Hawt bitch gets lots of slime in face after gloryhole blowjob

Hawt bitch gets lots of slime in face after gloryhole blowjob
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Several years passed since I gave my first Black guy head. Make no mistake, I was thoroughly enjoying myself surprising unsuspecting Black men 'out of the blue' with blowjobs.

The look on their faces when they became clear on what my intentions were was priceless and something I really enjoyed inspiring.

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I gave head everywhere from a bowling alley to a football stadium pre-game parking lot to convenience store back rooms after midnight when the store was quiet. Dee started pointing guys out when we would be out and it sort of became a game, a challenge to get myself into position to nonchalantly bump into them somehow; a skill at which I became fairly adept.

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But at a New Year's Eve party to welcome in 2004, there were a couple of Black guys who were unattached at the party we attended, and something growled inside me as I stared at them and it struck me all of a sudden that sucking either of them was not going to be enough to satisfy me.

It was time and I wanted to go the next step. After mentioning it to Dee and receiving a boost of confidence and encouragement, I was going to try to figure a way to speak with one of them alone. But before I found them again two other women has beat me to them.

But the fire was lit. I looked online at an adult website after a few weeks and growing frustrated with desire. On the site I came across so many options, or so it seemed. Many were flakes, but eventually someone responded who caught my attention. It was a listing for a couple of guys actually, and I am not sure what my thoughts were when initially contacting them.

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After a few emails we chatted online and I showed the personal ad they had on the site to my hubby Dee, who encouraged me to make myself happy, as always. Eventually, on a Saturday in February, I responded to the phone number they gave me with Dee's cell.

Within minutes we were texting, a few after that, we spoke on the phone. The guy who handled the arrangements, whose number I had, belonged to a fella named Will. His friend was James, I was told. We made some plans for that evening and the butterflies in my stomach took off. Arriving at the North San Diego County club we agreed upon 15 minutes early, we were surprised to see how much it had changed in the 2-3 years since we last were there. It was a racially mixed dance club then, but in the meantime had switched to a completely Hispanic format of music and the whites and blacks who once danced there were nowhere in sight.

We were the only white people we saw walking in, and there, 15 minutes early were the only two black guys, right where we were to meet. We introduced ourselves and went to a long table facing the wall in the back. I sat with Will and Dee and James went to get us drinks. I faced Will in a very short dress with nothing underneath.


We did not kiss while sitting at the counter, but within a minute I was feeling his cock through his pants and his hands were up my dress and rubbing on my pussy. We all gulped our drinks and headed for the cars.

It was a cheap motel we rented before going out in case no one showed again, but someone showed; two someones!! Before we went up to the room, we asked them to give us ten minutes to prepare. I wanted to do a few things to get ready, plus change into even less clothes.

I put on a tiny G-string, some crotch less fishnets, and a silk wrap around top with was little more than cover when standing perfectly still. I got myself fully charged up and ready and two seconds later there was a knock at the door. I greeted both Will and James at the door with a kiss. They had very nice things to say about my outfit and I did a quick spin around to allow them to see it from all angles.

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We made nervous at least nervous for me! small talk for a couple minutes and then Will excused himself to use the bathroom. I finally sat down on the bed next to James then. Within a minute he touched me, putting his arm around me, we kissed and I started to try and undo his pants as we kissed. I was so excited and nervous, my hands could not steady themselves enough to unfasten a belt! So after a minute of fumbling around, James sorta chuckled at my effort and stood to lend me a hand undoing his belt and pants.

When he stood, like a reflex I slid off the bed onto my knees in front of him in raging anticipation. He went as far as unfastening the top button then let me take over. I pulled down the zipper, slid both my hands in around the sides and slid down his pants till his beautiful black cock sprang up and out in my face. I had a little thing I did every time I was about to suck a BBC for the first time; I kissed the head a few times.

Then I took him into my mouth. When I saw the video of this later, I saw how eager and anxious I was to impress them, because within 10 0r 15 seconds I had both hands on James' hips and was pulling him into my face and deepthroating, my nose almost touching his pelvis.

He let out a deep, guttural groan in response and I never, ever, get tired of hearing that sound from a man. I was sucking furiously when I felt Will's two hands reach around me from behind and come to rest on my breasts. He slid one hand down underneath me then and rubbed my pussy.

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Eventually he led me away from sucking James and helped me to my feet. They stood on either side of me caressing all about my body and I could feel him trying to remove the G-string. That's when I realized in my haste and excitement, I put the fishnets on over the G-string and had to remove them to remove the G-string.

I stood, bent at the waist with my hands resting on the bed, steadying me, as Will undressed me completely. Once they had me naked, they laid me on the bed, on my back.

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Will went to work, licking my pussy for what must have been a half an hour, while I sucked James. I had never felt such amazing sensation as I experienced then, and I told them so a couple times, which I did not even remember saying until seeing the video. I was in some sort of altered state. After the most glorious oral I had ever received, Will turned me sideways on the bed so my head almost hung off the side.

He had removed his pants while he was going down on me and I could see his formidable cock as he moved me about. He was big, but not a monster. Later I would discover he was nine inches but he was exceptionally thick. He knelt between my outstretched legs at least one of which James held while I continued sucking him on and off while waiting for Will to finally dive into me.

He took his time.

He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my dripping wet pussy and talked to me, telling me how smooth my freshly waxed pussy was, and how good it looked. Finally, he asked me if I was ready, and I said "Please, please," and nothing else. He leaned over me as I took both of my legs and restrained them behind my arms for him, bending myself in half to give him as much access to my pussy as possible.

He got the head in, commented about how wet I was, and sank deep into me in one f***eful thrust. I didn't realize what was happening exactly, but when I saw the video later, my eyes appear to roll back in my head at that moment. It was unreal it was so good. He fucked me like that for awhile before switching positions. Next, I got on top of him facing away from him, doing eventually what I would learn was called a 'reverse cowgirl'.

During this time I broke into what could only be described as a sexual frenzy. As I bounced and rode atop Will's cock, with him slapping my ass to spur me on, James got up and stood on the bed in front of me. He took hold of my head and began facefucking me with energy and fury to match what I was doing on top of Will.


It was so intense and hot for a few minutes we're lucky we didn't burst into flames and spontaneously combust! When I finally rolled off Will after that, I'm not sure what happened. At least, not until I saw it later on video. They took turns fucking me as hard as they could. Eventually James came first, on my face while Will was fucking me. I left it adorning my face until Will finished by cumming in my mouth. They were spent, but I was on fire. I kept sucking and sucking them until they came back to life and were able to fuck me some more before they had to go.

I was practically hanging by my lips from Will's cock as he was trying to get dressed and out the door, sucking his thick cock deeper than I ever would have thought I could. They left, and we never saw them again.

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But Will left a lasting impression on me, and I will never forget the intensity of those orgasms that first time a BBC dove deep inside me.