Teen fucks n tugs stepdad

Teen fucks n tugs stepdad
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ATTENTION: This is a story out of imagination only. It is intended only for those places in the imagination where we think things that we would never do and would not work out that well in real life. It is a fiction and intended for entertainment of the private mind only.

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Chapter 2 Later that night. Mark retreated into his bedroom on the second floor and stared out the window at the lights of the houses. He contemplated the evenings events. He had to admit some kind of love for Valentina. It couldn't be romantic,though.

They had different places in life. There was no way that could work. It definitely was her choice he admitted to himself.

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He pondered his own actions and knew that he had not tried to influence her, seduce her, or manipulate her. He also had to admit that were Val at least ten years older (okay even 5 year older), there would be no hesitation at all to enjoy any company she wished to share with him. If Mark closed his eyes, just remembered her conversations, and could forget the candles on that cake, he could pretend easily that she was that ten years older.

His thoughts just kept going round and round. He could not get his mind off this conundrum. Marks phone buzzed at him and he picked it up to check the screen. It was a text. It was from the swinger couple that had invited him to their house party.

He had planned, earlier, to stop by Val's party for a little while then head on over to the party and start meeting people he might want to get to know better both in and out of the bedroom. It was kind of late but the text asked if everything was alright and expressed that if he was still interested they had enjoyed chatting with him and would still like to meet him.

Mark did not have the strong sexual energy he had earlier. Wow! I should hope not. He did think it would be nice to meet some more local people. In this case,also, with safe people he could express some of the eros that had been so stirred up tonight. It would also be a way to get his mind off of where it had been stuck.

Mark was met at the door by a perfect George Washington who was followed up medium build perfectly proportioned Cleopatra. George welcomed him cheerfully while Cleo looked him up and down and smiled. She then said " Sandy told me you sounded like a good man.

For my part I really like the outfit and what's in it. Are you wearing that kilt traditionally" "Och! Lass! That" frrr me tae know an ye to woonder aboot" with a grin and a pronounced Scottish burr.

She smiled wickedly but didn't pursue it further. It was a pleasant evening. Some of the costumes had come off to a greater or lesser degree.

Mark found all the people he talked with to be comfortable company, diverse and attractive enough regardless of education or type of work, or type of body.

Mark had always found that attractiveness does not revolve completely around perfect body. An otherwise healnthy body with some extra weight, some modest sag, proportionate thickness or some bonyness paired with a cheerful good attitude was someone he could enjoy. Mark had, for himself, learned that there was no ugly smiling woman's face. The smile and the warmth and fun behind it beautified all women.


He was relaxed and did not pursue anyone, though he did note some of the ladies subtly hinted at availability. As the evening wore on, the air of sensuality and sexuality did revive Marks erotic feelings. He had not planned on getting intimately involved. He wanted to play it cool at his first meeting of this house full of swingers. Walking from the back bathroom later in the evening Mark heard an "OOOOOOHHHHH!

don't stop don't stop!" He looked into one of the bedrooms and saw a lean blond sitting on a supine man's cock In a reverse cowgirl position and squirming all around with her legs spread and knees high.

She looked to be coming down from an orgasm and getting ready to work up to another. She had help from friends. One man, probably husband, was beside her, tweaking her left nipple telling her how lovely she looked while cumming and getting sucked and fucked by her friends.

A voluptuous brunette whose name he had forgotten was kneeling between the blonds legs suckling on her clit and lapping up her lubrication while a plump pale freckled redhead was latched onto the blond's right breast.

The redhead, Annie, who had shown interest in Mark earlier looked up, took her mouth off the blond blew Mark a kiss, and grinned. At the same time the only other grey haired man at the party had come up behind her started caressing her full soft ass. She turned her head to look at him and nodded her head vigorously and he slowly entered her from behind and she pushed back to get filled.She patted the blond on the ass and looked at the kneeling man.

He nodded,smiled, and told the blond he hoped she was turned on enough have her ass played with. She looked to him, face contorted by ecstasy with a hint of worry. Mark saw the redheads hand slip under the blonds ass as her mouth reconnected with the blonds right breast.

He saw her hand give a little shove and the blond went crazy "AAAAAhhhhh! AAAAHHHHH! FUUUCK!!!!! KEEP ON !! KEEP ME CUMMING!!! The plump redhead started screaming as the grey haired man pumped her deeply from behind, "MHMHMHMHMHMH!!!!" her scream gagged by the blonds breast filling her whole sucking mouth.

Mark watched the two women writhed around in climax. The grey haired man was picking up speed and force as he looked to be working up to cumming in the tight pussy of the plump redhead.

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She was still climaxing and sucking on the blonds tit. The other fellow under the howling blond didn't look like he could do more than squirm under her ass. He moaned suddenly, "UNH UNH AH Shit!" and filled the blonds pussy which the voluptuous brunette eagerly lapped up. He took a deep breath to calm himself and continued down the hall to make his goodbyes.

He passed the game room with the pool table. and almost bumped into the cute gal in the french maids short skirted, aproned outfit that he had been introduced to earlier as Marie 'the Very French Maid'.

He had almost taken action on the invitation in her eyes. He liked her. She had a unique petite beauty, charm and bright energy made her quite desirable She stopped Mark and smiled "I noticed that you have a bandage under the straps on the side of your vest. Why are you bandaged?" "Just a little uhh. little problem earlier today. It's all okay now." Mark replied. He realized his kilt was tenting out from the erotic display he had just witnessed. She was looking back and forth from his kilt to his bandaged side.

Then her eyes opened wide and she said, "You're him! You're the guy!" "Probably not" he deferred "Yes, you're him." she averred. "My husband is a detective and heard earlier of an attempted robbery at that little general store where the owner and a customer were both wounded but took down the robbers quite decisively.

My Sweet Jesus!! I have been attracted to you all night. And now I find out you're him." Suddenly Mark found her delicious body plastered against him with one of her hands caressing his kilt covered butt.


She tilted her head back to look into his eyes and asked him, "Please kiss me. Who could say no? Mark pulled her to him. His tented kilt pressed her squirming belly, Her lips devoured his. He felt like a dam had burst in him.

Her hand had found his bare cock under the kilt and she whispered in his ear, "Please fuck me. You don't have to take your time or be gentle. I know it is a little kinky but I get off in my imagination and sometimes it takes over. Heroic things like what you did tonight push a special button in me sometimes.

You seem to be a very nice man and I would love to enjoy your sweetness sometime but right now I would love it if you would take me anyway you want. Put it in me anywhere you want and plant your semen inside me. You are a wounded celtic hero and I am a wood nymph aching for heroic human cum that keeps me young and makes my magic work." Well, it felt like there was a bursting of something magical.

She squirmed against him, grabbed his face, and kissed him again. The recent display of beauty and pleasure, this delightful beauty aching for him, and memories of Val overpowered him. Mark suddenly picked her up and kissed her back. While they were kissing passionately she was grabbing low and tugging his kilt up out of the way and wrapping her legs around his waist. One of his hands found her ass and also found that there were no panties under the short skirt and apron.

She wiggled her ass around and plunged herself down to engulf his swollen helmeted manhood. Her wet heat lit his cock on pleasure fire. Almost immediately she hunched down taking all of him in her hot silken prize and started clenching his cock in continuous spasms.

Mark lost awareness of time pushing her back onto the pool table border and continued pulling all the way out and slamming deeply into her pussy. She buried her head against his chest and bit the leather of his vest and began a high pitched growl. As she came down a little from that orgasm Mark held her in place and started thrusting hard up into her, and kept burying his thick seven inches deeper in her hot tight canal than he thought possible. Her pussy started spasming again as he pounded her and her growls turned to sharp little yips.

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He pulled out turned her over and held her face down over the pool table, pulled up her little maid skirt and slammed into her from behind. He now was in a world of kaleidoscopic imagination and he was seeing the redheads pale thick waisted full ass, sometimes the perfectly proportioned ass and tiny waist of the French maid he gripped by the waist in front of him, memories of French maid fantasies from his youth, and sometimes snapshot fantasies of what 13 year old Val's ass would look and feel like.

Marie was moaning constantly and cumming again, dancing her hips around. He was fucking the maid in full strokes that sometimes pulled his cock all the way out just to impale her again with the next thrust. The next thrust felt different. Her moan became an open mouthed "AAHHOOOOOHHHH Don't stop! Finish in there. AAAGGGGG" He felt a solid powerful squeeze clamping down on his shaft and it was as if that squeeze sucked out all the fluids from his pelvis. While cumming in the maid he would pull out a half inch or so and push in again to instinctively squirt his seed as deeply as possible.

That's when he looked down and saw that at some point he had missed her pussy and pushed through her anal ring into her bowels.

Mark slowly pulled out and was handed a warm washcloth by one of the 4 or 5 people looking through the door of the game room.

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"Sorry,""Mark said to a couple of the closest people who had stopped to watch from the hallway, "a lot of emotional ups and downs today. I intended to just get to know people and see if I could fit in." " It's okay" said a fellow with a towel around his waist "You look to be fitting in quite well from my point of view." He was about Marks height and almost as broad and thick in the shoulders. "Thanks for wearing her out. Sometimes she just gets, shall we say, inspired and almost kills me at home after a party.

Once I had to pull over to the side of the road and she made me do her in the car. The towel guy continued closer, just for Mark to hear," You are the guy, aren't you? I might need to interview you to get a complete picture later." Mark replied as quietly,"I'd like to kind of keep as much of a low profile as possible." and shook towel guys hand.

Marie's husband, Michael, said, "Might be too late for much of that, nodding his head to the smiling and curious people beginning to empty the doorway. Mark made his thanks to the hosts. He shook the hands of the men, apologized for forgetting many of their names, and kissed several smiling and sometimes giggling ladies goodnight. A tall slender lady offered one tiny titty with a huge nipple and asked to kiss it. He did and couldn't help but ad a little suction and tongue.

She seemed pleased. It had been a long day and as he began to pass out in his own bed at home he wasn't sure he could remember having 3 three such massive and fast orgasms in on day in his adulthood.

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more to come regarding Mark's history