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Glamour busty blonde shemale fucks horny dude in anus
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I owned and operated a business for over ten years and have had quite a few employees during the course of that time. There was one person I will call Mike that I took under my wing and helped a little more than I helped my other employees. One reason was that I hired Mike and then discovered he was a runaway and a minor.

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I convinced him we should contact his parents and let them know he was all right. His parents were overjoyed when he called, as they were very worried. As it wound up, his parents were so overjoyed that I convinced him to contact them that they approved his staying on with me and continuing to work, so long as he stayed in contact with them.

Mike stayed with me well past his eighteenth birthday and then finally moved back home to be close to his parents. I told everyone we would finish the job the next Monday and let everyone go home a little early as we were ahead of schedule.

I asked Mike if he wanted to come home to have dinner with my wife and me. He agreed but wanted to go and clean up first and asked me if it was all right if he brought his new girlfriend along as he had promised her he would take her out that evening.

I told him she was more than welcome. He left telling me he would see me in about two hours. I went home and told my wife that Mike was coming over and bringing his new girlfriend over for dinner. "Great," she said as she laughed and jokingly added, "I guess he has started to outgrow his infatuation with me then." This, of course, made me chuckle a little, as I know that over the course of the years Mike was with us, he was infatuated with her and he told me himself.

My wife just guessed. I was just getting the grill started when the doorbell rang and my wife said she would get it. It was Mike and his girlfriend who he introduced to us as Shelly. When I met Shelly, I was surprised; she was one of those drop-dead gorgeous girls whom most simply dream of and here Mike did not have to dream. We got the steaks off the grill and had dinner then sat down in our rec.

room and started talking. I asked Mike what his plans were for the evening and told them they were welcome to stay longer and maybe watch a movie with us. Mike said that would be great unless Shelly still wanted to go out to the movie as they had planned, she jumped in and said she would love to stay.

Shelly and my wife went off into the next room and Mike and I grabbed a drink and started talking again, this time as my wife wasn't there he told me that Shelly may be beautiful, she still wasn't my wife and laughed. When the girls came back, Mike excused himself and said he would be right back. My wife came over and asked what was up.

I never hide anything from her and told her what Mike had said, she smiled and said, "Well at least I haven't been totally replaced!" which made both of us laugh. I asked her if she wanted me to see if Mike would want some private time with her as I had many times before and she again said as she always did to "Stop." Everyone returned to the rec.

room and we put on some music, grabbed a few more drinks, sat around on the floor, and talked. To this day, I am still a little confused as to how things really got started but I am sure that with the few drinks that we had all loosened up which made it a little easier. Mike and my wife were sitting on the couch and I was on the floor close to Shelly.

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The conversation was a getting little on the heated side when I looked at Mike and told him here was his chance if he wanted my wife as I could always take Shelly for a while. Mike's eyes grew wide open, as we had never said anything aloud around my wife as he was embarrassed and did not want her to know. My wife looked at me in a strange way as well then smiled and leaned forward to Mike and she put her hand on his shoulder and asked him if he was truly that interested.

Then Shelly spoke up and really surprised me as she said that the whole thing sounded fun and was game if everyone else was. I looked at Shelly, put my arms out to her, and said yes, she moved over and leaned back into me and pulled my arms around her. Mike was still sitting there not moving, as he looked a little stunned.

I was not sure how far my wife would let this go, as we were not swingers, nor had we planned this. I looked at my wife and I was getting the signal from her that she was getting hot and if I did not do something soon she would go nuts.

I told Mike that he needed to caress my wife as she was getting lonely and needed some one especially if I was going to be with Shelly. "Take her blouse off," I told him, he was really nervous now and I could tell he needed help or to get out.

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I still was not thinking at the time that this would really go all of the way but my cock was really getting interested.

For one, Shelly was really a hot babe and seemed that she was really interested in going the full route and two, because the thought of someone else banging my wife while I was there made me even harder.

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Shelly and I got up and moved over to the couch; Mike jumped up from the couch and let Shelly sit down next to my wife. I grinned at my wife and asked Mike what was wrong. He just looked at me not knowing what to make of what we were saying, as I found out later that he thought that I was kidding and if he did anything, I might get mad.

Mike was sitting on the floor and I asked him again, "Are you going to do something? She is waiting! Here, let me show you." I moved up to my wife, kissed her, and whispered into her ear, how far should we take this or should we let him off the hook. She told me that she wanted to go as far as I did and besides, Shelly would be disappointed if I did not do something for her. I then gave my wife a one-arm hug, unsnapped her bra through her blouse, reached down with my other hand, and started to undo her pants.

I slipped my hand down her pants, rubbed, and then looked at Mike who was now moving closer. I reached out, grabbed Mike's arm, pulled him even closer, moved his hand down toward my wife's open pants, and placed his hand onto her still clothed mound.

He started to pull away when my wife took hold of his hand and started moving it herself saying to Mike, "You've wanted to do this, you better take it now, or you may never get a chance again!" Mike moved in, sat next to her, and let her lead.

I felt a tug on the back of my shirt and turned to see Shelly who had now opened her blouse and was pulling me back toward her. I looked back at my wife who was watching what was happening and still helping Mike rub her the right way when she smiled and mouthed, "Go for it!" I smiled and turned to Shelly, grabbed her hand and helped her stand up.

I then looked at everyone on the couch and said to get up. Again, Mike's eyes widened and did not know what to think.

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When everyone got up, I reached down and opened up the queen-sized pull out sleeper from the couch. I sat on one side, my wife sat on the other, and as she was pulling Mike towards her, I was pulling Shelly towards me. I saw my wife undoing Mike's pants and letting them fall but missed the rest as I then turned my attention to Shelly. Shelly let her blouse fall off and removed her bra as I unhooked her skirt and let it fall. Now only in her panties, she moved closer and I pulled them down.

I stood up, dropped my pants, and sat back down pulling Shelly close to me and burying my face into her cunt. Shelly grabbed the back of my head pulling me in tighter and I continued to lap at her juices. Mike I guess was starting to loosen up as I heard him make a groaning sound and turned to see him getting sucked by my wife.

I asked Mike if he was enjoying himself and all he could do was nod and smile. Shelly squealed and then dropped down and started sucking my dick. I could not take it any more, I stopped her, and pulled her on top of me, she then guided my dick into her very moist, very hot pussy.

The bed was already bouncing as Mike was on top of my wife burying his dick into her as fast and as hard as he could. This went on throughout the course of the night and the weekend. If we went to sleep, someone would wake up and start again. I heard Mike get up on Sunday morning and he looked at me while he was getting dressed and said he was running out to get everyone breakfast.

I told him to hurry back, as the weekend was not over yet. He smiled and said he would hurry; he would be back in about an hour. I had layback down, closed my eyes, and started drifting back to sleep. Before that could happen, I felt someone between my legs licking my dick and getting it hard again. I just lay there with my eyes closed until the sensation on my dick was; well the only way I can describe it was I was getting licked in stereo.


I opened my eyes to see both my wife and Shelly. They then started taking turns swallowing my dick, one would go down then come off, and the other would go down and then pull off.

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My wife then stopped and moved up to kiss me and said she needed a good tongue-lashing and proceeded to sit on my face. Shelly again guided my dick back into her pussy and started moving up and down slowly then leaned over and started sucking on my wife's breasts.

We had finished and got up before Mike came back two hours later and sat down to eat. Mike apologized that he was gone so long. We all agreed that he was forgiven and that he could be late again if he needed to be which caused everyone to laugh except Mike who just looked a little perplexed, but smiled anyway.

I found out later that Shelly had asked my wife if we did this all of the time and wanted to know if we would be interested in a live in. My wife told her that this was a first for us and for now, she did not think that would be a good idea. Shelly had called me a couple of times as well wanting to get together alone and had broken up with Mike because she wanted to be with my wife and I.

My wife and I met with Shelly one more time before she left town for another job she had taken, and sadly this was not only the first but also the last time my wife and I did this as she and I finally separated. I shut the business down and Mike moved close to his parents.

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A few years later, I was in the town where Mike lived and called to say hi. He asked me where I was and I told him that I was here on business.

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He asked me not to go out for dinner on my own as he wanted to take me out with him and his wife. That night as he had a surprise for me and would take care of dinner as well.


I did get a surprise that night but that is another story.