Rosafuxxxia feet nice nails playing with a big toy

Rosafuxxxia feet  nice nails  playing with a big toy
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I had met John a year before in a gay chatroom, and we connected immediately. He was about 45, single with his own appt and a 'switch' with minimal bondage experience. I was an 18 year old switch (though mostly submissive) with no bondage experience with another, though plenty with myself. He lived about 6 hours south of me, too far to drive without A, trusting him a lot, and B, setting aside a lot of time. He knew one of my fantasies was to be a guy's oral slave for a weekend, and he frequently talked about what he could do with me.

He was a tad nervous at first, most of the suggestions coming from me and didn't really seem like a capable Dom, but he assured me if we met he'd be in full control. Finally I had set aside a weekend with nothing to do, got directions, and went to visit him. I knocked on his apartment door, and he opened it within a few seconds.

He must have been waiting for me. I stepped inside, set my backpack down and took off my sandals. John was a very tan, smiling bald man about my height, 5'10 and 160ish pounds. His eyes were big, always seemed to be wide open, and his smile would have been a tad creepy if I hadn't seen pictures of him and been prepared for it.

He was lean, but fit, his age showed, but only slightly. He was wearing khakis shorts and a white polo shirt. I was pretty similar in build, though lighter at 140 pounds.

I was skinny, but had a decent amount of muscle and sported short dark brown hair. I had on navy polyester shorts with a blue stripe running down the side and a red t-shirt. Stepping behind me to shut and lock the door, he then pulled my arms behind my back, and locked his left arm underneath, effectively restraining them. Then with his other hand be began exploring my body.

Reaching under my shirt, he felt my smooth chest, pinched my nipples, then moved down to feel my not quite fat but not quite toned abs. Suddenly he plunged his hand beneath the elastic waistband of my shorts and briefs and began toying with my shaved balls and quickly hardening cock. He moved closer, digging his own 6'' member into my back. He turned me around, and I saw his smile had widened at the thought of a new toy. He removed my shorts, briefs and T-shirt, put them in a cabinet and locked it.

I would not need them.

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Then he reached into my pack and pulled out the god knows how many feet of rope I'd bought along with a pair of scissors. He took them along with me into the bedroom. "On your stomach on the bed slave." "Yes master." "Hands behind your back." I complied.

Then he knelt over them. "Get a hand on my dick slave." I began to stroke him as best I could while he bound my ankles, then my knees together. I tested the bonds.

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No movement, he had used a pretty liberal amount of rope. I let go of his cock as he shifted positions and bound my wrists, then my elbows together.

Finally, he tied my wrists to my ankles. An unbelievably restricting hogtie. We always said we'd do the hogtie first.

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We both liked it because it left my mouth readily available. He swung me around so my head hung off the bed slightly, and my face was inches from his cock. Eagerly he slipped it into my mouth. I wrapped my lips tight. It felt great, so warm and hard in my mouth, the taste wasn't bad, salty, but not in a bad way.

He stuck it in few inches then went nice and slow, back and forth, coming out till my mouth was just over the tip, then plunging in again. Just the way he liked it, nice and slow, so the blowjob took a while, and so he cummed longer.

He continued at that pace for several minutes letting me get used to his cock in my mouth, then slowly began working his way deeper. After about twenty minutes of slowly pushing my limits, his 6'' cock was going all the way into my mouth, and down my throat, his balls slapping my chin.

I looked up at him, his eyes were rolled back in his head in ecstasy, which only made me hornier. I started moving my tongue around as he continued to slowly thrust, and received a moan of approval. He pulled it completely out after his next thrust and allowed me to lick his balls while his soaked cock leaned against my face. Not sure what to do, I rolled them around in my mouth with my tongue, which he seemed to enjoy.

I did everything from light licks, to heavy caressing with my tongue. Finally he pulled them out and returned his dick to its rightful place in my mouth. His thrusts grew a little bit erratic and his breathing heavier. He was getting closer. I wrapped my lips as tight as I could, and worked my tongue like never before.

Finally, from ragged breaths, the moans started. He was thrusting harder, a little bit faster. After several more minutes, he pulled out till only the tip was in my mouth. For what seemed like forever cum dribbled out of his dick onto my tongue. After the last drop left him, he pulled his softening dick away.

"I want you to keep that in your mouth until I say." Not too hard a task, it was a little bitter, but overall, tasted pretty good. He left the room leaving me helpless with his cum in my mouth.

He left me there for several minutes, letting his taste soak into my tongue. Finally he returned with a collar. It had 4 d-rings evenly spaced on it. He told me to swallow then put it on.

Then her untied my legs, and took off my elbow cinch so it was only my wrists that were bound. He stood me up next to the bed. "This is how you will always be, naked and restrained. Helpless so that I can do what I want, when I want. He attached a twenty foot cock leash to my still hard dick. He gave it a few strokes. "Hmm, maybe we'll do something about that later." He sat naked on the couch watching TV while I knelt in front of him.

He let me lick his balls as he watched and recovered from the earlier blowjob. His completely shaved balls felt beautifully natural in my mouth and tasted just as good. His cock lay like a heavy piece of meat across my face. After about a half hour, he pulled me up and had me sit off to the side on his lap.

He removed the leash and started stroking me slowly, all the way, up and down. I moaned and shut my eyes, I was still very horny from being allowed to suck him off earlier. He started to move faster and faster, and I got hornier and hornier. I was so close to cumming, when he stopped and reattached the cock leash.

He pulled me into the bedroom by it, and I hurriedly followed. When I reached the room, right behind him, he got out a handkerchief and blindfolded me.

I heard him move around the room for a few moments, then felt the sharp sting of a whip on my ass. "You've got to earn my cock, slave, find me." Another whip across my chest, I started moving across the room on my knees following the pain.

A lash across my stomach, and I moved forward…hit the bed. Another on my ass, I turned around, and in doing so, fell over. As I struggled to get up without the use of my hands, I felt sting after sting on my, by now red ass. Finally I managed to get back to my knees.

Suddenly, I smelled him in front of me. I moved forwards, my nose bumped his cock. Licking up the shaft, I found the head and spiraled my tongue around it back down to his balls.

I sucked them both in my mouth again and enjoyed their taste. I enjoyed licking up and down in between them. After they'd had their fair share of treatment, I moved back up and impaled my head on his dick. I brought my chin all the way down to his balls, my nose pressed into his stomach and held myself there. What little I could, I licked my tongue around the base of his shaft, hitting that spot near the bottom that is so sensitive for me.

He placed his hand on the back of my head, forcing me down farther still and moaned with approval. After several minutes I started to pull up, slowly, sucking in hard, keeping a tight seal with my lips as I did.

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When I got so the only thing left in my mouth was his head, I started running my tongue slowly up from the base of it to his tip. This drove him crazy, his moans grew louder, I went faster and faster until I was rapidly moving it up and down over his sensitive spot. I felt his dick swell as he was about to cum.

He pulled it out and started rubbing it on my face, on my cheeks. His cum oozed slowly all over my face, he got some on both cheeks, my nose, my chin, and my forehead. Everywhere but my lips. Finally, thankfully, he let me clean the very last bit of it off his cock, it tasted fantastic to me. Finally he removed the blindfold, and left the room.

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I sat there with his warmth all over my face. There was nothing I could do to wipe it off. "Please let me taste your cum," I begged when he came back into the room. Without a word he started stroking me fast and hard, I gasped in surprise. "Oh god yes," I breathed as I felt myself getting close again.

I started panting harder and hard as he gripped tighter and tighter. Like before he stopped.

"Please let me cum," I begged, his juices still covering my face. He held out a buttplug. "If you put that in, I'll let you cum, but you gotta get it in five minutes or less. He placed it in my still bound wrists; it was about as wide as a magic marker with rope tied around a loop on the end so it could be held in place. He had a condom on it because he knew I liked to keep the toys clean.

I reached and struggled as much as I could, but I just wasn't able to get the 5'' plug into my ass. After I had dropped it several times, and 5 minutes was up, he took it away. He grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees again, this time pushing my head down to the floor so my ass was up in the air.

"You get this one then," he showed it to me. It was only three inches long, but twice as thick with a bulbous end to hold it in place. He started forcing it in my asshole slowly.


The larger end didn't hurt going in, but gave a lot of unpleasant pressure. Finally it slipped into place and I let out a grunt. The feel of it up my ass was interesting, but not necessarily bad.


He pulled me to my feet, walking produced interesting sensations from my ass. This plug too had a ring protruding from the end. He slipped a finger in and tugged on it slightly for effect. "Mmmph," I protested, I wanted in or out, not in between.

He dragged me by my cockleash out into the living room. He put a clamp on each of my balls and tied the chain to a hook in the wall. Then he tied a rope to the ring on the plug and tied it to something behind me, pulling me tight both ways.

Pull on my rectum, pull on my balls, it was a choice with no win. I tried to minimize the pressure on both ends, but it didn't work too well. He started to give me a handjob. It felt so good, he was very skilled.

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I started spasming, I couldn't help it, he was going to make me cum this time. No one had brought me to orgasm but me, that was about to change.

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I had a stronger orgasm than I've ever had pumping a good load of cum as my eyes rolled back in pleasure. I stood there, ignoring the pain with my eyes shut for the moment when he started shoving something into my mouth. It was a penis gag with my cum on it. I refused at first, but he forced it in, and if I could have thanked him for it, I would have. It didn't taste as good as his, a tad more bitter, but great nonetheless. I took much delight in cleaning off the end of the fake cock in my mouth.

He sat on the couch not far behind me and started whipping me again. The lashes grew harder and harder, and in spite of things, so did my cock.

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After there were several good red lines up and down my sides, he decided that had been enough. He removed the clamps from my aching balls, which only hurt worse when the blood rushed back. He untied the plug, took it out slowly and removed the gag letting me run around it several more times with my tongue. He untied my hands so they could separate, but left a rope around each wrist. Leading me into the bedroom he tied each hand above my head to posts on either side of the headboard. Finally he roped off my ankles so I was completely spread and climbed in with me.

We would sleep, but not for long…