Sexy redhead teen gives the best blowjob

Sexy redhead teen gives the best blowjob
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt1 Hello readers and fans. I know it has been quite a while since my last post and I am sorry, but in my own defense I have been around the world a few times and I've been very busy.

I will report that I did get to see my brother-in-law Hirito while on a return trip to Japan. He is still a little pissed at me, but our seeing each other was at least cordial. He is now a father of 11 year old twin girls. His girls are the main focal point of this story so sit back and enjoy. As I have mentioned in the last chapter of My Asian Treat, Kayko and I have been married for 12 (almost 13) years now, and our life is complete. My sweetie still services me daily (when I am home) and she still does her daily exercise routine.

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I had an "exercise" room built for her in our back yard just after she had our daughter. So privacy has become a non-issue. And Kayko was able to get Hirito to send all of her exercise equipment to us.

So now she has a place to practice anytime she deems fit. We have a daughter, Erin, who is 12 and a son, Mark, who is 10. They are good kids but I am steadily becoming more and more dependent on Aspirin and Tylenol due to their antics. All of this was waiting for me at home, and I was looking forward to every second of it.

I was on the final leg home from an extended trip to Australia in May. Sitting in the airplane seat for 14 hours really takes it out of you, not to mention the jet lag, so I was just a little bit fidgety. I was looking forward to spending some quiet time with Kayko and my kids before I had to return to the office on Tuesday. I had managed to conclude my business 2 days early so my return home on a Friday was not only unexpected, but unannounced.

I wanted to give my sweetie a real surprise. As the wheels touched down at O'Hare I started getting those familiar stirrings in my pants. "Someone" else knew I was just about home and "he" was anticipating what was to come. With my bags in hand I was through customs and into a cab in almost no time at all. This was a real shock considering that it was 6 in the morning.

Needless to say I was glad it was over. As the cab cruised down the interstate on the hour and a half ride home I grabbed some quick Z's.

I was nowhere near comfortable, but being dead tired I slept pretty hard until the cabby woke me an hour and fifteen minutes later. He was lost and we were way off course. With a quick U-turn at an exit we were back under way but still an hour out. I was now going to miss Kayko before she headed off to work. When the cab let me out at 8:30 I was standing in front of my empty house. Kayko and the kids were gone. I was a little bit upset but figured I would use the extra time to catch up on some sleep.

I didn't want to be yawning all the time when everyone got home. I headed into my office on the ground floor and shut the door. After throwing all of my stuff on the couch I sat down in my big office chair behind my desk and was out almost immediately with my keys still in my hand. The jet lag had now kicked in full force. The next thing I knew I was awakened by my son and daughter crawling all over me giving me hugs and kisses.

They had just arrived home from school and had found me asleep in my office. "Daddy, Daddy! You're home, you're home!" they both exclaimed in unison as they fought back and forth to see who could get the closest to me. "How are my little monsters?" I replied while hugging them close to me. I love my kids a lot, and they really are great. Erin, at 12 and 5 feet tall, is already sporting some small, cone shaped boobies and a little bit of curve to her hips.

She has black hair to her shoulder blades and a definite Japanese look to her face. What is really nice is the fact that she definitely has her mother's figure. Lean and well-proportioned at 100 pounds, she is really going to be a heart breaker when she is older. She might have my nose but she definitely has her mothers' eyes. As for Mark, he is just as big as well. He might be almost as tall as his sister but he is in that long and lanky stage.

I know he hates it, but I keep telling him that it will soon be over. After I gave them the gifts I had bought for them "down under", they vanished after giving me a quick kiss. It was freaky because there was not a sound in the house!

They took their gifts and vanished to the upstairs. I didn't really mind because I knew I would see more of them at dinner, but it was just a little weird as to where their priorities are.

With the kids now taken care of I turned to my desk and fired up my computer. I could at least do my expense report. As my desk top opened up I saw the small camera icon in the top right hand corner of my screen. Kayko was in her workout room! I had installed a few motion sensitive cameras in there a while ago so I could watch my sweetie practice her exercises even if I was away.


And believe me; I have spent many nights in an empty hotel room watching my sweetie work on her pussy. Granted it is a little frustrating not having her right in front of me, but it makes homecoming that much more special. I clicked on the little icon and instantly the 6 camera views popped up on my screen. She was already hanging from her ankles with the stone in her pussy. (If you haven't already done it read 'My Asian Treat' and you will know about Kaykos' exercise routine.) This particular location has a camera mounted next to the ceiling looking straight down at her open crotch.

It really does provide a great view. When you combine that view with the camera that looks across the phallus horse I get to see everything!

I watched intently as the gray stone first appeared from inside her, slowly pushing her outer lips open.

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From the side view I could watch it grow longer and longer until almost half of it was visible. Then, after a few seconds, I watched it slide back down into her until her outer lips closed over the end and it was completely gone from sight.

The show was starting to make my dick hard and I didn't know if I could last until she was done before I went over there and just fucked the shit out of her. Luckily for me that was the last repetition she did before lowering herself to the ground. Hot damn! I had just enough time to do my expense report before she would be finished and return to the house. There is nothing quite like doing a menial task when you know you have some really good pussy waiting for you when you are done.

In what seemed like a flash I was done with my report. I already had a boner that could have cut through titanium as I ran up the stairs and headed toward the master bedroom.

I could hear music coming from my daughter's room as I went past her shut door. And on the opposite side of the hall I could tell my son had his TV on.

Perfect! There was no one to disturb us. I was completely naked before I made it to the bed at a full run. With one good leap I landed in the middle of our king size bed and flipped over, my hard cock was now pointing straight up at the ceiling.

My heart was pounding in anticipation as I heard Kayko coming up the stairs. I interlaced my fingers and put my hands behind my head as Kayko walked through the door. She was wearing a robe with her clothes hanging neatly over her arm as she walked into the room. "Hey little girl," I said with a huge shit eating grin on my face. "Would you like some candy?" "Mike!" she exclaimed as she threw her clothes to the floor, "You're home!" I didn't even get the chance to make a reply before she was on me.

She didn't even bother to take her robe off before she had straddled my waist, landed her wet pussy on the head of my dick, and slammed her crotch down until our pelvic bones collided, engulfing every inch of my dick in one smooth motion.

Instantly we were in an intense lip lock as she began milking me with her well trained muscles, sucking my dick from bottom to top in my favorite rippling motion. I threw my arms around her and tried to hug her close to me but it was like trying to hold a wild animal in place.

Tears began pouring out of her eyes and down her cheeks as she kissed my face, lips, eyes, and anywhere else she could get to. "I've missed you!" she kept repeating over and over as her assault on me reached a fevered pitch. Her pussy was now squeezing and releasing me at an incredible rate of speed, bringing me extremely close to exploding in just a few seconds. In one quick move I placed my hand on the small of her back, raised us up with my hips, and flipped us over putting Kayko on the bottom.

As soon as she was lying flat on her back, my sweetie opened her legs wide and pressed her hips upward, offering her sweet gash up to me in an extremely submissive gesture.

In just a millisecond I was driving my steel hard shaft up into her with an almost reckless abandon. Kayko grunted each time I slammed my hips forward into her.

I was driving my dick up into her as far as it would go, and Kayko was freely accepting it. "Ooohhhh…yyyeeesss!" she moaned as her fingernails dug into the skin of my shoulders. "I've missed you so much! Fuck me, FUCK ME!" Having a cheering section like that can really inflate your ego. But in my case all it did was make me work harder at trying to screw a hole through my wife.

Kayko began thrashing her head back and forth as a powerful orgasm ripped through her, causing her pussy to spasm and contract in an uncharacteristic fashion as my slickened rod pistoned in and out of her at the speed of light. When she arched her back and raised her wide spread crotch up I lost it. I slammed into her as hard as I could and froze in place as a torrent of cum blasted into her deepest reaches.

Kaykos mouth opened to form a perfect O as the first hot rope pelted her cervix before filling the miniscule void around the head of my dick. At the same time she clamped down with her muscles and locked my dick in place, sealing any possible exit to the outside. I looked down and watched as the O of her lips quickly changed into a smile as she felt the warmth of my seed fill her up and flow into her body.

"Oh I've missed that so much," she hissed as she threw her arms around me and pulled me down on top of her. "Me too," I said as I kissed her gently in between breaths.

We lay in that same position for almost half an hour while Kayko continued massaging my cock with her pussy. It felt so good to be home and back inside my wife. Those long trips to other parts of the world are a real mother, and I was going to make the most of my down time. When we finally separated Kayko headed into the bathroom to prepare our bath. I always love bathing with my wife. I have to admit that I have become just a little bit spoiled by her.

But there is absolutely nothing that I would not do for her in return. Maybe that's why we get along so well. A few minutes later Kayko came back to the bathroom door completely naked. "Your bath is ready sir," she mused while gesturing toward the open room with a big smile. "Why thank you there little girl," I said as I climbed out of the bed and walked over to her. When I was standing next to her I stopped and looked down into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Care to join me?" "Of course," she replied with a sweet smile on her face. Without a second of hesitation I reached out with my left hand and slid my middle and ring fingers up into her and grasp her by her pussy, holding her firmly by her pelvic bone. Kayko, being used to this, placed both of her hands onto my forearm and held on with a firm and steady grip.

With just a little tug I led her into the giant bathroom by her pussy while her hard little nipples were pointing the way. I had the bathroom rebuilt when we bought the house so it was virtually identical to the bathroom at Hirito's house, only considerably more modern. There was a place in the center of the room with a drain in the floor where Kayko would bathe us.

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To the right was a large pool with steaming hot water in it, and a place to the far left to change and keep towels. (The pool in the floor cost us a closet downstairs but it was worth it.) I took my place on the stool in the center of the room and pulled my fingers out of Kayko.

Covered with our cum, Kayko did not hesitate to lick them clean when I offered my hand up to her. Then she began washing me. She soaped and scrubbed me from head to toe before rinsing me off and gesturing towards the hot pool. As I leaned back in the steaming water Kayko began washing herself off, always being sure to keep her legs open and pointed in my direction. She even had Hirito send her stand with the bucket on it for washing out the inside of her pussy.

It was always a real show to watch her bathe, and it always made me hard. When she finished and had everything put away she always did the same thing. She waded into the pool to where I was sitting, straddled my waist, and then sat down on my hard cock, taking all of me inside until her weight was on my pelvis.

When she was seated and began massaging my dick with her muscles she looked me in the eye. "Mike," she said while grinding her hips back and forth a little to get situated, "I got a call from my brother a few days ago." "Really," I replied while taking both of her breasts in my hands.

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"How is Hirito?" "He's fine," then she paused for a second before continuing. "But he wants to know if Saki and Shiori can stay with us for the summer." Saki and Shiori are my brother-in-laws' twin girls. After Kayko and I had left Japan Ruu had become his "permanent" house maid and live in sex toy. It only took a year for him to get her pregnant. Unfortunately she died just after childbirth, leaving Hirito with all of the responsibility of raising them.

To his discredit he has continually shirked the responsibility and paid for nannies and the like to care for them.

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(He is still proving what kind of asshole he can be.) Although I had never met them in person I have seen pictures of them many times, and they know who we are via the same sort of intel.

So now I guess it's our turn to raise them for a while. I could tell that Kayko was a little uncomfortable in asking me about this. She would only glance up to look me in the eye for a second before lowering her head again and gazing down at my hands which were kneading her breasts like bread dough.

I think she is unsure of how I will feel since Hirito and I are not on the best of terms. I pondered her request for a moment before I spoke up. "So what do you think?" "It's really not my call," she replied. "How long do you think they are going to stay? I know you said it would just be for the summer," I replied while pulling on her nipples, "But then again you know how your brother has been when it comes to his girls." Kayko stopped massaging my dick with her pussy as she thought long and hard about her answer.

Her eyes darted back and forth many times as several scenarios raced through her head. When she started massaging my dick again I knew she had an idea. "My guess is that it will most likely be a permanent situation," she replied in a calm and cool tone. 'Two more kids in the house', I thought to myself.

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It's not like we didn't have the room, our house does have 5 bedrooms and a guest house out back. But the upheaval this might cause could be catastrophic. I looked up at Kayko to find her looking me directly in the eyes. She is so beautiful how could I say no? "So you want them to come here?" I inquired. Kayko squeezed my dick really hard before she answered, "Yes." I had already made up my mind to say yes, but the little devil that was stuck inside my wife's pussy decided that I needed to make her work for it a little.

"Convince me that you mean it," I replied as I leaned back in the water and placed my hands on her hips. Kayko needed no further prompting. In one of the most dynamic displays of muscle control I had yet experienced from my wife she began milking my cock with her talented pussy. She gripped and squeezed me from top to bottom, then bottom to top in a truly fantastic fashion. At the same time she began sliding up and down my shaft, something that she usually does not do. The sensations were so intense that I did not last for more than a minute before I was spraying cum inside her again.

Upon my initial eruption she sat down completely on my lap and used her muscles to milk me from bottom to top. It has the effect of feeling like her pussy is drinking from my dick like a straw.

I shuddered and bucked my hips upward as I came in my wife. Kayko just smiled this wicked little smile as my cock pulsed and squirted my cum into her. When my spasms subsided Kayko looked into my eyes and rubbed her hands all over my chest. "That felt good, didn't it?" she grinned as she clamped her snatch shut on my now subdued boner. I could tell that she felt proud of herself. "Yes," I panted. I was just a little bit dizzy from that one. My sweetie can really make me feel good.

"So," she queried while rocking her hips back and forth a little, "what do you think?" "Call Hirito," I responded. "Tell him to get the girls documentation all squared away and we will get their plane reservations and tickets booked and paid for." My wife then pursed her lips a little and responded while raising one eyebrow. "I already did," she replied while cocking her head to one side and sporting a slight grimace to her face.

"Damn," I replied while feeling a little bit outmaneuvered, "I hate being so predictable!" "Thanks honey," Kayko replied as she pulled herself of my still hard rod. As she waded out of the pool a question came to my mind. "So when are the girls coming?" I asked while she got out the small stand with the bucket on top so she could wash out her pussy again. As she filled the bucket on top she turned to me and said, "The last day of school for our kids is this Thursday. Saki and Shiori are supposed to arrive on Friday." She had everything wrapped up into one nice little package.

As she sat and washed out her snatch she laid out all of the details that needed to be done this week.

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It's a good thing I did come home early because all of my spare time was now shot to shit. But still, all of this planning showed my wife's incredible attention to detail. Even as she spoke, her routine for rinsing out her pussy remained unchanged. She took the utmost care in ensuring that she was as clean as a whistle inside and out. When she was done she came back into the pool with me and impaled herself on my once again stiff cock.

"Thank you honey," she cooed while wiggling her hips back and forth to nestle herself completely down on my shaft. When she was seated with her full weight on my lap she leaned forward onto my chest and sighed, "It's so nice to have you home again." …………………&hellip.

The next week seemed to fly by like lightning shot out of a bazooka. The spare bedroom was all made up and cleaned out for the girls.


New linens were purchased for the beds and towels for the bathroom. It's amazing, we already had towels! But I was not going to argue, I really didn't mind. The girls were going to be treated just like any other member of the family. Finally the big day was here. We all piled into the car and headed for O'Hare. Erin and Mark played their video games while Kayko sat in the passenger's seat like she was expecting kittens. In a way it was kind of funny. I had not seen her this wound up in a long time.

At the airport we waited at the international arrivals area. The girls would have to clear customs, and I would have to show my ID to take custody of two unaccompanied minors.

No big deal, but the line at the non-resident booths was a mile long. We were in for a bit of a wait. After almost an hour an airport employee along with a security guard and an airline customer service agent appeared with the girls. I was actually a little bit surprised.

Both girls were dressed in identical red and white kimonos with white socks and black sandals. If there were ever two authentic looking Japanese girls in the world, here they were. They could not have been any more than 4feet 8 inches tall, and they weighed maybe 75 pounds each. They were tiny in comparison to my kids. Their coal black hair was pulled back into one thick ponytail, and they both walked with short quick steps.

Both girls were remarkably pretty for their age. As the entourage approached I pulled out my ID and a copy of the girl's itinerary. Upon their approach Kayko stepped forward and spoke in Japanese to them. The girls said nothing in return, they simply bowed to her.

As I signed the paperwork and squared away the custody handoff Kayko introduced our kids. Again there was no reply, they just bowed.

As I turned around Kayko introduced me to them. This time she spoke in English. "Saki, Shiori, this is your uncle Mike. Mike, this is Saki and Shiori." "Hello girls," I said with a smile.

The two girls looked at me from head to toe very quickly before responding in unison with a bow. "Hello Uncle Mike." This was going to be interesting.

On the one hand they were both very prim and proper, a sign that Hirito had not spared any expense with their nannies. On the other hand, they were very prim and proper, showing almost no individual personality.

But who am I to judge? It is there first moments in the US and they are meeting us for the first time. I guess when you think about it, it could have been worse. We retrieved their bags from the baggage carousel and headed for the car. They had 2 big bags each which was going to make the ride home a little difficult. I told Mark to get into the back of our SUV, but he still had to sit on one piece of their luggage and he had almost no room to move around.

But that is the one thing that's nice about a 10 year old, they can adapt! The whole way home Kayko jabbered and chatted to our new family members in Japanese. The girls said nothing, only nodding their heads yes or no with each statement. I was starting to get the feeling that this might have been a mistake, but Kayko assured me that everything was fine when she saw my worried look.

Still, it would have been nice to see and hear them interact with anyone else in the car. When we arrived at the house the girls were equally as subdued. They quietly got out and followed Kayko into the house without saying a word.

I told Erin and Mark to go and play in the yard while we got the girls squared away. I hauled in their luggage. When I arrived in their room Kayko was speaking to them in Japanese. The two girls were sitting side by side on one of the twin beds and Kayko was pointing towards the bathroom.

It's amazing as to their appearance. These two girls are the poster kids for identical twins. I absolutely cannot tell them apart. I set their bags down and asked, "Is there anything else I can do for you right now?" The two just looked at their bags for a second before shaking their heads no.

"Thank you Mike," Kayko replied. "I'll get the girls settled in and we will be down in just a little bit." Downstairs I poured myself a glass of scotch and walked out into the back yard.

Erin was sitting in the shade under the oak tree doing something on her phone while Mark was shooting hoops in the driveway.

I called them both over as I sat down at our picnic table. "You guys need to be nice to Saki and Shiori," I explained with a strong tone to my voice. "They are thousands of miles away from everything that they know and they are probably just a little bit scared. So you two need to be on your best behavior." "Their weird," my son said. "Yea," remarked Erin as she set her phone down. "That my very well be," I answered after taking a big swallow from my drink, "but that does not mean you should be rude or mean to them.

They are from a different culture, just like your mother. You guys seem to get along with her just fine, so why should the twins be any different? And look at the bright side Erin; you now have two girls your own age to hang out with." "What about me?" Mark asked. I think he felt just a little bit left out. I could only think of one thing to say at the moment. "You now have two more sisters." They both paused for a moment while my words set in. I could see the gears turning as they digested what I had said.

"So you two be nice to them. Are we clear?" I asked with a strong degree of sternness to my voice. They both replied in unison. "Yes dad." "Alright," I said while standing up from the table. "Come inside in about 20 minutes and have some lunch." I could tell this was going to be a little bit rough on my kids, but it would most likely be a short term transition.

I had seen kids before that were able to adapt to their new surroundings without even so much as a hiccup. So why should my kids be any different? When I walked back into the house Kayko was showing the girls around. Both had changed out of their kimonos and into the typical school girls' uniforms that all kids had to wear in the Tokyo area.

They were wearing white shirts, black and blue pleated skirts that came to the middle of their thighs, white knee socks and a small tie that matched the skirt. I have to admit, they looked sharp.

When Kayko saw me she walked over with the two girls in tow behind her. "The girls don't have any leisure clothes," she quickly stated while stepping to the side to bring the girls into full view for me. "We need to go clothes shopping for them." "Ok," I replied while smiling at the twins, "but not today.

I imagine they are rather tired from all of their travels, and they're probably hungry." I looked at the two girls, "Are you two hungry?" They both nodded their heads yes. "Let's just take it easy for today and let the girls settle in," I offered as a compromise.

"Tomorrow we will all go to the city and we'll buy whatever they need. Ok?" Kayko leaned over and gave me a quick kiss before heading into the kitchen. I was just about to head for my office when I felt a little tug at my pants pocket.

When I turned to see what it was both of the girls were gesturing to me with a single finger calling me to bend down near them. As I bent over, bringing my face down between them, I asked, "What is it ladies?" Without saying a word both girls leaned in and gave me a kiss on the check, each girl kissing the cheek nearest to them.

"What was that for?" I asked with a little bit of wonder in my voice. Both girls just smiled before whispering in my ears, "Thank you Uncle Mike." Wow! That was nice of them. "Thank you," I replied in turn while taking a knee in front of them.

"So who is Saki?" The twin to my right smiled and nodded her head. "Ok," I replied with a smile. Then I looked at the other twin and said, "So you are Shiori." I got the same response. "You two will have to forgive me if I address you by the wrong name until I can figure out how to tell you two apart." "It's ok Uncle Mike," Saki quickly replied. "It happens all the time," Shiori quickly chimed in. "How about this," I retorted, "for the next few days if you two will stand like you are now, with Saki to my right and Shiori to my left, then I won't get you mixed up." They both nodded and smiled at me.

"Now," I said while standing up, "Go and see your aunt and get some lunch." The two girls bowed before walking off into the kitchen. If I had anything to say about them it would be that they are very polite. 'Nice kids,' I thought as I headed into my office to do some work.

That simple little interaction told me that everything was going to be alright. The rest of the day was rather uneventful. The twins looked around the house and explored the yard. When I heard laughter coming from the back yard I looked out to see Erin, Mark, and the twins playing some kind of game. That interaction made me feel even better about this whole situation. At dinner the twins sat quietly and ate everything on their plates. It was good to see that they brought their appetites along with them.

After dinner we piled onto the couch to watch some TV. Kayko and I sat in the middle with one twin on either side of us snuggled into our side. It really was nice because both Erin and Mark disappeared upstairs, which is their usual procedure. At 9 o'clock I told the girls to go upstairs and take a bath, then get ready for bed.

They both stood up and bowed before starting for the stairs. As they reached the bottom step I told them I would be up in a few minutes to check on them.

Again they both turned to me and bowed before walking up. When I finished my drink 20 minutes later I went up to check on the girls, leaving Kayko on the couch. I figured they would both be laying down and out cold from the jet lag.

Boy was I WRONG! I knocked once on the door before turning the knob and stepping in. What I saw made my jaw drop. Both girls were standing at the foot of their perspective bed completely nude with their back turned to me. Stiff legged they had their feet spread wide apart and they were bent over at the waist with their hands holding their pussies wide open.

I stood in amazement as I looked at the two bright red pussies shining at me. "What are you doing?" I asked as I stepped into their room. Saki looked over her left shoulder and said, "We are ready for you to check us," before she turned her head back around and resumed her position. I was definitely at a loss. What did she mean by 'check us'? Apparently this was something that Hirito must have ordained in Japan. Not knowing exactly what to do I stepped up behind Shiori, the first twin to my left, and bent over to take a good look at her splayed open gash.

It is bright pink and red and looks tight as hell even though it glistened with a slight sheen of moisture. "Ok," I said as I stood up, "Looks good." But Shiori did not move. "What's the matter sweetie?" I asked while looking at the still motionless girl. "You're supposed to check her," responded Saki with her head turned to me. "What do you mean?" I asked while scratching my head in bewilderment.

"Show me." Without a second of hesitation Saki straightened up and stepped over behind her sister. "Like this," she stated as she took her right index finger and buried it into her sisters' snatch all the way up to her knuckle.

Shiori did not move or even flinch at the intrusion. Saki twisted her hand back and forth, causing her finger to rotate around inside Shiori before withdrawing it. Turning to face me she held up her hand with her finger extended. "Now you taste." "Why did you do that?" I asked. "Father does this every night." She replied while stretching her hand up closer to my mouth.

"He wants to ensure that we are clean and that we bathed properly." 'It's a different culture' I said to myself as I leaned forward and closed my mouth over her tiny finger. Shiori tasted sweet as I sucked the small amount of juice off her sisters finger. As soon as her finger cleared my lips Saki stepped back over to her bed and resumed the position she had been in before; straight legged, bent at the waist with her pussy spread wide open.

This was a real hoot! I had not expected this. I looked down at Shiori who had not moved an inch. "Ok," I said as I stuck out my finger, "Let's give this a try." I aligned my finger with her pink hole and slowly pushed it in as far as it could go until my knuckles met her outer lips. Describing her as tight would be like telling a man standing in front of a tidal wave that he was about to experience moisture.

Her tiny little pussy gripped my finger like a golf ball stuck in a garden hose. I looked around to see Shiori's mouth wide open and an expression of enjoyment on her face. I had not thought about it but my fingers are considerably bigger than anyone else in the family. Including Hirito! A few twists back and forth solicited a slight moan from Shiori as I probed around inside her. I could easily feel her cervix with the end of my finger.

I withdrew my finger and stuck it in my mouth. Again, the sweet taste of preteen pussy ran over my taste buds. I stood for a second and smacked my lips together a few times like I was tasting a fine wine. "Ok," I said as I stepped over to Saki, "You're good." Shiori straightened up then jumped into bed naked, burring herself under the covers.

"Thank you Uncle Mike," she said while smiling big. I stepped over to Saki who had been watching the whole ordeal with a rather expectant look on her face.

Again I aligned my finger and push it in. Saki was even tighter than Shiori! I was having to push pretty hard to get my finger into her, and for a moment I didn't think it was going to happen.

But then Saki gave a little grunt and pushed back against my hand with all of her weight, forcing my finger to plunge in the last inch or so until I could feel her little cervix too.

She too was sporting a look of bliss as I began to rotate my finger around inside her. A few twists later I withdrew my slick digit. Saki tasted just as sweet as her sister. "Ok," I said as I took a step back. "You're good too." Saki straightened up and took a few ginger steps to her bed before climbing in and burring herself under her covers.

"Thank you Uncle Mike," she responded with an equally big smile. "You two can talk for a while," I said as I stepped through the door and shut off the light. "But then it's sleep time because you have a busy day ahead tomorrow." "Ok," they both replied in unison.

"Goodnight." After I closed the door I stood in the hall way for just a moment. Almost immediately I could hear them chattering quietly in Japanese and giggling. It was then that I wondered, 'Had they just got the better of me?' When I got back down stairs and sat down next to my wife she answered the question for me. "So," she said without even looking away from the TV, "How did they taste?" "Pretty good," I replied while sticking my hand between my wife's legs, "But nowhere near as good as you!" End Pt1