Real patient fucks and sucks doctor

Real patient fucks and sucks doctor
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Well, if you have read the first part to this story, you already know I have been nailing my hot Spanish teacher from high school. Actually she used to be my teacher about ten years ago. We were having an affair behind her husbands back; although it was mostly just a sexual no strings attached relationship.

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We were always very careful and usually met each other at a local hotel whenever we were horny but this time it was different. After our recent experience at the hotel, Amy called me up and was extra horny so she wanted me to come over to her house while her husband was at work. I agreed and headed over. She told me to come over after 1:00p so her husband would be done with lunch and then we could have the whole afternoon to ourselves.

I showed up and everything looked clear so I went to the door and rang the doorbell. Amy opened the door wearing nothing but an extra large t-shirt.

She smiled real big as I looked her up and down. Every time I see her I can't believe how smoking hot her body is for a forty-five year old. Her shirt came down to about the middle of her waist showing off her shaven pussy. Her tall nipples were erect poking through the shirt and her firm, round ass cheeks were hanging out the back. She let me inside the house and began kissing me while she felt up my body.

I kissed her back passionately slipping my tongue in her mouth and over her tongue while my hands were rubbing her smooth ass. "I've been waiting for you," She said "I've been thinking about you a lot lately," I told her. She led me into the kitchen and hopped up on the kitchen counter and spread her legs. "I want you to eat me right here." I walked up to her and held her legs out and began kissing them. They were so smooth and soft. I could smell the vanilla lotion she had rubbed on them as I slipped one of her toes covered in red nail polish into my mouth and sucked on it.

She moaned every time I did that. Her legs are like a work of art and I always take extra time caressing and kissing them. Amy was rubbing her finger over her pink slit and sticking it in her wet hole while I was kissing her legs. She pulled her finger out of her cunt and stuck it inside my mouth so I could suck on it.

I could taste the sweet juices all over her finger. She pulled her finger out of her cunt again only this time she stuck it insider her mouth and sucked on it while her eyes gazed into mine with a naughty look of adventure.

She wrapped her legs around me as I bent down and started running my tongue over her bald lips. They were extra wet since there was no pubic hair to absorb any of her juices. My tongue penetrated her pink slit slowly and flicked over her swollen clit as my ears were pleasured by the soft moans coming out of Amy's mouth. Her pussy always tasted so good. I grabbed onto her hips and began eating her pussy faster and faster.

Amy was really getting into it at this point. Her moans became increasingly louder and her hips couldn't stop shifting with pleasure.

"OH SHIT!" I stopped right away as Amy was pushing me off of her. "My husband just pulled into the driveway!" Amy was panicking and told me to go hide in her bedroom closet.

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I had barely closed the closet door when her husband walked into the house. "Honey, I'm back!" He yelled out. "Oh hi, did you forget something?" she replied walking down the hallway toward him.

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"Yes, I forgot my…Wow! You look sexy, what are you wearing?" "Well I thought I would get nice and comfortable to do some housework," Amy said nervously.


"Yeah…well I do have an extra minute or two, how about a quickie?" he replied. "Uhhh…I don't know, you probably should head back to work shouldn't you?" "Well I should but you got me all turned on now." All of the sudden it got really quiet and I couldn't hear any talking.

I figured they were kissing. I could tell she was trying to get him to leave but it wasn't working. Next I heard footsteps and they were getting louder. "Come here baby, why don't you lye down on the bed," He said to Amy. She knew that she couldn't get out of fucking him so she layed down. I could see out through the crack in the closet door everything that was happening. The look on Amy's face was priceless.

Her husband was about to fuck her in front of me and she couldn't do anything about it. He left his shirt and tie on but dropped his pants. Amy, of course, already had her panties off. Her man climbed up on the bed and got in between her legs.

He let out a loud sigh as he pressed his half hard dick into her pussy and started fucking her. The bed was shaking back and forth making loud squeaking sounds with every thrust.

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Amy was starting to moan as he kept giving it to her really hard. I couldn't believe I was watching her getting fucked by her husband and it was strangely erotic.

I was actually somewhat enjoying watching her and hearing her moan louder and louder. "Oh baby!" her husband kept repeating. All of the sudden he groaned really loud and convulsed a few good times shooting a load of sperm in to her pussy and he was done.

That didn't take long. He collapsed on top of Amy with his face looking the opposite direction and Amy was looking towards the closet that I was hiding in. She could see my eyes watching her and made a face to me as if to say quit watching!

Her husband pulled his pants back up and kissed her good buy and then walked out the door to go back to work. "Oh God, I can't believe that just happened to me," she said as soon as he pulled out of the driveway. I came out of the closet and sat next to her on the bed and she just looked at me with nothing to say.

"Well, did you enjoy that?" she asked me finally. "Actually, I kind of did enjoy watching you get screwed." I replied "That figures, you would. I don't know if I can fuck you after that." "That's fine, we don't have to. Although he didn't spend any time to make you feel good, but only pleasured himself," I told her.

I walked up to her and kissed her as my hands started feeling up her baggy shirt. I gave her perky tits a firm squeeze and lightly twisted her nipples as I continued kissing her slowly. While we were kissing she was unbuttoning my pants and after they fell to the floor she pushed me down into a chair.

My dick was fully erect at this point after all of the excitement and she began to caress it with her soft, manicured hands. As she was stroking my thick shaft she leaned inward and started licking and sucking on my balls. After playing with them for a minute she slid her tongue up my shaft to the top and engulfed it with her warm wet mouth. Her tight lips stretched over my cock and started bobbing up and down. It almost felt as good as being inside of her tight pussy.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and was pulling and twisted it as she continued to suck me off. Her pace became faster and harder with every passing moment.

"Baby, that feels so damn good!" I told her. "I'm going to fill your mouth with my sweet cum." This must have excited her as she really let me have it. She kept sucking up and down as fast and hard as she could.

I was getting so close to a massive explosion and she definitely was not stopping for anything. "Ahh fuck, I'm Cumming! I'm Cumming!" I yelled. At that very second a large stream of cum shot into her mouth and dripped down her throat. She slowed her pace down and sucked real hard as I kept shooting spurts of jiz inside her.

Amy kept going until I had nothing left inside of me and then she pulled my dick out of her mouth, licking up any remaining cum. "How was that? Will that hold you over until next time?" she asked me. I could tell she really didn't want to fuck me after her husband had just came insider of her. "That was awesome baby, and of course, I understand if you want to wait on the sex," I replied to her. "Come hear and lye on the bed for a second," I told her.

"Why?" "Just do it.


It's your turn," Amy lied down on the bed and I lied down next to her. My hand caressed her body reaching up her shirt and rubbing her tits. I leaned in to kiss her as my hand slipped down and my finger felt the wetness of her sticky cunt.


My finger began massaging her clit and fucking her hole. She took her shirt off revealing her perky tits and her nipples pointing straight up in the air. As my finger flicked over her clit violently her back arched and her hips were squirming. I kept kissing her nipples and fingering her until she slammed her legs closed, locking my finger inside her pussy, and I could feel the cum juices pouring out of her. "Thank you," she said to me.

For a few minutes we just laid together on the bed kissing and fondling each other and then it was time for me to go. She walked me to the door and gave me another long sensuous kiss good buy. I gave her ass a squeeze and headed out the door after making plans to meet again so we could do it right. You will have to read all about that in the next installment.