Chubby emo teen blue hair and petite big ass xxx proving papa wrong

Chubby emo teen blue hair and petite big ass xxx proving papa wrong
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When I was 18 I re-call a liaison with man called John at the time he was in his late 50's, he was divorced but in a relationship with a widow called Ann whose son Roger who was my age but in a different class when we in school.

Ann didn't love very far from me, on a Saturday night Ann and John would attend the local working men's club for dancing and Bingo, it was the same club my parents visited on Saturday nights. So my parents know Ann quite well she introduced John to them and they became friendly when meeting at the club's dance night.

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Sometimes I would call at the club on Saturday night and meet my parents to walk home together, that when I met John who seem to take a shine to me unknowingly to me at that time. From the time I use bump into John regularly became friendly with him, I didn't think much about it at the time, but John use to put his hand on my shoulder.

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When touch or massage my bottom accidently on purpose. I didn't object though I must admit I liked it. Some evening I'd meet John in town by chance, he'd been drinking all afternoon John was not really drunk but you could tell he was a slightly tipsy.

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John invited me to go with him for a drink in a nearby pub, with John's persuasive plea I accepted, the pub he chose was pretty quiet, we sat in the corner out of view of the bar there were not many customers in pub at that time. John put his hand on my knee underneath the table and began questioning me, "Did I like girls, did I have a girlfriend", then he asked me out of blue "What type of boys underwear did I like wearing", by now I knew what his intentions where, I didn't take offence, so I answered honestly, I hope I won't shock or surprise you John", but I like wearing skimpy briefs that resemble a pair of girls knickers, I love the feel of the material and its soft lightweight, I love the skimpiness and the range of colours.

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John seemed captivated by my openness, I knew he wouldn't comment about our conversation to my parents, then John asked me would I allow him to see what my knickers I wearing" he commented "I bet you like fucking great in panties". "Where shall we go John I'm not comfortable going to pub's toilets" John said he knew of a place near to my home, it was a derelict barn by some abandoned allotments.

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John had given up his flat to go and live with Ann and her children. We caught the bus that I usually catch home but alighted two stops before where John and I normally vacated the bus, John seemed to be well acquainted with the old barn, He admitted he's fucked Ann there on a few occasions before he lived with Ann.

As we walked to the old barn, I became bold and asked John was Ann a good fuck, John uttered my cock isn't enough for her, when I usually finishing fucking her she still wants her cunt to be satisfied.


So I suck her tits, finger her cunt before performing oral on her cunt". I said "John thanks for sharing your confidences with me".

When we finally reached the barn by walking down an earthy pathway, we entered the barn, we climbed a ladder to take us to the first floor where an window faced the path we just walked it gave us a good lookout position if someone was approaching, I stood next to the wall and John said "Let's see your pretty knickers Jay", so I undid the belt of my jeans then lowered them to my ankles, to reveal skimpy knickers to John, I was wearing a pair of lilac lace panties, within seconds of admiring my panty covered crotch John grabbed me and kissed me which led to John giving me a deep French kiss, John's kissing was so enjoyable I didn't want him to stop, at this point he didn't fondled my panty cover cock, as he kissed me he gyrated himself against my crotch, after kissing me for at least 10 ministers constantly, he kissed me all over my face, he said "Jay I've really fancied you ever since your parents introduced me", Then John undid his belt dropped his trousers and underpants (briefs style).

John continued to gyrating himself against my cock, although his cock was flaccid, just having a warm body against my cock was really a nice feeling. John suggested we strip off naked, I agreed with only one exception, as long as I can keep my knickers on. In the corner of the room there were bales of hay, so we moved towards them, after we stripped naked ,I laid down and John laid on top of me, John returned to kissing to, French kissing me, it was John's forte.

John slowly gyrated his body rubbing his cock against my panty covered cock I loved the sensation of having a John's warm body on top of me, I wrapped my legs around his torso, John exclaimed "I want to fuck you, I want to shag you" I asked John would he mind playing with my panty covered cock, my cock straining due to the restriction of style of my knickers.

John moved along side me so he could kiss and fondle me at the same time, by now I was in a heightened of horniness, John then released my cock from my knickers John said "I've waited and longed for this moment ever since I met you", John sucked both my nipples, but due to John's condition after his drinking spree, his cock stayed flaccid, John said "Fuck, fuck, fuck, of all the times for my cock not to be erect", I let John carry on kissing me and fondling me, he released my cock from my panties and masturbated me slowly, but I was so fucking horny, I became desperate with the burning desire to masturbated myself .John cupped my testacies and while I masturbated, John looked into my eyes until I eventually ejaculated.

Then John kissed me again.

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As we laid on the hay, John explained his fantasies, the first being he wanted me to fuck him, about 18 years ago when he was young and joined the Merchant Navy, one evening while he was on night duty with another older sailor, they entered into a masturbation session, but this became a little boring so the other sailor kissed John, and asked if John would allow himself to be fucked, John had never thought about having anal sex before, but something inside him made him agree, John knew the routine he pulled his trousers down and underpants down, and bent over, the other sailor dropped his trousers and position his cock at John's anus, he spat on hand and stroked his cock, fortunately for some reason John had some whiter Vaseline in a small piece of brown paper, John lubricated his asshole, before the sailor thrust his cock deep inside John's asshole, John experienced excruciating pain but managed to control his cry of pain, the sailor fucking John was too far gone in his pursuit of releasing his spunk load in John asshole to care about John's tight asshole.

After the sailor eventually shot his cum load inside John anus, John was in pain but he felt it was worth experiencing anal sex with another man. This cock session continued another 6 times then the sailor and John were transferred to separate ships. From that day to this day John has never been with another man. But John always longed for another occurrence.


The second fantasy John explained he wanted me to fuck Ann while he fucked me, do you think Ann would agree, I asked, John said "I believe so; she acts like a whore in bed, her cunt is always hungry, with your young cock getting rock hard quickly you'll satisfy her lust. John then went on to say "Your father and I converse a lot about women's cunt and shagging them, we comment on some of the women who attend the club's dance, your Dad is more fucking horny than me", I expect you already know he's fucked lots of women past and present, of course your mother doesn't know", the difference with your Dad's cock and mine, his cock can reach a full erection easily and stay hard longer, mine takes much longer".

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"I asked your father would he join Ann and me for a threesome" Knowing my father I was not shocked, at what John said, I know he confided in John about his lust for different cunts to fuck, I suspected Dad had already fucked Ann before her relationship with John began, I already knew Ann was sexually frustrated since her husband died. Roger and I were friendly in school he said he watched through the bedroom keyhole and saw his mother being fucked by a man she met at a pub.

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I asked Roger did he mind, hell no Roger said. When John is alone in the house which is very rare occasion, because Ann or her children are always around, he puts on a pair of Ann daughter's knickers and masturbates.