Indian girl masturbating and pissing

Indian girl masturbating and pissing
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Training Sarah PArt Eight After the absolutely "hot" scene Ginny and Sarah at displayed on the sofa, Gail and Mary were left as stunned as Ginny and Sarah were exhausted. Mary was both extremely horny and a little embarrassed at the role she had played, masturbating her friend Ginny to an orgasm with her leg. As she pulled her leg back from between Ginny's ass cheeks, she looked down at the thick smear of pussy juice her friend Ginny left on her shin.

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Little did Gail, Mary and Sarah know, Aunt Judy had captured the entire pussy eating, cunt grinding scene on her tiny but powerful digital video camera. Gail, in a pensive tone asked the group, "so what to do with our drunk friend Ginny?" "Let's keep her drunk and naked the rest of the night, she could be fun to have around," blurted Mary. "Well, she is supposed to serve me the rest of the night cause she lost the last hand of cards, but I suppose I could share," said Gail.

Judy agreed, and they all agreed to take a bathroom break… While Mary went to the bathroom, Judy looked at Gail, and said, "I know what she's going to do, and it aint taking a piss!" "You think so," said Gail, "I know so," said Judy, "I thought she was going to start fingering herself at the table." With that, Judy and Gail walked silently towards to back hall bathroom and paused by the door, and through the door they could both hear Mary breathing heavily.

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Mary whispered to Gail that the doors in the house haven't locked well in 5 years, so she turned the handle slowly, and sure enough it turned the whole way. Mary was so close to an orgasm that she was only hearing the sound of her fingers in her own pussy, when the door flew open giving Gail and a camera wielding Judy a spread eagle show.


Mary managed to close her legs, and still looking surprised yelled, "can't a girl even take a piss around here?" Judy said, "Sure, but don't you think you should have lifted the lid first?" Mary then realized that in her haste, she had hiked up her dress and dropped her panties, to sit down to finger herself without lifting the lid. She was caught, and on camera, and was turning all shades of red. "Don't stop on our account Mary, it looked like you were ready to cum all over Judy's toilet seat," said Gail.

Judy, noticing that Mary panties had slipped off her ankles onto the floor, reached down the pick them up.

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She readily noticed the wet spot in the crotch of the panties, and looked Mary right in the eyes, and said, "I think I'll hold on to these till you can earn them back." Gail laughed right along with Judy, and they went to the kitchen to freshen their drinks.

When Ginny met up with them in the kitchen, she said, "you didn't really take a picture of me, you know, with my&hellip."Sure I did," said Judy, "and I got some good ones of you and Ginny too." "What!!" "Yes dear Mary, it seems that you are a horny little woman, masturbating your friend and yourself, my, my, maybe you can earn those pictures back as well." "Well first things first, we need to get Ginny another drink", with that all three went back to the table.

Ginny was sitting on the floor naked by the couch, sipping on someone's drink, and Sarah was still naked sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette. "Seems like Ginny has her drink, so do we let the drunk continue playing or have the slut slave play in her place?" Gail said, "If we all get on the floor, we could all play…it could be fun!" "No argument here," said Judy. With that, they pushed the table to one side and all sat around in a circle.

Judy and Gail positioned themselves next to each other and had Mary sit between Sarah and Ginny. It was quite a sight for Gail and Judy, two naked women in front of them surrounding one in a short dress without panties.


Judy looked at the situation and suggested to Mary that she could have one of the pictures if she took off her bra and threw it across the room. Gail suggested that Sarah take it off for her, Judy nodded in approval and Mary blurted, "Like I have a choice!" That brought a smile to Judy's face… Sarah, knowing what was going on, took her time unhooking the bra, first fumbling around for the hook in the front, kneading Mary's tits in the process, then reaching around Mary's back for the hook, pressing her tits into Mary's face.

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Sarah made sure that her right nipple was pressed into Mary's lips. Removing Mary's bra and tossing it across the room brought applause from all. As Sarah sat back down, Judy could have sworn she saw saliva on Sarah's nipple. The game continued, with laughing and drinking by all. Judy and Gail lost a few hands that built up Sarah, Ginny and Mary's chip count, but it was only 30 minutes later that Mary went all in on a hand with Judy, and lost.

Judy announced, "Mary, you can continue to play if you anti up with your dress, or you can be our slave, joining Ginny and Sarah and being naked all night. Mary wanted another chance to get even, and said, "If I win I get my bra and panties back?" Judy nodded and Mary sipped out of her dress.

With the view Judy and Gail had, they could see 3 wet gaping pussies that belonged to 3 defeated women. The hand couldn't have gone any worse for Mary, she had nothing at the flop and nothing on the next card either.

She was going to lose, unless she could bluff. But what to bluff with when all you have is a dress that is already bet. She looked at both Judy and Gail and said, "Do you want to make it real interesting? How bout if I bet a dare to each of you that remain in the hand, that I will fulfill without question if I lose, but you each have to do a dare of my choosing should I win, and I get my clothes back?" Everyone looked around, Sarah took her bet, Gail looked at Judy, who said, "I got this…" Gail folded, and Judy said, "I'll take your bet!" Ginny looked at Judy, Mary and Sarah, knowing that any dare is probably something she had already done, took the bet also.

The next card was no better for Mary, it was just one of those hands. Judy offered another bet, "Girls, I feel so good about my hand that I'll go 2 to 1 on your dare.

If you each bet a dare, that means doubling your number of dares to 2 dares that you will fulfill, I'll give you each 4 if you win." Ginny and Sarah looked at each other and folded, leaving the now defeated Mary to play against Judy. Sensing that she was going to lose, Mary looked up at Judy with tears in her eyes and folded.

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Judy looking back at Mary, then looked at Ginny, and said, "Ginny you dare is to make love to Mary, Mary your first dare is to make love to Ginny, and you will both do exactly as I say for the next 20 minutes.

You can start by kissing and fondling each other's tits". Like a porno movie director, Judy directed Mary and Ginny to exchange deep wet kisses, kiss and caress each others nipples, and had Mary get on her knees and service Ginny's hot wet cunt.

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This left Mary's ass in the air with her legs spread a little for balance. Judy looked over at Sarah, and said, "Sarah honey, you know what to do, plant your lips on Mary's asshole and tongue her deeply, like I know you can." With that Sarah began caressing Mary tight hole with her lips and tongue, gently spreading it wider and wider, until Sarah tongue slipped easily in and out of Mary's asshole.

By this time Ginny and Mary were breathing heavily and Ginny had grabbed Mary's head and was mashing Mary's mouth into her cunt, while Sarah was applying equal pressure from behind. This was quite a sight, and not to be lost on Judy, she had the mini cam rolling and was snapping pictures a mile a minute.

Almost simultaneously Ginny began to buck her hips and Mary began to moan into Ginny's cunt, and Sarah taking her cue, began pumping Mary's sopping wet cunt with her hand. Both Ginny and Mary exploded into massive orgasms, with Mary collapsing into Ginny's lap with her elbows on either side of Ginny's hips.


Gail and Judy were laughing and smiling at each other, with Judy stating, "Poor Mary, she has one more dare to complete, wonder what it will be?" Secretly each was wondering if they could get the other in a compromised position before the night was out.