Jennifer brooks spanking cane nu west leda

Jennifer brooks spanking cane nu west leda
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Mr. Black and Ivory Ch. 3 "Pillow Talk" Mr. Black and I had fallen back asleep for several hours, spooning with my butt placed perfectly in his lap and his arms wrapping around my upper body. When we finally woke up from our deep, satisfying slumber we were both starving! He had slowly gotten up after a final squeeze of my buttox and headed towards his kitchen.


I began to get out of his large bed, and proceed to the bathroom to shower. I grabbed my bag of clothes only to realize I only had some clean panties, a tube dress, and a bodystocking. So I grabbed them all and went to his shower and freshened up. I decided to skip the pantiesand slid on my black crotchless fishnets, and to top it off the black and red striped tube dress.

I did my make up and by the time I stepped out, and into the loft something smelled amazing! I walked into the living room and across the way in the kitchen there was Mr. Black cooking what smelled and looked like spaghetti, meatballs, and marinara sauce. When he noticed me walking towards the kitchen his head popped and and his eyes got wide as he said,"Damn baby, you got all dressed up for me and here I am naked" as he let out a sly smile and laugh.

I giggled and said,"It's nothing really, this is just all I brought, since didn't know I'd be spending so much time here this weekend." He said,"It's all good baby, why don't you have a seat, I'm just finishing up now." The table was already set as Mr.

Black finished eyeing me up and down as I took a seat. I gave him a look to as he went back to his cooking. Seeing his naked body standing strongly there, muscular, mature,and his cock was huge! All I could think of was that dangling BBC, and he wasn't even hard!

I snapped back to reality as he said dinner was ready. He started moving it all to the table, he offered me some wine and I just nodded. As he poured two glasses and sat down, "Wow you're really quite the cook aren't you?", I said impressed by the lovely meal in front of me. He laughed and said it was his passion, as we ate and made more small talk. I mainly asked him about work trying not to seem as nervous as I still was. He must've been able to tell as he laughed and said,"The wine will loosen you up," taking a sip of his glass.

I began to drink some and after more talking, and more wine I was more comfortable with Mr.

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Black than I was with some of my closest friends. Once we had finished eating and we just had our drinks he suddenly jumped up. Shocked by his sudden movement I asked,"What's up?" He laughed and said,"Oh, sorry but I forgot to give you your birthday present the other night!" as he quickly ran to his closet and came back with a large bag.

He said"Happy Birthday, Ivory! I hope you like it." I blushed so shocked and surprised he had gotten me anything at all,"OMG! Thank you so much!" as I began to take all the colorful wrapping paper out, and got to two small boxes, and one large shoe sized box.

I opened the shoe box, and there were two beautiful shiny black high heels! I opened the smaller yet long box, and he had bought me a cute baby blue vibrator! And in the third box was a cute tiny sized buttplug with a pink jewel in it!

Delighted and in pure excitement I jumped up and gave Mr. Black a big, hard, long, loving hug. "I love all of them!" I exclaimed and gave him a kiss.

Mr. Black said he was glad I liked them, and urged me to try the heels on. Of course, I happily skipped to his couch and began to slip the heels on. Since during one of our online chats it had come up I didn't have any heels yet, so it made it even more cute when he gave me them.

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They were a perfect fit as I stood up and gave a few slow steps away from Mr. Black to show off new sexy shoes! He was enjoying the show as he sat on the couch watching me struggle to walk and touching himself. Laughing he said,"Mmmm, That ass looks sexy as hell in them heels baby.

Come walk on over to Daddy!"I laughed and gave a good sexy strut as I walked back to the couch and sat back down next to Mr. Black. He had turned the TV on to some sports game as he began to subtlely feel up my legs and up my thighs.

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I was so horned up and turned on watching Mr. Black walk around naked and free all night, with his cock swinging back and forth whenever he walked. I couldn't help it as I jumped in to kiss him and before I knew it I was sitting with my butt in his lap, and his cock resting against my dresses right buttcheek. My red and black tube dress was barely covering my lower butt as I straddled his lap, passionately making out with one another. I was grinding my ass against his lap as he stopped our kissing to ask,"Why don't you try on your new toys?" He said grinning and grabbing my ass, jiggling my cheeks for me.I whispered to him,"Why don't you put them in me?" I said giggling and crawling towards the other side of the couch, showing stocking covered ass with the small opening.

As I crawled my dress rode all the way up, no longer covering my ass. Like magic, he had returned with an already lubed butt plug, spreading my ass, as he gave my boipussy a lick, and stuck the cute plug in me. I held in that style of doggy for a few minutes as he slowly worked the plug in and out, until eventually he thought I was ready for the vibrator.


As I was anticipating the next insert with the plug, I suddenly felt the new toy going even deeper, and then he hit the vibrating button and OMG! I let out the girliest sissy moan as I instantly squirted in one the most intense orgasms I have ever had! My older lover continued to slowly work the lubed up vibrator in and out of my sweet tight white ass. I had no control as my butt was frozen in the air, with my head resting on my arms.

Enjoying the lustful pleasure my mature lover gave me and before I knew what happenned, Daddy had grabbed my thighs and put me on top of him in the 69 position. My tiny fem like body was on top of his large sexy muscular body, and his glorious big black cock was right in front of my face! I ran my soft hands up and down his thighs as I eagerly swallowed up his cock with just my mouth. I was in heaven!

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Mr. Black was working the buzzing vibrator in and out of my ass as his gave little licks all over my cock and ball. To mine and his surprise I surprisingly wasn't hard, but was still insanely turned on. He then swapped the butt plug back in and began blowing me, as I did the exact same to his marvelous cock!

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Savoring every unique exotic taste as I worked my mouth over every last inch of his and big meaty balls. All I could think of was how strangely delicious it tasted, and of course the massive size of the thing! Mr. Black let out a loud moan as I felt a sudden explosion in my mouth.

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His warm, sweet salty cum was gushing in my mouth so fast I couldn't swallow it all! I did my best to try and swallow as much of it as I could, but in the end he came too much and some ended up sliding its way down his shaft with my saliva. I kept sucking, and sipping up as much of his cum as I could. He was quickly hard again as I worked my mouth down his shaft and balls. I enjoyed the taste of him as he moaned and licked me right back. We laid there for a moment before I rolled off of him and stood up in my heels, with my dress pulled up to my waist, and my fishnets fully opened at the crotch.

I walked towards the room as Mr. Black walked right up behind me, holding my hips while I lead us to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, he lifted my dress up over my head, and began running his hand down my ass crack. He whispered in my ear,"You ready for your Big Black Daddy cock in that sweet white boipussy, babygurl?" I couldn't help but say yes and giggle as I poked my ass further out the more he rubbed me down.

Mr. Black then lifted me and put me on the bed sideways with my ass out towards him.


Laying there on my side, dressed in fishnets and heels for my Black Daddy. Laying there on my side I put one hand on my hip and looked back, watching him jack his big cock off against my booty, before lubing it all over, and slapping his dick all over my white ass! His cock was rock hard!

He pulled my ass apart and found the opening in my stocking. I felt him plunge the first few inches of his fat dick straight in my ass. He got half of his massice cock in me before he began working it back out. He pulled out completely and then asked if I wanted his dick? I looked at him and said,"Yes Daddy, gice me that big black cock!" As he smiled and gave me exactly what I asked for as he began savagely fucking my ass! He kept me on my side with my legs together, before he grabbed my thigh and lifted one leg up high.

The slight move made all the difference as his cock felt like it was going even deeper!

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He touched my cock and asked," Why ain't your cock hard baby?" As I moaned in pleasure I replied,"You must have fucked all of it out of me," I said laughing, as he steadily fucked my ass with his diamond hard dick.

After what seemed like hours he asked if I wanted to switch up positions. I smiled and agreed as he grabbed my thighs,and lifted my whole body in his big strong arms. I couldn't beieve it as lifted, and carried me to the closest wall,a and propped me up against it! My arms were wrapped around his neck for support as I felt him adjusting his right hand, and in seconds he had aimed his cock into my ass and had me lifted against the wall and on his cock!

He kissed me and fucked my mouth with his tongue as he grabbed my asscheeks and worked my ass up and down his big black cock with almost no effort! I couldn't help but moan like a sissy and hold on to him as tightly as I could! He had complete control my entire body, his dick was stretching out my insides with each inch he thrusted up into me and hitting all the right spots.

With his black cock fully stuffed balls deep in my white ass, he began walking back towards the bed. He threw me on my back onto the bed, and off his massive hard cock as Mr. Black stood over me. He watched me give him a show, as I rubbed my tits through my fishnets and licked my lips, anxiously awaiting his return inside me.

He grabbed my legs and pulled my lower half towards him, slipping his big mushroom tip back in my boipussy with no resistance.

I couldn't help but let out a loud,"OoOOOoo", moan that all his neighbors must have heard. And like a bad romance novel we embraced in the loving intimate postion of missionary as Mr. Black made me his sissy white bitch! After fucking me slow, fast and everything inbetween, Mr.

Black let out a loud,"Oh Fuck!", as I felt his cock got extra hard as he fed my ass all 10 inches of his BBC. I grabbed my asscheeks and spread them the best I could, as I felt his cum spray my insides, as he kept his cock in me, giving me all of his seed.

Mr. Black leaned in a gave me a loving, deep kiss before look into my eyes and saying,"You're my bitch now."

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