Short haired babe shows her tight body

Short haired babe shows her tight body
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'I feel it,' she whispered, her voice rasping from the ache that was throbbing everywhere, but nowhere more than where his cock pressed through the layers between them. She kept her gaze on his mouth as arousal oozed through her.

The lights are dimly lit as I hear the fire crackling in the bedroom fireplace.


Moving inside I see Sunny curled up on a warm blanket in front of the fire. She has on a very sexy negligee as I sit cross legged. Her eyes bright and mouth smiling as she looks up to me. I love how her breasts and nipples show through her silky top, and I see her thong is wet as her full lips press against it.

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I slowly undress down to my briefs, bulging now as I lean down to kiss her. Her kiss is amazing; the feeling of her lips and her warm wet mouth tastes so good. I love how our tongues explore each other's mouths, and breathing her breath in as she exhales. My hands caressing her long hair, holding her head as our tongues dance, our lips together.

Our passion igniting our own fire of pleasure. The sensation of feeling her body getting excited, the sound of her breathing and soft moans is pure ecstasy. I gently stroke her tits over her negligee as I feel her nipples harden. Kissing her deeply I slide my hand up inside her top, feeling her soft tits and hard nipples.

I am a boob man, and love to play with her gorgeous tits. My other hand slowly caresses her pussy lips over her thong, feeling how full they are now and how wet her thong is.

My hand slides down her ass, cupping her cheeks, and stroking her crack. Sliding my fingers under her thong as I play with her ass crack, then slide my fingers back under her to stroke her wet pussy from behind. Then I slide my hand down inside her thong above her pussy, fingering her clit and wet pussy lips. I love spreading her lips with my fingers, stroking between them then pushing my finger deep inside her wet pussy as her hips thrust deeper on my finger.

Kissing her makes me soo horny, and feeling her body respond is soo amazing. I slowly undress her as the warm fire feels soo good.

Pulling her top up and off and then sliding my hand inside her thong, pulling her thong down as she lowers my briefs to the floor. We are both naked and relaxed, enjoying ourselves, talking, laughing, and smiling as we explore each other.

Her ass is soo tight and gorgeous as I caress it and her crack with my hands; kissing her as I explore her body.

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We both are soo horny now as she asks me to stroke her wet pussy with my hard cock. I inhale Sunny's scent, rich with musk and a hint of fruit. I held her possessively as I gently lower her onto my bed. I slide my hands over her warm soft flesh, as I caress her left arm, then move down to her firm rounded ass. She moans softly, closing her eyes. I buried my face in her long blonde hair, her scent filling my nostrils while my mouth press lightly over the back of her neck.

My left hand cupping her left buttock, squeezing the warm flesh as I kiss across her left shoulder, relishing the taste of her pale, soft skin. Sunny opens her eyes, her gaze burning into my mind, urging me to ravage her.

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I straddled her ass, rubbing my very hard cock against her curvaceous buttocks. My hands caressing her graceful hips as I slowly push my cock into her shaven pussy, her cunt clasping tightly around my engorged shaft.

Both of us moan with pleasure as I entered her tight vagina, the moist pink tunnel squeezing my meat pole while I thrust further and further into her. I rest my left palm on her bare back before I begin thrusting my cock back and forth inside her pussy, my cock plunging deep into her belly.

Sunny groans loudly, my large bed squeaking as we both bounce it. I squeeze her right ass cheek as I ram into her cunt, the flesh slick and yielding, her hole crushing my cock with tight vaginal muscles.

I grunted deeply, feeling the trickles of pre-cum oozing from my shaft into her hungry pussy. I laid down on top of her, licking the back of her neck and shoulders as I thrust as hard as I can into her heavenly cunt. I brush the her thick blonde hair away from her neck before I begin nibbling on her throat, her skin sweet upon my pursed lips.

I feel the approaching orgasm come, my cock throbbing just before it releases its load of cum into her. I push myself back up onto my knees; my chest heaving from the exertion, my cock still nestled inside her luscious smooth pink slit. Sunny looks up at me with her smoldering eyes.

" Kiss me." I cup her right cheek as I press my lips against hers. The taste of her mouth is beyond description, nothing I've ever eaten or drank came close to that exquisite flavor. I inhale her warm breath while she caresses my tongue with hers, wantonly, sensually. We part after a long time, a trail of saliva bonding both of our mouths. Sunny rolls onto her back, fondling her breasts for me while I caress her long sleek legs.

She stood up onto her knees, pressing my face softly between her hands, kissing me again hungrily with her hot, moist red lips. She smiles at me before crouching down, taking my limp cock into her right hand, her mouth closing around the tip. I groan as I feel her tongue slide over the head of my cock, her lips enfolding it, teasing it. My cock recovered quickly under her tender attentions, as she licks the underside of it, then massages my balls between her sexy lips.

I buried my hands in her long blonde hair, moaning while she places my cock in her mouth again and begins pumping her mouth back and forth on it, my cock sliding deep into her throat. I held desperately onto her soft mane, my crotch trembling while she moans sensually, her eyes gazing up lovingly at me while she sucks firmly on my engorged shaft.

" Let me drink it," She said, during a brief pause, knowing that I'm about to shoot my second load.

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All I can do is grunt an affirmative while she renewed her lewd assault on my cock, her teeth gently raking over my cock as her tongue rubbed the underside of my shaft, making it shudder in ecstasy. I climaxed without a thought, my hips jerking forward while my cock squirted hot semen into the beautiful young woman's throat.

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She drank it eagerly, her neck convulsing as she swallowed the hot sticky milk shake. I collapse back onto my ass, my legs weak from my powerful orgasm. My bedroom is filled with our combined musk, the strong, heady smell of sex.

" I want to ride you," Sunny demanded, pulling me towards her by my legs, then pushing me onto my back. I'm too tired to complain, I smile as she crawls onto my crotch, her thighs slick and warm over mine. " Be gentle," I chuckled, reaching up to play with her pert, silky tits. " No way," Sunny smirked with a playful gleam in her eyes as she rubs her pussy back and forth over my cock. I ran my hands over the naked woman's breasts, gently tugging at the gold rings nestled in her pierced nipples.

The woman groaned in bliss, her hands pressed firmly on my chest, her nails digging into my warm brown skin. My cock slowly hardened, aroused by the woman's soft labia as it slid over the cum slick surface of my member. " Fuck me," I begged, her warm breasts squeezed between my fingers. She smiled, her hips rolling slowly as she presses against my crotch.

She reaches down with her left hand to guide my cock into her moist cunt. We moan together as I entered her vagina once more, her cunt lips greeting me by squeezing my cock between them lovingly.

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She replaced her left hand on my chest, both palms warm against my flesh as we thrust against each other, my cock ramming up into her warm belly. Sunny moans with lust, biting her lower lip, closing her eyes in ecstasy while I thrust deep into her womb.

I crush her pale tits, the flesh molding within my hands as I fondled them. She leans forward, giving me the opportunity to fill my mouth with her left breast. I savored the hot flesh of her tit, licking the sweat that adorns the firm mound, teasing her nipple with my tongue. She groans in my left ear, wrapping her soft arms around my head, crushing my face against her breast while we both slam our naked bodies together, my cock filling her dripping pussy.

I hear Sunny's pants clearly, I sense her approaching orgasm by the tone of her moans and the way her cunt quivers around my throbbing shaft. I wrap my arms around her waist, I hold her tightly to me, her sweat mixing with mine, her gorgeous body sliding back and forth over my torso, her flesh warming mine, so soft, so beautiful it aches.

We orgasm together, she is grunting in my ear, her hips shuddering as her cunt explodes with a burst of her sticky honey. I release inside her belly, my cock spewing its pale cream within her warm womb.

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We hold each other for a long time, catching our breaths, enjoying each other's warmth. I nuzzle my face in her thick sweaty blonde hair, filling my nostrils with her sexy scent, locking it in my memory to treasure. She raises her face from my left shoulder, smiling gently at me, then kissing me hard on the mouth. I savored her moist lips, caressing her flushed cheeks with my hands.


I hungrily lift her up in the air with my arms.set her down as we change places. Now Sunny my thirty three-year old lover is facing the pillows.her beautiful firm virgin ass is exposed to me, I have dreamed of taking for a week, tonight her as is going to be mine.

I spread her legs apart.and bury my face in her virgin ass.she moans as my tongue explores the crack of her ass, darting in and out.licking that incredibly sweet tasty is Sunny's ass. I decide to see if I can make her come just by using my tongue.yes.deeper.deeper.

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deeper! " Sunny your ass is sooo nice!" I groan. She moans more loudly than she ever has before as waves of intense pleasure seize her body and I feel her start to buck back and forth; her soft sweet body spasms wildly as she gets her ass tongued for the first time, but it is not enough. I grab the oil and slather it over my cock, and gently ease it into her tight virgin ass.

I softly slide in, slowly, ever so gently. I love her and would never hurt her. and she knows it. We develop a rhythm.her and I. Our bodies merge, neither of us can tell where I end and she begins. My penis goes deeper each time until I am dangerously close to tearing her rectum and so, I go no further. Instead, I start to whisper." Sunny I love you sweet baby sweet.sweet Sunny my lover.this always turns her on. Sunny, yes come on baby let's come together.