Anally screwed fantasy milf fingers herself

Anally screwed fantasy milf fingers herself
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Fight Night By Jax_Teller I met Jessica a few months ago at a Friday fight night event. She was not like a lot of the females that hung around the fights. Most women are well dressed and either have a financial interest or a blood lust to be satisfied. The other female presence was the ring girls, who wore little to nothing bikinis not legal even at the beaches, and walked signs around to signify the round.

When I first saw Jessica she was dressed in tights, sports bra top, and sneakers. She looked more like a fighter than a spectator, but female fighters were unusual in this environment. This club was under ground fighting, illegal and off limits to military personnel.

That wasn't stopping me though because I was making more money with less work than in my Marine Corps career. I could be dishonorably discharged if caught, but there were as many military as civilian in the club any given night.

I say club but it was a warehouse that had chain link fences around a 30 by 30 foot mat. It resembled the cages set up by Military police for over flow detention. I was there for a fight and to make money from fighting so I watched all the players in the room until it was my turn to fight. I went into the cage and won my fight quickly, the guy was tough but not trained, a typical bar fighter.

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I went to pick up my winnings and Jax the guy that was running the show told me that the more I could fight, the more people would get to know me and the money would be better. I saw Jax had on MC colors but didn't recognize the club name.

I thanked him and went back to the cage to watch.

I was a fan of bare knuckle fighting and mixed martial arts too, so I stuck around to watch. I was also doing recon on possible future opponents.

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Two fights later Jessica walked in the cage and began fighting a woman three inches taller than her and heavier. Jessica dominated the woman and won in the second round.


After her fight she joined the spectators and fighters who were done. In bare knuckle fighting there usually wasn't a time limit though, just fight till it as over one way or the other. The reason there were rounds was for advertisement and to give the fighters a chance to last longer. Longer fights equated to more money so no one argued about it. Jessica was standing next to me and we started commenting on the fights and talking between us. We met later that night at Kilroys and had drinks.

We became friends, and I started working out with her when I could. We clicked on a fighters level, knowing what we had to do to win, and working to get there.

Speed was always a place for improvement and having some one to push you when you didn't feel like it was a direct benefit. She was physically in good shape but I helped her bulk up slightly adding to her stamina.

Out side the ring Jessica was very down to earth and a happy hippy soul. She was quiet the opposite when she stepped in the cage, fierce and viscously aggressive. I watched her fight two more fights in the weeks following and she was a very hard style to fight because she was so torrential in her attack. It concerned me that in the three fights of hers I'd seen she hadn't fought more than eight minutes all together.

Working closely with her on an honest level we grew personally, very close to each other, never going more than a day without talking to each other. Today was a military pay day, three day week end with a full moon. All these events converged to create a very high energy exit from base.

I had a fight planned for tonight, so I planned on meeting Jessica at Kilroys' Irish Pub before the fight tonight.

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I had thoughts of Jessica riding with me on a pleasure ride to the beach, letting my thoughts drift from the fight in a couple hours. I snapped back to the road as a cager cut me off, It would not be good for me, not to show tonight or get run over. As I pulled into Kilroys parking lot I saw her car and I parked my motorcycle next to her. She was going to work my corner tonight as well as being my ride, just in case I got too hurt to ride.


I got in her car and we talked all the way to the warehouse. The parking lot was fuller than I had ever seen it. We walked in and signed in at the office. Jax told me that my opponent was here as well and that we would be in slot number 3 for the night. For two, relatively new to this venue format, fighters I was surprised to be in the number three slot for the night. The first slot was not a money maker, and the second was usually a grudge / personal match that would catch the eye of spectators, getting them to the cage and interested.

The third slot was the first of the real money slots. The place was ridiculous tonight, freaks, geeks, the rich and the famous all in one place to see a real fight. No rules, no gloves, no judges, just raw fighting at it's core. The referee was only there to declare a winner if some one submitted or was unconscious. I was ready for combat and tonight I had a plan, I had done my home work thanks to Jessica. I knew this guy's techniques, his weaknesses and I had trained for him.

The 5 minute rounds were not going to be a factor tonight. I walked in the cage calm, no jumping, shadow boxing, no drama just stone cold. Jessica took the towel from around my neck as the referee did a weapons check,making sure neither of us had any.

The corner persons left the cage and the door to the cage locked. The bell rung, I stood in the center of the cage and waited for my opponent to come to me. I quickly took his lead foot from under him with a leg sweep, following him to the deck using my forearm to the side of his head as he hit. He was unconscious and I didn't flex or even raise my hands in victory. I waited for a second to see if he would recover on his own, but he did not. The referee took a knee and checked his pulse, respiration as the cage crew opened the gate.

The referee raised my hand in victory and I turned walking out of the cage. Jessica said "Holy shit Frank you destroyed the guy." I went to the office and Jax handed me the purse and said "next time not so fast, string it out a round or two." Jax knew the business and was well respected, so I thanked him and left. Jessica asked if I wanted to go out for diner and I said "yeah at Killroys".

She parked next to my bike and we went in and ate. Jessica seemed different through diner and for a minute I thought I had done something to offend her. The thought crossed my mind that maybe she had bet against me tonight and she'd lost significant money. I caught her staring all most through me, totally focused on me.

I took her hand and asked her if there was a problem. She seemed to melt at my touch and said "nothing wrong." I focused and asked her "what is going on?" Her skin flushed turning slightly red, and answered "Frank you were so fucking hot tonight." Her answer took me off guard, we'd been friends and training partners.

I could see she was all woman now, her base instincts ruling her. She said "listen, when you destroyed Markus, I almost came right then and there." As I struggled for words she asked " Frank you want to spar?" Jessica was like a cat in heat, on the prowl. We'd never sparred before and even if we had I was sure she had something different in mind.

I said "sure why not?" We finished diner and I followed her on my motorcycle to her gym. This is where we work out, train, but had never sparred. She turned on the lights and walked to mat area removing her outer clothes until she was wearing just her panties and sports bra.

I took my pants off and shirt off, standing there in my shorts. I took my stance and waited for her to attack. Jessica circled me twice testing my reach and then lunged at me taking me to the mat. We wrestled and fussed, each trying to get the upper hand, until I was on top of her,my hands on her throat holding her down.

My legs between hers suddenly gave way to reason, that we were both sexually turned on. My realization was based on my hard cock pressing through my shorts into her wet panties.

Then the look in her eyes made sense, she needed to orgasm. She feigned attempts to free herself, but I was able to let go of her throat and grab her hair holding her down to the mat. I used my other hand to pull at her panties until I had to move from between her legs momentarily to get them off her.

If she was really fighting me, I could never have done this to her. I pulled my shorts off, and returned between her legs. She struggled for effect, but it was too easy to push the head of my cock inside her dripping wet cunt.

This wasn't romance, just raw instinctual fucking. I felt her cunt take my cock and I pulled back out and slammed my cock back into her. She cried out " OH GOD YES" I fucked her with as much force as I could hammering my cock in and out of her as she cried and gasped for air. The language she spewed, was vial and degrading which just added the whole element, something I would never have guessed would come from her, the sweet kind loving hippy soul Jessica. But this sexual predator, was the fierce and viciously aggressive being that was a slave to her base instinct.

Jessica started to shake and scream, straining her voice shouting at me, as she came. Her dripping wet cunt milking my cock, hungry for my seed. I couldn't hold back any longer and let the waves of explosive come burst from my cock burried inside her. Jessica's breath rapid and raspy from all the guttural screaming, I pulled my cock from her pussy and wiped the head of my cock up and down her slit to her clit whipping the last drops of come on her well trimmed bush.

We laid on the mat for some time and then silently collected our clothes piece by piece putting them back on. Jessica's eyes were once again different, another look I'd not seen before, satisfied, satiated. We took out my motorcycle, riding until sunrise.

It had been a magnificent Friday night, but now it was Saturday morning and the air was clean and clear, washing over our skin, binding us together. This day would not be spent fighting but partying. We stopped at the 50's diner and had a breakfast. It was like I was sitting with a different person when in reality it was still Jessica, but more of her then she'd let me see before. We decided to head to my place and sleep some before going out later.

As we entered my bedroom, we stripped our clothes off and laid down snuggling into each other. The sex last night had caught me off guard and laying next her nodding off to sleep was equally a new place in our relationship. Waking late afternoon we decided to forgo any training today, and to go where the road takes us. It was how I liked to ride, no destination, not to the store, never to work, just freedom. Now I was sharing this with Jessica, something personal that I had never really talked to her about.

She took to riding like a duck to water, it appealed to her free spirit. At one long light She told me to go right and as I was riding she motioned to me to pull into the parking lot of a club called the body shop. She got off after I turned the bike off and said she had to go pick up her pay check. It wasn't until that moment that I realized she was a stripper, and how little I really knew about the fantastic woman. Pulling off full contact fighting while maintaining the body of a stripper must not have been easy.

It also explained why she'd resisted my plans to bulk her up a little for fighting.

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She was only gone a few minutes and came out all bubbly and bouncing toward me. I asked her what happened and she said that she was being upgraded to a headliner at the club, which would mean she would make more money. We rode out of town headed to the sun as it started to set on the horizon. It was truly zen like how our lives were coming together. The sun set and the air turned cool, riding was great at this time of night, watching the light disappear and the darkness take over.

The first star of the night and then the curtain of stars that blanketed to night sky. I pulled over to a road side park and we used the facility, meeting up on a bench near the bike. There wasn't much traffic passing by and no one in the park, to I took the opportunity to initiate sexual contact with her.

We kissed and hugged feeling each other through our clothes until I slid down to the bench seat and pulled her jeans off her legs. Jessica knew what I wanted and assisted me removing her panties, putting a leg on either sid eof my head. Her bare pussy smelled so natural, un-perfumed, so perfect. I kissed her thighs from side to side leading up to her bare mound.

I used my thumbs to pull her lips apart and licked around the rim of her pussy. Breathing I kissed directly around her clit and then licked back down and around her lips once more. Jessica was getting wetter, grasped my hair and pulled me to her clit, grinding on my face. I gave in, letting her guide me to where she needed to go. I was enjoying my position between her legs, the scent of a woman and the moisture building. I knew she was close to coming and prepared myself to lick up every drop of her sweet nectar.

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It was then I heard voices as a couple walked by us headed to the facilities. I looked as much as I could but Jessica's grip pulled me deeper into her and she came hard. Her thrusts matching the rhythm, she was grinding on my face rougher than I would think to be comfortable, almost keeping me from breathing. What a way to die I thought as I felt her splash into my mouth holding my tightly in place as wave over wave of her nectar nearly drown me.

As Jessica released the pressure of her grip on my head I looked up to see the couple that had gone by us, were now standing but a few feet away watching. The woman was in front of her man who was hugging her from behind. They made no effort to hide that they were watching us, as I stood up releasing my cock from my pants, I found Jessica's dripping wet cunt and thrust my cock in her.

The look on her eyes was as if this is what she lived for, rock hard cock fucking her. I could feel her having miniature waves of orgasms as I fucked her hard and deep as I could manage.

I looked over at the couple and noticed he had his hand down the front of her pants obviously rubbing her cunt. Jessica saw me looking and looked as well, which caused her to rock her hips to meet my thrusts.

We locked eyes as she let a large gush of come loose and her cunt grasping my cock milking it. My orgasm was so close I could not have stopped it if I had wanted to when I noticed the woman now with her pants down and her boy friend pounding her from behind stepped closer to us. She reached out and began playing with Jessica's tits, rubbing them, grasping her nipples roughly.

I couldn't take any more and pulled out of Jessica letting the first squirt of my come splash over her tits.

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The woman bent down and took my cock into her mouth slurping the come from me as it flowed. It seemed like the exchange took hours but as soon as I was done coming the woman slid her mouth to Jessica's tits licking my seed off them. Her boy friend pumped his load onto her back and ass, jerking every last drop on her. We all disconnected and looked at each other as if waking from an erotic dream.

We exchanged names and phone numbers and went on our separate ways. It was as if another barrier had been broken and Jessica and I were even closer. Things were moving very fast for us and although I had not planned on getting married ever, I knew I wanted Jessica to be part of my life.

I didn't say anything but felt like she was in the same place, no rush to move forward relationship wise. The End