Cogiendo por el culo mujer casada

Cogiendo por el culo mujer casada
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Part 6 Reunion An exhausted Michael arrived in New York the following night. As he exited Customs, he saw a uniformed driver holding a card with his name. Surrounded by four bodyguards, Michael handed the man the handle of his suitcase and followed him to a waiting limousine. The contrast between the bustling terminal and Rafaela's village could not have been more jolting. As the limousine snaked deftly through traffic, he pulled out his phone and dialed Peter. After a moment his friend's voice reassured him that his girls were safe.

Though tired, Michael knew he had to debrief or lose more than half a day. Twelve hours more without Beth. Or Rachael. Carrying a laptop, Peter met him at Michael's home, several hours north of the city. They sat at the kitchen table, each with a glass of wine. The anti-surveillance unit humming in the background. Too tired for lengthy explanations, Michael was cryptic. He knew Peter would ask if he needed more information.

"It was as set up. They'd paid David to get Rafaela out of prison. He didn't or couldn't come through for them, so they put pressure on him by threatening his family. When he ate a bullet, Tim's men were too fast and got the information they needed before they could get there," a sip of wine before he continued, "They wanted the trade we set up." He looked at Peter.

Michael's instincts snapped on high alert. "But you knew that." He said softly. Peter nodded sadly.

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Michael waited for an explanation. "I've known Rafaela for a long time. I sued the bastards that raped her the second time. When Tim identified the men searching for Beth and Rachael as Zapatas, I couldn't believe it. I contacted Miguel to see if it was true. He never responded. Then they contacted me right after David killed himself. When they found out what we had, they said they needed you to come as a negotiator, but they said that if I told you, the deal was off.

They guaranteed your safety, but you were not to know that." Peter searched his friend's hard eyes. He handed him a folded sheet of paper. "This should explain it." Love You cannot know the joy in my heart as I wrote that word. Love. You are back in your world and I in mine. When you said I was one of the women you love, my heart soared. I never said it, but I love you. How this can be true after just two days, I do not know.

I only know that it is true. Peter is a friend and would never have let you come if there was real danger. I am so sorry for the terror I forced you to live with, but it was my last chance for freedom.

Alice told me about you and I knew you were my last chance as a woman. You sounded too good to be true, so I had to see for myself. I know you are far from perfect, but right now, I can only think of the good.

Beth and the Walsh women are as safe as I can make them. I hope I will soon be as well. After all, you invited me to join your harem. At the end of this letter is an e-mail address.

I have also sent a laptop that you can use to communicate with me. Please send e-mails to me only on that laptop. I long for your arms around me, for your lips on mine… I pray that we will be together again someday, but if two days is all I ever have of you, I am content. The painful place inside of me is now filled with a warm glow and love. Thank you Love Rafaela "You read it?" Peter nodded.

"Tim's said that all threats have been removed. There are apparently still a few credible threats, but he is dealing with them. He's really pissed that they knew where the girls were.

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He's still trying to figure out how." "Alice. Probably a tracking device hidden in her body. They didn't do body cavity searches of the girls." Michael said with a weariness of the soul at the multiple layers of betrayal he had just discovered. "I feel like a damn puppet." He said bitterly, anger seeping into his eyes.

Peter recoiled, knowing their friendship had been badly damaged. "Michael.

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I'm so sorry. Once Rachael and Beth got together, it had to be this way. David was pure evil. So was Tom. The girls needed to heal, away from this place. The plan worked beyond our wildest dreams. The good guys won." Peter was pleading. Michael looked up with empty eyes. "Peter, I love you as a friend, so you know I'll get over it. I need to get to Beth and Rachael. Call Tim and make it happen. I need them now!" Michael began to cry as the incredible tension of the past year finally breached his emotional dam.

Peter reached for his sobbing friend, but Michael rejected his comfort. "Get me to Beth!" The car sped along the narrow mountain roads, though the leafless trees.

A cold misting rain gave them a sad look as Michael looked out the back window. The window tinting made the day look even more depressing, yet his heart sang in anticipation. Following his emotional meltdown, Peter and Tim shifted into high gear. Every man had his breaking point and they understood that Michael had reached his.

26 hours later he was nearly there. Diversionary cars, private flight to Florida, long car ride to North Carolina. They traveled in a three-car convoy with rotational position. The car took a gravel road leading to the cabins. They stopped at a roadblock about a mile from the houses and were inspected by several men wearing paramilitary gear and carrying short-barreled assault rifles.

A .50 caliber rifle probably tracked them as well.

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The girls stood together outside the cabin, Rachael having to restrain Beth from running at the moving cars.

As the car stopped, the back door of the second vehicle flew open and Michael darted out, running straight to them. Beth broke free and jumped into his arms. "Daddy". Over and over. Then she planted a lover's kiss on his lips as they both squeezed hard. Rachael had given them some time, but Michael noticed her standing beside them. He freed his right arm and brought Rachael into a group hug. Ripping his lips free of Beth's, he pressed his lips longingly against Rachael's.

Rachael was startled, but began to warmly return his kiss, opening her mouth slightly, their tongues dueling for a moment, her body responding immediately to his touch. "Get a room!" Lynne blurted impatiently.

She was miserable, cold and wet. Michael broke the kiss and turned to walk to the cabins, his arms around Beth and Rachael. "You've gotta be Lynne." Michael chuckled.

He released Rachael and started to stick out his hand, but Lynne jumped to hug him. He squeezed her close. She smelled fresh. She kissed him on the cheek. "Hi Dad," startling Michael. Playing along Michael said "Dad, huh? Then I guess I can't grab your ass, huh?" as he grabbed her ass.

She giggled softly. She released him with another swift kiss, this time on the lips. "Shoshana?" A woman's hug. She pulled her head back slightly and gave him a lover's kiss. He felt his cock start to rise. "Let's get inside," Rachael said softly. Releasing Shoshana, he pulled Rachael back into a three-way hug as they led him to their cabin.

The cabin was relatively large. Three bedrooms and two baths with a kitchen along one wall and a large fireplace at the end of a large open living/dining area. Rustic, comfortable furniture filled the room.


Michael tried to be polite and started to sit on one of the couches so he could socialize. Beth wouldn't let go, however and pulled him toward her room. "I have to show Michael something," she tossed over her shoulder, her blonde ponytail swinging from side to side.

As their door closed, Lynne said, "She's going to rape him!" Rachael turned the stereo on and turned the volume up a bit, chuckling to herself. Inside the room, clothes flew in all directions. As the last sock came off, she was on him, kissing his lips, squeezing his cock and rubbing her painfully hard nipples across his chest.

He pulled her close and dropped his hand to cup her sex. She was actually dripping. He picked her up and dropped her on the bed, quickly lying beside her. His last conscious thought was to have her on top as he might hurt her in other positions in his fuck lust.

She understood, swung a leg over his chest and grabbed his cock. It seemed much larger as she rubbed the head along her wet slit. She felt it at her opening and pushed down hard, putting months of need into the thrust. A flash of pain told her body to move slower. Knowing that she had Michael back allowed her to heed her body's advice. After a few more strokes, she was sitting with his entire cock in her. Her eyes had been closed during her impalement.

She opened them, finding Michael's eyes a peculiar shade of gray / green. He'd almost cum with Beth's first frantic push, but he barely managed to conquer his need. He watched her concentrate on the feelings as she jammed more and more of his pole into her tight tunnel.

She was an incredible creature.

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"Oh God, I need you," she gasped. He thrust upward a bit. "No. Fuck me! I'm your slut!" He began thrusting into her savagely while his hands rolled her hips in the lust dance he learned from Rafaela. The dance caused his cock to caress all of her tight tunnel. This was not making love. This was primal fucking.

She danced with her arms over her head as her climax built. Michael took his right hand off her and placed his palm against her belly, just above her clit. "I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGG," she wailed Michael's thumb flipped across her clit and she screamed her delight. He could feel her vaginal muscles contracting and felt his own climax approaching. He jackhammered his cock into his beautiful daughter's cunt. And let loose, still caressing her clit. Finally she pushed his hand away and collapsed atop him, saliva leaking from the corner of her mouth.

They lay like that for a while as senses returned to normal, Michael's softening cock still inside her. "God, I needed that," Beth whispered, only now realizing the music blaring from the living room. She extended her arms and levered her torso off his chest so she could look into his eyes.

She could feel his cock hardening. "Twofer or a little rest?" she asked with an impish smile. "I think we probably should get cleaned up and talk with the girls." The shower was too small for two people so Beth took hers first. While she was in the shower, he began unpacking.

As Michael came out of the shower, Beth was holding the sealed enveloped and package Rafaela had given him in Mexico.

She looked up quizzically. "What's this?" "I don't really know. It's from a woman named Rafaela. Long story Kitten. It really concerns Rachael and her girls more than us." He tilted his head to the door. Beth dropped the envelope and package back into his bag. Rachael turned the music down when they appeared, grinning. "First round goes to Michael. God did you scream!" Lynne teased. "You'd scream too if he did it to you!" Michael thought, 'Cheeky minx, my daughter.' "I suspect we all would," Rachael said, joining the game.

Only her eyes said she was serious.

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Michael detected the aroma of a roast as he realized he had not eaten all day, his stomach growling loudly. Rachael cocked an eyebrow. "Let me guess, no food all day?" Michael nodded sheepishly.

Rachael turned to go to the small kitchen and almost bumped in Shoshana who was carrying a small platter of cheese and shrimp. "After all that exercise, I thought you'd be hungry," she said giggling softly He sat in the middle of the large couch, Bet beside him. He patted the other side, "Shosh." She smiled broadly as she wiggled close to him.


Michael knew that of all his broken birds, Shoshana needed the most attention. "For now just the basics because we have almost a year to catch up on.

First, we're safe. All contracts have been cancelled. You know David is dead?" The girls nodded as Shoshana snuggled closer, her head now resting on his shoulder. He reached and put his arm around here shoulders earning him a satisfied sigh. "You know Tom is dead?" Again they nodded. "May he roast in hell," Lynne added softly. "We've filed a number of suits in your names. Most are now settled. We've also recovered the money David took out of your trusts.

We need to get you," nodding to Rachael, "to sign several affidavits, but the money is secure." Shoshana's hand moved dangerously close to his cock. He gently moved it away bent his head to her ear and simply said, "we'll talk later, OK?" She nodded impishly. Rachael felt her heart hurt. Perfect handling of her little girl. "The lawsuits and investigations pissed off a lot of people. Powerful people, so we're still going to need security, so I think it may be best for us to stay together." The Walsh women nodded enthusiastically as Beth stroked his arm.

"Making anything secure in a city is nearly impossible, so I think we need a new home. If someone wants to find us, they will, but I'd like to be in a place where we can see them coming," he paused for comments, then continued, "Beth and I love being near the water. What about you guys?" The girls looked to Rachael. "I think that would be good, but someplace warm! It gets fricking cold here!" "Lynne?" "So long as they speak English.

I'm terrible at languages, except maybe Spanish." He looked down into Shoshana's adoring eyes. "Someplace they can fix me," she lisped. Rachael almost cried.

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Michael gave Shoshana's shoulders a squeeze. "That kind of narrows it down." He pretended to think for a moment since he had the same parameters, "I'd suggest a place called Noosa.

It's in North Queensland, Australia. Near Brisbane. Warm. Great surfing. It's on what they call the Sunshine Coast." Michael rose and got his briefcase and laptop from the room. He loaded a flash drive and played a video about Noosa and Brisbane. When it finished, the girls had faraway looks on their faces. It looked so clean, warm and inviting.

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Looking outside into the cold rain, Rachael blurted, "When do we leave?" Michael got his satellite phone. He dialed Tim's number. "Tim, I think it's Noosa," looking over his shoulder at four enthusiastically nodding heads." Michael listened for a moment, then said, "I agree, make it 12. How long? What about a moving holiday? I've gotta get these girls out of the boonies and Shosh to a surgeon. " Another pause, "Yeah, I'm OK with that." He turned to his enthralled audience.

"Noosa's going to take at least several weeks, so we have a choice. We can go to Raleigh to get Su…Shoshana treated and then go on a "Road Trip" or we can stay here and fly out in a couple of weeks." "Road Trip!" They shouted with glee. Michael knew that somewhere Tim was groaning. His stomach growled alarmingly. "Can I please get something to eat?" That night with the urgency of coupling a bit less, Michael tenderly made love to his little girl. Beth really liked being on top and danced herself to several orgasms again.

When she slept in his arms, she snored softly.