Perky tits beauties enjoyed horny foursome on the boat

Perky tits beauties enjoyed horny foursome on the boat
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Resume: The Girl has the ability to manipulate people sexually and to erase memories. She has seduced both the man Dad and his Wife Mom and together they are planning to steal a USB dongle. They have prepared a spyware device and they are training to act as prostitutes.

Later that night the device did it's job. It almost didn't as the Dame was afraid to remove it but had to in order to open the safe. The Villain convinced her by guarantee his punishment would be double whatever her new secret lover could muster.

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She unplugged herself for just a few seconds to mount the safe-dick and by that opening the door. Every theory of how the safe worked was proved and the location in the basement of the Villains office building was revealed. The next couple of days were quite a boot camp. Mom had to master a number of disciplines. The first one was stripping, including pole dancing and simply making every move look sexy.

It would seem Mom was a natural and the Girl a formidable teacher. From time to time Dad would be called upon to evaluate the progress. He enjoyed that beyond belief. Mom was then shown a lot of variations of copulation. She would be expected not to take control but to seem confident in whatever situation she was put in. The Girl introduced her to countless positions Mom never knew of. The Girl would wear a strapon and from time to time call upon Dad for aid; especially for double penetration positions.

It was a theme of its own for Mom getting used to being abused to like being raped, as the Girl put it. She never learned to relax during a double anal penetration. And she kept panicking when her nose was held shut during deepthroating.

But when Friday arose, it was fair to say Mom was a fully trained prostitute. Her blow job skills were perfected. She could enjoy any cumshot, in the throat, in the face or even in the eyes. She could take a huge cock up her ass with little or no preparation. She could fake countless orgasms. And she could do it all looking sexy as hell. Dad had much less training to do. From a building plan he had memorized the location of the Villain's office and the staircase to the basement where the safe was.

He already knew the location of the Dame's office. But he spent most of the time observing his wife's training. It was like living in the best porn movie ever. Dad was constantly horny, had he already been exposed to the drug he wouldn't be more lustful. Thankfully the women understood that and maybe got a little horny themselves too.

During the training sessions, Dad fucked them both more times that any of them could count. As Mom would have to get comfortable with quite a variety of cumshots, Dad had to get off 4-6 times a day. With every climax he felt younger and his vigor just grew and grew and by Friday he felt like his dick was made of Viagra except it wasn't that blue. Friday was the day of final preparation. The women didn't want any sex, they preferred resting while setting up costumes and other details.

An hour before departure however they engaged into a lesbian 69 just to get the natural lubes flowing, as they put it. Dad dressed in black jeans and matching T-shirt. He put on his Australian oil skin riding coat. It was baggy enough to carry a shotgun or whatever and it made him look meaner and bigger. Mom was wearing a leather corsage, black stockings, no bra or panties. The long, elegant black dress with the low cut back would make her fit in at the Oscars if it wasn't for the high platform boots or the very heavy makeup.

The Girl was the naughty school girl. White stockings to the knees, a short checkered skirt, and a red blazer jacket on top of a white shirt buttoned down to reveal the white lace bra. Red lipstick and of course ponytails. There was not much talking in the car as they drove downtown to the building.

They were concentrating on the tasks before them. It was crucial that everybody played their part to perfection. A hundred things could go wrong and if it did the world would become a sex nightmare.

Dad acted as the women's bodyguard as security let the small party into the building as "entertainment" for the executive meeting. They didn't go straight to the Villain's office though; first they went to see the Dame. Dad didn't bother to knock, as he charged into her office, flanked by the two dressed up sluts he looked quite the pimp, he wanted to. The Dame was resting with a drink and a TV-show. "You…" Dad started with his most scary voice. "you. took. it. out" The Dame knew she had been caught and never understood it was due to the secret surveillance.

Her face showed many emotions. Surprise from the unannounced visit. Joy to see Dad. Insecurity due to the hoes escorting him. Lust and a bit of fear of the upcoming punishment. Dad opened his hand. "Give it to me!" The Dame got up. She moved to her desk and found the device. She clearly wasn't too happy to separate from her new best friend, but she hand it over.

"Drop you undies", Dad commanded. As he did, Mom found a simple chair and pulled it into the centre of the office. Dad handed the device to the Girl in exchange for a roll of duct tape.

He sat the Dame on the chair. With his fingers he controlled her crotch and found it as expected; wet and exposed. He taped her ankles to the chair legs.

Behind her back, the Girl took out the fleshlight they had brought with them. She interlocked it with the device and then emptied the fluid sample into the fake pussy. Then she gave the fleshlight to Mom and the device to Dad. With some more duct tape he kept the Dame's thighs apart. That's gotta hurt getting off he thought as the Dame was not wearing stockings, but he wouldn't be there to watch.

Then he placed the device between her legs, not touching her crotch but very, very close. "Now listen, you filthy animal", he instructed her. "Your hands are free. But you are not allowed to touch yourself. You are not allowed to use the device. You must sit there and wait for me and not satisfy yourself in anyway. I will know if you did". With that he left her office, followed by his two hoes. He caught the Dame's eyes as he closed the door.

She was already eagerly waiting for his return and he almost felt guilty for using her. Almost. As she had been exposed to the drug, the trial would be unbearable.

In the elevator, Mom handed Dad the now slippery fleshlight. It went into one of his enormous pockets in the riding coat. They were going to the top floor. Of course. They were met by a guard, well more like a goon, not trying to hide he was carrying a gun. The goon wanted to know why Dad was there. "These are the finest two ladies in the country, probably in the world", Dad explained with his best bad-ass-attitude. "You asked for that, and you get that.

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But you also get me. I don't have to watch, but I have to be within listening distance, say in an adjacent room. It's not negotiable". The goon thought about it for a while. "Are you carrying?" Dad smiled. "Do I look like I need a gun?" The goon looked a bit at Dads pockets and found the fleshlight. He recognized it. "Sometimes I get bored", Dad explained.

The goon had a good laugh as he led them in. Dad was seated in a small conference room next to where the show was going down.

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He was even offered a drink, which he accepted. Then the waiting would start. He lost the jacked and poured a drink, trying not to think too hard of what was going to happen to the two women he loved, right next door. In the main office, Mom and the Girl were met by five men. The Villain looked like any middle-aged businessman. A little fat but also quite masculine with steal grey and cold eyes. There was a guy from Nigeria, dressed in colourful green robes. Naturally, he was black as the night.

There was a man from Iceland, big as a tree with a huge blond beard looking like a Viking. And finally there were to Asian guys, looking identical, probably twins. The women greeted all five men with hugs and kisses on the cheek. Neither of the men kept their hands to themselves.

Mom ended between the Asian twins, the Girl seemed to admire the huge Viking. In not so many seconds it was clear that conversation was not the men's primary interest.


The black guy went behind the Girl and grabbed her tits though her clothing. Her right hand went behind her and found his rising member, free to grow in his loose clothing. While keeping some kind of conversation with the Viking in front of her, her other hand found his cock and she fondled them both.

After a short while they were both unzipped. It was hard to determine which was bigger the black or the white one, but they were both huge cocks. The Girl wanked them both only pausing to remove her blazer jacket. Mom stood between the twins in her boots a bit taller than them. She had her arms around their shoulders and let them explore her body. Through the cleavage they had discovered that her leather corsage did not cover her tits but only lifted them.

And by very gently fingering the long dress, one of them was just about to find out she wasn't wearing panties. But the Villain got impatient. He went behind Mom and with a precise kick to the back of her legs; he forced her onto her knees. He pulled her hair back, making her look into his cold eyes and ordered her to start sucking. And so she did. The twins found there awakening cocks expecting a professional treatment.

They got it. Mom grabbed one in each hand and started vacuum sucking one at a time. Soon they were both rock hard and not as small as the prejudice of Asian men would want them to be. When Mom brought the two heads close together so she could tongue them both at once, the Asians high-fived each other. However, again the Villain got impatient. He brutally pushed Mom forward to her hands and knees. Mom kept her job in focus, letting the twins take turns throatfucking her.

The Villain admired her lovely frame but didn't seem to appreciate the elegant black dress. He didn't try to remove it or just push it away he simply tore it apart with his bare hands. The silk fabric wasn't that strong and he ripped it from bottom to neck in one long movement. Mom pointed her ass towards him, knowing what was coming next.

In her mind she thanked the Girl for the training (and the warmup) as the Villain with literally no preparation shoved his hard cock straight up her ass. The twin currently in her mouth seemed to enjoy her moaning and shared a wide grin with the Villain. The Girl was lying on the conference table.

Her panties were gone and her shirt was unbuttoned actually it was ripped open but other than that she was still dressed. She was on her back.

From one side of the table the black man was fucking her pussy. It would seem anatomically impossibly for him to fit all the way in but he sure tried his best. From the other side the Viking was doing the exact same thing to her throat.

The Girl bent her neck as far back as it would go to let him in and not suffocate, but her head was turning purple anyway. The men either enjoyed her suffering or didn't care how she felt. Either way it seemed a surprise to them that she suddenly had an orgasm. As always she squirted so it didn't go unnoticed.

The men used the pause to switch sides. The Girl thankfully had a few precious seconds to catch her breath. The Villain heard the orgasm and came to examine the youngest hooker.

He left Mom and the twins to do a DP. The first guy laid on the floor, Mom rode him. Then the other guy squatted behind her and found her prepared rectum. It was obvious these twins had worked together before, because they quickly found a rhythm together, a faster pace that it would seem possible in a DP. Mom actually liked it and started moaning, feeling a climax approaching.

The Villain stood on the conference table where the Girl was laying. He took her legs from the Viking. He yanked them back and pressed her knees to her shoulders. Then he encouraged the Viking to continue only in the ass instead. It was a good thing she had squirted and everything was slippery, because that thing was the biggest ever to enter her young anus. And judging by his moans it was the first time the Viking had tried fitting into something as narrow as a young ass.

The Girl moaned like she was in labour. It sounded both like pleasure and pain and the Villain appeared to like that. He watched from the table as the twins gave Mom a genuine orgasm. Then he looked at the black man and pointed to the other group. "You should to that to this one too".

The black man smiled and stepped out of all his clothes. Then he walked around the table and made the arrangement with the Viking. The Viking pulled out of the Girl's ass and returned to the pussy.

He leant forward and picked her up by the shoulders as were she just a doll. Her legs pointed in the air, locked between her own and the Viking torso. In that standing position he could actually fit in all the way.

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The black man went behind her. What happened next was painful. The Girl screamed, and there was no part of it that was pleasure. Dad heard it from next door and had to restrain himself from jumping in and derail the entire operation.

He remembered the deal and sat impatiently down. Anyway, the Girl succeeded in getting both giant cocks inside her. The dilation was massive but after a few minutes of thrusting she could handle it. Her moaning changed. That didn't go unnoticed. The Villain had returned to Mom and was fucking her face while the twins were still DP-ing her, but they all stopped and went to the others to admire the show. The Villain pushed Mom down between the men, under the Girl, making her suck the ballsacks that was actually banging against each other.

The black sack was smooth and shaved like a pair of tomatoes except for the colour. The white sack actually had the colour of tomatoes, but is was long and hanging and hairy as a doormat. Mom sucked them all, but not for long. The Viking pulled out and the black man, now holding the Girl and still buried in her ass, laid down on the table.

Mom followed the black balls and was soon licking the sore cunt that finally rested from the dilation. That relaxation and Moms soft tongue made the Girl come again. She squirted all over Mom's face and all the four watching men were loudly cheering. "She is quite messy that one", the black man said, as he pushed the Girl to the side and joined his four buddies.

The Girl had a bit of a break, lying next to Mom on the table. "Let's teach her to clean up", the Villain said. Then he pointed his stiff prick at the Girls chest and started to piss.

One of the twins immediately joined, the other men politely declined. The two perverts emptied their blatters over the beautiful body, making the torn shirt transparent.

"Try if she tastes better now she's cleaned", the Villain said to Mom. The older woman went on top of the Girl in a nice lesbian 69. "Well guys", the Villain continued. "There are a number of holes, you haven't tried yet". The men seeked out each a new hole.

The twins went to the Girl as they had tried all Mom's holes. The black man and the Viking looked at Mom. The Viking got on the table, taking Mom standing behind her.

Beneath him a twin went to the Girls throat. On the other side a twin managed to lay down sideways fucking the Girls ass as fast as a machine gun while the black man had a slow and tender blowjob from Mom. The first to cum was the twin facefucking the Girl. He pulled out and shot quite an impressive load over her beautiful face. That cumshot was the agreed signal for the next phase of the plan to get the USB dongle. The Girl pretended to turn on even more from the semen and begged for more.

She addressed the Viking who was plowing away in Mom's pussy just above the Girls sticky face. He accepted the invitation. Then Mom called for the Villain who was in fact just watching at this time.

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She went straight for his pride. "You are the Master of this room", she told him. "Would you do me the honour and cum in my pussy? I don't let my lovers do it, but I feel it would be a mistake to deny you that honour. Please?" She didn't get the chance to say anymore before the black man returned his anaconda to her mouth.

And she didn't have to. The Villain went behind her to claim his prize. He entered her and fucked her in a pace that was meant for climax. Dad heard all this and prepared himself. He unzipped, but kept his belt closed.

He started to wack off to get his cock hard, then put on a condom. Mom did her job right. Soon both the Villain and the black man started panting and with every muscle in both ends of her body working at adding to the pleasure, Mom made them cum at once. Neither pulled out. The black man emptied his shining balls in her throat and the Villain did the same deep inside her not far from her uterus. Mom continued to massage and lick them until they got limp and pulled out.

At that second Mom was not actively engaged in any sexual activity and nobody was holding her. She quickly jumped from the table and ran for the door smiling over her shoulder informing the wondering men that she would be right back. She found Dad in the next room. He sat in a chair, fly open and a full erection wearing a condom. Mom gave him a tired looking smile and quickly squatted over him, placing her feet by the arm rests.


She guided his dick to her sloppy slit and used it to stir the pot for just a few seconds. Meanwhile Dad lit a cigarette he had kept waiting. 15 seconds after Mom had suddenly ran off, she returned to the orgy casually sucking a cigarette. "I'm sorry" she purred like a kitten.

"I really needed a smoke. Who's next?" 15 seconds after that Dad was on his way running down the stairs. His fly was open, his hard dick was waving in front of him and in his hand was a sticky fleshlight. Dad easily found his way to the basement of the almost deserted building. He easily found the safe. On one side of the safe was a dick pointing out a steel dildo. On the other side was a hole, a wall mounted pussy.

He quickly put the fleshlight on the dildo. Nothing happened. Then he yanked it back and forth a few times to get the fluids spread out and a green light lit. Then he went to the other side and looked down his own body. He had gone limp. He had to be hard to enter the slot. And he could not touch himself. His dick was smeared in the Villain's semen, pulled out of his wife's pussy a few minutes ago and it could not be contaminated with another male DNA.

He had to get an erection without physical stimulation. He was out of breath from running the stairs and he was scared shitless and had his adrenalin pumping from the very situation. No pressure… Dad closed his eyes.

He tried to imagine the most arousing picture imaginable. Mom was there. Of course. She was naked. Her back. The lovely slim curve from her neck and slowly down. Slowly. The waistline got smaller. Then wider as the back became buttocks. Those perfect round buttocks. The line continued and met a little pink star. Her skin was slippery around that spot.

The line didn't continue after that. His dick was right there, half way into her pussy just beneath the little star. It moved. Slowly. But he felt something out of the ordinary and looked under the coupling. There was the Girl's beautiful face, slowly licking Mom's clit and the underside of Dad's cock.

He slowly pulled out so his glistening head was just resting upon Mom's velvety folds. Then shots of white semen sprung from it, splashing on and in between the folds. He moved back just a bit and let the Girl lick his cum from his wife's pussy. With that vision Dad opened his eyes. He was rock hard and immediately yanked his dick into the slot in the wall.

He guessed he had to thrust a bit and it didn't feel all that bad. Another green light lit, and the safe opened without a sound.

Dad pulled his member out and took the fleshlight. The safe was almost empty. On the lower shelf were documents. On the middle shelf was cash, lots of it. Dad was tempted, but left it untouched. On the top shelf was the USB dongle, looking exactly as it was supposed to. He grabbed it, and then hid it inside the fleshlight. He closed the safe, took of the condom and hit it in the fleshlight too, zipped his pants and hurried back up the stairs.

When he returned, the orgy had turned into a bukkake. The Villain had been flattered when Mom had offered him her pussy, but had after a little thinking decided she was not to make any decisions like that. He had then decided that Mom should have as much cum as possible.

Mom was in a sofa, getting sprayed both in the face and in her pussy. All men took part in it. The guys that had cum already would go to the Girl that was on her knees working hard to get every limp dick up and running again. She gave blowjobs and she got fucked, but she didn't get any cum.

A fair guess would be that all five men came twice. One after another they lost the interest in copulation and went to the bar and had a drink, watching their friends finish off. The last one to finish was the Viking. It was his second orgasm but he still had a gallon of spunk that he generously poured over Mom's face and bosom.

As he went to get a drink, the Girl grabbed first her blazer jacket then Mom's hand and they left quietly as they were supposed to. They found Dad and they hurried out. In the elevator Dad looked at the two molested women. The Girl was still wearing her skirt, but it was wet from piss and clung to her thighs. Her shirt was torn apart and she dumped it on the floor. Putting on the blazer made her look un-naked but still like a worn out whore. Moms dress was gone and she was wearing only her leather corsage showing both tits and pussy, and she was drenched in cum.

Dad put his long riding coat over her shoulders to cover her. They didn't speak at all on the way home. The Girl didn't even ask Dad if he succeeded getting the dongle. She just knew he did. They all went to the master bathroom once at the house. Dad bathed both women gently with a sponge and lots of soap.

He found two sets of pyjamas and sent them to bed before showering himself.

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He found them fast asleep, spooning. Dad went to sleep in a spare room. The next morning the Girl was gone. She had left a note on her pillow saying: "Had to finish the last loose end. I love you guys" An hour later the phone rang. Mom answered. At first it was just noises. But then two sounds stood out: A man's evil laugh.

And a woman screaming. Mom immediately recognized the voice. It was the Girl. (to be continued)