Xxxx in mia sharma ebony actor

Xxxx in mia sharma ebony actor
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The day after last time&hellip. That morning, I was actually excited to go to school.

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Yesterday I had been blown and jacked off, by a girl, the hottest girl in school, for the first time. She wasn't in first period with me, which she was supposed to be in. I thought to myself, 'Damnit she's absent…' I got into a bad mood, but then there she was two classes later, right before lunch. "Marissa! Where were you all morning?" I asked as she took her seat near me. "Oh, I had a doctor's appointment.

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I don't need glasses, at least not now," she said, smiling. "Well that's good," I said, responding to her small talk. As class went on, we whispered to each other, but nothing happened.

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Well, nothing like yesterday. I wondered if she was regretting what had happened and if she'd never make me cum again. My cock was semi-hard just thinking about yesterday, but I didn't want to be the one to bring it up.

Then I saw her look down at my dick slightly bulging in my pants. "Oh Chris, you getting excited?" she giggled, touching my cock through my pants with one finger, poking it. "Well, yea," was all I could manage. "I was thinking this morning, and I had a really good idea.

Let's not do anything in school today," she said. I was dismayed. I let out a small "Oh, okay…" and looked down at my still-hard dick. "Hey, don't look so sad you silly boy!" she whispered, moving her head near my leg and looking up into my eyes. I looked at her. "That was only the first part of my plan.

Now, are you're parents home after school?" she asked. My eyes brightened. "Wow, actually they're both away on a business trip for 2 days." She smiled.


"Good. Can I come over?" "Well, I don't know, I'm not really supposed to have visitors&hellip." I said, faking a sense of doubt. "Oh.

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Then I guess I'll just go home…" she said, looking sad but playing along. "Joking, joking," I said, putting my hand on her thigh. "I love you Marissa. Of course you can come over.

It'll be fun." "Okay then, good. I'll have a good thank-you present for you," she said, kissing her finger and touching my dick again. She got up, and bent down to pick up her bookbag, making sure her ass was in my face. BRRIIINNGG! End of class. 2:30, after school: Marissa and I walked home together, talking the whole way. We really had a lot in common, and a lot to talk about. As we stepped up to my front door and I opened it, she stepped behind me and wrapped her arms around my back.

Her hands slid into the front of my pants, and wrapped around my limp dick. Stroking it quickly, it hardened instantly. "Oh…Marissa?" I sighed, looking back at her. "Oh, just thought I'd say hi to the little guy before we go inside," she said, smiling.

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She stroked me inside my pants for a few more seconds, but when I got fully-hard my cock could only fit in my pants by going down along my leg. To solve this she unzipped me and pulled my dick out, stroking it one last time before stepping inside.

"Wow, you have a nice house Chris!" she said, looking around. "Um, thanks," I said, looking down at my raging erection. I lowered my pants and threw them on a nearby chair. "Whoa, big boy, relax," she said seductively, lifting my shirt and rubbing my abs with her small, smooth hands. I looked at her and without a word, began to pull her tank top over her head. The only thing left was her black lace bra. She smiled at me and asked me if I liked it.

"Damn, of course I like it!" I said, smiling. "Well, touching permission granted," she whispered, feeling up her tits and squeezing them gently. My hands rushed out and I cupped her through her bra into my hands. She smiled in pleasure as I carefully unstrapped her bra and felt her bare chest.

I had seen plenty of pornos that told me what to do now. I moved my head down and began to lick her tits and suck on those beautiful nipples gently. I wondered about the lucky guys who had passed by and had seen her tanning topless, since her dark tan spread perfectly even on her chest. She moaned softly as my mouth reached a nipple, and she hugged my head to her chest softly.

I wrapped my arms around her back and rested my hands on her ass. I lifted her up like this and brought her over to the couch. I gently laid her down and continued sucking and licking her chest. She closed her eyes and I grabbed her ass more firmly, rubbing my dick against her pussy through her panties.

"Chris, wanna put your dick between them?" she asked, moving her hands to her chest. "Oh yea!" I said excitedly, getting up. "Let's go upstairs on the bed where we have more room," I told her and led the way.

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When we got upstairs she laid on her back and put one hand on the outside of each breast. I got on top of her, put one leg on either side of her stomach, and gently placed my dick on her chest. Grabbing it with one hand, she stroked me a few times and pulled me down into her cleavage. Pushing her tits together over my 8 inch meat, all she was was "Thrust." I leaned forward, my stomach near her face, and I thrusted slowly.

My cock slipped in between her tits, and I was in heaven. I moved my hips faster and faster, and my cock remained in place, pulsating with ecstasy.

"Chris, hold on a minute," she said, stopping me. "Do you have any lube? You know, oils, lotions, anything?" I thought about it, and quickly ran to the bathroom. Grabbing the baby lotion from the drawer, I rushed back into my room. "Perfect," she said, taking the bottle from me. She seductively rubbed some lotion in between her tits, a fairly large amount actually.

She motioned for me to kneel in the same position as before. Rubbing more lotion on her hands, she stroked my dick, rubbing lotion on my shaft. I moaned as I felt this new sensation. Her small, delicate hands were now extremely smooth and cool, and the feeling of them moving along my shaft and stopping at the top to rub my head thoroughly made me really have to focus to hold back from cumming. I closed my eyes and bent my head down to kiss her. "That feel good?" she asked, stroking the lotion onto my cock and jerking it fast now.

"God&hellip.wait Marissa—ah! Please stop, I'll cum! Gaahh!" I moaned, resting my hands on her chest. She stopped just in time before my orgasm and smiled at me, knowing that her timing had been perfect. "I don't know how long you'll last between these two if my hand did that much, but explode when you have to baby," she said, giving my cock one last jerk. "Oh, after this I really will explode," I said, looking down at her.

She squirmed her hand over the head of my cock and, looking satisfied, placed my shaft between her tits. Lotion on my cock rubbing against lotion on her breasts, I leaned over her again and began to thrust. All I felt was wetness, smoothness, rubbing over the entirety of my cock. Soon I lost control of my thrusts, and they continued involuntarily. My shaft rubbing between those two brown mounds of pleasure, I looked down at Marissa. We were both sweating, me more than her, and we were breathing hard.

"G—Get ready," I managed to whisper. "Explode, big boy," she whispered back. With one hard thrust the first rope of cum shot out of my dick and landed on Marissa's face.

She held her hands on her tits, and I continued thrusting as my cock spewed cum. Two more bursts hit Marissa's face and upper chest. I continued pumping for at least 20 more seconds, as the rest of my cum dribbled out onto her chest. "Ooooo Chris! It's so warm!" she squealed, letting go of her tits as I reclined and fell beside her.

I put my arm around her as she turned onto her side. I had a clear view of the cum on her face and on her chest.

"Marissa, that was…You could never believe how it felt," I told her, still breathing hard. "I know what we can do later. For now, relax Chris. I'm sure the little guy down there is tired," she replied. I smiled at her. She rolled her tongue around her lips, slurping up any of the cum close enough to her mouth.

She picked up her hands, still covered in lotion, and rubbed my now limp cock while still looking at me and laying beside me. "Let me go wash up, I'll be right back," she said. When she returned 5 minutes later, I was sitting on the edge of my bed. She had only washed her hands, and the lotion was still between her tits, and my cum was still on her face. She threw me some tissues which I used to wipe the lotion off my dick.

"You ready for the next part?" she asked, moving her hand to her lower stomach. She slowly pulled her skirt off and stood there with nothing but her black panties on. "And what's this part?" I asked, staying cool. "Well, I was thinking I'd blow you first.

You know, get you all hard and up. This way, you can fuck me," she said, calmly. My eyes widened. "Fuck you? God Marissa, just you standing there turns me on so much.

But, I don't have any—" "One step ahead of you Chris," she said giggling, as she tossed me a pack of condoms.

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"I hope they fit." I couldn't talk. I took out a condom, but she told me to wait so she could suck me while I was bare. "You can feel more this way. You know, my saliva, making your shaft all wet and slippery, my tongue, swirling around your head—" "Jeez Marissa!

I don't want to cum yet!" I protested. She laughed again and kneeled down in front of me. Taking my cock into her right hand, she put it straight into her mouth. My dick was still soft and she sucked hard. It stretched along the contours of her mouth, and her tongue wrapped around me and pulled me deeper into her throat. I hardened quickly, and within seconds I was back to 8 inches. She bobbed up and down on 4 inches at a time, then moved to 5.

I placed my hands gently on the back of her head and put some pressure. I watched her mouth and her head move along my cock and I instantly felt even more pleasure. She moved her right hand to my shaft and began to jerk my shaft while the head was in her mouth for a while. Soon, I had to pull out of her mouth or I would bust down her throat. Panting, I said softly, "Damn Marissa, you're so good at sucking cock!" Laughing, she knelt back.

"I'm happy you like it," she said. She got up, her hands leaning on my thighs. She kissed me for a few seconds, her tongue exploring my mouth. She quickly opened the condoms and slipped one on my dick. It was tight, but it fit perfectly. "Oh, I'm so happy it fits! I knew you had a big dick Chris so I wasn't sure," she said, smiling at my dick in pleasure with herself.

"Jeez baby, it fits fine," I said, still not believing the events of the past few days. "Okay then, lay back," she said, pushing me back gently with her hand on my chest. I pulled myself back, my head on my pillow, bare naked, and my cock stood straight up.

Marissa climbed onto the bed and slowly crawled up to me. Her pussy stood right above my dick, and it brushed the head of my cock, making my shaft jerk up even straighter.

She leaned her head over near mine as her hands rubbed my chest and she slightly thrust her hips against my cock. "Ready to fuck me Chris?" she asked, licking her lips. "Baby, more than I'll ever be!" I said, eagerly anticipating her pussy. She smiled and whispered, "Well, c'mon then. I'm gonna ride your dick. Sound good?" I just smiled and hugged her down to my body.


I felt her tits rub on my chest and I knew her nipples were hard. I whispered in her ear, "Do it baby." She grabbed my shaft and slowly guided it to her slit.

Ever so gently she lowered her body onto my prick. I could feel her enveloping me slowly, her insides shaping to the contours of my cock. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as she pushed 5 inches of me into her, and then slowly buried impaled herself even deeper.

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I could hear her moans of pleasure, and I was doing my best to not bust right there. As soon as I felt her start to rock back and forth, my balls began to churn. I looked at Marissa. She had her hands on my chest and her eyes were closed, her hips moving back and forth slowly, pulling and pushing my cock up and down.

Even through the condom I could feel the enveloping wetness of her pussy. She moaned loudly as soon as I thrusted into her, and she came hard. I felt her juices flowing down my cock onto my groin. My balls were soaked.

Since she had cum, I grabbed her tits and squeezed gently. "Chris, that was amazing…" she whispered, still in ecstasy. "Marissa, go fast now, I'm about to bust," I said, panting. Without a word she began swaying her hips harder.

My cock was still buried inside of her, and I couldn't take it any more. I hugged her close to be and thrusted as deep as possible. I came hard 8 inches inside her. I could feel my cum around the head of my cock inside the condom.

I kept thrusting and she kept swaying. Our bodies mingled, and my dick began to soften. Marissa, her head very close to mine, opened her eyes slightly and smiled, bending her head down to kiss my chest. "Hey Chris," she said. "Yea?" I answered. "How about tomorrow I bring friends?" TBC&hellip.