Glamorous clothed lesbians use toys on their pussies

Glamorous clothed lesbians use toys on their pussies
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Julie lay on the beach, about fifty feet from the gentle ocean waves. She had just come in from a swim in the clear, warm Caribbean waters. She had gone with her family for vacation on St. Maartin Island and this was the third day of the trip. Julie was wearing her favorite and smallest bright orange bikini.

Because she knew how small it was, she had cleanly shaved all of her pubic hair that morning. Right now, the enjoyment she was having was from the warm sun on her body and from watching the men and boys paying close attention to her as they walked by. Some of them walked past three or four times in order to enjoy the view of this attractive young woman lying on her back with her firm C-cup tits and her puffy pussy mound just barely covered. Even a few other girls and women took note of her.

Julie Anderson was a eighteen year old white girl from New York State. She was 5'5" and 120 pounds with curves that made every man, including her father and brother lust after her.

She had long, straight blond hair with the help of that stuff in a bottle. She was a very smart girl and she really enjoyed flirting. She enjoyed watching the guys as tents grew in their pants as she teased them.

She even found that it was easy to give her father an erection although she never followed up on having done it. Now she was lying on the beach listening to her radio and enjoying the sun when there was a bright flash of white light. Yes, I know you have heard hundreds of news stories about abductions and science fiction stories that say there was a bright flash of white light just before the abduction. The reason you hear all of these is because that is how it really happens.

Julie came to her senses only to find herself standing, naked in a large empty room. Everything was a very pale green and seemed to slightly glow. As she tried to get her bearings, a door slid open and a being walked in. She knew immediately that he was not human although it had a basically human form.

She backed against the wall, screamed and covered herself as best she could with her arms. "Hello Julie, I am called Gronkkk. I am a male of my species. I am from a planet that is fifty light years from your Earth. Right now you are on our ship and we are stationary behind your moon where we cannot be seen. We are not going to hurt you so please try to relax and listen to what I have to tell you.

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I will mentally help you be calm." Julie heard him, or it, speak but his mouth did not move. She felt herself becoming more calm but she did not know how she could be. "You may speak to me with your mouth or just focus your thoughts to me. I can understand you either way but I can not read your mind about anything you do not direct to me." Julie looked at the alien.

She judged him to be about seven feet tall and to weigh probably close to three hundred pounds. He was completely naked and his skin was mottled and reminded her of military desert camo. It was very smooth and shined like it was wet.

He had three long fingers and a thumb on each hand. His shoulders and chest were very broad but he tapered down to a very much smaller and taut waist and hips connecting to long muscular legs.

He had no hair anywhere on his body and no ears or nose, just holes where they should be. Julie thought to herself that she hoped he never had to wear glasses. His face was strange but did not look evil. When she looked between his legs, he looked just like her cleanly shaved pussy mound. Was he really male? "About two hundred years ago, my planet suffered a disease that killed almost half of our population and left the remaining females sterile.

We searched far and wide looking for a host that could help us restore our lives and save our species. The solution that we finally found was virgin human women. We have found that we can impregnate them and have offspring with them and our scientists can manipulate the DNA so that there is no sign of the offspring looking like a cross bread.

And fortunately, the female offspring are fertile so we will eventually be able to repopulate our own planet." Julie just stood there without saying a word. Now her hands were down to her side. "I and three other of our males will have sex with you. As long as it is done within 24 Earth hours, each of us will be able to impregnate you with one fetus. You will then carry the four babies to term which take one month of Earth time.

We are able to somewhat control time so back on the planet it will only appear to have had only a fraction of a second pass. Then you will be returned." Julie finally spoke, "What if I do not agree to do this?" "I'm sorry but you have no choice.

We will increase our control of your mind and you will not object.


We have done this with almost four hundred Earth women in the past and right now there are twenty of you on the ship about to go thru the process. We could do this while you are fully unconscious, by artificial insemination but I will be fully honest with you, we enjoy the mating process and most of the women also do." Julie spoke again, "I am looking between your legs and you do not have male parts there." "Our testicles stay inside our bodies and our penises only come out when they are needed.

It is very much like your Earth dolphins." Gronkkk pressed a button and a bed came out from the wall. I will be the first to impregnate you. Please get on the bed." With little control of her body, Julie climbed on the bed and lay there on her back with her legs spread.

"We have removed your hymen so you will not feel pain as you are a virgin. Before you are returned, you will have the option of leaving it like that or having it replaced. You do not have to decide now." Gronkkk climbed on the bed between Julies legs. His body dwarfed hers. He rubbed his lower abdomen with his hand and his penis started to emerge.

When fully out, it was twelve inches long but only about one inch thick. The color was a very pale pink and rather than having a head like a human cock, it came to a tapered point. The hole in the tip was three eights of an inch. Julie could not imagine why she was not afraid but she was not. Gronkkk moved forward.

His shaft changed position by itself until it found the opening to Julie's vagina. Gronkkk slowly pushed his hips forward and he slid inside of Julie. There was no pain. She felt that his prick was almost, but not quite uncomfortably hot.

It slid into her vagina and thru her cervix into her womb. For twenty minutes he pumped in and out of her cunt with long smooth strokes, Julie felt pleasure which built to extreme pleasure and then a series of strong orgasms. Finally Gronkkk moaned and held still, deeply impaled in Julie's baby making area. Julie felt his shaft throb and grow to a much greater thickness and felt a rush of hot fluid fill her womb. There was much more that she could hold and a large quantity of thin clear cum poured out onto the bed, but the bed did not get a wet spot.

Julie lay there breathing hard.

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Her body felt sad when Gronkkk pulled out. Her mind was confused.

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"Julie, you now have one baby in you. Rest for a little while and then another will come in to implant the next one." Julie passed into sleep. Julie did not know how long she slept but when she woke, one of the alien males was standing at the foot of the bed.

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She could not see any difference in his look. "Gronkkk?", she asked. "No Julie, my name is Flemikkk. I am here for your next impregnation." He rubbed his lower stomach and his cock appeared. Without thinking about it, Julie rolled onto her back and opened her legs. Flemikkk mounted her and another twenty minutes of pleasure followed as he slid his very welcomed male equipment in and out of Julie. Julie did not want the fucking to stop but by the time he emptied himself in her, she was wiped out and ready to collapse.

Again there was much more fluid than her womb could hold and what must have been a cup full poured out of her on to the bed which quickly disposed of it. "Why is there so much cum?", Julie asked and the thought came back to her that the alien female required that amount.

"You are now while your second child." Twice more the same thing happened. Julie had come to look forward to it. The third alien male introduced himself as Blandikkk and the final one as Shronkkk. Again with no idea of how long she slept, Julie woke seeing a naked alien.

It turned out to be Gronkkk and he explained that he was not there to have sex with her again but that they almost always stayed naked. "This has been a very successful trip. All twenty of the Earth females are now carrying four babies each. The birthing time will now be one Earth month. You will have the run of most of the ship.

You may visit with the other Earth females and we will visit with you and answer any questions you have about us. You may have Earth television to pass the time and any food you desire. There are also ports where you may get close looks at your moon and of the stars. We will not answer your question about which star is our home." Julie roamed the ship and spent a lot of time with the other girls. It was hard to tell time but they guessed that it had been about a week when they all looked like they were three of four months pregnant.

None of them had been given their clothing back. Gronkkk admitted to Julie that it was because they enjoyed watching the Earth females naked. Some of the girls got horny but none of the alien males would join them sexually so some of them found themselves pleasuring each other.

They almost always had the alien men watching them when they did but no-one objected. None of them seemed to get any bigger but because of the size of the aliens; they were worried about the delivery of four alien babies.

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Finally one month had passed and the girls were taken to a birthing room one at a time. After giving birth, Julie was taken to her private room where she had been impregnated and she slept.

The girls had been put under during the delivery and there had been no pain. After the birth, each was asked if she wanted her hymen replaced. Julie chose to have it put back in place. Back in her room, Julie had slept and awakened again, Gronkkk entered the room and asked her if she would like to see her babies.

She answered yes.

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The door opened and a cart was wheeled in. This alien was a female. She was the first one Julie had seen. She looked just the same as the males except that she had four large breasts, one pair located below the other pair.

The cart was brought next to Julie's bed and in it; Julie could see four alien babies.

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They looked just like the aliens. There was no sign of any human influence in their makeup. She was surprised that they were only about one pound in size but she was told that it was normal and that they were all very healthy. Julie asked if she could hold them but she was told no. Gronkkk told Julie that with the DNA changes that they were able to do, that seventy of the eighty young were female and that in fifty Earth years they would be able to start adding to the population of the home planet.

Julie asked Gronkkk how old he was and he replied that he was ninety three Earth years old and that he was about half of the age that he was expected to get to be.

The next day, Julie was told that it was time for all the girls to be returned to Earth and for the aliens to return to their home planet with the new offspring. They were told that there would be almost no way to tell that they were ever gone. Julie was given her bikini back and she put it on. They were all gathered in the same room and there was the bright white flash again.

Julie was back on her beach towel.

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The only thing that appeared to let her know that any time had passed was that a couple words in the song she was listening to were missing. Julie watched the people on the beach and many of them watched her.

She had some strange thoughts in the back of her mind but decided that they must be left over from some dream that she had. It was starting to get dark so Julie picked up her things and walked back to the condo that her family was renting for the week.