Tiny4k petite blonde Schwalben und nimmt riesigen Schwanz in 4k

Tiny4k petite blonde Schwalben und nimmt riesigen Schwanz in 4k
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I hope you enjoy the story. Disclaimer: all characters in the story are 18 or older, and all events are entirely fictitious. Remember, this is a fantasy. Always follow your dreams, the darker and kinkier the better! ******** The smoldering ruins of the Choi village were like a fine wine tasted with relish to Warlord Kresh as he strode down the main thoroughfare.

Two naked young women, their wrists bound with rope in front of them, were yanked along by leashes attached to makeshift rope collars, the end of each leash gripped tightly in the Warlord's beefy fists. The callous barbarian turned to Amaya and Sachiko, smiling broadly when he saw the wide-eyed fear on their faces. "See what your precious town has become, girls.

Take a good look and see the fate that awaits all of your wretched, servile race." As Kresh turned the corner accompanied by his second in command, Garash, a new sight left both girls feeling a fresh sense of dread. Three beautiful young women were naked in the middle of the street.

Amaya recognized the nearest girl as Traetha, the oldest daughter of the Fhaikhara family. The girl's long limbs and legs were stretched taut, bound tightly to stakes driven into the ground, and she lay face down in the dirt as a naked Ashgani warrior thrust his cock roughly into her pussy from behind.

His grunts joined her pathetic mewls for mercy, the man's testicles slapping rhythmically against her sexy bottom as her figure strained mightily and helplessly in its bonds.


"Please stop!" Traetha groaned, tears glistening on her cheeks as the ugly warrior with only one eye slipped a hand around to her midsection to fondle and squeeze her supple breasts, enjoying their soft, doughy feel.

He growled as he threw his hips forward even more ruthlessly, his cock slamming to fully encase itself in her soft feminine sheath. "Shut up and take cock like a happy slut, you worthless Choi cunt!" The warrior spat. Kresh looked meaningfully at Amaya and her younger sister Sachiko. "Take a good look, slaves.

This is what happens to cute cunts when I grow tired of them. I let my men have their way with them. You would do well to please me." Biting her lip and trembling, Amaya found herself answering automatically as a matter of self-preservation. "Yes Master." Amaya winced as they now walked behind the brutal coupling, and she watched as the nameless warrior's long, rigid phallus vanished with one merciless thrust into Traetha's raped pussy. Traetha wiggled her ass and moaned, her body responding to the warrior's brutal fucks against her will.

Amaya could smell the odd scent of arousal - male and feminine - thickening in the air. Traetha's groans carried a hint of tortured pleasure as the wet sound of suction accompanied the Ashgani fighter's next thrust, and his fingers pinched the girl's already hardened nipples as he called her a dozen vile names.

"See, you Choi sluts are legendary," Kresh growled. "See how the tall, big-breasted bitch says 'No!' but then creams up on Vashid's cock as he tears her a new pussy?" The Warlord dragged his two sexy captives to the next brutal coupling.

Here the youngest daughter of the Fhaikhara clan, Jelana, a slender blonde girl with a delicate face and gorgeous blue eyes, knelt before her captor's huge, vein-covered cock. "How do you like your new toy, Darshic?" Kresh asked his warrior.

The naked brute bowed low and grinned. "You are too good to us, my king, granting us such fine spoils we do not deserve." Darshic turned back to the young, fearful blonde. He had gathered her lush tresses away from her cute face and now prodded her lush lips with his cock-head. "Open, little bitch. You suck me like you worship this cock or I will rape your two sisters in the ass and then slit their throats right before your eyes!" The frantic young blonde promptly smothered his cruel shaft with her mouth, gurgling as she pumped her face back and forth until drool began to ooze down her chin and onto her breasts.

Darshic held her skull with both hands and plunged his cock-head further down her throat, enjoying the sounds of her struggling to breathe and take him all in. Eventually she groaned, her muffled plea for mercy getting him to relent as the brawny warrior pulled his cock out of her mouth, leaving strings of gooey cum dangling from her lips to the tops of her breasts. "There, bitch. You are beautiful with my seed gracing that sweet mouth and those sexy tits," he growled approvingly.

"Now get on your back, cute slut. I want a taste of that young pussy." Jelana squealed as Darshic shoved her onto her back, his head diving between her silken thighs.

Two nameless warriors held the pretty girl's wrists above her head even as Darshic forced her thighs apart. Darshic's tongue lapped all too greedily at her slit, battering her clit and stroking with swift, sure licks along the edges of her labia, one teasing barrage after another. The slender captive groaned instinctively, her cunt muscles contracting as she shivered, her mouth gaping in a wordless cry as the Ashgani captor's slurping on her sex intensified.

"Ohhh please Sir.no! My honor!" the beauty begged. The Warlord knelt down over Jelana, sucking on each of the girl's lusciously curved breasts before stroking the side of her face with one battle-scarred hand as he stared into her wide, innocent eyes. "Your honor ceased to matter the moment we rode into your pathetic excuse for a village, the moment you became property of the Warlord's horde, little cunt. Enjoy the sensations my warrior is giving you while you can. When my men are finished with you, then you will suffer the same fate as the rest." He let his words trail off, delighting at the fresh infusion of fear that played across the gorgeous girl's face.

The lushly curved blonde moaned with new urgency as Darshic tightly gripped her thighs and furiously ate out her pussy. His slurping sounds ratcheted up yet again as the Warlord stayed kneeling beside Jelana, idly rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He watched the girl's tormented face, especially now as it contorted in that perfect mixture of pleasure and horror, her chest heaving as one of the most brutal men imaginable pleasured her aching cunt.

The Warlord idly wondered whether somewhere deep down in the female's primal psyche, part of her wasn't yearning to have her snatch stuffed full of unyielding cock.

Just as the Warlord Kresh pondered this, there it was, the first sign of surrender.

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Jelana's soft sigh, her eyes rolling back in her head, all of it signaling the release of orgasm as she flooded her rapist's mouth with her pungent fluids. "Uhhhhmmmmfff!" the teenage girl squealed, her body writhing as Darshic drank greedily from her opening.

When the Ashgani had had his fill, licking his chops to taste the last of the naked girl's juices, he pulled her toward him with a growl worthy of a lion in his den. "That was a rare treat, even from a worthless piece of Choi meat. Now to experience the main course - a true, intimate feel of that snug PUSSY." Darshic glanced meaningfully at his elongated prick, rigid as a spear and throbbing with desire. Jelana gaped, her arms and legs flailing as two of Darshic's companions forced her to straddle the big warrior's bulk.

The Warlord Kresh had stood up and taken a step back now. He watched critically as the two assisting Ashgani brutes positioned the slender blonde's pussy above the girth of Darshic's shaft.

Darshic helpfully took Jelana's hands and brought them to his chest, entwining his fingers with the girl's, and in that exact same moment her pussy lips settled around his cock-head, her sheath sliding down him with a sudden lurch as she bottomed out on his manhood, her loud groan joined by the satisfied grunts of the two Ashgani helpers and an especially intense sigh from Darshic. "Ahhh.that's my little fuck slave. You've worshipped my cock with your mouth and tongue, now it's time to worship it with your tight cunt." Jelana moaned as the men smacked her on the bottom and barked at her to start grinding her hips, to ride that enormous cock properly or be skinned alive.

"Owwww.Please Sirs, stop hurting me," she cried out.

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Her tits jiggled as she began humping Darshic's shaft in earnest, her body gyrating with mad desperation. One of the nameless warriors cupped the sexy teenage girl's breasts from behind, squeezing the supple cones as she begged him to be gentler. Yet their threats had already burned into her fearful mind, her pussy now feverishly pumping up and down the Ashgani fighter's straining penis. Her groans of discomfort at the fullness of the cock filling her up to her feminine depths gradually evolved into a constant cadence of moans.

The Warlord Kresh grasped Jelana by the nape of the neck and turned her face toward him so that he could fully immerse himself in her look of surrender and despair. Worst of all, her sex slowly began to respond to the pulverizing friction as Darshic's cock slammed through her young snatch, making her moisten up on her rapist's spear-like manhood as she rode it with the zeal of a sex-crazed addict.

"Uhhhhmmm! Agghhhh!" Jelana squealed as Warlord Kresh muffled her cry with a ferocious kiss. "Come, little bitch. CUM on my loyal fighter's hungry cock. It will be the last experience of pleasure you ever know." The Warlord growled and cupped the girl's chin, forcing her to look down at her public muff enjoined with her male captor's as she writhed atop Darshic's penis, feeling every inch of his prick grazing her inner walls.

"No.Please!" Jelana moaned, her teenage twat creaming up around the girth of the awful shaft, milking Darshic toward his own release as the squelchy-wet sound of his cock pumping her aroused pussy now echoed through the ruined village of Namh-Jhong. The slender girl closed her eyes, her nipples standing out on her breasts in tiny spikes of matching arousal, trying to fend off the impending orgasm as it swept through her young, tortured body like a tsunami.

The Warlord Kresh grunted with satisfaction as Jelana's delicate face scrunched up with inhuman effort before a loud groan tore free from her lips. The sexy female captive could feel her pussy convulse on Darshic's steel-hard worm of flesh even as it lanced so deep inside her, impaling her pussy like a thrown javelin.

"Oh my gods. Ohhhhh. Ohhhhh my pussy!" she wailed, her pussy happily clenching up around the Ashgani barbarian's invading cock as pleasure threw her from the precipice like a rag doll, making her body shiver with delirious delight as she rode out the orgasm in her rapist's lap.

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Darshic's low-throated growl intensified as he pinched the girl's nipples hard and felt himself explode inside her damp heat. His cock's spasms continued for what seemed like eternity as he emptied himself inside of her, his companions urging him on. "Fill that cunt with your seed, brother.

Yes!" one of the men shouted. The Warlord Kresh watched as Darshic's hands slid down to grip Jelana's shapely ass cheeks, clenching tightly as he continued to pump her slender nakedness full of cum.

Her moan had trailed off by now, her pussy's spasms slowly subsiding. The afterglow of orgasm shone on her guilt-riddled face. Her body sagged as the helpless girl felt the last spurts of cum deposited inside her sticky, sore snatch, defiling her in the most intimate way. As the sweaty blonde babbled for mercy Darshic pulled her down against his chest, cradling her head in a strangely tender embrace.

His cock stilled inside her, but he merely lay there with his manhood nestled inside her cum-soaked pussy, stroking her long blonde hair as he drank in the scent of their twisted lovemaking. Jelana panted against the muscular warrior's chest, already aware of the other men eyeing her exposed body. She felt Darshic's cock still sheathed in her just recently pleasured cunt, and it sent a shiver down her spine. 'I've lost my honor,' she thought, and her guilt turned into revulsion.

Nonetheless she lay completely still, confused by Darshic's tender strokes as he continued to caress her hair and back, hugging her nakedness so snugly against his body. As Darshic's slackening shaft slipped free of her ravaged pussy a stream of cum oozed from her opening. One of the two warriors who had assisted Darshic grabbed Jelana's left arm, trying to yank her toward him.

"You've had your fun with the Choi bitch. Now it's my turn," the grizzled old warrior demanded. The alluring teenage girl glanced over at his pock-marked face, which was made only uglier by two beady eyes. She trembled, clutching her handsome captor Darshic as the lesser of two evils. Darshic's belly shook as his laughter rumbled like thunder. "It seems the sweet little cunt has taken a fancy to me, Orgom. I think you can wait a while longer. Me and the slut here will cuddle a bit, and maybe I'll fuck her in her tight little ass next.

Mmmm. Yes, I like that idea." "Have you enjoyed the show, girls?" Warlord Kresh's deep voice rang out as he turned to Amaya and her sister Sachiko. Sachiko cringed as Kresh's one hand slipped between her thighs, stroking her clit before plunging two fingers inside her pussy.

He pumped her silken folds with his fingers, and it was all Sachiko could do not to moan like a slut. "Hmmm…you're a little wet down here, little cunt. You DID enjoy the show, didn't you, watching both these girls get fucked raw by hard Ashgani cock! But the show is not quite over. Far from it. Let's see what else we have here…" It was then that the Warlord Kresh dragged the two sisters onward, to the next obscene sight, where the third daughter of the Fhaikhara family was being brutalized.

Umi was the middle daughter of the Fhaikhara family, almost as tall as her older sister Traetha. She had large, lushly curved breasts and raven-black hair spilling to just past her shoulders. Her skin had a sexy, exotic sun-kissed tint, and her emerald eyes were captivating in their own unique way. The gorgeous young captive was as naked as her two siblings, her arms stretched over her head and tied to a rope which had been rigged above to part of the bell tower which lay next to the village's main street.

A weathered-looking, wrinkled old Ashgani shaman was just positioning his cock-head at her exposed pussy from behind, his tongue sliding against her cheek. "Mmm. Get ready, sweetie. You're about to experience your first real cock!" Umi squirmed, trying to kick out with her legs.

She begged him to stop as he slid his shaft between her delicate cunt lips, relishing in the velvety fit as his cock raped her to the hilt, his testicles swinging with the movement of his first powerful thrusts. Umi's pleas echoed those of her two siblings, just as plaintive and futile. He grunted, spearing his shaft deep into her sex as he sucked on her ear lobe, whispering his taunts to her.

"Mmmm. Yes girl, your pussy greedily sucks in my cock. It loves being shoved full of proper Ashgani man meat. Uhhh! No more of those tiny Choi beanstalks for you." The elder shaman's outwardly frail appearance was deceptive. In reality the harsh Ashgani way of life - always on the move, plundering and raiding - shone in the old shaman's solid physique.

His muscles rippled as he gripped the brunette girl's hips, thrusting deep into her pussy as she groaned, her ass writhing, which only created more friction and sensations as the cock slid through her snatch. "Stop it, you bastard. Take out your filthy cock, you Ashgani scum!" The girl snarled at him as he reached down between her legs, fingering her clit deftly. After a while he pulled his cock out and walked around to view her from the front.

His cock glistened with a coating of pre-cum and the slight trace of her cunt's juices. Umi stared at the hardened length of flesh, appalled. "Get away from me, you beast." That was when the Warlord Kresh intervened.

He drew a long knife and pressed it to the girl's neck. "You struggle, you die," Kresh rumbled. Umi stilled, her eyes widening as the shaman bowed to his leader.

"Go ahead, Saevok. She is all yours." The elder shaman bowed gratefully to his leader one more time. Then he drew the girl toward him, grasping both of her hips until her pussy lined up perfectly with his shaft. He began to plunge his long, thick manhood into her cunt, grunting as he felt her take in all his length. Umi's eyes glistened with tears as her face contorted in hatred, but she held still, saying nothing as the shaman continued raping her.

The Warlord watched with evident satisfaction as Saevok's rhythmic thrusts quickened at a steady pace, his cock-head pushing her labia aside again and again as he drew his shaft all the way out of her pussy only to slam it back in until it vanished fully inside her tight, aching snatch.

Saevok seemed to enjoy refilling her completely, teasing her pussy occasionally by rubbing his cock-head up and down her slit.

Then he would spit on her sex, rubbing the extra lubricant between her labia before reinserting his cock. He cupped her perfectly sculpted buttocks now, gripping her more tightly than ever as their bodies joined and rejoined, a hideous ballet of penetration, cock and cunt slamming together to form the most perverse embrace, each time accompanied by a feminine grunt and a male growl.

The Warlord slowly withdrew the knife, but by then Umi had surrendered her will. Her tiny grunts were overshadowed by her captor. Her pussy had begun to cream up lustily around the invading phallus.

The shaman's grunts were soon joined by the wet sounds of suction, his pubic muff slamming against the slender female captive with tremendous force as he fucked her even more savagely.

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"Uhh. Uhhh. UHHH!" he groaned. "Not long now, you sexy Choi pig. I'll have that cute cunt brimming with Ashgani jism.

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You'll birth me a fine half-blood brat - IF I let you live long enough to bear it." Suddenly the muscular shaman felt Umi's snatch squeeze his girth with wild convulsions. The orgasm took the girl by surprise, but Choi women had more sensitive pussies than those of the other races, and she was no exception.

She shook her head with anger and disappointment, aware of her body's raging libido overcoming all resistance. "No.Take your filthy cock OUT!" she cried. "Oooohhh. Oh gods help me. Ahhhhh!" Her pussy twitched happily on Saevok's shaft, coating it with her fragrant fluids like the nectar of a sex-slave goddess. The tang of sex filled the Warlord's nostrils as he watched with keen interest. "Only this cock filling you with seed can help you now, bitch. Be a good fuck for me now, I may let you breathe a little longer," Saevok said.

The shaman pumped his cock deeply between her thighs, stroking her core with the full length of his cock as her body responded to the frenzy of his punishing fucks, riding another wave as a second friction-induced orgasm tore through her.

The naked beauty could only clench her teeth and moan as her cunt greedily convulsed on the shaft of the 70-year-old shaman, her honor in tatters. "You bastard!" she moaned, her pussy continuing to coat his cock in her juices. Her head thrashed back and forth as he clenched up, his cock erupting with a geyser of rich, warm cum.

"Aahhhhh! Take my seed, black-haired cunt. Time to impregnate a sexy Choi bitch with some proper Ashgani dick." Both the sexy young woman and her captor groaned in unison as the flood of cum shot through her sore pussy, impregnating her vulnerable womb. She could feel his scalding cum soiling her insides, defiling every part of her, as her once virgin pussy ached from the constant, punishing penetrations.

At last she went limp in her bonds, her chest heaving with sweat trickling between her breasts. Saevok slowly withdrew his drooping cock. A waterfall of cum oozed from the brunette beauty's raped snatch.

She moaned, her head sagging to her chest. "Please.No more…" Saevok pulled her head up by her long, dark tresses. "Call me Master and ask nicely, you worthless cunt!" He smacked an open palm against her exposed, throbbing sex. She cried out as the slap sent a fresh stream of jism seeping from her slit. The naked girl trembled in pain and fear, any semblance of defiance obliterated as she looked at the old shaman with beseeching eyes.

"Please Master, don't hurt me anymore. I'll do whatever you wish." Saevok's eyebrows arched. "Really? Anything?" Saevok sent a suggestive look toward the Warlord Kresh as if asking for advice.

The Warlord nodded toward the father of the Fhaikhara family. Ajani Fhaikhara had been stripped naked and whipped across the back before being trussed up. Now he lay with his wrists and ankles tied to stakes in the ground, his tormented eyes forced to watch his three daughters get raped. His mouth was gagged with rags, and he could only sputter angrily and incoherently. Understanding dawned on Saevok and the wily shaman nodded at his leader.

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"I think I know just what you need, sweetie. You promised to behave and obey. Now let's put that to the TEST." Saevok took Umi down and released her from her bindings, but the reprieve was very short-lived. He thrust the girl to her knees at her father's feet. Then he knelt behind her and took the blade Kresh offered him. He put the flat of the blade against Umi's exposed sex. "What do you want me to do?" Umi wailed.

"Isn't it obvious, you dumb slut? I want you to suck your father's cock." He brandished the knife, briefly resting the sharp weapon along Ajani's crotch. "Do it now or I'll cut his little pecker off right in front of you!" The color drained from Umi's face.

The beautiful young woman tentatively licked up and down her father's flaccid cock. To the girl's horror and to the delight of the Ashgani warriors crowding around to spectate, the father's cock immediately bloomed, growing stiff and engorged with sudden need. The dark-haired daughter slowly licked the tip of his penis, all too aware of his tortured groan. She then flicked her tongue in delicate sweeps along the underside of his penis, making it strain all the more desperately.

"Nnnnnn! Ugghhhh!!" He groaned through his gag, struggling to no avail. Umi continued to lick and coat her father's cock with her saliva. "Enough kissy play. Let's see some real deep-throating," the shaman barked. Saevok smacked her hard on the ass and pressed the flat of the blade harder against her tender pussy. She yelped and quickly smothered Ajani's shaft, her lips forming a tight seal around the pulsating penis of her father as she heard more plaintive groaning from his soaring arousal.

Her body shivered in revulsion as she took her father's manhood deep between her lips, struggling to take him deeper still until her nose pressed into his crotch. Her tongue cradled the underside of his cock, and she instinctively fondled his testicles with her hands.

"Keep it in your throat, worthless cunt, or I'll use this knife to carve out your pussy!" the shaman warned. Umi slurped and gurgled louder now, desperate as she felt Saevok gather her hair away from her face to helpfully assist her in her taboo cock-sucking.

He whispered approvingly in her ear. "That's a good slut. Give Daddy's cock the loving you've always wanted to. Make him nice and hard for you, bitch." Umi moaned as her father's cock leaked pre-cum onto her tongue, the salty taste and gooey texture unmistakable. She slurped louder, sucking furiously on her father's shaft until it strained obscenely, about to burst in her mouth. At the last moment, as if sensing the impending release, Saevok pulled her back, letting Ajani's cock flop free as long wisps of cum clung to the girl's chin and lips.

Saevok cupped her breasts, squeezing them both as he kissed the nape of her neck. He then trailed a string of feathery kisses down her spine. "Very good, bitch. Now that Daddy's dick is nice and hard for you, it's time to impale your cute pussy on it. Hop on, sweetie!" Umi's face twisted in total disbelief. "No, you can't be serious!" The girl yelped as Saevok pressed the knife to her throat.

"Hop on…NOW." The slender brunette mounted her father's prone body, swiftly positioning her aching sex above his bulbous cock-head before easing herself down onto his fiercely aroused shaft. She bit her lip, sighing at the fullness as Ajani's penis entered his daughter's pussy, violating the ultimate taboo. Umi looked down into her father's demoralized face, her spirit feeling fully violated as she began to pump her pussy up and down his considerable girth.

His phallus soon grew slimy with their combined juices, her pussy still slick from the earlier coupling with Saevok. Umi continued to plunge her pussy down her father's manhood even as the warriors jeered at her and yelled verbal abuse to add to the physical torture. "Keep at it, cunt. Show Daddy how good you are at impaling that horny cunt on a pathetic Choi cock. Get down it, bitch.

Hump faster, you lazy whore!" These and other insults were hurled at the poor girl as she sat atop her father's penis, humping desperately to please her captors.

Her tits bounced wildly as she ground on Ajani's lap, and all the while Saevok used a whip which one of the entertained warriors had given him, smacking the three-tailed tendrils of the lash against her back and her wiggling butt cheeks. "OWWW! Please, I'm doing what you asked!" Umi wailed. But the old shaman seemed to enjoy inflicting the additional pain of the whip, so he kept lashing her naked body even as she gyrated on her father's crotch.

The forced coupling of father and daughter continued until at long last the Ashgani men saw the sexy brunette's pussy fully creaming up and wet as it sank down again and again and again on the father's prick.

The shaman reluctantly let up on the whip, leaning over and fingering Umi's clit as she continued to slide her pussy up and down the shaft with obedient zeal. Umi looked down at the shaman's wrinkled fingers battering her joy nub, giving her sensations of pleasure she didn't deserve and didn't want. "Please…this is so wrong…oh gods help me," she moaned, her pussy throbbing with need as her clit became engorged.

Soon it was nearly as hard as Ajani's pulsing length, her pussy warming to new heights as arousal coiled insidiously through her core, all the way to her aching breasts, even the tips of her alluring pink nipples. The Warlord Kresh laid the flat of his blade against one of her supple cones, admiring the flesh as it bounced with the force of her impalements.

"Fuck him harder, little bitch. Make him CUM soon or I'll cut off your worthless tits and FEED them to you," the Warlord said. Umi looked down at her father's cock, as the base of his shaft once again vanished within her velvety-soft sex.

She cooed automatically as her pussy's arousal surged, Saevok's expert fingers stroking her clitoris to the edge of ecstasy and beyond.

Her loins burned like a white-hot flame as the pleasure seemed to taint her very soul. With sudden clarity the slender brunette felt her pussy writhe and squeeze around her father's tall spear of flesh, gushing its fragrant cream until both father and daughter's sexes were coated in the unforgettable musk of copulation.

Moments later the girl's father went completely rigid, his plaintive, muffled cry clearly signaling his orgasm following on the heels of his daughter's. Umi went rigid then too, her pussy welcoming it and yet in agony at the sudden spurts of cum as they filled up her silken snatch, leaving her insides a gooey mess.

Ajani couldn't believe that his penis was emptying inside his daughter's precious, fragile pussy, tainting her womb with his seed. He would never be able to live with himself now, and his face reddened with shame, yet it couldn't stop his body's instinctual and primal release.

His loins continued to erupt with lustful abandon, his cock spurting blast after blast of cum deep inside his daughter's beautiful young body.


When the last spurts of her father's jism had emptied inside her, Saevok dragged the dazed young woman off of her father's lap. "Look at you, slut. You've committed the ultimate sin. Filthy cunt!" Saevok looked down at the oozing strings of cum which dangled from the girl's labia, and another large drop of cum slipped free of her snatch just in time to land with a plop in the dirt.

Umi was trembling, fighting back tears as she closed her eyes and begged. "Please, you've done all you possibly can to humiliate and torment us. Please let us be, now, I implore you. Have some decency, by the gods…Please, oh please!" Umi cried. The Warlord Kresh now interrupted, bellowing to all his men who were gathered round, and his voice carried on the night breeze as if it came from everywhere at once, more like that of a demon than a man.

"My brothers, you have done well, but it is now time to move on to new conquests. We are finished with this village. Set up the tall execution poles and the bonfires. We shall burn the captives who remain!" Umi, Jelana, and Traetha all screamed as they were dragged naked toward the execution ground, their breasts bouncing, cum leaking from their ravished cunts as they were thrust roughly in the direction of doom.

Their final fate awaited them as the full moon cast its eerie pallor over the obliterated remnants of the place they'd once called home. Amaya and Sachiko watched the spectacle unfold. The Warlord Kresh put an arm around each of them, fondling their nubile young bodies. He inserted his fingers into each of their sensitive pussies, enjoying their squirms and moans as he reawakened their bodies against their will.

"I have decided to spare you two and keep you as MINE. Am I not merciful?" The two traumatized girls looked up at their male captor-cum-god and said the only words they could. "Yes Master…" ------------------ Author's Note: You can find the prequel to this story - called "Chronicles of Kresh." It has a stronger snuff element than any of my other stories, and that's why I posted these two stories separately even though they're set in the same place.

I have another barbarian / rape story called Chronicles of Sarkon which you might like if you liked this story --- Chronicles of Sarkon has more variation, plot/depth and no real snuff element to it.