Petite rachel sits on a stiff dong pornstars and brunette

Petite rachel sits on a stiff dong pornstars and brunette
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This story happen when I was 23, 5'5 125lbs, 32a, bubble butt and living with my parents, dating my husband at the time. Parents were out west for a few weeks seeing my sister and bf went golfing for the long weekend. So here I was sitting at home Friday night when my girlfriend calls me. She asks me if I can drive her to get her tattoo the next morning.

I said yes no problem. Saturday morning rolls around, I pick up my friend, drive her to the tattoo parlor, she goes off with one of the tattoo artist and is getting her tattoo done. While waiting for her and looking thru the pictures of other peoples tattoo's I get to chatting with another tattoo artist who was free at the time. After chatting a while I asked him if he had a joint he could sell me since I didn't have any at the time and bf was away and he always had some.

He did but it was at home so gave him my number and he said he would swing by after work. My friend is done her tattoo and I drive her home and head home myself for lunch. Around 4pm that afternoon I get a call from him, give him directions to my house. He shows up around 45 minutes later.

He comes into my house and we go to the kitchen. He pulls out a big bag of weed and gives me some. I offer him money and he said don't worry about it. I thank him and then he asks if I want to smoke one with him before he takes off. He rolls one up and we head out to the backyard. We smoke the joint, chat for while, I end up grabbing a few beers from the fridge, smoke another joint. I learned he was 36 years old, had a girlfriend, kid with another girl, how he ended up being a tattoo artist among other things.

Next thing I knew a few hours had passed by, I'm buzzed from the joints and beer. We head inside, sit on the couch and continue to chat when we get on the subject of his tattoo's. He shows me the first one he ever got on his arm and the rest of his tattoo's on his arms which were covered. He asks if I want to see his back and chest as well so he stands up, takes off his shirt and shows them off like a billboard. Then he asks if I want to see his legs so I said sure thinking he was going to pull his jeans legs up.

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Well he undoes his fly and drops his pants to the floor revealing the fact he was going commando. He starts showing me his tattoo's like nothing is weird about this. Meanwhile I am thinking in my head what is this guy doing, I just met him and he just got it in his head to strip to show me his tattoo's. Of Course I can't help notice his dick flapping around as he is showing them off to me.

I notice how big his dick is and it's still soft but I also notice something else. He wasn't circumcised and I've never seen that before. I had to ask why it looked like that only to get him laughing. He tell me when it gets hard it looks more normal to what I was use to and sort of dares me to find out.

I reach out with my hand, grab a hold of it and start playing with it. Stroking this new dick it starts to grow in my hand and he becomes hard very fast. I let go and have a look it. He was right and it looked more like what I was use to. I also noticed his size as well, my husband is 7" so this guy must have been 8.5" or more and had more girth. I am not sure where this came from but after looking at this naked guy covered head to toe with tattoo's, a big hard dick I leaned forward and started to give him a blowjob.

He just stood there naked running his hands thru my hair as I worked my mouth and one hand on his dick and the other hand playing with his balls. I got into a good rhythm of going down on his dick while stroking it at the same time. This went on like this for a few minutes when he announced he was going to cum. I put just the head of his dick in my mouth and jerked the rest off with my hand.

An explosion of hot cum came shooting out of his dick into the back of my throat with each stroke of my hand on his dick. I thought it was never going to end. It was more than twice the amount I have ever had but I was able to swallow it all and gave him a few more sucks on it before I let it slide out of my mouth. At this point he drops to his knees so he is eye level with me, leans forward and starts to french kiss me.

He starts feeling my boobs thru my shirt and we are locked in a french kiss. All of a sudden he stops kissing me, turns me over so I am bending over the couch with my knees on the floor, ass in the air. He takes my tights and thong down to my knees, spread my ass checks and dives right in there with his tongue.

Once I get over the shock of being bent over, having my tights and thong at my knees, my ass cheeks spread apart with his tongue working on my asshole I start to relax and lower my head into the couch to get more comfortable.

He is massaging my ass cheeks while circling my asshole with tongue. He starts sticking his tongue up my ass pushing as far as his tongue will let him. His tongue is now having sex with my asshole going in and out of it. This goes on for around 10 minutes when I feel one hand leave my ass checks and start to feel his fingers on my pussy.

His fingers are rubbing over my lips getting them all wet with my juices. Then he sticks two inside of me while continuing to lick my asshole.

I feel myself getting hornier and hornier by the second when all of sudden he stops what he is doing. A few seconds later I feel his dick rubbing against my pussy. He is getting it all wet and starts to enter me. At first he tried to get it all in on the first try but that wasn't going to happen.

He slowly pushes a little bite in then takes it out. Each push he gets a little more into me. I have a hand between my legs rubbing my clit at the same time. It takes about a minute but he finally gets it all the way into me, puts his hands on my hips and starts to speed up his pace.

After a few minutes of me rubbing my clit and him behind me thrusting his dick into me I get close to a orgasm. I start to rub harder, pushing my ass backwards onto his dick when I feel it coming. I start cumming all over his big dick, my legs start shaking and my head buried in the couch. When my orgasm finishes I pull forward taking his dick out of me, turn over and lay on the couch catching my breath. He sits down on the couch and rubs my legs up and down.

After a minute or so of catching my breath I look over to see him still hard. I stand up from the couch, my tights and thong fall to the floor and I step out of them.


I take my shirt off followed by my bra. I walk over to him sitting on the couch and get on top of him. I lower my pussy onto his dick going all the way down. We start kissing as I move my hips back and forth on him. His hands are on my back sliding down to my ass and back up.

As I am grinding my clit against his pelvic bone I can feel another orgasm building up. I kiss him harder and move my hips as fast as I can go when another orgasm hits me. I lift up, take his dick out of me, my legs shaking like crazy and my juices coming out soaking him and the couch he is sitting on.

We kiss for a few minutes when I move forward and slide his dick back into me.

We are going at it for a few minutes he he tells me he is close. His hands grip my ass cheeks and he moves faster. One of his fingers finds my assholes and starts to work his way up there when he says he is going to cum.

He pulls me tight to him with his dick all the way in and starts to unload his dick in me. I can feel it draining his cum from his dick and filling me up inside. When he finishes I stand up and feel it run down my legs. By now its around 9 to 10pm and dark outside. He asks if I want to smoke another joint.

I say sure and he rolls it up. We don't bothered getting dressed, head out to the deck with a joint and beer in hand. After we finished the joint and beer we head back inside. I go to get dressed when he says not yet. Have to stay naked until he leaves and he drank to much to drive home yet. So neither of us have eaten in a while so we go toss a pizza in the oven, smoke another joint and go watch TV until the pizza is ready. He starts going thru the channels and come across the porn channel.

This was back in the day when dad had a black box we called it that unlocked all the channels. We start watching 2 girls enjoy 1 guy when the oven goes off. I go grab the pizza, another beer each and bring it to the TV room. We continue to watch the porn while eating the pizza and drinking the beer. When we finish the pizza then we smoke another joint.

Being late at night I feel myself getting tired from the sex, beer and weed. I tell him I need to sleep and he asks if he can sleep over. Not really thinking I said sure. He asks me to be quit and calls his girlfriend to tell him he is staying at a friends cause he drank to much.

I ask him then to put his car in the garage in case anyone such as friends or neighbors saw him sleep over. He put on his pants, ran out and moved his car, came in thru garage into the house and tossed his pants off again when he came in.

We headed upstairs, brushed our teeth and went to my bedroom, laid down in bed, start kissing some more when his hands start rubbing over my body. His fingers found my pussy and are soon rubbing my clit then slide inside of me. He lowers his head and starts to suck on my boobs.

After a few minutes of sucking on my boobs while his fingers are inside of me he takes them out, climbs on top and slowly works his now hard dick back into me. I wrap my arms around him feeling his back, our lips meet and we start kissing as he is thrusting inside of me. He pulls his lips away from mine, leans up, wraps his arms under my knees so I am almost kissing my knee caps and works his dick into me faster.

My hands find his ass and start to push it harder into me. Our breathing both increases with the tempo he is going. My ass is bouncing off the bed with each upward thrust of his dick. My head is spinning from the feeling of his dick, beer and weed.

I am lost in total ecstasy from this for what seems like hours was more like 10 minutes when he tells me he is going to cum. He slows down until he is holding it pushed all the way in me and empties his balls inside of me.

He rolls over off of me, I stretch my legs out feeling his cum run out and down over my asshole and we lie they together on my bed. His arm around me and my head on his chest. A few minutes later we are sound asleep. I wake up around about 2 hours later with the urge to pee. I head to the bathroom, use the toilet. Feeling dirty and sweaty from sex and beer I decide to take a shower. Standing in the shower under the hot water and still a little horny I grab the shower head, change the setting to vibrating pulse of water and point it at my clit.

Me legs start shaking, it takes me less than 2 minutes to have a orgasm this way. I dry up and I head back to bed naked. I climb under the covers beside my new friend and fall asleep very fast. The next morning I wake around 10am, look over and see him still sleeping. I climb out of bed, head to the bathroom, put on bathrobe and head to the kitchen.

Start the coffee maker and get myself a bowl of cereal. Just as I am done my cereal and pouring the coffee in walks my naked guest with a raging morning wood.

He greets me with good morning shaking it side to side, grabs a mug and pours himself a coffee. Just as he is finished taking his first sip he asks me why I have clothes on. I stand up, take my bathrobe off then sit back down in my chair with his eyes on me the whole time. He then asks if we can have sex to help him out with his morning wood. I tell him no I am still a little wiped out and hung over. He walks over to where I am sitting so his dick is right at my face level and asks for a blow job then.

I tell him no but take my hand and start jerking him off instead. He seems happy with that as I move my hand up and down his dick. I do this for a few minutes when he says he needs some lube on it to feel better. I tell him I have none and he asks if we have olive oil. I was like are your sure about this and he assured me he wanted it and has tried it before and its fine.

I go the the counter and grab the olive oil. I turn around to find him there. I open the olive oil, pour some into my hand and start to rub it all over his dick. I was surprised to see just how slippery it was and also the mess it was making on my parents kitchen floor. I made a mental note to clean the floor later.

As I am jerking him, he leans forward and starts to kiss me. We are locked into a kiss as I am moving my hands up and down his big dick. I move my other hand to his balls and start rolling them in my hand. They are both covered with olive oil making it easier to rub and fondle. He then breaks the kiss and asks me to tease his asshole. I thought it my head this is weird but moved my hand off his balls towards his ass as my other hand is still working on his dick.

This was a little uncomfortable standing up and reaching thru his legs to his ass with trying to jack him off at the same time so I got on my knees instead. My fingers fines his ass and I start rubbing it around it. I look up to see his eyes closed and seemly really enjoying it. I get a little bolder and start to work my finger into his ass and he responds with a"oh yes".

As I get my finger in and work it back and forth a few times he tells me he is really close to cumming.


He then asks if he can cum on my face. I tell him no way but he says come on I am so close and we can shower afterwards anyways. I tell him fine then and continue to jerk his big hard dick. He says he is about to cum, I close my eyes and jerk his dick faster with one hand while putting my finger all the way in his ass and wiggle it around. He starts to cum, stream after stream of hot cum covers my face as he is saying "oh god this feels so good". He finally finishes cumming all over my face.

I take my finger from his ass, wiped the cum from my eyes and open wide to see him smiling back at me. I reach for a kitchen towel, wiped my face clean then wash my hands in the sinks. I clean the kitchen floor and asks him if he wants to shower. We go upstairs and I grab him a towel and show him how the shower works.

Thinking he was just going to shower and leave he then asks me to join him in the shower. So I get it with him, we get ourselves both all wet with the nice warm water. We lock into a kiss rubbing hands all over our bodies. We break from the kiss so I reach for the soap and lather up my hands. I start to clean his dick, balls and ass from the olive oil. I then reach for the removable shower head and turn it on and wash the soap from his dick, balls and ass. As I am cleaning the soap from his ass he then asks me to lick his ass.

Something I have never done to someone else but I figured if I enjoy that then maybe men do as well. I get on my knees as he bends over putting his hands on the shower bench. I spread his ass checks only to see a hair there.I tell him not a chance I'm going down unless I get to shave it off.

He he agrees to that so I grab the shaving cream and get it all lathered up back there then grab my razor off the shower shelf. It takes a few minutes but I get all the hair removed and wash it all down. Still on my knees I spread his ass cheeks again with my hands getting a good look at the job I just did when I lean forward, stick out my tongue and start licking the first asshole in my life.

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I am swirling my tongue around on it for a while with the hot water beating down on my back. After a few minutes of this he stands up, turns around and lifts me up to him. We start to kiss when it's broken by him turning me around so his dick is resting between my ass checks.

I bend forward putting my hands on the shower wall as he starts to rub his hard dick over my clit. He then starts to enter me from behind pushing his himself all the way going slowly at first then building up to a nice rhythm.

It feels nice having sex in the shower but the water being hot we were getting tired in there from the amount of time we have been in there. He says he wants me to cum so to help with the process I reach for the shower ahead. I turn the dial on it to a pulsating water blast and put it a few inches from my clit.

I have the water hitting me in the right spot and him working his dick into me. It takes me 30 seconds and I have my orgasm. My legs are shaking as he pulls out of me as I drop to the shower floor and gain my breath back. I put the shower head back to where it belongs and we step out of the shower.0 After drying ourselves, brushing our teeth we head downstairs to the TV room where he proceeds to roll a joint as we are watching TV.

We head to basement into the sauna to smoke the joint in there. We get on the top bench as he sparks its. He takes as a few puffs and as he hands it to me he suggest we have sex while smoking it. I told him how about a hand job instead as I was a little spent.

I reach over and start stroking his dick as its grows in my hand. As it grows I am able to go faster on it. This goes on until the joint is finished when he asks me to give him a bj as it will help him cum faster. I get down on the bench below him between his legs and start to lick from the base to the tip of his dick. When I get to the tip I open my mouth and welcome it in there.

One hand starts to work on half his dick while my mouth is working on the other half. By now his dick is soaked with saliva so I take my mouth off his dick and start to jack him off while looking up at him. He raises his legs a little and I know what he wants so I lower my head and start to tongue his ass while jacking him off. I work my tongue from his ass to balls and back to his ass again. I circle his asshole with my tongue when I start to stick my tongue in and out of it. He warms me he is close to cumming so I raise my head from his ass and get his dick back in my mouth again.

I start sucking him fast while jacking him off when his legs stiffen up and he starts to cum. Spurt after spurt of his hot cum floods my mouth as I swallow it all up. We clean up and head upstairs back to the TV room where we lay on the couch. As we are laying there naked together, chatting away he asks me if we want to play a game. I say sure what kind. He says lets get off in every room of my parents house.

I said no way as too much work to get him off in every room and he says at least one of us gets off. He says we have already tried the kitchen, shower and sauna. After thinking it over I said sure but my parents room was off limits.

We head to the kitchen to get some food and drinks for lunch before we start this. Sitting there eating the sandwiches we figure out the rooms in the house and make a checklist on a piece of paper. We have left my bedroom, sisters bedroom when she visited and spare room all on the top floor.

The dinning room, TV room, Florida room and dads office on the main floor. The basement had a hot tub room with the sauna. Since the hot tub wasn't working and sauna had been checked off only other room was the games room we will call it.

It had a pool table, shuffleboard table, bar, TV, one of those universal gyms, dart board, closets, storage, furnace room, etc. Just a big room in our basement.

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After eating we decided to roll another joint and head into the Florida room to smoke it. We open up all the windows in the room, sit on the couch and he sparks it up. While he is smoking it he looks over and says he wants to watch me masturbate for the first time.

Thinking this is a easy way to check off a room I spread my legs and my one hand starts to rub my clit. He hands me the joint as I feel myself getting wet down there. I take my few tokes of the joint and hand it back to him. I stare at him watching him smoke the joint, looking at his body and checking out the tattoo's and watching his hard dick pulse watching me.

I get the joint back and keep working on myself. I can feel myself getting close so I hand him back the joint and rub myself with one hand while my other hand I work in 2 fingers inside of me. No more than 20 seconds later I am cumming. My legs stiffen up, my head goes back and my eyes are closed. He reaches over and starts to caress my one boob as I am cumming.

I could feel my pussy soaking wet as I come down from my orgasm. I open my eyes and he hands me the joint. I relax with the last few tokes of the joint then toss it in a pop can. I look over at him and we have a laugh as he says one more room off our list. At this point I'm super horny and his big dick is standing at attention.

I stand up, grab his dick and walk in the TV room with him. He grabs the remote for the TV and puts on the porn channel. I lay him on the ground so he is watching it sideways and get on top of him.

I grab his dick and aim it to my pussy as I lean back onto it. I'm so wet it slides all the way in me the first time filling me up.


I start going up and down on his dick getting to a good pace very fast. I lean my head down as we start kissing. When our kiss breaks we both look over and watch the porn while I'm riding him. Seeing a girl riding a guy cowgirl we decide to try that.

I get off him and he sits on the couch as I turn my ass to him and sit down on his dick. Now we both have a perfect view of the porn on TV as I start to go up and down on him. A minute or so later the porn ends with the guys cumming all over her face as we are still going at it. I reach down with my other hand and start to rub my clit very fast as his hands are on my breasts.

I speed up on his dick and can feel another orgasm building inside of me. I lift my knees to my chest and lock my other arm under one of them and he locks his arm under the other leg. My legs starts to shake, my eyes close, I start moaning very loud as my orgasm hits me.

He starts going in and out very fast and with his free hand moves my hand from under my leg and he hooks it under it and moves it to my clit. He moves my hand off my clit and replaces it with his while own having both of my legs in the air now. He starts rubbing it very fast as I am going thru my orgasm when I feel a bigger starting to hit me.

I can move, I'm shaking and screaming as he is holding me there in place. I try to get my legs free but I can't. My eyes are rolling back in my head as I feel what seems like a river flowing out of me. Soaking my asshole, the couch and him all at once. He pulls out of me and lets go of my legs as I fall over and lay on the couch completely exhausted.

I lay there for a few minutes when he asks to let him finish as he is close but I need to catch my breath. I sit up and we start to make out as I grab for his dick.

Holding his dick in my hand I break the kiss and say lets head up to my bedroom and finish him off then. We head upstairs and when we get to my room he pushes me on the bed face first and dives his tongue into my ass. After a few minutes of this he works 2 fingers inside of my pussy while licking my ass. He takes his fingers out of me and gets his arms under me and lifts my ass in the air. He starts tonguing my clit, pussy and ass back and forth when he stops and removes his arms.

I look back thinking he is going to put it in but he gets off the bed and goes and grabs a tony the tiger stuffed animal off my dresser. I give him that puzzled look and ask him what he was doing and he said he wanted to put his tail in me while going down on me. I said no as it hadn't been washed in years and years. He says put a condom on it then so I agree then and walk over to a drawer and grab a condom. As I open the bottom drawer and he can see in when he notices I own a few toys and some lube as well.

I show him the toys and see his excitement then grab a condom. I head back to the bed, hand him the condom and lay down on my bed.

He gets the condom out of it package and rolls it on tony the tiger's tail. He then moves it towards my pussy and starts to work in and out of me when he goes to work with his tongue on my clit.

He then starts to work a finger into my asshole. I tell him to put his dick in me so he can cum as I had a few orgasm in the past 30 minutes and anymore I might end up sleeping. He pulls tony the tiger from my pussy and starts to push him into my asshole. He leans forward and starts to kiss me as I relax my asshole as he gets him into me. After a few pushes in my ass he asks me if he can put his dick in there. I tell him no way so he takes he dicks and works it into my pussy.

He starts working it in my while reaching around and working tony the tiger in my ass at the same time. What a weird feeling that was being filled in both holes at the same time. We are kissing and I am grabbing his back and ass.

Within 2 minutes he says he is going to cum and wants to cum in my ass. I tell him no anal with that massive dick and he says just the head of it. I tell him fine so out comes tony the tiger and in goes my tattooed friends tip of his dick. He is jacking the rest of his shaft as he unloading a big hot blast of cum in my ass. He takes the tip of his dick out and lays down beside me. After a few minutes of catching our breath I tell him I'm going to shower to wake up a little. He follows me into the bathroom and I go to use to the toilet he says no.

I stand up thinking something is wrong with the toilet when he asks me to pee on him. Once again I was a little shocked by his question and had to ask him what he just said. Still a little taken back I ask him where do you want me to pee.

He says in the shower on his face. Once again I had to ask twice and when he repeated he tried to plead his case saying it was in the shower and he could clean up very easy that way. So we went into the shower and he laid down with his elbows propping him up as I stood above him.

I asked him again if he was OK with this and he reassured me everything was fine so I started to pee all over his face, necks, hair. He was soaked in pee from neck up and seemed to be loving it. After he was done I turned the shower and of course I let him go first. After he got cleaned off I got under the shower with him when he tried to kiss me. I told him not way until he brushes his teeth and mouthwash.

He then asks to pee on him and I of course say not a chance in hell. He asks me to hold it then while he pees witch I say OK to that. I grab his dick and aim it at the drain as he lets loose.

We finish showering, dry up, brush our teeth and head down stairs. We preheat the oven, grab a few beers and sit down at the table with our check list. We check off the rooms then toss the pizza in the oven and put the timer on.

We head into the TV room to find the porn channel still on. We sit down on the couch with our beers and watch the movie. The girl is in handcuffs with the guy doing her from behind and her hands on her back. After watching the scene he asks if I have handcuffs or if we could tie each other up. I told him no to the handcuffs and I would think about as we continue to watch the scene. Then the timer went off on the oven and the pizza was ready.

He grabs the pizza and I grab 2 more beers and we head back into the TV room to eat, drink and watch porn. After we finish the pizza he rolls another joint and we head to the Florida room to smoke it and finish our beers. While smoking it we decide we get to tie each other up once in one of the rooms we have not tried yet. We start thinking how we can tie each other up and look around the house for some things. We ended up finding some rope then did a coin toss to see who would be tied up first.

As always I lost so he got to tie me up first. He says lets go to one of the bedrooms and do it there so off we head to the top floor of the house. He ends up picking my sisters room and says he wants to tie me to the window.

My sisters room had a bay window that was very big so I got onto the bench standing up as he tied my hands to the curtain railing. Then he tied my feet to the handles on the bench. Here I was standing with my arms apart and legs spread as far as they can go to a window looking down at the golf course at the bottom of the hill. He then leaves me there and exits the room as I am stuck watching golfers hit their balls from a tee box area.

If they were to turn around and look up thru the trees they would see me naked with my tits pressed up to the window and pussy on display to the world. He then returns with some of my toys from my bedroom.

He puts on my butterfly vibrator on me that has a strap for each leg and one around my waist that holds it in place on my clit and turns it on. I try to jump at the shock but I can't move.

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He then takes my dildo and starts to work it inside of me. Once he has it in me he moves his tongue to my asshole and starts to work on that. The sensation of having a vibrator on my clit, dildo in my pussy and tongue in my ass sends me over the edge in less than 2 minutes.

As my orgasm hits me he does stop does what he is doing and increases the speed on my vibrator. For the next 5 minutes of my life I am having one long orgasm that I can't escape from. I can feel my juices running down both of my legs as they are shaking constantly. I beg for him to stop and I need a break so he takes his tongue away and the dildo out. He then stands up on the bench behind me and in one push slides his dick into my pussy.

He starts right away going as fast as he can with the vibrator still on my clit. After 10 or so minutes of this I again start to cum again uncontrollably to the point it's become torture. I start telling him we have to stop as it's getting too hot down and getting sore. As he pulls out his dick and river of my cum falls out of me splashing against the bench below me leaving a nice puddle in its place.

He turns off the vibrator for me as I rest my head against the window. I open my eyes to see another group of golfers about to tee off when I feel him start to enter me again. I protest this but nothing I can do about it being tied up and he says as soon as the golfers are gone he will take it out.

For the next 3-5 minutes he has me pushed up hard against the window with his dick working in and out of me. Once the golfers are gone I tell him enough orgasms for me and time to move on to another room to get him off.

He gets me untied as I almost collapsed to the floor thanking god none of the golfers saw me like that. Well so I think anyways. I stand up and move to my sisters bed taking a breather from that. He lays down with me and I curl up to him. We lay there for about 20 minutes or so when I start feeling a lot better.

I tell him lets go finish you off now. He head down stairs to my dads office where he sits in the chair and I get on my knees and start giving him a blowjob.

Working my head back and forth for a few minutes when he reaches down and pulls me up by my arm pits. We start kissing when he turns me around so my chest is on my dads desk.

He stands up and enters me from behind. After a few minutes he tells me he is going to cum. I feel him tense up and he starts to cum inside of my pussy. Once he finishes cumming in me he pulls out and falls onto my dads chair again. I turn around and give him a few more licks on his dick driving him crazy. We go grab some more beers from the fridge and head back into the TV room for a break for a while. While laying there I must have fallen asleep.

He wakes me up about an hour later with a rolled joint in his hand. I look over to see its 7pm now and feeling a little hungry and exhausted. He head to the kitchen and smoke the joint while looking for some snacks to eat. I tell him I think we are done with sex as I am getting tired and sore. He protest that we only have 3 more rooms to go on our list and he wants me to tie him up as well. I look at the rooms we have left and tell him lets go to the basement. I get him to lay down on the pool table and tie his hands and feet to the legs of the pool table.

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Since he tortured me I now had a idea to get him back. Once he is tied up I start to give him a blow job. Once he is nice and hard I grab his dick and bend it backwards then letting it go so it slaps his stomach. I do this for a few minutes then leave the room to use the bathroom. I head upstairs after that and grab a drink of water. After finishing the water I grab a few ice cubes from the freezer and head back down stairs.

His hard dick is limp again so I reach over and jerk him off until he is hard. Once hard again I take 2 ice cubes and hold them on his nipples for a few minutes. I then move them down to his balls and hold them there for a while while he is squirming around. Once one of the ice cubes had melted to a smaller size I reach below his balls with it and put it inside of his ass.

I then looked at him and said payback's a bitch. I once again left the room and went upstairs to my room where I grab a vibrating dildo. I stop for another water and head back down stairs.

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I climb on the pool and get into a 69 with him but keeping my pussy a few inches above his face. I give his dick a few sucks then turn on the vibrator and rub it on my clit. I slowly start working it back and forth on my clit and pussy but never letting him touch me or taking his dick into my mouth. The more I do this though I can see his dick growing again right in front of me eyes. I start getting closer to cumming so I reach my mouth forward and get his dick in there while I am having my orgasm with him a few inches away from my pussy watching me but can't reach it.

Once that was finished I kept sucking him until he was close to cumming then I stopped. I got off the pool table an untied him one of his hands and walked away upstairs on him. After a few minutes he was able to untie himself and came up with a hard on asking me to finish him as he was close. So we headed up to the spare room. He lays on the bed and I get on top of him getting his dick inside of me.

It hurts a little at first but then starts to feel good again I start riding him and kissing him at the same time and he is grabbing my ass. He picks up his pace, starts kissing me harder then stiffens up pushing his dick in me as far as it will go, starts moaning and I feel him cum once again inside of me.

We lay there kissing as I feel his dick get softer then fall out of me bringing some of his cum with it. We lay there staring up at the ceiling all sweaty and exhausted. We both need a drink of anything so we head downstairs to find something. We both get some water and sit down at that table. We check off the rooms on our list and see only 1 room left on it.

It's around 9pm and getting dark and we are both a little exhausted. We go lay down in the TV room and start watching TV for about an hour just relaxing under a blanket when he starts to dry hump my back as I feel him start to grow harder and harder.

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I tilt my head back and start to kiss him as he reaches around with one hand and grabs a boob. As we are making out I shift around so I'm laying with my back on the couch and grab for his dick. He moves his hand from my boob replacing it with his mouth and starts to rub my pussy with 2 fingers. I get up as he follows me into the dining room. I ask him how he wants to do it and he says lay on the table.

I climb up on the table and lay down while he sits in the chair in front of me with my legs on his shoulders. I start grabbing my boobs as he is going down on me. His tongue is working my clit and pussy making me more and more wet. He lifts my legs up a higher and moves his tongue to my ass. I take this opportunity to help him out as I move one of my hands down there and start rubbing my clit. I start rubbing faster and can feel it building it inside of me. I have a orgasm but not a big one.

Just good enough for me at this point of the day. I tell him game over we did every room. He looks up at me and says he wants to get off so I get off the table and tell him I'll give him a blowjob. I get down on my knees and start going down on me getting it as wet as possible to jack off the rest of his dick. After doing this for 5 to 10 minutes I can hear his breathing getting louder and faster and feel him getting a little more tense when he all of a sudden pulls back and says we never did it in the garage.

I tell him no just cum in my mouth but he is already standing up and pulling me with him. We get to the garage and its really warm in there due to the humid day we had. I walk out first down the steps and he hits the button to open the garage. I go to dart back in the house but he blocks as the garage is opening and the light has come on it. I ask him what he is doing and he said lets do it behind the car with garage open. I dart to the car before its open all the way and crouch down behind it.

Thank god it was night and I lived at the end of the court. He runs over and is down beside me as we have a laugh together about it. We stay there hiding until the light turns off after a certain amount of time. I stand up and put my hands on his car hood looking thru the windows to the street and bend over.

He gets behind me and pushes his dick inside as I ask him to cum fast. As he is doing me I reach under myself and start to play with his balls massaging them for him. He tells me he is going to cum and asks to cum on my boobs. I turn around and get down as he blasts it over both of them. We run back inside the house and I get cleaned up. When I walk back into the room he is rolling a joint. By this point I am wiped out so we smoke the joint thinking it will help me pass right out in bed, he gets dressed, leaves me his phone number, some weed and takes off.

I shut the garage after he backs out. Go into the kitchen and toss his number in the garbage, head upstairs and take a fast shower then pass out in bed naked. I woke up the next day around noon feeling so groggy and lazy. I was sure it was from all the weed, beer and sex I had just had since Saturday.

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I got out of bed naked, got dressed, headed to bathroom and then off for some coffee. I have never seen him or tried to track him down since but years ago I did purchase a dildo around his size that I only use alone and think about that weekend.