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Mummy's true passion, book two: pregnancy days- chapter eight The night was young and neither mum nor I was planning to sleep. We stood under my door's frame and made out the most spectacular way and enjoyed ourselves. Mum forced her tongue into my mouth and I ate her up greedy. My hands lay on her ass and I massaged her cheeks. She had wrapped her arms around me and pulled me so close onto her body that not the smallest atom could come between us. All my senses were filled up with my one and only love and I floated over from a golden glittering feeling of love and I begged that very special moment would last forever.

I lost all my feeling for time and room and since my eyes were closed while our lips were pressed together I wouldn't have realized if we had flown to the moon and back or if we had visited the past and had lived on a pirate ship and would have been transported back to my small but fine room in Yale in 2007. We split after about forty thousand years of pure passion. I opened my eyes and it was as if I saw mummy for the first time.

My heart's beat was fast but not in an uncomfortable way. It was as if my body wanted to check if it was still alive or as if it was recovering from some long and exhausting journey into the never ending depth of space and heaven.

Mummy's so fascinating green eyes were close to me and I could feel her breath on my lower lip. I could say she was pretty much going through the same experience and didn't regret it. Just as I did. Then I fell in love with my mum for the second time. I dived into her eye's deep green and swam in a sea under a red sun.

That sea was smooth and gentle and I knew I never wanted to escape from it. My eyes were closed and I just enjoyed being wrapped with her love and being watched by her motherhood. And then I heard her voice. I couldn't tell the direction it had its source. It was everywhere and all in head and my body. I felt the vibrations it sent out into a world without anything bad in it.

Warm and stimulating it flushed through me warming and touching and stroking my innermost. And I never wanted it to vanish. I knew I would not be able to live without it in my life. And it kissed me and said: "Honey, open your eyes". As I followed its advice the most beautiful woman stood in front of me. And it was my mother. Then a little bell in my brain rang and I asked myself I wouldn't get in trouble with the producers of Vanilla Sky for having this lucid dream.

"Are you dreaming" mum said and sounded warm like her sun and her ocean. "Yes, I dreamed of you." I said and wondered why it didn't sound half as sappy as it should have. Mum gave me the smile of a loving mother and the one of a deeply touched girl at the same time and I felt a little shocked for that stuff really worked. I saw my reflection in her eyes since she still was only inches from me and found my face looked absolute dizzy.

I really looked as if I had been dreaming. "So," Mum said and sounded maybe more like my girlfriend than like my mistress than she had planned, "what will we do tonight?" "What would you like to do?" I asked her. "This is your world, so what would you have done if your mummy wouldn't have shown up?" I lay my head to the side and thought about it and planned my answer as Jake came along. Jake lived next door and was the absolute clich?f a rocking college student but one of the nicest guys I had met until then.

He wore one of those beer can helmets and cut off Bermuda blue jeans. "What's up thick pants?!" he yelled as he saw me. "Guess what." "What?" I asked and couldn't hide that I was a little ashamed for mum now knew my Nickname. "Ok dude" Jake somehow lived in this "I'm Ashton Kutcher in dude where is my car" world and always said dude, "Now spell it with me," he was close to me but wouldn't stop yelling, "P" "P" I repeated "A" Jake yelled and seemed to get into some flow.

"A" I said and saw where this would lead us. "R" he got louder and louder. "R" I got louder, too. "T" he almost screamed. "T" I yelled for I got infected by his energy. "Y" Jake whispered in my ear. "Y not?" I asked and then he held his hand up for me to give him high five. "All righty then," Jake went on and I thought I would never win that process, "tonight at Miller's House. Hurry and bring your Lady." As he said those last words he checked my mum out and made some wired dance move before he ran outside and saw the next one.

I heard him scream "Jo Tinkelheimer, spell with me…" and smiled. I turned around and saw mum standing there and fighting her laughter back but she obviously had no chance to win that fight. "What was that?" she asked. "I guess Jake and about seven teeny movies of the late nineties and early tens." I answered and smiled at her. "Well", mum went on after a short break, "I guess we can't disappoint Jake. Let's go to that P-A-R-T-Y at Miller's house," she raised her eyebrow and gave me some certain look, "thick pants." So it was sure.

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Mum and I would go to a Collage Teenage Party. Mum pulled me in and closed the door behind us. "What do you wear at those Parties?

I hope something that makes me look like a prostitute." Mum said and was still laughing. "As if you had brought anything else." I replied and kissed her stormy.

"Yeah…as if." Then mum told me to sit on my chair, I obeyed and sat down. Mum undressed quickly and slingshot all her cloths into my direction and onto my lap. I caught them and put them to the side. As she stood there in front of me naked I could feel my pride waking up and saying hello. Mum kicked her cum covered pumps into my direction and I took care of them. As they were clean and shiny again I put them aside. Mum had watched me and seemed satisfied that she didn't have say a word.

"Ok, sugar. Here I've got the perfect outfit for the night." She said and took some things from her case. "But you've got to help me with it." I got up and walked over to my mum. She turned and held some red band in hands. I immediately recognized it from Mistress May's wall and got excited. Mum handed it to me and lay back on my bed almost like she had done it when I had shaved her vagina.

"Now focus on what I'm telling you." she said seriously. I made some Mm sound. And mum gave me some clear advices of how I had to use the band and which part should be tossed through which ring. As I was done after about fifteen minutes the result was astonishing.

The band was wrapped around mum in a way that her inner pussy lips would be held apart, the band crossed a few times behind her back and over her ass cheeks. But at the same time mum's outer pussy lips were held together and mum looked like sawed together.

Now the effect that had- besides its fabulous look- was that mum's inner pussy would get dry by the air. So her body would produce pussy juice to keep her mucous membranes wet. And that meat mum had turned the order of getting horny.

Mummy would not become horny and then wet, she would become horny, because she got wet. She checked the result in the mirror and nodded satisfied at me.

"You should change your cloth, too" she said. I nodded and took normal blue Jeans and a red Yale t shirt from my closet. As I got into my cloth mum seemed to be in some mood of euphoria.

She bent over the suit case and exposed her brownish asshole to her slave.

Then she turned and held blue low cut jeans and a white Yale girly shirt in her one hand and scissors in the other. I was a little confused but curious at the same time. "I met this designer Adam Saak in Los Angeles when I sold him a House in Malibu." She seemed to get frustrated as I didn't see what that obviously meant.

"He's that guy who does those marvelous things with Ed Hardy cloth." I still looked at her like a 1932 Ford Roadster. "You have no idea what I'm talking about, have you honey?" she focused me. I shook my head. "All right. Adam does those great scissor designs on cloth. And then they look hot and sexy and slutty." Mum said and seemed to be fascinated by this Adam. Then slowly and foggy I got some idea of what she was talking about. I remembered that I had seen some report about this guy a few weeks ago and so somehow I knew what mum was talking about.

As my face lit up for understanding of what she was telling me came she smiled at me and nodded slowly. "You got it?" she asked to be sure. "Yes I guess so" I said and closed my pants.

Then I got into my good old Converse Chucks and looked like a student should. "Now I will create great new Jeans out of these" mum said and shook the hand with the cloth in it. Then she laid the blue cotton on my bed and begun cutting on it. I was sure she would not leave much left and so she put large pieces of the material to the side and made some little cut here and some tiny cut there and after a few minutes she was done.

She turned with her red wrapped lower body around and showed the result of all this work to me. I nodded but could not really imagine how it would look on her. So she stepped into the small piece she had left over and turned. I had seen that she had cut of the legs and that way had created hot pants.

But I had not been able to see that besides that she had cut holes that looked like long scratches into the blue. Those went here and there and their width had a big range from a few centimeters to about three inches. Since mum wore that red underneath it was visible trough some of those scratches and some showed red material and tanned skin as well.

But from the way the lines of the two colors crossed you could say with some certainness that the red could impossibly be panties. That way those hot pants were another wonderful piece of "cloth". But the biggest change mum had brought to the former Jeans was that she had worked on that low cut. If those Jeans had had a deep waist line before the scissors it was nothing compared to what mum had turned them into.

She had cut off the entire waistband. So you would no longer be able to wear a belt with those pants. But mother wound not be mother if she had stopped then. Actually the waist cut of those pants now was deep enough to make one and a half inch of the brown trident visible.

And god alone knew how that zipper held up there after it had been cut through. I had opened my mouth. "Close your mouth baby, you're not a fish" mum said and sounded like the unforgettable Julie Andrews. I closed my mouth and didn't sound like anybody unforgettable.


"Now what could we probably do with that shirt my love?" mum asked and I could tell from her tone that she already had some plan in mind. Silently she got herself into that white shirt with the red print saying University of Yale. It- what a surprise- was tight and didn't leave any room for fantasy. Since the white cotton was stretched over mum's breathtaking breasts it got a little see through if not as much as those really see through blouses and shirts were mum wore.

She raised her eyebrow when she saw I was about to open my mouth again and I thought about ignoring it just to hear her speak in that gorgeous Julie Andrews voice again. But I didn't. Then mum turned around again and took some hair gums from a corner of the suit case.

She checked her mirror self by turning to the right and created two ponytails on each side of her head. Since her hair wasn't as long as Kayko's when she had visited us on Grand Bahamas mother's ponytails weren't that long and didn't give her that extreme school girl twist. But it looked hot and sexy and you would get the hint. Mum handed me those silvery scissors. "I don't see any way how I could do that myself." She said and gave me the sweetest sunshine girl smile.

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I for sure took the scissors and looked at it a few seconds. "How? What?" I said but didn't know how those questions might have went on. "Just do what you like, baby." Mum said and I had the impression that since she had become pregnant she left more of those things to my imaginations. I nodded and pulled my lips in some Robert De Niro ankle down. "As if I was the freaking godfather" I thought.

Then I pushed one scissor blade carefully forward and through the cotton. It ripped slowly and I got a first feeling for the task I had gotten. As the cold metal touched mother's skin she made some sound by sucking the air in between her teeth.

As the rip got bigger and wider and went along a threat of the material and in really absolute easy to control ways around mum's belly I saw how the few silky hairs on mum's belly stood up.

Mum got gooseflesh. I had bend down to get a good look at what I was doing. As I saw it I looked up at her from under her left arm and saw her pretty face observing me.

"You're doing good." Mum said. So I went on with that first test cut. All I had done so far was cutting off a ring of material around mum's belly and shortened the shirt a little. Now there I knew how it worked got braver. Since I knew that mum didn't give anything on what she wore as long as it made my cock hard I knew I wouldn't have to care about any rules if that was wearable.

"Now show mummy how creative you are." Mum said.

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So I set me next cut. It was just like the first one but much higher. First I didn't know if I should set it under mum's breast's silhouette above them like a little window but I thought I should first cut out the basic shape.I cut a huge ring of the fabrics. It fell down and mum giggled since it seemed to tickle her.

Now the lowest part of that shirt ended an inch underneath mum's nipples and left almost the entire lower half of mother's boobs uncovered. I stepped a little to the back to see how it looked so far.

I nodded. Then I told mummy to spin for I had something in mind for her back. First I made two cuts at the sides and then I connected them until the last string was weak enough to rib by itself. So the neckline on the back was only held by a small stripe of fabrics which ran along between mummy's shoulders.

The next thing I did was cutting off the sleeves to create some tank top optics. Mum caught them as they fell down her arms and tossed them around her wrists like tennis sweat bands. "Leave something left of that shirt" mum said turning again for me.

"As if…" I replied and she made some "Well yeah, I'm the one with the exposed pussy pants" face. Then I took a few minutes to create some fishnet look on both sides of the shirt by cutting it in stripes first and then connecting the hanging stripes crosswise.

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That for sure made the shirt even tighter and mum's breasts pressed against the material with more pressure. So far I was pretty amazed by what I had created. Mum twisted for me again. "Are you done?" she asked me. "One last thing" I replied. So I got right in front of her and cut out a much deeper neckline. That way her breasts were effectively covered by something like an inch of unharmed material showing only parts of the Yale sigh. I had left few stripes above that unharmed part and connected them using the same technique I had used at the sides.

Mum had to spin one last time and I cut a little here and a little there and then I was satisfied and finished. Mum went to the mirror to see what I had done to her. "You really love showing me to people, don't you?" she smiled. I nodded. Mum got into white high heels with four and three quarters inch heels. Then she sat on the bed again and said:"Now help mummy getting in those cuffs." and pulled two white ones from the suit case behind her.

I got on my knees in front of her while she held her feet into my face. I kissed the white varnish and licked over it. Mum moved her foot to ensure I would kiss and honor each part of those shoes. I sucked the heel in my mouth and licked it.

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I reached the part where the heel goes over into the sole and left a loving kiss to that place. As mum seemed to be satisfied I rolled the cuff up my arms and pushed it over mum's feet. Then I made it look good by pulling a little here and there. I went through the same procedure with the other foot and then we were finally ready to go. Mum reached inside my pants to check if I wore my ring and to lay my cock down my leg leaving more tiny scratches with her French nails.

Then she took a short black fur jacket from the case and hooked under my arm. She nodded. That way dressed up- or down- we made ourselves on the way to Miller's house.

Miller lived in one of those nice big Colonial Houses and shared it with his Rockabilly Clique. They drove great Hot Rods- Miller had a 1962' Chevy Bel Air- and had great 1950's hair and did all you would expect them to do. The party was typical. There were the Football guys with pumped up muscles still wearing their Team Jackets from High School, the usual bitches wearing tiny skirts and making out after the first beer with the next one around and for sure the mad Party people, such as Jake.

The walk over that campus with mum had been great and if I had thought many students had been observing mum showing her stocking at the cafeteria that was nothing compared with the number of them following us now.

I wrapped my arm around mum to show she was mine and for sure to ensure everybody would get it. I felt her pregnant belly at the side where my right hand lay. The entire walk had taken about fifteen minutes and as we arrived the party had already started and the music was rocking and wild. We entered the huge house through the massive but open front door. On the veranda we had already met Miller and Susi who was his girlfriend.

They were kissing and as Miller looked for the blink of an eye too long at my hostage Susi slapped his face gently and said what girls in those teeny movies would say. Mum had laughed and so had I. The inside of the house appeared like a colonial time castle. We all knew Miller's family had enough money to wipe their asses with thousand dollar bills and so we didn't wonder too much.

Mum for sure thought how easy that house would be to sale and all that but well- to tell the truth- it was not like we or any of the other guests had really to sorrow about money issues.

Maybe the bitch girls had but guess what they were here for… In the middle of a big living room with an open kitchen, where the Football heroes and their groupies played the good old "Now you have to drink a beer and takeoff your skirt- why- 'cause that are the rules-really-yes really and now undress bitch" game they had established some dance floor. Jake and the hookers and Tinkelheimer who looked like a guy with that name should screamed again when they saw us entering and surrounded us.

"What a nice little lady you brought." Jake made that dance again. By checking mum out on detail I could see his eyes stopping for a second as he realized those three brownish stripes were not a tattoo. And that moment his coolness got a little rip. But he caught himself quickly. Tinkelheimer and the other bros just stood there and screamed until they realized it, too and then became silent until Jake screamed: "yeah man, you've got it!" Then he forced me to give him high fife again and they went away.

I was not sure if they knew mum was my mummy but obviously they had not thought I would bring someone that hot. But maybe they had just exposed the next one to blackmail to do the high fife game with them. "It seems to me I am impressive to your friends." Mum said and sounded like Tina Turner and looked at me from below and up to my face from green lakes. "I guess so" I said, "would you like something to drink?" That was not the prom of Beverly Hills 90210 I thought but it was too late, I had said those words and mum smiled at me for she could read my mind.

"Yes, let's go to that bar." She replied and pointed at the real wood bar Millers family obviously thought was necessary to study. We crossed the room with wide steps and I felt mum's hips moving with every step under my hand and enjoyed the clicking sound her heels left on the wooden floor. Mum sat down on the last free bar stool. I stood in front of her and between her legs. She pressed them against me enough to feel my pride being pumped with fresh blood.

"What can I do for you guys?" the bar tender asked and I swear he was Barry White but his sticker said "Vick". "Let's see Vick," mum said "I'd have a virgin margarita and my lovely baby here," she stepped her left French index finger nail into the empty room the "a" of Yale left, "would take a…" "BEER" Jake yelled across the room and I couldn't do else but being impressed by his unbelievable talent to always find the best situation to say the wrong thing.

"All righty then," mum said and almost fell of the chair from laughing, "a beer for baby." I smiled for I was lucky mum enjoyed that party and had fun. It took Vick about thirty seconds to mix the best virgin Margarita one can image and to open the freshest German beer.

He handed the drinks to us for about ten seconds- and his eyes didn't check if the Margarita was mixed right… Mum and I said cheers and drank.

"Seems like you've got a fan, sugar" mum said. "Does it?" I gave back. "Yeah, she's undressing you with her looks. Right behind you." I focused the girl's reflection in the window.

She had dark blond and curly hair. Her face was like any other girlie's face and made up in that light pink lip gloss way with pastel tones and brownish eyes. She wore a black way too small shirt of "Three Doors Down" and a skirt. When I saw her I didn't adore her like many of those other guys around us did. I was sure about that.

I felt sympathy for that girl. She was a victim of the world wide industries of lifestyle and make up and how you are supposed to be. And I was sure she didn't even try to look behind that curtain of a sick reality's construction. We stood and sat there until out glasses and bottles were half empty. Then mum took me by the hand and pulled me over to the couch. It was one of those deep leather sofas where you can drown in. She pushed me backwards and I landed right next to Miller and Lisa who were making out and I fought back the reflex of saying "do that at home" for they actually were at home.

Mum placed her dink on the low table in front of us and showed her ass to me and to everyone else who stood behind the sofa. I heard Jake and Tinkelheimer cheer and smiled involuntary.

The DJ played that great Joe Cocker song and mum begun to dance. She swung her ass from side to side and I couldn't resist and moved my head with it. Then she put her two hands on her two ass cheeks and moved them slowly up to the beat. I felt reminded on the scene from "True Lies" but this was way better. Her hands reached the lower end of that raped Yale girly shirt and I was impressed by mother's mobility.

She turned around at the perfect point of the song right after the sax solo. I was fascinated by her eyes and forgot everything around us. She hypnotized me and I followed her face as she moved it back. Then she set her left foot onto my chest and kicked me gently back and I shattered into that soft leather.

Mum licked her lips and I did the same. She again moved her hips tenderly with her hands on her femorales. And upwards her body like a lover's hands would delicately touch her.

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The song was almost at its end as mum leaned forward again. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her breasts. My hair got all out of order and as my dive into the hilly land of Sex appeal ended the song was done. Everybody who had stood around this scene was cheering and clapping and mum bend down like an actress at the Broadway. It took a while until the applause faded and mum came to breathe again.

"That was something." She said and smiled. "Wow I mean…wow" Was all I could say. Then mum sat on my lap and rubbed her ass along my cock. It was like a rock in Monument Valley by now and there was nothing I wanted more than mummy. My mistress nipped on her drink again and leaned forward.

I stared massaging her lower back and for the first time got aware of those sweet smells that steamed from her. It became obvious that her theory of changing the order of getting horny worked.

And I was sure that dance and what those moves had made to her pussy with that band around and in it had helped a little, too. Mum leaned back against my chest. She didn't do the first step and I again thought that she left much more to me. Finally I grabbed myself a heart. "I can't stand this anymore mummy," I whispered but sounded confident, "I want to fuck you right now." She smiled proudly and said:"I thought you'd ask never." Then she turned on my lap and her legs fell beside mine.


I felt her heat and looked down, she had cut those Jeans off high enough that only a tiny string went through her sowed lips. "Can you tell me who had that great idea of sowing my pussy lips together?" she asked but didn't sound angry or bitter. I guess she in some way enjoyed the delay and the more and more juices her vagina created.

"Get something to open me." she commanded. I obeyed and didn't think of the massive roll along my leg when I rolled her to the side and walked through the room to get something to cut this damn band through. I came into the bathroom and found some nail scissors. It wasn't the best solution but it would work. I returned to the sofa and found mum in some conversation with that very certain fan of mine who had been spying on us earlier.

How could she do that to me? I sat next to the women. Miller and Lisa meanwhile had left. "This is Wendy." Mum said and sounded like my mistress for the first time that night. "Hey Wendy" I said and couldn't hide how much her bare attendance annoyed me. "Nice to meat you" Wendy said with that horrible girly "I'm so freaking cute" voice. "I just told Wendy about you and me." Mum said. Cold sweat ran down my forehead. "W…What?" I normally didn't tremble when talking.

"Is it true that I have to let you drink my pee if I want to have you?" Wendy with that damn voice. Mum tinkled at me and somehow I got a little more mollified. "It is true" mum answered for me, "I let him drink mine and he is addicted to it." "Oh my god" Wendy said and her voice told me that her girly disguise broke and vanished surprisingly quickly. "So if I wanted to fuck you since the first day I saw you, and maybe had some bet with the girls who would get you laid first, I had to let you drink my urine?" "Is this from American Pie, Wendy?" I got confident.

"No," Wendy replied even more confident, "American Pie is from this." What a surprise. Wendy just played the girly girl and obviously was kind of ready witted. Mum smiled at me and I knew I had just no chance to get out of her plan. So I let all my walls and barriers fall and said:" That's right Wendy, if you want to fuck me I need to drink your pee." Wendy made some Mm sound and thought about that option. Mum emptied her glass and held it under Wendy's nose. "What, now?" she asked and sounded a little shocked but not as much as you would normally sound if someone asked you to pee into a glass on a Party.

Mum nodded "Now or never." Wendy inclined her head from one side to the other and mum and I could see her thoughts running through her head. Like I will hate me when I look back in fifty years and didn't do that. "All right" She said after about half a minute of thinking and grabbed the glass. Then she rubbed forward to the edge of the sofa and lifted her red short skirt. Wendy pulled some thin black lace thong to the side exposing her pink shaved vagina. She held the glass right underneath it.

"But if I do this you've got to lick me clean. Promise" she said straight. "He will" mum said and I nodded behind her as we both looked at what Wendy was about to do. She leaned her head back and concentrated.

It is hard to do something like that in public and takes years of practice to get it done. Mum had told me that once but you could imagine it by yourself. Wendy closed her eyes and opened them from time to time a little bit as if to check if we were still there and hadn't left her to be the girl who peed on a party in the living room for the rest of her life. But then after a few tries Wendy managed to let go.

A thin and almost clear stream of her girly pee ran out of her and hit the glass. The sound was silent. No one looked really at us since it all seemed not that freaky on a short look. Wendy repeated the procedure of closing and opening her eyes a few times until she was done. The glass was about half filled and if you wouldn't have known it was her pee it could have been any kind of energy drink, too.

The Girly handed the glass to mum. "Now…you promised it." She said trying to sound straight. It didn't take more that a special look of mum to get me on my knees and between Wendy's legs. She still held that lace aside and I had easy entrance. She tasted sweet and almost not bitter at once. I was a little impressed by her taste and though that I really could imagine to do this with her a few more times.


My tongue pinched her clit and I heard her doing a little "Uh" sound. "He's a good cleaner, isn't he?" mum asked Wendy. "Mm" was all Wendy could press out and I heard mum laughing with a mix of evilness and joy. When I was almost done I stretched my tongue out to clean the deepest part of Wendy I could reach. And as if I had hit an oil lode with a drill Wendy shot a small mix from more pee and cervix into my mouth.

I was surprised by that but had been trained well enough to swallow it. "Sweet Jesus" Wendy said and seemed to be as surprised by that climax as I myself. "Did he make you cum?" mum asked Wendy as if it was necessary. "I guess so" Wendy said and her voice's sound was filled with the endorphins her pituitary gland was sending out into her body.

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"But I've never cum like that." Wendy seemed to drift in some other dimension. She even forgot to cover her pussy again when she let her skirt fall. "Now drink it and the deal is perfect" she said lucky. I didn't hesitate and emptied the glass on once. Wendy's pee was warm and really sweet. Like an Asti or something. You certainly wouldn't accidently drink it for you wouldn't realize it was pee but if you were used to drinking pee- and I guess meanwhile I was- you could enjoy her taste.

"Great, now we have a deal. I will fuck you whenever and wherever I want." Wendy said and that had nothing to do with her former Girly voice. Then she got up and left us and neither mum nor I could say any further word like perhaps that this agreement was meant to apply for only one time and not for some several times. "I guess you just created a new mistress mum." I said and looked at the new one's shacking back. My mistress mummy seemed to be just as astonished as I and said:"Yeah I guess so." We looked at each other and wondered a little how this could have gone in such laps.

But then we just thought great and dint think about it anymore. "Now baby, I think you wanted to fuck me so bad" mum said. "Oh God yes" I replied and my pride was hammering against my pants. I took the scissors from the table and mum opened her legs. Carefully I cut the red band and the smell immediately got more intensive. I saw the deeper layer being soaked with her juices and couldn't wait to taste them.

Neither could mum and she grabbed my hair and pulled my head into her tights. All my head and nostrils and mouth got filled with and wrapped by that breathtaking smell of my mistress's body liquids. I breathed deep and inhaled mummy's odor of pleasure. Her wet pussy lips really swam and I kissed them tenderly. My tongue and lips immediately got slimy and it felt as if they were swimming in mummy and I was part of her.

"I am so wet baby." Mum said loud enough that I could hear her. I nodded and thought oh really I didn't realize that. I licked from the deepest point I could reach upwards and along mummy's soaked pussy. I felt the warm and juicy rings of the outer lips scratching over my sensitive tongue skin and enjoyed the feeling. I reached mum's clitoris and sucked on that little swollen and so sensitive part if her.

"That's so good baby. I swear I'm already so close. I'm leaking." Mum moaned and I was impressed by how good she had kept her obvious excitement behind a masquerade of coolness. "You enjoyed when this girl peed for you didn't you my dirty boy." It seemed that she said that more for herself than for mine but she was just so right.

My cock was hard and I feared the cotton could rip. The blood got pumped through the veins with pressure as if my penis was fighting to be set free from its cage. I did my best to drink up the rivers of lust mum produced and loved the taste whenever it hit my mouth and almost forced its way down my throat.

Mum tasted so good and I would have known that bitterness with the shot of sweetness everywhere. "How hard are you baby?" mum asked and fought to balance between the little girl who just wanted to be fucked and the mistress who insisted on her slave's prick to be stiff and ready.

"Hard enough" I whispered from underneath her. "Then get it out and fuck me. I can't wait to feel you inside my vagina." Mum let all the mistress sounds go. I climbed up from the wet cave I had been with a glittering face and mum pulled my head against her own. Then she kissed me and her tongue found its way into regions I didn't know I had. She almost ripped off my head again and if I had needed any other proof of how much she loved me and wanted me this moment it would doubtless have been that.

Mummy's hands quickly and smooth found their way down my pants and opened my zipper. Mum didn't care if the people would hear the sound of opening and so she did it fast and hard. It was like in those scenes when people get inside their apartments and undress and throw their clothes everywhere around and are just slaves of their own lusts. My cock popped out and it felt as if it was breathing in the air after years in prison.

Mum wrapped her hand around my shaft and massaged it. "You're really hot. This little girls' pee seems to be stimulating" my lover said between two wild kisses. "No, it's all about my mistress" I replied breathless. "Then shut up and fuck me" she said and didn't whisper.

Meanwhile some of the other people had noticed us. I don't know if they realized that we were about to have sex but they got that we were at least making out pretty wild.

Mum pulled my pride inside her pleasures cave. Entering her wetness was like high diving into a lake in summer. The rings didn't scratch my penis this time for they were all covered with mum and were as silky as a fresh oiled engine. "I missed your cock inside me so bad." Mum whispered in my ear and I could hear how much she enjoyed being fucked in public. Each word carried a massive hunger for what just happened. Then I started pumping her smoothly and we kissed while we found a rhythm.

Somehow none of the others seemed to care about what now became obvious. With each time I pushed forward I seemed to get a little deeper inside my mother and her breath got faster as waves of her juices floated. I could feel her climax hitting my cock's tip deep inside.

And I smiled for she had come that fast. "You really need to be fucked, don't you?" I asked her with a knowing sound. "Shut up son," she answered still breathing hard, "I'm not dome with you yet. So don't you dare to shoot your load." "No madam" I said and concentrated on my own status of erection. "I want to dance" mum said with a much slower breath then before. "Now?" I asked with some kind of panic. "Now" she said with some kind of cruelness.

So I picked her up. First she wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her a few steps. Then she loosened the grip around my body and found own stand on those white high heels. I felt her shaking softly and felt some pride for I had made her cum that hard.

The DJ just had switched the record or in his case he had clicked on another track. Now they played some really sexy Latin rock and mum swung her hips in sexy circles as I pushed her carefully backwards onto the dance floor. This new motion brought a whole new degree of sexiness into the whole thing and I bit my lower lip and twisted my eyes backwards.

"Is that good for you baby?" mum asked. I nodded and pushed her backwards a little harder and rammed that way my cock into her with more force than I had had before laying on her. She bit her lower lip and turned her eyes backwards.

"You're so good in that game. Who was your teacher?" she asked and her voice again fought to hold the balance. I didn't answer since we had reached the dance floor and just went with her down as she performed that move.

My cock almost flipped out of her when we were at the deepest point and so the way up was a pure pleasure to both of us. Mum leaned back pushing me deeper inside and exposing a great view at her breast to me. Those nipples were rock hard and pressed their silhouette through that cotton. Since they were only covered by that inch thick line I had left over of that shirt I just couldn't resist and pulled it a little down on the left side.

When mum swung back onto my chest I lowered my head and sucked that left red and silvery pierced pointer into my mouth. The good thing about that move was that it besides that part of exposing that nipple was not far from the way most of the other couples were dancing.

Mum lay her hand on my head and stoke over my hair. "Such a good boy; I'm close again. Will you make mummy come once again?" mistress mummy said above me. The song got faster at that point and mum and I raised our tempo, too. Now we did some move that would normally pretend to fuck each other but in our case it was just what mummy needed and I felt her wave building up inside and almost pressing my cock out with its power.

If the music wouldn't have been around and loud everybody would have watched us then the latest because mum's pleasure shot out of her and hit the floor and me and made that sound it does when liquids hit the floor at once. "That is amazing" mum said and was breathless again.

I felt her inner muscles working on me and knew that although the shot had came out she was still coming in smaller waves with a faster rate. I felt my own needs knocking the door then and knew I would not be able to fight them back for a long time. "Mum, please allow me to cum, too" I pressed out to let her hear how serious it was. "You want to cum inside me, don't you?" mum whispered in my ear and her voice as well as her inner movement told me she was still fighting and enjoying her second orgasm.

"So much" I replied powerful. "All right," mum said and I wondered if she actually was coming again by that imagination or if that second orgasm was the longest in history, "now shoot your white load deep inside your mummy." That was all I had waited for.

My balls had been tightening ages ago and I would have cum then no matter if mum had allowed it to me but I was sure she had known it was like that. So the first hot stream hit her inside when she said "mummy" and I pumped her hard and forgot to listen to the music. My orgasm didn't take as long as mummy's had but was great and intensive. It felt as if mum was milking my drops and shoots inside her with invisible muscles and hands. When I found back to my senses and opened my eyes mum stared at me.

"Good for you?" she asked. I nodded and smiled and realized that the music had changed into some slow love song while I had reacted my lust into mummy in that wild way. So some guests were staring at us. And mum grabbed my hands and danced in some slow and romantic way with me. My cock got as soft as the ring allowed inside her innermost and I felt all the liquids floating around it and knew that if I pulled it out mummy would start dripping like a broken tub.

Somehow we managed to get back to the sofa and off the dance floor. "To the toilet, to the toilet" mum said and made some wild moves with her arms. So we got there and inside it and mum sat down on the closed closet and leaned back in a way that she didn't lose any drop. As she lay there in front of me with her legs spread and a pussy like a melting pot for at least two kinds of liquids I fell in love with her again. "Try if you can close those bands again "she said. I undid the rests that hung down her ass and sowed her anew.

This time I didn't pull her open and close her at the same time I simply closed her and ensured those juices would stay where the belonged. But certainly you can't get this hole perfectly save and when mum got up one little steam of white thick water ran down her leg's inside and got soaked slowly by the wool those czffs were made of. "Great feeling." Mum said satisfied. Then she hooked under my arm and we left the toilet.

Outside we met Tinkelheimer and Jake. "Jackpot!" End of this eighth chapter of mummy's true passion. You know I will keep posting this series till its done but would you thousands of people watching and reading this story and wanking on it and shooting loads and loads mind to take the time after you red this for one hours or so to leave one short comment?