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Indian amateur wife juicy boobs exposed fucked
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I rocked her for awhile until she was breathing normally once again and she had gone to sleep for a second time today. I had brought her to an unbelievable orgasm this morning and then this afternoon, I thought she was going to loss her mind as she climaxed. What a sexy little grand daughter I have and I'm too old to participate in the games. This is the second day of our trip to the Grand Teton National Park in my motor coach.

We had driven from her parent's home, just outside of Kansas City and were going to be gone a week, just Kristy and me.

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She was my, soon to be, 14 year-old grand daughter, so pure and innocent as we started our trip anyway, that she didn't even realize that I had molested her.

It wasn't planned, but I guess, most molestations usually aren't. It was that damn storm that frightened her into my bed, and the rest, as they say, is history. Now I had gone off the deep end and was under her sexual spell.

I couldn't get enough of her beautiful, developing little body, the one that I was holding in my arms. I had just brought her off for the second time in less than 10 hours and she was sleeping, recuperating in my arms.

I just continued to cuddle her, protecting her against the evils of the world. But eventually, I had to get up and relieve myself, so, very carefully, I lay her down, out of my arms, onto her back and left my bed to her rest. As I stood to go into the bathroom, I looked back at her body and almost fell to the floor. Her long slim legs were slightly spread, with one knee bent. Her right arm was flayed out above her head.

Her other hand was resting on her tummy.

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She looked so content and happy. She looked so unbelievably sexy; I almost went back to bed to fondle her some more. Instead, I covered her with the sheet and retreated from the room. I checked outside to see what the weather was doing.

It was partly cloudy; the storm had passed and it was turning nice again.


I'd have to go in and wake up my sleeping beauty and take her for a quick little hike around Lake Jackson before it got dark. Entering the room again, I found her just as I left her, beautifully sound asleep. I crawled up to her and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She startled at the touch, but then opened her eyes, smiled at me and stretched widely. "O hi, Gramps," she said sleepily. "Hi yourself," I said, smiling back at her sleepy face.

"It has cleared up, so I thought maybe we should go out and take that walk around the lake. Do you feel up to it?" "If you give me a hug," she said, removing the sheet off of her naked body. I looked down and almost fainted. She straightened her long slender body out and pointed her toes in the biggest stretch and then, separating her legs pulled me willingly down to her in a warm kiss and hug. She tried to unbutton the shirt I had put on but I pulled away, saying, "Now is not the time for that, young lady.

Now is the time to crawl out of bed, get some cloths on and to go for a hike. Now, get with it," as I brought the palm of my hand down on her rear end with a slap. She faked an indignant look and then jumping up and standing on the bed, she bounced a few times saying, "See, they do bounce and move," referring to her little breasts.

I just smiled and said, "You have five minutes," and walked out of the room. "Spoil sport!" I heard from behind. At least she was acting silly again, in spite of the maturing she'd gone through. I hadn't deprived her of her childhood, not yet, anyway. We drove the Jeep I towed behind my coach, over to the lodge and we started our hike around Lake Jackson.

It was a couple of miles, so we could make it easily before it got dark. We hiked and I talked to her about my favorite subject; the formation of mountains, in this case, The Teton Range. She listened intently as I explained how these solid granite spires were pushed upwards, right out of the valley floor, to a height of over 13,000 feet. Tomorrow morning, we would come back and see them in the mornings light when they are at their perfection, all pink and shiny. She seemed mesmerized by this and asked some very pertinent questions.

Being an old earth science teacher, I was in my element. By the time we had reached the opposite side of the lake, it was starting to get dark already, so we opted for a ride back on the launch.

It took us a mere twenty minutes to get back to the Jeep instead of the hour, if we had decided to hike. We had to use the lights of the Jeep on the way back to the campsite. I fixed us a tuna casserole and some steamed vegetables for dinner and then she helped me clean up the dishes. When we finally settled down, it was 9:00 and we looked at each other, questioning what we did next.

The look in her eyes told me that she knew what she wanted to do, but I knew that I just couldn't bring her to another orgasm. I just didn't have the energy. "Kristy," I began, "senior citizens, like my self, have a lot of knowledge about a lot of things, sex being one of them. We know how to bring pleasure to a woman, we know where to touch, how to stimulate and how to bring them to the point of orgasm." "You sure do," Kristy added enthusiastically.

"However, there is a down side to all of that experience. It is called "stamina", I said. "What we have in experience, we lose in the ability to perform. In other words,…" "In other words, we'll not be playing around tonight," she said, interrupting my speech.

"Unfortunately, Sweety, that's right. Gramps just can't do it tonight. I'm sorry," I explained. "Well, too bad for you. I was going to really do something wonderful for you tonight, but I'll just have to forget about it," she said, rolling her eyes.

I caught her little joke and laughed at it, then, giving her a big hug, I repeated my apology with, "I am really sorry, maybe tomorrow." We watched a little TV and went to bed shortly. There was no mention of making up the sofa. It was assumed that she was sleeping with me. In spite of our lazy day spent in bed together, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.

This time, except for a couple of trips to the bathroom, I slept all night long. The next morning, I awoke with a start. I reached over to feel for my grand daughter, but I felt a cold bed where she should have been. I glanced at my watch, it said 8:20.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, slipped on my boxers and went out into the living quarters of the coach. There I found Kristy, cooking breakfast in her nightgown while wearing an apron. She smiled at me when I stepped out of the bedroom, and said, "I thought I was going to have to wake you up. Did you sleep well?" "Yeah, I guess I did. How long have you been up?" "O, about an hour or so, I guess.

I'm fixing breakfast this morning. Are you hungry?" she asked. "Yes I am; famished as a matter of fact," I exclaimed. "Why don't I go on in the bathroom and clean up. What time will it be ready?" We ate Kristy's pancakes for our breakfast and planned our day. We decided to go for another hike, but this time our goal was the top of a mountain, Buck Mountain to be exact. We would drive to the trailhead and start the climb at about 7000 feet and would climb to about 10000 feet where the trail ends.

There is some evidence of an old glacier that used to occupy that mountain, along with most of the other peaks, and I wanted to show her a tarn lake and an old abandon cirque. She got all excited about our adventure and hustled into the bedroom to change and get ready to go. I took a showered, shaved and got dressed and we were off. We climbed the trail, going through the timbered section and finally broke out into the higher, more sparsely growing trees. Huffing and puffing, we finally made it to trails end and we sat beside the tarn lake on a rock and rested.

We had climbed for over three hours, so we were out of breath, tired and in need of a little rest. Kristy said that she had another need and that was to empty her bladder.


After searching her fanny pack twice, she discovered that she had left her T.P. in the coach and I didn't even have a Kleenex to give her either. She said she really had to go bad, so I told her to go behind a rather large bolder off the trail and to squat down and pee.

She said she would pee all over her boots and herself. I suggested for her to stand, spread her feet wide apart and then pee.


"O, that sounds nasty," she said. wrinkling up her nose. But she had to go so bad that this sounded like the best alternative. She quickly sat down and removed her boots and then reached for the front of her shorts.

Her mind was working overtime, trying to figure out how she was going to spread her legs wide apart and keep her shorts and panties on. She soon realized that there was only one way and that was to remove them both before she went to pee. Stripping them off, she hurried around the boulder as I stood watch for other climbers. Just as she had finished and started to step back around, we both heard the sound of approaching voices.

A look of panic crossed her face.

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She darted back around the bolder as I picked up the shorts and panties and put them in my fanny pack, just as the hikers came into view. "Quite a climb, isn't it?" I volunteered as a greeting. "Yeah, it sure is," the lady said. The gentleman, I presumed her husband, chimed in his agreement. "Are you going back down now?" I queried for Kristy's sake. "Thought we would continue on for a ways, you know, off trail," he commented. "O going on up then? I asked.

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"As soon as we catch our breath," she stated. They hung around for what seemed like a long time, in actuality, it was only a couple minutes, and then headed on up the mountain, following a game trail.

As they disappeared around a corner and out of view, I hurried around the bolder to find Kristy, squatting down at the base of the rock, with both hands locked around her knees.

The sight of her in total shock caused me to break out in laughter. "What's so funny," she demanded. "You should see yourself. You look like you got caught with your pants down," and started laughing that much more. She pleaded with me, "Gramps, please give my shorts back, now." "O where did I put them," I said teasingly. "I know a picked them up, but I don't remember where I put them." I was advancing to her position, laughing and teasing her. When I reached the spot where she was standing, I said, "Why do you need any panties or shorts?

You look pretty good just like that. In fact, you look real good," as I took her into my arms, "just like that." I put my arms around her waist and pulled her into a passionate kiss, my hands were on her bare little butt cheeks.

She rose up on her tiptoes and kissed me back, hard and with passion. I grabbed her by her butt and raised her up to my level as she spread her legs and wrapped them around my waist. I lowered my hand down from her butt cheek to her crotch and massaged her crack. She started kissing me hard and long. I lowered myself down to my knees, while keeping her in my arms. I rolled to my back as her legs became untwined from around my waist and then I slid her up to my mouth. She gasped as she sat on my face, realizing what I had in store for her.

My tongue went to work immediately, probing her node and pushing into her opening. It all happened so fast, she didn't have time to get ready for the assault. Suddenly, there she was, straddling my face with my tongue ramming into her vagina. It was too much for her and as I licked and sucked on her clitoris, she started becoming vocal.

That's when the couple I had met mere moments earlier, made their return appearance. Walking alone in conversation, they didn't even notice us behind the rock.

Kristy, in the meantime, was trying the stifle her throws of orgasmic noises as I continued to suck on her node for all I was worth. As they cleared the ridge on their way down the trail, Kristy let out with a guttural moan that I thought for sure anyone on the mountain could have heard. As she arose from her linguistic perch, a glob of her juices slipped out of her and landed directly on my lips. I took it into my mouth, just as she looked down.

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Her eyes grew wide with astonishment. "O Gramps, that's nasty!" she exclaimed. Licking my lips, I countered, “That taste like honey, Sweety, fresh, ripe Kristy honey." "I thought for sure we were going to get caught," she said excitedly. "When I heard them coming, all I could think of was to get off, but then you kept on licking me and sucking on my, you know, down there, and then all could think of was how great you make me feel.

Well, the closer they got, the better it felt and then, wow, I couldn't take it any more and, well…did you really swallow that stuff that came out of me?" I had to laugh as I pulled out her panties and shorts from my fanny pack.

Taking them and putting them on, she sat and tried her show laces and we walked down off the mountain hand in hand. That night after we enjoyed our diner in the coach, we settled down to watch some TV.

In between programs, I asked Kristy, "Sweety, have you ever let anyone put something up in you?" "No," she said emphatically.

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"Why would you ask that?" "Well, yesterday when I put my finger in you down there, I was expecting to find something that I didn't find," I tried to explain. "Do you mean my cherry?" she asked. I nodded. "I broke that when I was nine," she said, matter-of-factly. I waited for an explanation and then asked, "Well, how did it happen?" She looked at me funny and said, "I fell off my bike. I hit a curb with my front tire and it flipped me over or through the handle bars and it got busted. It really hurt.

There was blood and everything. Momma took me to the doctor and he said that I broke my cherry. No big deal." "O," I said, feeling much better knowing that I was the first to enter her. We went on watching TV until I started to yawn. She noticed it and suggested we go to bed and got a big smile on her face.

I just grinned and told her that I needed to get some of the trail dust off and I was going to take a shower. She asked, "Can I join you?" All I said was, "Save me some space," and left for my room. I could hear the shower running from the bedroom and as got to the door, Kristy was already washing her hair. I opened the shower door and gazed at my beautiful grand daughter, hair all suds up, eyes closed and water running down her perfect 14 year-old body.

I stopped and stared. As she rinsed the soap from her hair, she put her head back in the spray and the suds cascaded over her body. Little rivulets carried the bubbles down around her breasts, over her tummy and gathered at her crotch.

There it ran through her hair and dripped down into the drain. As it left her curly pubic hair, the weight of the water would temporarily straighten out the curls and then it would spring back. It was a wonderful sight, one that I could have looked at until I die. As I marveled over the view, she opened her eyes and saw me staring at her naked crotch.

She just asked, "What?" I said, "I love looking at you, Sweety, that's all." She smiled and then stepped out. "It's all yours, Gramps," she said, grabbing the towel. After I showered, I slipped on my boxers and went into the bedroom. Kristy was standing before the mirror in her nightgown, using the blower to dry her hair. Setting it down and beginning to use a brush on her head, I motioned for her to come over and let me brush it for her.

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She came over and sat between my feet, facing away. As I brushed her hair, I could see down the front of her nightgown and I started getting hard. The more I brushed, the further down her gown I could see as she lowered her chin to expose the back of her head. She finally tilted her head completely down to her chest and I could see her nipples.

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I was rock hard by the time when I finished with the brushing, something that didn't go unnoticed by my grand daughter. I slid my boxers off and crawled into bed and her hand was right there, stroking and rubbing it. "Gramps, you made me feel so good yesterday and today. You made me orgasm three or four times. But I only got to bring you off once.

How can I make it shoot its stuff out and make you feel better?" she asked. "Well, I guess I don't need it to shoot out to get satisfaction," I answered. "I told you that the older you get, the lesser your stamina is, well, I still have desires but I can't always meet those desires with actions. You give me a great deal of satisfaction just making you cum," I explained. "But it's all hard now, wouldn't it feel good if I made it shoot?" she insisted. "Of course it would feel good, Sweety.

Do you want to make it shoot?" I asked. She didn't even answer, but got down to business. As she stroked my hard cock, she was sitting at my hips beside my body, with her legs crossed.

I instinctly ran my hand up onto her leg, right on the inside of her thigh. She continued to stroke as she scooted a little closer, allowing me to touch her pussy. I felt the kinky brush of pubic hair. As I got more and more excited, my finger went further into her pussy. I suddenly stopped her and asked, "Kristy, Sweety, can I ask you to do something special for me? You don't have to if you don't want to, but it would make your Gramps feel real good." "Sure, silly, what is it?" "Would you kiss my cock?

Would you lick it and if you wanted to, you could put it in your mouth a little," I explained. She did not answer for a minute. She sat there, thinking over my request.

Finally, she asked, "Where do I kiss it, on the end, where you pee?" "If you want to," I said, almost in a begging voice. She didn't say anything, but she bent down and started kissing the end of my cock.

I was delirious. The sensation of having my beautiful grand daughter, actually kissing the head of my cock was breath taking. After a few more kisses on the end, she started licking the entire head and down the shaft. I shut my eyes and rolled my head backwards. It felt so good. Over and over, she ran her tongue over the head and along its length. I was in heaven. She continued kissing the head and then she opened her mouth and stuck the head in just a little.

I thought I was going to cum right there. "O Sweety, that feels so good. Can you take more of it in your mouth, just a little more?" I begged.

She could and she did, at least an inch more. She had the entire head in her mouth. She was running her tongue along the underside and I could feel her starting to suck.

I suddenly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her body over mine and placed her knees beside my head. I raised her gown up to the shoulders. Her mouth never left my cock. I had her crotch in my face as I began to ravage her pussy with my mouth and tongue, causing her to accelerate her sucking my cock. She was sucking it harder and taking it deeper into her mouth as I sucked on her clit. She was moaning with a mouth full of my cock and humping my face when I felt it build deep in my groin.

I tried to buck her off, but she must have thought that I wanted more, because she just sent it deeper as I unloaded my sperm into her mouth. She started to gag, but the sensation between her legs drove her on.

Swallowing the best she could, she rode it out until we both started coming down from our individual bliss. I lay there spent for several minutes.

She did not move, having a different kind of orgasm this time. When finally she turned around and put her head on my shoulder, she asked, "Did I do it right?" "O yes Sweety, you did it just perfect. Thank you for making it shoot its stuff." "It tasted kind of yucky, but I think I liked it," she said, wistfully. "Yeah, I think I really like it."