse before riding it, and then she went lower, to cup the crotch of the elegant panties and stroke along the length of Jenny's slit.

This provoked another shocked reaction from the panic-stricken teacher, something between a shriek and a gasp. It turned into a broken moan, as Marcella tugged the Brazilian panties part-way down Jenny's thighs and firmly gripped the woman's cunt, pushing her thumb upwards and inwards. It was at that point, with her pussy exposed and being roughly probed, that Jenny accepted that she was going to be subjected to a lesbian rape though she had never heard of such a thing before, and still could not believe that women would attack each other in this horrible violent way.

However, there was no doubting now what these terrifying black bitches had in mind for her she just hoped that she could endure it, without getting too badly hurt. The teacher gave another mewling whimper as Marcella picked up her knife, pulled out the front of the panties, and slashed them through.

Cut away at each leg, they became a shapeless piece of fabric which fell disregarded to the floor, exposing Jenny's mound with its fringe of neatly clipped brown hair.

The teacher was still shaking her head, and in an almost soundless whisper was muttering a mixture of 'no, no', 'please, don't' and 'stop, please stop'. The three girls backed their prize against the teacher's desk at the front of the echoing, empty classroom. By now, Jenny's struggles had become feeble, almost token efforts.

She had not noticed that Darby and Marcella had been carrying small shoulder bags but to her horror, when these were unzipped, leather cuffs and strong silk cords were produced from them. Whilst Darby and Cerise maintained their vice-like grip on the cowering teacher's upper arms, Marcella strapped her ankles to the front feet of the desk, spreading her legs wide apart. The other two girls pulled Jenny's upper body backwards to lie flat on the desk, with her pinioned arms stretched wide.

Marcella ran her hand over the bound and quivering body for a moment, savouring the white teacher's trapped impotence. Then the tall girl stepped back a pace and removed her tight shorts, revealing underneath a skimpy thong in satiny black. This she took off as well, but not before rubbing it into her aroused and wet vagina several times. Marcella rolled the damp and sweaty thong into a ball, and before Jenny had a chance to react, shoved it into the teacher's mouth.

Jenny gagged on the taste and smell, but she could not eject it as immediately afterwards the girls strapped a ball gag tightly in place. Jenny had no time to note the muscled firmness of Marcella's stomach and ass or the ripe mound of her pussy, as the gang leader produced from her bag of tracks a vicious-looking strap-on which she swiftly buckled in place.

Darby and Cerise held the young teacher firmly in place, open and vulnerable, and Jenny howled in despair as Marcella stepped between her legs and positioned the knob of the huge device at the entrance to her vagina. The gag prevented anything much from escaping beyond a frantic mumble, but Jenny's head rocked from side to side in hysterical negation, and her eyes were bulging. She was deeply afraid the bitch had put no lubrication on the dildo shaft, so this was going to be rough and nasty, and hurt like hell.

Marcella relished the rictus of agony on the teacher's face, as she plunged the dildo deeply into her, penetrating her savagely and ignoring her futile struggles. There was no disguising what this was: a callous, brutal rape, in which pleasure was being taken from the pain of the captured woman. Jenny felt that she was being ripped open, the dildo shaft impaling her like a spear, and her body was wracked by convulsions.

Mostly these were of hurt and terror, but in a far away part of her, underneath the shock, her physical body and unconscious mind were responding to the forcefulness of the fucking. It was if someone else was in charge from the waist down, and whilst her conscious self and her upper body struggled and protested, her pelvis began to respond to the stimulus of the penetrations, and her vagina became slippery and wet, easing the entry of the dildo.

Marcella gave a harsh laugh, pulling the strap-on completely out of her victim as aggressively as she had shafted it into her, and replacing it with a thrust from two of her fingers. Removing them, the gang ringleader showed them to her cronies: 'the bitch is wet, the lezzie cunt is getting off on this I told you she would!' Jenny closed her eyes tightly in humiliation, tears leaking from their corners.

With another cruel laugh, Marcella rammed the dildo back in, even deeper and more painfully, making Jenny gasp but also raise her hips to meet it. With the teacher now lying supine in despair, Cerise and Darby needed only one hand to grip her arms. They began to use their free hands for some sport of their own, and from either side they each scooped one of Jenny's breasts out of its bra cup, squeezing the soft pink flesh and mangling and pinching the nipples. Under this combined assault, Jenny's bodily defences gave way.

She shook her head from side to side, as if the sign of negation would make it all go away, and at the same time her hips thrust and juddered in the spasm of a forced orgasm, and she moaned into the soggy smelly gag of Marcella's panties.

Their owner laughed harshly as she felt the hapless teacher start to buck and hump under her, and she gripped the woman's buttocks with both hands, and drove the plastic cock in for one final vicious penetration that ground roughly along the clitoris, bringing Jenny's climax to a gasping culmination.

The white woman was sweat-soaked and shaking, close to being in a state of hysteria and shock. She made no resistance as she was released from the teacher's large desk and dragged over to one of the much smaller pupil's ones in the front row.

She was pushed over this, face downwards, with her ankles strapped to the legs on one side and her wrists tied to the legs on the other, so that she made an upside-down U shape.

Cerise quickly stripped off her blue top, scarlet mini-skirt and the low-cut red panties she wore underneath, leaving only their matching half-cup bra. Marcella handed the strap-on to her friend, who proceeded to indulge her favourite pleasure fucking a helpless white woman from behind, doggy-style. This second rape, nearly as violent as the first, but easier now that Jenny's cunt was wetter and more open, provoked an even clearer sexual response in the victim. After a few minutes of thrusting entry, the school-teacher's flanks twitched and her body trembled and shook in another and stronger coming which left her floundering like a landed fish.

But what was to come from Darby was to be much worse. As the well-muscled black tennis player shed her skirt (under which she wore no panties) and buckled on the dildo, Marcella laughingly introduced her as 'our back-door girl'.

Dazed and bemused, Jenny did not at first understand what this signified but when Darby stepped up behind her prone body and nudged the tip of the dildo against her asshole, she had a second of horrified realisation before the evil bitch rammed it into her anus. If Jenny had writhed and screamed before, she redoubled it now. Her pussy had taken strap-ons plenty of times before, though few as large as this and never so brutally but her ass was untouched, as she had never liked the idea of anal intercourse.

Now she had no option, and her anal virginity was ripped away as she hollered uselessly into the disgusting gag, screaming soundlessly.

At the end, she briefly passed out but not just from pain and fright, for she was swept away also by a third powerful orgasm. The raped school-teacher came round within a few seconds, to find that she had been turned over and retied, so that her head was dangling over the back of the desk. Marcella removed the gag from their limp victim and prised the black panties out of her mouth.


However, instead of removing them, Marcella slipped them over Jenny's ankles and pulled them up to her waist. The dominant black teen then instructed the teacher that she must wear them for the rest of the week, without washing them, and that the gang would check on this regularly (which they do over the next few days, on several occasions one of the trio being the last to leave her classroom and demanding a flash of her knickers before the next class comes in).

Jenny felt soiled and owned, and had a glimpse of what slavery must have felt like. The teacher had been bound in such a way that her head was hanging at just the right height and angle for eating out the bitches' pussies, and this they forced her to do by pinching her breasts and inner thighs, and even Marcella, of course slapping her vulnerable pussy with a ruler, first with the flat edge and then, for the last few strokes, agonisingly using its edge to swipe into Jenny's swollen, tender vaginal cleft.

The resulting muffled screams were music to Marcella's ears, whilst the judders resulting from her attack drove Jenny's tongue deeper into her, thus maximising her pleasure in two ways at once.

After Cerise and Darby had been licked into coming in their turn, the girls untied the whimpering teacher and left her huddled on the floor, throwing her clothes on top of her apart from the slashed knickers, which Marcella removed 'for my collection'. As they departed, Darby gave the white woman a contemptuous poke in the ribs with her shoe, making her curl up into an even tighter ball. The lesbian rapists walked away, not even caring to give their victim a backwards glance, and their unconcerned laughter echoed down the corridor.

Jenny heard Marcella say: 'we're gonna have some fun with this one the lezzie bitch soaked it all up!' Cerise's reply, 'yeah, she came at least twice,' was corrected by Darby: 'no three times; the slut got off on the ass-fuck, too,' at which all three laughed uproariously.

The rape ends here .

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but if you enjoy lesbian submission & domination, and want to know what happened afterwards, read on . Jenny shuddered as she lay on the cold floor. She had never felt so taken, and was both traumatised and yet beneath that also somehow thrilled in parts of her psyche that she had not realised even existed.

She cried softly to herself, wrapping her arms around her battered and abused breasts.


It was at least ten minutes before she could summon the strength even to sit up, and longer before she pushed her bruised and tender breasts back into the bra even the soft cubs rubbing them painfully and pulled on her crumpled skirt, but she made no attempt to remove Marcella's panties. She slowly buttoned her shirt, fastened her shoes, and staggered to her feet, holding onto the desk for support.

Her cunt ached and throbbed, and her asshole hurt like it was on fire, and every step she took brought a stab of pain. Almost blindly, on auto-pilot, she tottered down the hallway, remembering at the last minute to return to her own classroom for the jacket and briefcase that she had abandoned there. She stopped here for a few moments at the scene where the assault had begun, and tears ran down her cheeks for the innocence that she had lost.

Then she stumbled from the building, down the front steps and across to the staff parking lot still seeing no one on the way. However, the girl gang had not yet left. When they had reached the front lobby, Marcella and Cerise peeled off to the left, entering the small office of the school security staff. It contained the sole guard on duty, a black woman in her late 30s, a former warden at the women's prison who had resigned from that post for reasons that had never been made clear.

She was nearly as tall as Marcella, and her full bust was highlighted by a waist that was still quite slim for a woman entering middle-age. 'Have a good time, girls?' she smirked knowingly, as she rose from her chair and gripped the crotch of Marcella's tight denim shorts. 'Why, nothing happened here,' answered Marcella, unsnubbing the waistband button and jerking down the zip. The shorts tumbled down her legs to her ankles, and she deftly stepped out of them now that Jenny was wearing her panties, there was nothing underneath.

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Her partly-open labia were at once receptive to the guard's eagerly questing fingers, as the older woman replied with a grin: 'of course not nothing at all, it's all been peace and quiet.' The guard went on her knees to apply her tongue to Marcella's slit, homing in on the clitoris with the ease of long experience.

Meanwhile, her other hand was under Cerise's skimpy skirt and inside her panties, pushing and probing for entrance there as well. The two black teens enjoyed the attentions of the mature woman, and still more when she cast aside her uniform tie, shirt and skirt, removed her panties, and proceeded to fuck each of them with a strap-on.

For this, Marcella lay on her back on the small camp-bed in the rear office, pulled her knees up to her waist, gripped her ankles, and spread her thighs wide apart, opening herself up completely.

Cerise liked getting it from behind as well as giving it, and for her turn she knelt on the bed and stuck her ass up in the air. Both girls were already high and wild with sexual frenzy from the rape and now, as well as rewarding the guard (for it was no coincidence that the attack had occurred on her shift), they got the release they craved, coming in turn as she expertly shafted them with the strap-on.

Afterwards, relaxed and satiated, they laid the security guard down on the small bed, and Marcella ate out her cunt whilst Cerise sucked on each of her tits in turn, until the mature black woman groaned and arched her back in a rippling series of orgasms.

Meanwhile, Darby sat outside in Marcella's car in the students' parking zone for she submitted to no woman apart from Marcella, who had been fucking her since they both turned sixteen and had discovered their mutual lesbianism one passionate afternoon in a deserted locker-room.

So it was Darby who saw and sniggered as Jenny tottered from the block entrance to her car, taking three or four attempts to get it unlocked, and then driving erratically away. Jenny drove home in a daze, attracting several angry honks of the horn for slow starts at traffic lights and poor lane-keeping.

At last, she gained the refuge of her apartment, and only then did she strip off Marcella's panties and all her other clothes, and took a long soak in a steaming hot bath. This soothed her physical aches, but did much less for her mental turmoil. Hardly knowing what she thought or felt, the young teacher put on her softest and longest nightdress and crawled into bed, curling up into a ball under the duvet.

One hand clutched at her bruised and aching pussy, and the other cradled her abused breasts. For a while she cried softly to herself, but what really frightened and appalled her was not the degradation and pain that she had endured, but the pleasure and excitement that had grown as her abuse continued. Her mind kept replaying the scenes of her ravishment, the sense of helpless submission to the three tall strong girls, the sight of their black hands gripping and dominating her pale pink flesh, and the shocking memories of her triple orgasms.

After an hour or so, Jenny's tears had stopped, and almost without realising it, the hands which she had wrapped around her breasts had begun to stroke and caress them. The young teacher gave a soft moan, and then slipped out of bed. Removing the nightdress and scarcely believing she was actually doing this she sniffed Marcella's panties, catching the distinctive aroma of the black athlete, and then she pulled them on.

Pushing the duvet aside, Jenny lay on her back on the bed, and began fondling and stroking her own pussy. Tugging the gusset of Marcella's panties aside, she started to finger herself. After a minute, as she began to moan, she opened the drawer beside her bed and took out the largest and longest of her two vibrators.

Jenny did not switch it on, but used it to emulate the strap-on plunging it in and out of her cunt in a hard, almost vicious rhythm. Despite the pain from the bruises or perhaps, even more shockingly, because of them it did not take her long to reach a massive orgasm, arching her back as she climaxed, and hearing her own voice gasping out 'Rape me! Take me rape me! Fucking rape me!!' Then, in the aftermath of coming, she felt so weak and empty that she curled into a ball and began crying again, until she finally fell into a restless sleep.

It was therefore with some element of anticipation, as well as much apprehension, that Miss Gibson received the next instructions from her new owners later in the week. She had accepted that she had no alternative, and had known this when Marcella first explained the honey-trap which had been sprung which was why she had kept silent after the rape and did not cavil or demur now.

Marcella's instructions were that at eight o'clock on Saturday evening she was to stand at a particular street-corner in the centre of town, and wait to be picked up. The teacher was ordered to wear her sluttiest clothes, and she could hardly believe herself as she waited in the early evening sunshine wearing tarty red ankle boots, white fish-net stockings that were held up by a frilly pink suspender belt, a tight black plastic mini-skirt that barely went below her crotch, and a minimal red halterneck from which her tits threatened to spill out at any sudden movement.

She had put a black hoop in her hair and was wearing large sunglasses, in the hope that no one would recognise her though few of the staid teachers would stray into this area, on the edge of the red-light district. On the next corner down were clearly a trio of hookers, and Jenny was nervous as they looked at her with mounting hostility, debating how to deal with this apparent rival on their territory.

The humiliated Jenny had to refuse the propositions of several kerb-crawlers, one of whom became persistent and then abusive. All of this had been calculated by Marcella's cruel cleverness, and so Jenny was positively glad when ten minutes late a black Chrysler sedan pulled up in front of her, with Marcella driving and Cerise in the back seat. Marcella looked at the perspiring teacher sharply, and ordered her to remove the sunglasses.

Then, with a nod and a slight smile of appreciation at the whoreish get-up, she opened the front passenger door and told the school-teacher to get in.

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The next instruction was pleasanter, as Jenny was told to kiss Marcella and fondle her breasts. She did this willingly, not realising that from another car across the junction, which had been parked even before the teacher arrived, Darby was filming the encounter with a high-quality video camera. She was quite an expert with it, and the resulting film would clearly show Jenny greeting Marcella with pleasure, willingly getting into the car, and then eagerly French kissing her pupil whilst groping her breasts during all this, Cerise had ducked out of sight, so it looked as if Marcella was alone in the car.

When the gang showed the teacher this film later, she sobbed in fear but also in a kind of relief. She knew the bitches had her now, owned her completely there was no escape, and so no point in further resistance.

Whatever happened from now would not be her fault, and she would let it take her wherever her new mistresses desired. After collecting Jenny, they drove out of town for about twelve miles, Darby's small red car leading the way.

Their destination was reached after a final section which wound along narrow forest lanes, ending at an isolated cabin in the remote woodland. It belonged to Darby's uncle, who was away serving in the army in Iraq; he was divorced and had no children, and so had asked her to look after it for him while he was away. Jenny was dragged into the garage section, where two mattresses lay on the rough concrete floor. The teacher was strapped into hand and ankle cuffs, and these were fastened by short chains and padlocks to eye-bolts that were firmly fixed into the wooden walls.

She was roughly fondled whilst being fixed in place, and her panties were stripped away before her legs were secured, so that she was standing in a X-shape, her mini-skirt pushed up around her waist and her bare cunt fully exposed. Jenny remained there in a state of mingled whimpering fear and wet arousal, whilst the black teens lounged on the mattresses and rolled dice to see who would have her, in what order and how many times.

Cerise was the winner, and with a whoop she came up to Jenny and jerked the halterneck over and above her breasts. Cerise gripped Jenny's nipples, and laughed: 'these are mine now, bitch, mine for what I want!' This turned out to be a painful titty-fuck, and Jenny was forced onto the mattresses on her back, whilst Cerise straddled her chest and took one breast in a vice-like grip, squeezing it until the nipple jutted out prominently.

Then the black girl used this roughly as you would a plastic vibrator, rubbing it up and down her slit, and pushing inside. However, Cerise stopped short of actually coming, and then flipped a squalling Jenny over onto her stomach. The black girl put on a strap-on, and before Jenny could either rise or squirm away, she took the white school-teacher from behind, with so much force that it felt like another rape, although in truth she was no longer resisting.

Jenny tried to change her mind when her next assailant proved to be Darby, who turned out to have a thing for taking white women anally, but she was in a hopeless position as at least one limb and usually two were chained up at any given moment. Even so, Jenny flailed around wildly, shrieking at the top of her voice, whilst the other two girls forced her face-down on the mattress and pulled her legs apart. Once again Jenny felt the knob of the dildo being lined up with her asshole, and she trembled in terror of the pain it would inflict.

But either she was less tight on this second anal penetration, or perhaps the wetness already on the dildo helped for this time its entry was not as agonising, although it was still painful and frightening. During the rest of that night the black girls barely took a rest, and Jenny discovered what being gang-banged truly meant an almost continuous round of forced, aggressive violations.

By the time dawn was starting to break, around 4.00 a.m., the school-teacher had reached the end of her tether. She was exhausted, broken in spirit, aching and bruised in body, and felt she had cried enough tears to fill a bucket. Eventually even this vicious and athletically fit trio had run out of steam, though not before they had each taken the white woman at least five times, maybe more.

At last, they left her to sleep on the mattress, with a blanket thrown over her, and one wrist and one ankle still chained up to make sure she did not get away. But that thought was not on her mind instead she was reliving some of the dozen or so orgasms she had been brought to during her ordeal, even coming under the impact of Darby's brutalising anal fucks.

Late on Sunday morning, Jenny was roughly shaken awake. She was allowed to use the toilet and have a drink of water, before being straddled by Darby and then by Cerise, and ordered to lick each of them in turn to a climax. The abused teacher's tongue and jaw ached after she finally made Cerise buck and moan and come, and she lay limply on her back. Her final fuck was to be the most monstrous of all, and the girls had a wicked gleam in their eyes as they chained her wrist and ankle cuffs to the four corners of the sweaty mattress.

Even in her broken and exhausted condition, Jenny could appreciate that Marcella was a superb sight naked, athletic, her full breasts jutting and swinging free as she moved with lithe grace, her dark skin glowing with a sheen of exercise and sexual excitement.

The black girl sank to her knees between Jenny's thighs, and began to finger the white woman's vagina again but even more forcefully than before, reawakening all the bruises from the previous night's sexual marathon. Marcella first worked in two fingers, sliding all the way up to her knuckles, then a third, and then a fourth by which point, Jenny was shivering with fear and sobbing in shame. A sharp push from Marcella elicited a howl of panic from the teacher, as the black girl sank her other finger and thumb into the young woman's vagina, followed by the rest of her hand up to the wrist.

Jenny screamed and screamed from the bruising pain and the unbelievable feeling of being stretched so wide, but it did no good. There was no need to gag her in this remote place, and in any case the solid timber walls muffled and absorbed the noise. Jenny had heard of being fisted, but it had never happened to her before and she was always rather afraid of it; now she had no choice, and she had never felt so filled up, so utterly fucked.

Her protesting shrieks ran down into harsh moans, and then softer mewling noises, as her pelvis twitched and thrust in a counterpoint to the unrelenting jabs of Marcella's arm and, unbelievably the fisting made her come, riding higher and longer than any previous climax. 'You fuck-slut!' shouted Marcella, and she slapped the white woman across the face. The gang bitches left the near-catatonic teacher tied to the mattress, as they took turns in the shower sometimes alone, sometimes, laughingly and sensually, with each other.

Then they had a leisurely brunch, but gave Jenny only another drink of water and some plain dry bread, releasing her wrist restraints so that she could sit up to eat and drink.

The abused white woman was barely aware of her surroundings, puffy-eyed from her tears and ashen-faced with shock, as she slowly accepted the terrible truth the things these black dyke rapists had done to her were the most profoundly thrilling, exciting and, yes, fulfilling things that had ever happened to her, and she wanted to submit herself to them for more and more. When about an hour later Marcella came to check on her, some instinct made the gang leader aware that the psychological breaking point had been passed, that this teacher was now truly their submissive slave for whatever purpose they wanted, willing and without the need for blackmail.

She cupped Jenny's chin in her hand, looked her straight in the eyes for a long moment, and then kissed her slowly, after which she sat back on her haunches, thighs spread and the pink slit of her wet cunt open and visible, and said with satisfaction: 'you belong to me, cunt, you hear?' And Jenny Gibson, seven years older and far more educated, supposedly in authority over her pupil, lowered her eyes and meekly responded: 'yes, mistress'.

Marcella nodded and grunted in satisfaction, and went back to tell her cronies of the new addition to their stable. The girls had a basketball match in mid-afternoon, and so they drove back to the city, pausing on their way to push Jenny out of the car outside her condo.

The battered teacher was barely able to walk to the lift and along the corridor to her apartment door; once inside, she fell to her hands and knees, and crawled first to the bathroom and then into the bedroom, whimpering as every moment set off a fresh ache or pain in either her breasts, her pussy or her anus. By resting quietly for the rest of the day, she managed to get to work on Monday, wearing a trouser suit and long-sleeve top to hide the bruises, and explaining her limp with a story about slipping on the wet bathroom floor.

She did not have to wait all week until her next submission to her new mistress's commands. On Wednesday, Marcella ordered her to wait after school in her own classroom, and she sat there for nearly 30 minutes wavering between hope that the bitch had forgotten her and disappointment that she might have done so. Of course, Marcella had not, but she surprised Jenny by arriving together with the tough and dykeish black security guard. Miss Gibson was ordered to her knees, and to kiss Marcella's feet and work upwards from there.

Although she gave a glance, half apprehensive and half ashamed, at the security guard, Jenny obeyed without hesitation. Marcella hoisted her skirt above her waist, revealing that she wore no panties they were actually somewhere under the camp-bed in the security office, where she and the guard had enjoyably spent the last fifteen minutes, whilst she gave time for Jenny to stew in her own juices.

The young teacher did not hesitate to apply her tongue to the girl's pussy, and worked hard enough on it to earn some moans and gasps, and a flood of wetness onto her tongue. Then she was told to remove her skirt and panties, and bend over her own desk, face down and legs spread apart.

Marcella pulled Jenny's blouse up around her breasts, and then with the guard lolling against the doorway, and appreciatively savouring every moment she took Jenny rough and hard with a strap-on, gripping the young teacher's hair and forcing her to arch her back. After Marcella worked herself to orgasm during which time Jenny came at least twice she instructed the school-teacher to crawl on her hands and knees over to the guard.

The mature black woman unzipped and removed her uniform skirt, took off her shirt and tie, and slipped her skimpy panties down her legs leaving her munificent F-cup breasts in the support of their plunge bra.

For a while the security guard enjoyed the oral stimulation, turned on by having one of the proud and snotty white bitch teachers, who normally walked past her almost without seeing her, humbled and lapping at her cunt. Then Marcella handed her the strap-on, and Jenny found out the difference between a fucking from a girl (good as Marcella was) and a real shafting from an experienced, muscular, mature and heavy woman.

It was like being riven through with a hammered spike, but one that targeted the clitoris and every erogenous zone in her lower body she shrieked and thrashed and jerked, but was held in a vice-like grip by the black woman's powerful hands on her hips.

In the end, Jenny fainted, a collapse which gave the guard one of the best orgasms of the year. Leaving Jenny crumpled on the floor, to recover and leave in her own time, the younger and older dominant black lesbians walked away, arm in arm, to continue their mutual love-making. The final part of Jenny's initiation into her new world of submission came on the following Saturday.

She was again told to dress like a whore, but this time was collected from her own flat, ducking swiftly into the car in the hope that none of her neighbours saw her slutty outfit. Marcella drove, with Darby in the front seat next to her; Jenny sat in the back with Cerise, who promptly unzipped and shucked off her miniscule mini-skirt and lacy thong, spread her legs open, and ordered the teacher to go down on her.

Jenny did so avidly, loving the taste of Cerise's pink slit and the unmistakeable aroma of black-girl cunt, and for this reason she did not even see which neighbourhood they drove to. When the car pulled up, they were in a modest but quite respectable suburban street of quite small, neat houses.

They left the car, Marcella and Darby leading the way, then Jenny, with Cerise following behind once she had slipped her skirt back on. They strolled up the steps to the porch and then unexpectedly to Jenny neither knocked on the main door or rang a bell, but opened it and walked straight in.

The girls stopped inside the hallway, and Jenny had her second surprise. There, clearly waiting for them, was a woman kneeling on the floor, her forehead pressed against it and her hands stretched out in front of her, in a pose of complete submission. This was confirmed by her following words: 'I am at your command, my mistresses'.

The woman was completely naked except for a strange harness of thin leather straps, which wove around the top of each leg and criss-crossed her back (it had the same X shape at the font, crossing between her breasts, but Jenny could not see this yet), and both of these straps were fastened to a wider belt around her waist.

The belt had several brass rings for chains or padlocks, as did the leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles, and she also wore a leather neck collar from which a silver chain dangled.

Finally, her feet were encased in a pair of street-whore strappy black shoes with four inch heels. Jenny had a slight feeling of recognition when the woman spoke, but even so she was not prepared for her third and biggest shock. After the woman had kissed and licked the feet of all three of the black girl-gang, Darby ordered her to 'get up, bitch!' As she rose to a kneeling position, the woman's face was revealed and Jenny was stunned to discover that she was another teacher from the high school: Ms Mourinhas.

Jenny did not know her well did not even know her first name for certain, as they had only been introduced once but she had been aware of her. Ms Mourinhas Corinna, yes, that was her name was a science teacher in her late 20s, maybe just 30, a Hispanic woman with beautiful dark eyes and long straight black hair, and most of all a full, lush, busty figure.

Seeing her now almost nude, Jenny gasped at the swell of the long pendulous breasts which now swung gloriously into full view, and felt her own panties drench at the sight.

Corinna looked at her in equal, if not greater shock, until Jenny blushed and looked at the floor she was aware that she was quite a sight in thigh-high black shiny boots, purple hot pants and a skimpy white halter-neck top. Marcella laughed uproariously at the dismay and discomfort of the two school-teachers, and pushed Jenny back against the wall of the hall. Without resistance from the stunned young teacher, Marcella jerked the hot pants open and pulled them to her knees and then shoved a finger into the bare pussy underneath.

Jenny gave a yowl from the rough intrusion, but otherwise remained still, even trying to arch her legs open a bit further. Corinna's mouth fell open at this evidence of lesbian submission, and a gleam came into her eye. The two women were then taken into the living room of Corinna's house, and here Jenny was given a matching slave-harness and told to put it on. Next Jenny was ordered to lie down on the floor on her back, spreading her legs wide open, and Corinna was told to get on top of her in the 69 position but neither teacher was to put their tongue to the other's pussy until Marcella gave permission.

The three black teens slipped chains through the buckles on the belts of the two women, drawing them tight and fixing them together with padlocks. Then they chained Jenny's wrist cuffs to Corinna's ankle cuffs, and vice versa. The two white women were now almost immobile, their breasts pressed flat into each other's stomachs, and their mouths within reach of each other's vaginas.

Once they were fastened, Marcella told them to start licking, whilst the gang of three lounged on the sofa, laughing and drinking beers from the kitchen refrigerator. Corinna had a shaven cunt, and Jenny could easily penetrate her slit without needing to use her hands, and fortunately the older teacher was adept enough to find Jenny's clitoris quite quickly.

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However, before they could take each other to a climax, the three black teenagers donned strap-ons, and began a gang-rape of their captive teachers. They took the woman who was on top, with her ass jutting up so invitingly. The pace was relentless: as soon as one of them had fucked her, they pulled out and their successor rammed her dildo in unmercifully.

As Jenny was underneath, she had a close-up view of the ravaging of Corinna, who was first on the menu. The younger teacher watched breathtakingly as the black bodies thrust savagely into the older white woman's cunt, their flat stomach muscles and the front plate of the strap-on smacking against Corinna's slightly fleshy buttocks with each inwards thrust.

The Hispanic teacher tried to devote her attention to probing Jenny's pussy with her tongue, but this was frequently interrupted by her gasps or shrieks of pain especially when Darby fucked her anally. Jenny nearly swooned as she watched this she had never seen lesbian anal sex before, never mind at a range of about six inches.

This viewpoint left nothing to the imagination or to Jenny's disquieting realisation that she would soon be receiving the same treatment. And so it was: once the trio had all had a turn on Corinna, Marcella shouted gleefully 'roll 'em, cowgirls!', and with a sudden jerk the bound and chained women were shoved sideways, so that Corinna was underneath and it was Jenny's sweet tender pussy and ass that were up for taking next.

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This time the order changed, and to Jenny's horror Darby went first the teacher was still appalled at the idea of anal sex, never mind done so violently, and it damaged her the most both physically and mentally. The black girls just laughed at her sobs and pleading, which only aroused them to treat her even more cruelly.

'Nailed her!' shouted Darby in triumph, as Jenny's body shuddered in obvious climax simultaneously with the black bitch achieving her own orgasm. Whilst one of the teen gang was fucking the teacher who was on top, the other two amused themselves by reaching in between the two bound women and tweaking or pinching their soft breasts.

The orgy of lust and racial domination continued for nearly two hours a relentless, crucifying series of rape-induced orgasms, driving the two helpless victims nearly to collapse, and rooting them ever more firmly into abject sexual submissiveness. When the girls were finished, they removed the chains and ropes, and then told the two humbled white teachers that they had been 'good fuck-slaves'; as a reward, Jenny could stay overnight with Corinna, if the older woman wanted her.

Jenny looked hopefully at the full-breasted Hispanic woman, and was relieved to see a gleam of lust come into her eyes. 'Oh, yes,' said Corinna, falling to her knees and profusely thanking her mistress, 'I'll have her I'll give her the education she needs'. Then the two teachers took up the posture of submission, kneeling on the hall floor, foreheads to the floor and their tits brushing the carpet, until their beautiful black dominas had left.