Provocative and hawt fuckfest party

Provocative and hawt fuckfest party
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Hello everyone, Mishikail here. So just a few things I would like to bring to your attention. The first item would be that yes, I am Mishikail; the co-author of the Eternal Series that captius wrote. This is my private account on this site and I thought I would just let people know that. Even though this account is not named Mishikail, I am still her. I chose the username Oblivionthree for a reason; mostly because I think it sounds kind of cool. So some of you may not believe I am who I am claiming to be, but oh well.

Either believe or don't. Secondly I just wanted to come on here and say that yes, Captius is an asshole. But it is not entirely his fault. If you want to blame someone for him stopping what he was doing on here then you must blame me. I was pushing him to create something for publication and once that started he found he no longer wanted to go on with the stuff here.

He still could have let you all know and I have smacked him numerous times for it. So for those of you curious, he will most likely not be posting anything here anymore as he has found another place that meets his current needs better.

(If you miss his writing and don't know yet, just send me a private and I will hook you up with the info) Lastly and most importantly is to give you a little info on the state of his writing. Defiance is a story he plans to one day get published as a novel trilogy and that is mainly what he is focusing on. Those stories will no longer be made public until they hit the bookshelves sometime in the future; fingers crossed.

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As for the Eternal Series, well he is currently rewriting it from the ground up and posting it elsewhere (once more private message me for the info as to where you can find it). I gave him full control of this story as it had mostly been a brainchild of mine. I don't really mind actually as he made it come to life in ways I never could have imagined. He also has two other works at this other place that I am personally hooked on.

To the real meat of the issue here. I know some of you probably hate him for what he did, but I assure you that it is not the end. As I told you before, he is still writing and still putting stuff out. Just not here.

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Anyways, he and I were talking yesterday (yes we are still really close friends) about some of the other stuff he had written here that he was a little sad he never got to finish. I'm not really sure how it happened, but at the end of the talk I ended up saddled with two pieces of work that were his to begin with: Words and Past to Present.

You see, after having him write some stuff out for me (I basically blackmailed him, but shhhh!) I started to get a little into writing as well. I had never really had a flair for it, but it interested me. I think that's why he and I are such great friends. Anywho.


for the past couple of months he has sort of taken me under his wing and guided me to being a better writer than I was previously.

Until very recently I was too skiddish to have anyone but him read what I wrote, but he nudged me into posting something here.

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That was the first story I posted. Well it seems that since I didn't totally bugger it up he is pushing me to take over where he left off with his stories that he has no plans to continue.

I'm rambling here. What I'm basically saying is that for those of you who liked Words and Past to Present should have no fear: they will be revived from the mud! I am not captius, that is true. But I have his blessing. Even more importantly I have him teaching and going over everything I write. So in a way he is still involved.

So keep your eyes open for the next bit to come out at some point in the next week or two. I might not be as good as him, but I will try my best. Thank you.

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Warm Regards and Deepest Apologies —Mishikail/Oblivionthree Hmmm. it seems that you need 5000 characters to post a story here. BUMMER! Not sure what else to put. I don't really have much else to say and I need another 1000 characters.

Introducing Mindless Chatter: (Don't need to read this as it is just filler.) There once was a man from Nantucket. yeah I hate those limericks too!

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Just 800 characters to go. Hmm, what to talk about? Oh, Christmas is coming soon. which you would know if you lived anywhere but under a rock.

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It's a pretty depressing time in my mind. Nothing like having all your life choices picked apart at the family table while you sit there with a moody glare. Turkey is pretty good though. Love me some turkey. Oh, the other story I have listed in here as mine. don't read it. It was something I asked captius to do for me a long time ago and he refused.


So once I got into writing myself I took a stab at it. Didn't end up where I wanted it. but it was fun. My sexual fantasies are pretty messed up and that kind of shit gets me off. Like tentacle hentai. love it!

It didn't get very many reads and only an 80% rating so I doubt I will continue posting stuff like that here. OK! That's what the Characters Count is telling me. so I am DONE! Once more, if you read this far(why would you though? All the good info is up top) I just want to say thanks and sorry once more. See you guys in a bit!