Giant black ass is about to get pounded

Giant black ass is about to get pounded
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My name is John Smith. I am 32, brown hair, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, and I have a 15 inch cock. I teach grade 10 math. I love my job because of all the hot teenagers I get to see.

There is one in particular named Katie who is always dressing like a slut. Tight shirts without bras and miniskirts. She is 16. On Friday, after a math exam, the last class of the day, she approached me after all the students had left.

She was wearing a white tank top, and a pretty short miniskirt. "Mr. Smith I need to talk to you about my math exam." She said. "Great" I thought sarcastically. I was tired and wanted to get home and rest. I had to grade these papers all weekend.

After a few seconds I finally said "What is it?" "Well… I didn't have time to study properly and I think I might get a bad grade." "And…?" I said tiredly. "Well if I get anything under a B my mom will kill me, and I really don't understand this stu-" "So" I cut her off "don't you think you should have thought about when you decided not to study?" A long pause, and finally she said "well I wanted to, but my boyfriend kept bugging me." "Bugging you?" I asked.

"Well he kept wanting me to do stuff with him… anyway I was just wondering if it's possible you could help me out this once and give me a good grade." I ignored the second part. "Stuff?" I ask. "Well… I don't really want to get into that." She said. "Well you were the one who decided to bring it up as an excuse." "Yeah but you're my teacher. Just… sex stuff. Can we talk about my grade?" she said nervously.

Again I ignored the second part. "Sex stuff?" I asked. I hadn't decided whether I was just fucking with her, or was actually interested.

"Umm…" She turned a bit red, which surprised me considering the way she always dresses. "You know." It was obvious she didn't want to talk about it. "C'mon, are you talking about intercourse, oral, what?" I said. She turned even redder. "Errr, I'm saving myself for marriage. I'm a Christian." She said embarrassed.

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"And oral?" "Well… sometimes. Can we get back to the exam?" "Okay" I finally said. "So what do you want me to do about it? I can't make an exception for you. That wouldn't be fair to everyone else now would it?" "No." she said as she looked towards the floor. After a short pause, her head shot back up "but isn't there anything I can do?" she said desperately.

"Like what? That would be cheating. You should have thought of that before you were doing 'stuff' with your boyfriend instead of studying like everyone else." She looked back down towards the floor. She was obviously really embarrassed. She looked like she was on the verge of tears. "Don't cry. Maybe we can work something out." I said hesitantly. Her face immediately went back up and she had a big smile on her face.

"Thanks!" she screamed, and wrapped her hands around me, hugging me. She held it for about a full 5 seconds. I smelled her hair. It smelled good. After she finally released, she said "so what should I do?" I thought for a moment. I didn't really know. I just said that so she would stop crying. I could get fired if I didn't mark her paper correctly. "I'm not sure." I said. "What do you think?" After a long pause, she finally said. "I don't know.

I will do whatever you want. I will be your slave." She giggled. "A slave? I don't know about this." She looked slightly disappointed. "Please!" she begged. "My mother can't see a bad grade.

I really need this!" She kneeled down and put her hands together. "Please." she said again. Overdramatic much? "Okay this is getting kind of-" "Please please please!" she interrupted. She bent down and started kissing my shoes. When she bent down I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. I saw her entire cleavage. She stood back up and just stared at me, hopefully. "Well what does a slave entail exactly?" "I'll do whatever you want.

Wash your car.

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Shine your shoes. Whatever you need." I wasn't really paying attention. I couldn't stop staring at her chest. Thinking about the cleavage I just saw.

"Hello?" she said after a few seconds. I snapped out of my daydream. "Sorry" I said. "So anything, eh?" "Anything." I couldn't get sex out of my mind. "Umm…" I was struggling for ideas. "Clean the floor in the classroom." "Sure!" I didn't think she'd go for it. I was going to go home, but I suppose I could stay and grade papers here for a while. "Where is the mop?" "There's one in the closet." I point to the door at the back of the classroom.

She quickly goes over and opens the door. "I'll just be grading papers." "Okay" she says. She gets a mop and a bucket. She leaves the classroom to fill it up with water. I make my way back to my desk and start grading papers. 2 minutes later she comes back and gets to work. 5 minutes pass. She goes back to the closet. "Done already?" I say. "No there is just a stain on the floor, I'm getting a sponge".

I nod. She comes back and dips the sponge in the water and gets on her hands and knees, not facing me. I immediately notice, since she's wearing a miniskirt, that her pink panties are sticking out. I'm immediately hypnotized as she scrubs the floor, shaking her ass back and forth.

I was extremely horny. Another 2 minutes must have passed before she was done, and she stood up and picked the mop back up and got back to mopping. "So." I say. "You're a Christian?" "Yep, so is my entire family". "So there is nothing in the bible about oral before marriage?" I joke. She stops mopping for a second, and then starts again. "Well it doesn't say anything about not doing it." She says.

"So you can just do it to anyone and it's not a sin?" "I … guess so." "Even me?" I say jokingly. She stops mopping completely now, her back to me. "I'm not doing that." She says. "Well you are my 'slave', right?" A long pause. "Well I guess you're right." She turns around. "I'm only joking." I say. "No, you were right. I want a good grade and if you really want it." I don't say anything. She drops the mop and walks over to me.

She goes behind my desk and turns my chair out and puts her hands on my knees. "Is this what you want?" she asks. I don't say anything. I think she takes my lack of speech as a 'yes' because she reaches for my zipper. She zips it down and I feel my dick start to get hard. She pulls down my jeans, then my boxers. Her face goes white when she sees my 15 inch dick, which was only about 9 inches and half soft when she saw it.

She put one hand on it and said "Wow. This is…" "I know. Sorry." I don't know if I should have apologized or not. I mean it's not my fault. It was only growing. Just her hand being on it was enough, and 10 seconds later I was fully hard.

"So…" I say. "Right". She says. She puts her other hand on it and starts moving them both up and down. Both of her hands barely cover half of it. It feels so good.

I just stare at her body, I can see her cleavage again as she works my cock. After a minute or two, she spits on it for lube. She spits a few more times before moving her head down to it. She licks the front of the shaft a few times as her hands work their way down to my balls. I'm about ready to blow my load, but then she stops for a second and moves her lips up to my head.

She tries to wrap her lips around it, but they don't quite fit. It doesn't matter though because right there I can feel the cum coming. She sucks the tip a bit and moves her hands back to my shaft and starts stroking.


"Ahh" I moan. "Wait-" right there the cum starts shooting out. My first shot went right into her mouth. She wasn't expecting it. Her eyes widened and she took her mouth off my cock, but her hands stayed, still stroking. The second shot went all over her tank top. So did the third and fourth. Since my cock is so big, there is usually a big load to accompany it.

It was everywhere. Her tank top was ruined. I didn't care though, I just sat back in my chair in ecstasy. After a minute of convulsions, she finally releases my cock.

I look up and I notice that her white tank top is a bit see-through and her nipples are hard and showing because she's not wearing a bra. I stare for a few seconds before she realized. She lets out a quick scream and covers with her hands. "Shy?" I say. "Even my boyfriend hasn't seen my nude." She exclaims. "You suck his dick, but he can't see you nude? Those are pretty weird rules." She doesn't say anything for a few minutes, just looking around.

It's getting kind of awkward. She breaks the silence.

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"So how am I supposed to go home like this?" "We can find you something in the lost and found." I say. I tuck my dick back into my boxers and zip up my jeans and leave the classroom. I come back a minute later with a box full of mostly clothes and some other miscellaneous things.

"Go ahead and take off your shirt". She blushes. "But-" "I know I know, but I'm your teacher. Trust me it's fine." She reluctantly takes off her shirt. "No bra?" I say. She blushes even more. I notice some of the cum had dripped onto her skirt. "And the skirt?" She looked down and notices the cum. She just stares. "What's the problem, you have panties on right?" "Yes!" she says, slightly annoyed. She bends down and unties her shoes so she can take off her skirt.

She takes off her shoes. White socks. She pulls down her skirt, revealing her pink thong. She was just standing there, wearing nothing but socks and panties. To my surprise her panties were completely wet, with a slight camel toe. Even though it had only been no more than 10 minutes, I felt myself start to get hard again.

"What's that?" I say. "Nothing. It happens sometimes when I give my boyfriend oral too." "Well you better change those too, right?" She just stares at me. "No it's fine." She says. "No c'mon" I say. "It's not a big deal, there is plenty of clothes in here." I point to the box.

"You can keep them too, nobody ever claims their stuff anyway." She nods and slowly pulls down her panties. She's completely shaven except a small patch. "Fancy." I say jokingly. "That is a beautiful pussy. It sucks that you won't be using it anytime soon." At this point I'm completely hard again.

"You are still my slave right?" "Yeah." She says slowly. "And intercourse is off the table right?" "Yes." She says firmly. "Well what about just, you know, letting me see it a little closer?" "What do you mean?" she says nervously.

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"Get up here and spread your legs." I point to my desk. "Do I have to-" "Yes! You are my slave." I say loudly. She looks a bit shocked by my tone. I'm kind of getting into this whole slave thing. She hops up on my desk, and starts to spread her legs. I can tell she's tight. I walk over and touch her clit.

She moans a bit. "What about fingers?" "I don't know." I proceed anyway. I take one finger and start to put it up her tight pink pussy. I suddenly shove it up all the way.

She moans loudly.


"Ow." She says. I ignore and take a second finger and put it up too. I start fingering her fast with two fingers for about 30 seconds and she keeps moaning. I start to see blood. She notices it and grabs my hand and pulls my fingers out. "What-" "I think I broke your hymen." "Oh my god." She says. "Well there goes your 'virginity'." I say. "You don't have to be a jerk about it!" "That's 'master' to you." I say as I take my hard dick out. I proceed to try and shove my dick into her pussy.

It doesn't quite fit, and she starts to scream. It doesn't matter though, everyone goes home early on Friday. We were probably the only two people in the building. "Stop it what are you doing?!" she yells. I don't pay attention. I try and force my head in. It's so tight it kind of even hurts me, but I can't really tell because I'm too horny. She starts to squirm uncontrollably. I punch her in the face and she stops. "Stay still. Do what your master says." I say. "Please don't do this" she says as I force my dick in further.

Eventually I can't take it anymore and with one push, I put my entire 15 inches inside of her. She screams loudly. Blood is pooring out. It works great as lube. I start thrust back and forth, and the blood makes it easier. The edges of her pussy are cut from my huge cock. Each thrust takes too much effort because of how tight she is, so I eventually just take out my dick. I grab her head. "Let me go!" she screams, as I force her mouth on my dick.

Unfourtuntely it also won't fit in there, so I push down with my hand on her jaw for a few seconds as hard as I can. Snap!

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Her jaw came loose. I can finally fit my dick inside! She almost passes out from the pain, and I waste no time. I force her neck back and shove my entire cock down her throat. She's gasping for breathe, trying to hit me with her arms. Still squirming. Each breathe she tries to take makes it feel that much better on my cock. Her squirming slows down.

As she tries to gasp for breathe one last time, I cum into her lungs. I hold it there for a full 30 seconds, and finally take my dick out. I let her go, she falls to the floor. I just stand there, staring at her lifeless body for a couple minutes.

"What have I done?" I think to myself. Blood is pouring out of her pussy. I walk over to my desk, open the front drawer and get my gun.

I put it to my right temple and pull the trigger. The End.