Milf caught guy masturbates on her photo

Milf caught guy masturbates on her photo
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The west side of my city is full of bars and clubs. It is adjacent to a residential area, which makes it a very popular neighborhood among college kids and twenty-something singles. They can walk to their favorite club on the weekend, get drunk, and then stumble home. It's the perfect setup for them - and also a good setup for me. This is the story why. Last December, I drove my SUV to the west side around 11 PM on a Friday. I deliberately chose December because you can wear gloves and a beanie and no one will pay attention.

I parked in one of the alleys where I knew that people occasionally walk through, and then took a deep breath. It was about to begin. Looking to make sure that no one was around, I got out and quickly unscrewed my license plate with my fingers (I had loosened the bolts at home).

Then I hopped back into my car. There are no streetlights in this residential zone and my windows are tinted, so I simply sat there, undetectable. With me was a grocery bag containing bleach, laundry detergent, fabric softener and a sponge. A second bag held masking tape, a box-cutting knife, and shipping envelopes. Everything was purchased at the local supermarket, using cash in the self-checkout lane.

I certainly didn't need a cashier remembering my face, or Visa documenting the evidence. The 'supplements' - things I didn't need, like envelopes - were just to make the purchases look normal to any curious law enforcement. At 11:35 PM, three frat guys and a girl walked right by my driver side window. They were loud and drunk and completely clueless to my presence. Good. I kept waiting. At midnight, a couple young brunettes walked by.

Even though it was 45 degrees outside, they were wearing skirts. My cock tingled just a little bit. I resisted the urge to jump out and grab both of them by their necks. Instead, I kept waiting. At 1 AM, my bladder started telling me to take a piss. It was over 2 hours since I'd pissed at my apartment, and the cold night wasn't helping. I was thinking about calling it a night and returning the next weekend. But then - I saw her. She matched my target profile exactly. An attractive girl, alone, walking in my direction.

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She had shoulder-length blonde hair and was wearing a white dress with a heavy parka over it. Even wth the parka, I could tell by her legs that her body was hot. She was a little wobbly, which was perfect. No doubt she'd spent a great night drinking with her girlfriends and was now headed to bed, convinced that it was safe to walk alone at night.

Well, I was going to prove her wrong. I uncapped my bottle of bleach and quickly soaked the sponge in it. My heart beat faster as she got closer. I looked up and down the alley and then pulled my oversized beanie down over my face - I had cut two small eyeholes into it before I left home, so I could still see.

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As she walked past my door, I jumped out, grabbed her in a headlock with my left arm, and shoved the sponge into her face. She immediately started clawing at the sponge, but I kept it pressed tightly against her mouth and nose and she started choking. As she began to go limp, I opened my passenger door and threw her inside. The passenger seats were down, so there was plenty of room for what was about to happen next.

She tried to scream, but all she could do was cough out bleach. I quickly straddled her and punched her in the face for shock effect.


Then I pulled out my masking tape and taped her mouth shut. She was struggling feebly, unable to recover. I was winning. I took the knife out of the grocery bag and held it right in front of her eyes to scare her. Then I pressed it against her neck as I fished my wallet out with my right hand. I took a condom out of it and opened it with my teeth.

I managed to get my jeans unzipped and the condom onto my rock-hard cock. This girl could tell what was going to happen, and she was starting to cry.

Poor bitch - drunk, beaten up, and gagging on chlorine fumes. Tough luck.

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I gripped her neck with my right hand as I unzipped her parka and sliced her dress open, starting from her breasts all the way down to the bottom hem. She was wearing a black bra and black panties that I also had to cut off.


My heart was beating like a drum and my dick was so hard. I forced myself to ignore that wave of crazy lust for a minute, and to think rationally. This needed to be quiet. "If you make a sound, I'll cut your throat," I whispered to her.

"If you fight me, I'll cut your throat." To be honest, I don't know if I had the guts to really kill her. I just wanted what I wanted, and that's all that mattered. I pressed the knife back up to her throat and touched her cunt with my right hand. It was dry. No surprise, this was not how she expected her night to end.

I could feel her pubic hair shaved into a neat thin strip. I licked two of my fingers and started massaging her pussy, doing my best to stay quiet in case anyone else walked by. She whimpered.

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"Shhh," I said, pressing the knife harder into her throat. Slowly I slipped my cock into her blonde pussy. She cringed, which made me more excited. As I thrust into her, I started licking her tits. They were a good-sized C, with the light-colored nipples of a natural blonde. I glanced at her face.

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Her eyes were shut but she was still crying. I knew that I had her in submission and that I could do whatever I wanted. My index finger stabbed her tight asshole and she whined. She was pretty muffled because of the masking tape, but I still got annoyed. I cut her neck just a little. "Shut up!" I whispered fiercely.

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As my finger got increasingly lubed in her ass, I put a second one in there. I started sliding both of them in and out as I continued to fuck her pussy. I rammed my fingers up her ass all the way up to the knuckles one final time, then took them out and wiped them on her white dress. I could see the dark blood smeared on there, and knew what to do next.

I pulled my dick out of her cunt and guided it into her swollen anus. She shivered in pain, and that made me even harder. Her ass was tight as hell, and I slowly thrust into her, enjoying the intense sensation. She was sobbing quietly again, so I licked the tears off her face.

I inhaled her perfumed hair and closed my eyes to enjoy the moment.

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My free hand started groping her tits again as I raped her young ass. I wanted to flip her around and fuck her from behind, but that would have made too much noise.

So I kept pounding her in the missionary position, moving my hand down to her trimmed pussy to fiddle with her clit. I rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger, pinching it and turning it over.

I started chewing on her supple pink nipples, flicking my tongue back and forth over them as I kept thrusting upward into her ass. The combined sensations were too much. I could feel myself wanting to cum and didn't try to stop it.

My load shot up into ass and I bit her breast so hard that she emitted another muffled cry.


We laid there for a full two minutes as I kept the knife against her skin and slowly felt my dick get softer. When I finally pulled my dick out, her ass was so tight that the condom slipped off and stayed in there. I pulled it out, hid it underneath the floor mat and started zipping up my jeans.

Then all of a sudden her cell phone started ringing.

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The sound was coming from somewhere in her jacket. Shit! I reached into her pockets and discovered her purse. The phone's screen showed that "Sara" was calling, no doubt to make sure that her friend had gotten home ok. I turned the phone off and stuck in my jeans pocket. No need to let her call 911. I took out her driver's license and looked at it. Julie ----- address and all.

"I'm letting you go now," I informed her, "but now I've got your name and address. If you report this shit, I'll find you and kill you." I reached over for the bleach-soaked sponge and held it up to her nose again.

She thrashed a little and started to gag. I put the sponge and knife back into the grocery bags, and looked out the windows to make sure no one was in sight. Holding Julie in my arms, I opened the passenger door and threw her out into the middle of the alley. Then I shut the door, jumped into the driver's seat and sped away. I could see her on her hands and knees, still choking, in my rear view mirror. My SUV is a dark color, and without any streetlights I'm sure she couldn't tell if it was black, blue, green or brown.

And if she was looking for a license plate, tough shit. It was still in my glove compartment and I was prepared to tell any cop that it had fallen off on the road and that I was going home to put it back on. As soon as I got on the freeway, I looked for cops before throwing Julie's cell phone out the window.

Then I continued on home at the speed limit, hoping no police would notice my missing license plate. When I finally arrived home, I put the plate back on and went into my apartment with all the evidence. I flushed the condom down the toilet, threw the knife in the dishwasher and put my clothes into the washing machine. It was 3 AM and I slept like a baby. The next morning I immediately took my SUV out to get a deluxe hand wash. Everything got rinsed and vacuumed clean.

As I left the car wash, I exhaled deeply. It had been the perfect crime.