Private paare beim sex

Private paare beim sex
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Hayley was a good girl until. Hayley was raised in a strict catholic home. She went to a private catholic school during the week and attended bible studies on the weekend.

Hayley had finally graduated high school and would be turning 19 in August. She had lived her entire childhood under her parents thumb. She didn't break the rules or stray too far from home and studies. She had been looking forward to her 19th birthday for a long time, she thought finally she would be able to break free. She had been working during the summer and she had her own car. Maybe her parents would finally see her as the adult she is. Hayley's parents were going away to a retreat for a weekend.

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This was perfect. Hayley decided to throw a party. Not a wild party but a lot of her friend's parents were attending the retreat as well so now was her chance to experiment! Maybe she would drink a beer or kiss a boy. maybe even two! Hayley's parents left Friday afternoon and were returning Sunday evening. Hayley emailed her friends to invite them over. She asked her older cousin to buy her a case of beer and two bottles of wine, she stole a pack of her dad's secret cigarettes too. Hayley had never been to party or really been anywhere.

She was a good girl. The party was planned for Saturday night, 3 other people were coming. Sydney, Matt and James. They were the only people she really knew, all of their parents went to the same church. Hayley set out the alcohol with some snacks and anxiously waited for her guests.

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Sydney got there first, she was always rebelling against her parents, this wasn't her first party, she went to bars and smoked with her other friends. Sydney told Hayley she was going to make her let loose tonight. When everyone had arrived they started drinking, it didn't take long for Hayley to start getting a bit tipsy.

Sydney suggested a game of truth or dare.


She said this helps to loosen everyone up and get to really know each other. Sydney dared Hayley first. "I dare you to touch James dick." Hayley had never even held hands with a boy before. James sat beside Hayley on the couch, he undid his pants and put Hayley's hand down them.

She felt it was a bit squishy but the more she held it the harder it got. James moaned a bit and Hayley pulled her hand back out. James had never been touched like that before, he was showing through his pants very obviously that he enjoyed that. James dared Sydney to kiss Matt.

Sydney crawled over to Matt, claimed on his lap and started to kiss him, deep and passionately. Hayley was sure she was using tongue.

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They fell to the floor together making out, Sydney was grinding on Matt and running her fingers through his thick hair. Hayley started to feel a bit weird down there. She really liked watched them kiss each other. She wanted to do that. When it was Hayley's turn she dared James to kiss her.


James sat beside Hayley he started to kiss her, he parted her lips with his tongue and moved it around inside her mouth. Hayley's heart was racing, she felt tingly down there and was sure it felt wet. She wanted more of him, she wanted to touch him and have him touch her. Sydney could tell that Hayley was getting turned on and it gave her an idea for Hayley's next dare. Sydney told Hayley "I dare you to touch yourself, put your hands down your pants and touch yourself, rub it and stick your finger inside." Hayley was nervous but agreed.

She started fumbling around, not really knowing what she was doing. Sydney offered to help. She lifted Hayley's skirt and moved her panties to the side. Hayley was embarrassed people aren't supposed to see you there.

Sydney parted Hayley's pussy lips and took Hayley's hand and put her finger inside of her. She moved it in and out and around. She got it nice and wet and put her finger over her clit, she told Hayley to rub. Hayley started rubbing her clit and was getting wetter and wetter, this felt so good.

She was loving it. Her hips were moving back and forth she thought she was going to burst.

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Sydney looked at James and saw he had a huge boner watching Hayley. Sydney dared James to have sex with Hayley. Hayley stopped what she was doing. Sex? Sex was for marriage. She was so horny and wanted this so badly, she didn't even care. She was craving to be fucked and she didn't even know what it meant.

James took his pants off and went to Hayley, he removed her panties and laid her down on the floor. He slowly inserted his penis into her.

She was so wet he didn't have to push that hard to get the tip of his penis in. Hayley moaned loud, it felt so good. She grabbed his hips and pulled him into her so his penis went all the way in her, she was moaning and rocking her hips back and forth, she'd never felt something so good before, James was pulling in and out, in and out, in and out. He couldn't last long Hayley was so tight and it felt so good, James had never had sex before either, Sydney came over to them and started to rub Hayley's clit.

Sydney didn't think James would last long and she wanted Hayley to orgasm. Sydney licked her finger and started to do circular motions on Hayley's clit. Hayley was in total ecstasy, her legs started to shake and her hips sped up, she grabbed the carpet beneath her and she moaned nearly screaming when she orgasmed, a few seconds later James exploded his load inside of her. After everything they were so tired they couldn't even clean up, they fell asleep right where they were, drunk and half naked.

Hayley woke up with a shock. It was her father, standing over her half naked, hungover body. "HAYLEY! Explain yourself!" Hayley got up pulling her panties up and pushing James off of her. Empty bottles were laying around and cigarettes butts on the coffee table.

Hayley's father wouldn't stand for this kind of behaviour. He was very strict. She knew she was in for it. Everyone else got up from the yelling and was told to sit on the sofa. Hayley's mother was quickly trying to tidy up the awful mess that they had left. Hayley's father ordered Hayley to sit on a chair. "Why were you half naked? Why are there empty beer bottles everywhere?" Hayley didn't know what to say, she couldn't believe her father was doing this in front of everybody.

"If you're not going to tell me young lady, I guess I'll have to assess the situation myself." Her took down her panties and could see they had a wet spot on them. "You know that's not allowed in this house! Did you have SEX with one of these boys? You're a disgusting, dirty girl." Hayley was caught once watching a movie that had a steamy scene in it, she was really hoping her father wouldn't administer the same punishment she got for that in front of her friends. But he did. "Remove your skirt and get over my knee" She removed her skirt and laid across her fathers lap.

While he spanked her, she cried and wriggled her legs "please daddy, stop, not in front of everyone. Please" but he didn't listen. Smack, smack, smack.


Hayley was embarrassed to be seen like this but she also had a new sexual awakening that happened to her just last night. The rocking across his lap, the feeling of someone else's skin on her naked body. Was she kind of liking this?

He slapped her bare bum until it was red. "Now on the floor on your back." She laid on the floor on her back.

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"You're a dirty girl for leaving a wet spot in your panties and this will remind you of that." He spread her legs and slapped her pussy with his bare hand. Hayley was humiliated that everyone watched as her father slapped her pussy. The swats that hit her were applying pressure in good places. Hayley started to panic. What if she got wet again?

What if Father noticed? She couldn't help how she was feeling, her hit her again and again she accidentally moaned a little. He moved his swats to her inner thigh and she let out a sigh of relief. When he was done he ordered her to stand in the corner bare butt with her hands on her head. Hayley's father shooed her friends out of the house. He wasn't done punishing Hayley and this wouldn't be the last time Hayley did something that deserved a punishment.