Teen has sex in the woodshop

Teen has sex in the woodshop
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My name is Will. Going into college, I was determined not to have a girlfriend. I was asked out a number of times my senior year of high school, but I turned everybody down. I just didn't want to hinder myself in anyways as I became a college man, going out to parties and trying to get pussy every weekend. And that's exactly what I did for the first semester of school, though the pussy was weak.

I only had sex twice, and it was pretty bad both times. The chicks were drunk, I was drunk. It was just a waste of time, pretty typical frat party sluts. However, at the fall football games I had noticed Abby, one of the cheerleaders. She was small (the flyer for the squad) and blonde, with a nice build.

Large B to Small C rack but the ass is really what got my attention. In the cheerleader skirt, her ass was out on display every time she did a move. I am not much of a football fan, but I went to every game to see her get launched by her fellow cheerleaders and to see her skirt fly up. Unfortunately, she was in none of my classes so the opportunities to see her were few and far between.

Occasionally at dinner I would see her and frequently in the weight room, where she would do a lot of thigh and butt work, which came as no surprise to me because she was ideal in both categories.

I would try to make sure I would come in when she was in. Her ass was so tight and firm in her small gym shorts and to see her glisten with sweat was enough to get me hard. I tried to do my best lift when she was around, which was squatting. She never seemed to notice though.

In March, so well into the second semester, I was feeling desperate for some pussy, because it had been since October.


My friends Dominic, Pete, and Tyler realized I was feeling a little down on account of me not getting any quality ass for a while, and decided they would take me out to the club where all the college students go. I knew that Abby never went to Chico's but I was feeling desperate and I didn't really think that anything was going to happen with Abby anyways. At this point, any pussy was good pussy as far as I was concerned. We went and this particular night, for no apparent reason, the place was out of control.

There were people everywhere and the music was really loud. The girls had all come out and were looking bombing. The skirts were all tight and the tops all showed off the tits. I walked in and my boys and me knew we were in for a good night. We rolled over to the bar, picked up a few drinks and started talking. Dominic is a big black guy, so he of course found a little while chick that was into black dudes, so he went off.

Pete is a varsity basketball player, pretty big star, so he went off with some girl with a black skirt and a white tube top, an outfit that just screamed "Fuck me." Tyler was a little bit of a smaller guy and had to work for it a bit more than the others, but he soon was buying some bitch drinks and getting her drunk. They would go home together for sure.

That left me alone standing at the bar, feeling like a real winner. Sipping my beer by myself made me feel so dumb. I decided to be "that guy" and went out on the dance floor by myself looking to find some drunk bitch to suck my dick in one of the back rooms. I walked up behind some girl with a girl in a tight little black dress and started rubbing up on her. To my pleasure, she did not spin around and wonder who the fuck was grinding their cock into her ass, but rather started grinding into me harder.

First she would bend over slowly and start pushing her ass against me, then she would come up as she continued to apply pressure.

After awhile she turned around and started grinding on me from the front. She was about 5'6", which is about 4 inches shorter than me. She had big tits on a medium sized frame. The tits were framed nicely by a blue low cut shirt that revealed a lot of cleavage.

She wore pants that were also tight fitting, classic clubbing clothes, and they made me horny to look at. She was a brunette, with short curly hair. I imagined her naked body through the clothes. The way she was moving up against me, consciously working my cock, I knew she wanted it.

Names were exchanged, but I don't remember what hers was, I was too drunk.

What I do remember was what went down in the room that we took our beers into. She wasn't interested in fucking, she said, but was very interested in seeing what I had to offer. With that she dropped down in front of the chair I was sitting in and slowly undid my pants. Painstakingly slow. I was already rock hard, and she was taking a long time, making it that much harder in anticipation.

She was really enjoying teasing me, even though I don't know how she was pacing herself while she was so drunk. Slowly she pulled down my boxers and started to move her mouth closer to my cock. With a gentle flick, she started working on the tip of my cock. My cock twitched.

She ran her soft, wet tongue all around the top of the head, tracing a circle. I moaned a little, it felt so good and it had been so long. Smiling at my pleasure, she started to work her way down my shaft, licking and sucking it. She would also kiss it passionately, like she was making out with it. My cock was starting to throb, remembering what it was like to be swallowed, anxiously awaiting that to happen.

But the girl had other ideas first- she arrived down at the base of my shaft and smiled. She was thinking balls. She began to stick out her tongue and leaned over to touch my sac with it. Her tongue by itself touched and massaged my sac. Soon she stopped and began to take each testicle in her mouth, rolling them around in her mouth, drenching them with hot spit and letting her tongue roll around them.

As each was sucked, they began to tense up. She pulled her head out and spit on my balls and then on my cock. She was clearly into giving sloppy blowjobs, which is just the kind I like. The wetter the better. It was time for the big show. Now my cock isn't huge, but it is about 7" and of pretty good girth, wider than average I would say.

She slammed her face into my cock and started to take it down. Farther down. Farther down. Slowly, my cock was going completely into her face, and it was so hot and wet on my cock. She took it 5" of the way down and began to bob her head up and down. She began making humming noises, which sent the vibrations all through my cock. I rubbed her on the head in appreciation. "Oh yeah, I guess you liked that huh?" she said. "Yeah baby, keep sucking my dick," I ordered.

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"As long as you want." She went back to the dick, this time with the intentions of deepthroating it, which I didn't know if she could do. 7" of cock is a lot to shove down your throat.

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She spat on it and rubbed it all over, lubing it up for the entry. After this, she began to take it down, slowly so as not to gag. The ride down was smooth, and she became confident she could take it all the way. She looked up at me and took it all the way down and she looked up at me, my cock buried deep inside her face. She pulled out for a second. "Fuck my face, Will!" she shouted. She was really getting into it.

This was all the encouragement I needed. I put both of my hands on her head and thrust my cock in and out of her mouth. She made gagging noises as my cock slammed into the back of her throat. She had built up a lot of spit from working my cock, which flew out of her mouth and formed strings between my cock and her sucking lips. I kept pounding away. "Will, I want you to get off on my tits," she said, and with that she whipped off her blue top and threw it on the floor beside her, leaving her kneeling in just her shoes and pants.

"Alright, I'll put it right on them, bring them over here to my cock." I kept pounding my cock into her face, faster and faster until I told her I was going to cum. She got ready and I shot my load all over her chest, onto her big tits and nipples. I moaned and kept shooting the jizz I hadn't released in so long, and she cooed with delight.

After I was done she rubbed it around on her and put it on her fingers so she could lick it off. "Thanks, Will. Call me." She gave me her number, which I promptly lost in a drunken haze. I don't remember anything about where it went. The next morning I was feeling great. I had finally been able to get a woman to give me what I needed, and I felt like a new man for it. I rolled through my classes all week looking forward to the next weekend, hoping to keep the streak alive.

I was feeling confident enough that I thought I might even make my move on Abby. On Thursday, I learned that there was a huge fraternity party and I was sure that Abby would be there. I decided I would drink until I was confident enough to make a move on Saturday night.

Dominic, Pete, Taylor, and I left together for the party as we always did. We were inseparable until there was pussy, then it was every man for himself.

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We arrived at the front door of the fraternity house and though it was only 11:00, the place was jumping. Sigma Epsilon really knew how to throw a party. We went in and promptly walked to the keg where we each took our cup and filled it up.

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Now Sigma Epsilon had a reputation for throwing pussy-rich parties, and tonight was no exception. There were probably about 100 men and 160-180 women, an excellent ratio by our estimation.

Since it was always easier to do in a pack, the four of us rolled out into the dance floor and started dancing. The girls had already been drinking for a while it seemed. Abby walked in. All eyes were upon her because she was looking incredible. Her perfectly toned legs were on display in a tight black skirt that stopped at about mid-thigh, hinting at her incredible ass.

The legs looked incredible in her black high heels. You had to look closely to see the thong just above the waist of her skirt, but I am sure everyone saw it anyways. Everyone was watching her very intently. She was wearing a black top also that tied together behind her neck and left most of her back open. The front was a V-neck, which came to a point right in the middle of her tits, which were firm and high despite not being able to wear a bra with her shirt.

A girl of her caliber didn't need one. She had two friends in tow who were of course also extremely hot. One was redheaded with small breasts, but legs that went on forever. The rumor was that she loved to wrap them around guys' heads. The other was a fellow cheerleader, with blonde hair and big C sized tits that were squeezed together by a push-up bra under a white tank top.

They went over to the bar and were immediately approached by two black guys, starters on the basketball team. They were only talking for about 5 minutes when one of them put his arm around the blonde and they walked away.

The remaining pair followed suit shortly after. There was no question what was going on. These girls loved to suck dick and they were going to deliver, and I was sure were looking forward to having a black guy. This left Abby alone at the keg and I decided to make my move. Fortunately, I was out of beer at this point and needed to refill anyways and gave me an excuse to go over to the keg right then. I strolled over and started up the conversation.

"Hey, what's up? Abby right?" I said casually. "Nothing, just got here. I have seen you around campus, what's your name?" "Will." I had been drinking quite a bit before I got to the party and was feeling pretty brave already. "You want to go out and dance." "I'd love to," she said and laughed.

"You sure don't waste any time." With that we went out onto the dance floor, and I could not believe my good fortune. I felt like everyone was watching us, and all the boys wanted to slit my throat, which I couldn't blame them for. Lucky for me, the song I didn't know ended and "Drop It Like It's Hot" came on, which is one of the best songs for women to dance freaky to.

At least I think so; I have always had good luck with it. Anyways, Abby and I went out into the center of the dancing room, and she started to drop it like it was hot.

And it was. Her ass swayed back and forth to the music, right in front of me, as she got lower and lower to the ground. The people in front of her must have gotten a good look at her thong, but I didn't mind.

I was starting to get her ass rubbed into my crotch, like the girl at Chico's. Her completely black clothes were clinging to her body and I put my hands on her sides and got right on top of her. She was grinding into me and we continued like this for about 10 minutes, just grinding away, sweating and rubbing onto each other.

Suddenly, Abby spun around. "Will, this is great, but it's too hot in here for me. Want to get out of here?" "Sure." I don't even know why she asked. "Where do you want to go?" "My room.

I want to change out of this." "Hard to imagine you are getting to hot in that," I joked. She laughed, took my hand and led me back to her room. I didn't know what she had in mind, but I had a tough time keeping my cock from getting too hard. The anticipation was killing me.

Upon entering, I went and sat down on the couch. She told me that her roommate would not be in at all that night, she would out fucking her boyfriend until the sun came up.

I was glad to hear this, as I had a roommate that would not be leaving. To my surprise, Abby didn't go into her connected bedroom to change, but came and sat down next to me. Though I couldn't smell it at the party, the smell of her was sweet and soft. Her legs were touching mine as she crossed them. "I don't want to come on too strong, and I have been drinking, but I have noticed you around campus and think you're cute." I was stunned. I was fairly attractive, but not leading-man type, so I was not used to girls coming on to me, let alone hot ones that I wanted.

Before she changed her mind, I leaned over and kissed her. Her mouth tasted sweet and wet, and her tongue was fast. Our tongues wrestled as our hands rubbed each others' backs. This was not to last though. Abby's drinking had made her horny and she was not interested in wasting any time.

She moaned. "Will, how big is your cock?" "Why don't you find out for yourself?" This seemed to excite her further, and she slid off the couch, still in smoking hot partying clothes, and kneeled in front of me. She smiled wickedly as she unbuttoned my pants and slid them down. With my boxers still on, she mouthed my bulge, which was very big at this point.

She teased it for a minute, then pulled my boxers off while I pulled off my shirt. Like before, she was not interested in teasing for too long. She immediately took my cock down her throat and started bobbing her head up and down.

Though I missed the teasing and playing, I was so excited that I didn't care. Her mouth felt tight and wet, and she sucked hard as if she really needed it in her mouth.

"Oh Abby, that feels so fucking good. Keep sucking it." She made a little gasp for air as she pulled off. "You like how that feels huh?" "Oh yeah baby, I love your mouth on my cock." "Your cock tastes so good." She started sucking again, working it harder and faster.

She reached up and started fingering and rubbing my balls with her thumb as I reached down and started rubbing her tits. "Mmmmmm," she moaned, which was all she could say with my cock in her mouth.

With this she stopped and stood up in front of me, and smiled again. She was horny and she liked seeing my reactions to her seductive moves.

She reached behind her head and untied the shirt. It came undone and she pulled it over her head and threw it on the floor, exposing her beautiful tits. They were as firm as I had imagined through the shirt. She then turned around and bent over, showing her sweet ass, which was my favorite feature.

I have always been an ass man, but Abby was on a completely different level. She slowly, so slowly, pulled her skirt down leaving her in just her little black thong. Her ass was so tight, and I imagined myself pumping in and out of her.

She walked over. "What do you think?" "I think I want to bang your brains out.

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Do you want me to get you ready?" "Oh, I have been ready since the party. I am fucking soaked, baby." I reached over and started to rub her pussy through her thong. She was indeed ready- her thong was drenched. "Damn, you ARE ready." She climbed on the couch and started rubbing herself all over me. Her skin was soft and smooth.

She climbed up on top of me and put her tits in my mouth. I sucked on them hard and licked them. She started moaning and then said, "Fuck me Will." "How do you want it baby?" "Doggystyle." I loved doggystyle, I always found it extremely hot. I grabbed and flipped her over onto all fours and stuck my rock-hard cock slowly into her pussy. "Oooooooohhhhhh," she groaned. "It feels so good." I started in shallow, just moving in and out grazing the lips.

I would do this a number of times, then push all the way in, balls deep. I had found this was a great method, as it feels like your dick is going even in farther than it is. It makes it feel like your dick is two inches longer. Her pussy was so wet, that my cock slid in and out easily with little friction. It was so smooth. It felt so hot and wet inside, she could not have had sex more than two or three times. It felt so good that I had to make sure not to cum too early.

I slowed down the pace, went back to the shallow then deep trick, which held off my ejaculation.

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The most amazing part of banging Abby doggystyle was her ass of course. Unlike usual doggystyle fucking, her ass did not ripple at all.

It was so tight and firm that it just stayed in place, more or less. I slammed my cock into her pussy harder and harder, seeing if I could get it to shake, but I was not very successful. All those times I had seen her in the gym had paid off for her, and I was reaping the benefits as her body was tight around my cock.

After a while, she told me to keep slamming faster. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! FASTER!!!! OH MY GOD, IT FEELS SO GOOD, I AM GOING TO CUM!" she screamed.

I pumped my cock into her pussy as fast as I could, and I reached around and grabbed her tits, which were bouncing back and forth. Her moans increased in volume and pitch, and soon my cock was covered with her cum, gushing from her pussy. I had never fucked a squirter before, and it was everywhere, all over my cock and all over the couch. All her cum was so warm, my cock started to throb even more. She as loud as she could when she got off, which surely got the attention of her whole hall, which turned me on, but not nearly as much as what she turned around and said.

"Will, fuck my ass." "What? Have you ever done this before?" I asked.


"Once, with an old boyfriend. It felt really good then. Stop talking and fuck my ass." I had never done anal before, but I was excited to try it with a girl with as perfect of an ass as Abby. I got up from the couch and she turned herself around with her ass pointed out towards me. Her ass was right at cock-level. There was no lube, except for her cum that was still on my cock.

I spat on my hand and rubbed her asshole, which was small and really tight. As I stuck my finger inside her ass, it clenched up and squeezed my finger. She squealed, and I couldn't wait to see what that squeezing sensation would feel like on my penis. "Do you think your ass is ready?" I asked. "Only one way to find out. Put your cock in my ass." Abby was more assertive than I would have guessed from seeing her around campus and I loved it. There was this whole dirty unseen side of her that I was one of the few to ever experience.

I moved my cock towards her pulsing asshole, and placed the head on the outside but didn't put it in yet. "You ready baby?" "Oh god yeah, I can't wait to feel you in my ass." For the first time in my life, I slid my cock slowly into her ass. It was incredibly tight, much tighter than her pussy had been or any pussy I had ever had. It felt like someone was pulling my cock into her, and the pull was strong. Her asshole tightened around my cock just as it did my finger.

I started to go in and out, slowly at first. She gave out a little whimper of simultaneous pain and ecstasy. She was clearly very much in the anal. "Oh god Will, put it in there. Go hard." I started working her ass harder and faster, just like she commanded. It was feeling so tight and good on my cock, but I didn't want to get off just yet, I wanted to keep slamming that tight ass.

I had heard that anal was painful for women, but Abby was enjoying herself more and more as we went along.

My hips were slamming as hard as they could into her ass as she was bent over on the couch. "Get it lubed again, Will. It is starting to get dry." I pulled out of her and spit into her ass and put my cock in front of her face and she spit on it. I went back in, and she moaned again. "That's so much better." I agreed and kept pounding.

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This went on for a while, but I couldn't hold out any longer. "Abby, I am going to cum, where do you want it?" "On my face. Give it to me on my fucking face." This was perfect, I had often fantasized on getting off on some bitch's face. I pulled her off the couch and put her on the ground, kneeling in front of me.

Despite my cock just being in her ass, she took it in her mouth and jacked me off with her hands. She worked faster and faster. "Ooooooohhhhh, that's it baby, tell me where you want it." "All over my fucking face, I want your jizz all over me." I worked my cock faster and faster until I could not take it anymore.

I tensed up and shot my cum all over her face, mouth, and at the very end I aimed down and got a little bit on her tits. There was a good amount of cum in her mouth, but some was also dripping off her chin and cheek.

"Mmmmmm, your cum tastes good baby," she said. "Glad you like it. You going to eat it all?" "Watch me." And with that, Abby proceeded to swallow what I had given her. It all went down, even what had landed on hers tits. Who would have guessed that little Abby would be so cum-hungry?