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Christy Mack und capri cavanni hot freie Porno Videos youporn
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The story, a true story, tells of a man and a woman having a cyber relationship, and about an hypothetical meeting of them, after long repressed each other's instincts for fear of ruining the friendship. Meeting which might become reality.

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It tells of days when the man takes the initiative and declares his love to her, and both explode in a whirlwind of erotic passion, pleasure for all the repressed desires for too long. The story is sometimes romantic, sometimes erotic, it's explicit and compelling while it never be vulgar .- Please leave comment or suggestions at [email protected] Tnx!

By Fonzie18 (18 is not my age but my size) The dream became reality I have come to fetch you at Milano's airport.

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As soon as you've seen me thou hast done a radiant smile and you are racing to meet me. We have embraced like good friends, then I accompanied you to your hotel.

Just arrived in the room, I donated you a bouquet of red roses. A rose I had removed all thorns and we'd put on a ticket. You've taken the flowers with a big smile, then you've seen the rose without thorns with the ticket attached.

You opened and you read it. It said "This is you. A rose without thorns.

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I Love You ". You lay the roses on the table, slowly did you come to me looking into my eyes, in silence. I approached too. I looked at you. And we kissed. I felt your voluptuous tongue caress mine, in a flurry of irresistible passion, like waves breaking on the rocks. For too long time we have waited this moment, and now our passion finally ran free like a wild horse.

We moans by pleasure. The tongues penetrated deep throat, our hearts galloped stronger and stronger. You hugged me until you almost smother me, I stroked your cheeks pink and your long hair, like a thousand scented silk threads.

I felt your nipples are standing as swords touch mine. With one hand I began to caress her breasts. then her nipples over the thin patterned shirt by your statutory forms. You groaned with pleasure. I took courage and I inserted my hands under your shirt and I untied the bra, always continuing to kiss you.

You take off it without cleaving by me. I looked up your shirt and began to kiss your breasts and licking and sucking your nipples, completely rigid, like two small nails. You went mad from pleasure. You leaned down your head backward with your eyes closed, I went with one hand down and I untied your jeans, so I inserted the hand in your panties.

You were hot, completely wet, soggy by pleasure and desire. I inserted two fingers in your inviting pussy, and began to move rapidly, now you groan of pleasure, your hand down to caress my package, made massive by my excitement. You delighted by the result and you untied my jeans too. The erection had transformed my boxer shorts in Lycra in a t-shirt! You inserted inside your hand and you began to masturbate me.

Both went mad from excitement. My member was like a baton. You detached from me, you kneeled down, then you began sucking it, moaning and groaning over before, enjoying as me. You began to lick the tip gently. Your velvety soft tongue gave me shivers of pleasure that made me shudder, then you swallowed all the glans, and sweetness you began to whirl the tongue around it. I seemed to faint! I had it big as never before and as hard as the marble, it was like as an egyptian obelisk, it was barely into your mouth.

Then you began to masturbate me while also you continued to suck and lick.


With your other hand you caressed my balls, you making me crazy. Then you continuing to masturbate me, you came down to lick everything, including the balls, now I was in ecstasy! Then you take it into mouth again, this time you trying to swallow it all, I felt the glans pressing on your hot throat, an indescribable feeling.

I exploded like a volcano rivers hot cum in her mouth, and thou with me, you enjoyed, swallowing and sucking every last drop everything, greedily. I caressed and I kissed you for a long time, then with the penis still erect I took you in my arms and I put you on the bed. I took your wonderful and long legs and I started on their knees to lick and kiss them, reaching further and further.

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Your sweet, hot and sweet-smelling lips of your pussy begged my kisses like a flower begs the water. More I approached to that oasis of pleasure and more you moan, completely abandoned to my caresses! I reached your thighs, you opened your legs even more, you opened like a flower that want the sun, and the sun came. I kissed gently your voluptuous clitoris; you shuddered and you began to rub breasts and nipples. I licked the warm, wet lips of your delicious vulva, I inserted into the tongue and I tasted your sugary nectar.

It was as hot as your passion. I began to lick and suck your clitoris gently all around.


Your anus began to throb, you were coming, you repeated gasping, "Yes, go on, go on.- I did it, and with a long groan you arched the back and you came in my mouth.

How delicious your juice was, my love! I inserted the tongue inside until the bottom to not lose even one drop of your delicious honey. So I got up, my member was blazing, it asking only you. You looked at it with some apprehension and you told me: -Be gentle.- I put it with the glans on the lips of your throbbing and warm pussy, then I pushed gently, it opened and it received it in a hot and tight hug. It slowly surrendered to the size of my member, it was suitable for it like a glove. I continued to move it gently up and down, until I felt your muscles surrender, then I pushed it to the bottom, you remained breathless, you moaned with open mouth and eyes wide open.

I began then to move it up and down, up and down, and you began to cry of pleasure: -Yes. All. All.!!!- I plunger like a train. I leaned on you and lick your nipples, I caressed your face, I kissed you French style, with my tongue touching your throat vibrating by pleasure. I felt your vagina throb, and you came again. You've turned me upside down kissing me greedily, and standing sit above me did you start to go up and down. You straightened by bending your head back and you closed your eyes, I felt your pussy pulsing.

I stretched my hands and I caressed your breasts and nipples. You came again flooding me, like a waterfall, of the hot mood of your pleasure.

You repeated continually: "Oh love, ohh! - I raised you and I put you prone on the bed. I bent over you and started to kiss your neck and to lick your ears, you was gasping. I went with tongue down your back, you had goose bumps and thrill of pleasure. I reached to your buttocks, I licked and kissed all, so I opened them and admired that beautiful pink flower that is your anus. I began to lick it and to put my tongue inside, keeping your buttocks open.

You screamed by pleasure, you arching your belly to improve access. Your pussy was dripping. You inserted inside it two fingers and you began to masturbate while I continued to lick you. I putted a finger gently inside it, it was boiling. You said: -Aaahhh. Yes.- I took it as an invitation and I continued by putting two fingers gently now. I moved them inside you, and I whirled them, you groan still continuing to masturbate.

I pulled out them, your anus remained open, I slipped my tongue, licking inside and around. You told me: - Take me! - I leaned against my glans on that inviting pink little hole. I began to slowly push, I felt your muscles slowly surrendering to my action.

Then you pushed back yourself, making me enter shot inside you. You cried and you stopped for a moment. I remained motionless with my member inside your tight and enveloping ass. So you said: -Okay, go ahead. Slowly . Yes!- I pushed him gently inside you, I felt you and I enjoyed as far as the brain, your hot ass which enveloped my entire penis drove me crazy.

I pushed it all in, you were out of breath, my balls slapped your dripping pussy, I increased the rhythm, you screamed and you masturbated like crazy, you were coming, and I came with you, I pouring into you my most glowing orgasm.

You collapsed on the bed completely exhausted and you said: -Oh my love.- I replied: -I love you!- I turned you back on the bed, I lay on you, your nipples against mine.

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We kissed completely enraptured, I closed the eyes. I reopened them, I was in my bed, completely alone, with my boxer completely soaked. I took a shower, and I went to work. I had still your perfume on me. And I was late.- Fonzie18 Please tell me your comments at [email protected]

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