Boys to licking ass gay When he did cum I could tell that he had

Boys to licking ass gay When he did cum  I could tell that he had
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Sex & Aging (A True Story) I enjoy sex even at 80 !!! I have enjoyed sex since my late childhood. However, now at 80, I find that I still am possessed with sex thru pornography and as much sex as I can instigate with my lady and our male friends (I also happen to love to suck cock). I have recently had some very beneficial discussions with my lady of 57 years.

I can no longer obtain an erection nor can I ejaculate due to my prostate surgery but I am able to produce a nice hard but small dick by using a substance called Prostaglandin. I inject the solution onto the muscle of my dick near the base of my dick close to my body. I then massage my dick as if jacking off. I also place a cock ring around my testicles which keeps the solution in my dick not allowing it to seep back into my body.

This allows me to produce a nice and hard dick that remains hard for about 1-2 hours. It is not very long or very big in diameter but it is better then nothing.

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Through my talks with my 77 year old lady, I have been able to convenience her that even at our age, we can still enjoy sex. In fact, a women can enjoy sex until she dies as their vagina can stay pliable as long as the woman's mind is sexually active, stimulated and used. A little lubricant may be needed.


My dear lady has gone through a number of sexual phases where her sexual interest has plateaued and then later she has regained her sexual desires. I know that these changes have occurred from time to time depending on our sexual discussions and activities. Use of the Sinclair Institute's Better Sex Series videos has been a tremendous help. They have helped my lady realize that most sexual activity is enjoyable, acceptable and beneficial.

I must give much of the credit for our increased sexual activity to our old time male friend. He is a man of 80 who also has intense sexual needs.

Even at 80, he has one of the nicest cocks you've ever seen. It is not as long as it used to be (7")( now about 5") - but still very large in diameter (2"). He also sometimes needs the help of prostaglandin to achieve it's desired dimensions.

Regardless, it is magnificent in the pussy or in the mouth (yes, my lady and I do suck on his gorgeous cock). My lady prefers his big cock! We have recently purchased a professional massage table. This as allowed us to again massage each other and include friends in this very pleasant activity.

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My lady has also again started to enjoy having her pussy trimmed and after learning from our sex videos that it is OK to suck cock, that she started sucking my little dick and also from time to time sucks our friends large cock. But again SEX DOES NOT HAVE TO END AT ??? AGE. Since sex is largely an interaction between brain and genitalsby reconnecting both, sex can continue into our late lives, especially for ladies who do not have to rely on an erection and can keep their vagina moist (by use or the help of many products).

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The more my lady uses her pussy, the more moister it produces. Back to our massage table. As we age, our bodies become less flexible and therefore our massage table has brought our activities from the bed and floor to an adjustable height, the massage table. Our table has been extremely helpful for my lady during intercourse and when performing oral sex. My lady has aged, she is unable to spread her legs as open as she used to be able to, so again thru our sex videos, she has learned that she can lay on her back, rest her extended legs on her sex partners shoulders, allowing him total access to her pussy.

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Again, thru our sex videos, she has also learned that she can lean over the end of our massage table, buttock raised, again allowing the man total access to her pussy.

Both positions are comfortable but my lady finds that being on her back, legs on her partners shoulders is much more intimate. Both positions allow the man full penetration which is also favored by my lady.

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She has no uterus thus her pussy allows for very deep penetration ( the longer the cock, the better she enjoys it in her pussy, plus she also enjoys cocks the are very large in diameter, therefore, a combination of both is very desirable and very enjoyable). The massage table has also made it much more comfortable for my lady to give blow jobs. She can lean over the table, dick/cock (clarification dicks are smaller than cocks ha) pointing upward, allowing her to lean over to take the dick/cock in her mouth.

It would be more comfortable if the man stood and she knelled in front of him but she also has trouble knelling. My lady has also accepted and seems to enjoy sucking dicks/cocks that are not erect. I can relate to that in that I also enjoy sucking dicks/cocks erect or not.

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Sometimes non-erect dicks/cocks are more comfortable to encompass and quite often the dick/cock start out soft and hardens as I suck on it. My lady is slowly starting to enjoy my cumming in her mouth ( without a prostate, I have no cum but with an intact Cowpers gland, I can still ejaculate the sweet fluid that is commonly refereed to as "precum" (the fluid that lubricates the vagina during intercourse).

This she finds acceptable and so do I. I hope that she will soon have our friend cum in her mouth and that she will also find an old man's cum as sweet as my precum (as men age, their ejaculate has less and less sperm mixed in the ejaculate, thus making the cum sweeter and sweeter).

We have another friend who visits from time to time. He also needs sex but his lady had decided that sex is no longer possible for her. Also, for some unknown, unexplained reason, my lady is not sexually attracted to him either. I have no idea why and my lady can not tell me why.


Our friend is very nice, attractive and has a very presentable cock. He is always welcome. He usually arrives with his cock partially "Pumped" up (having used his cock pump). He, too, requires the use of prostaglandin and after arrivingwill inject the needed solution. &hellip. His cock enlarges considerably plus it gets extremely hard.


It's not 7" long but quite descent in length and width. Very, very nice for sucking !!!!! I thoroughly enjoy sucking his fine cock and especially having him cum in my mouth. Again, because of his age, his cum is sweet but not voluminous. Of interest, my lady will sit and watch pornography with us and does not mind my sucking his cock while we set together. Thus, sex can continue long into old age as long as the women wants to enjoy sex and as long as the man is "alive", has a hard or soft dick/cock, long or short dick/cock or even how big around that dick/cock may be.