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PART 1 EXPIRATION Brooke White apprehensively approached the Slater Funeral Home & Mortuary. It was the only facility of it's kind in the county and it was a place she knew she would soon be.

Brooke, who was only 19, was surprised when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour almost a year earlier. She didn't feel any different, apart from the frequent headaches, she was still the adorable bubbly girl she had always been.

It was her father's idea to bring her to visit Mr Slater, the funeral director. Brooke was naturally scared of death, she didn't know what to expect.

She had explained countlessly to her father the fear of her passing, the uncertainty about her body and the process which awaited her in the small town's mortuary. Brooke walked behind her father and into the morgue.

She was a short girl, with long black hair which she had tied up into a bun. She had dressed herself that morning in a tight black t-shirt which brought emphasis to the large D sized breasts. Brooke wore on her lower half some tight black leggings which showed the shape of her toned short legs. Brooke felt the softness of the carpet through her sneakers as she stepped into the funeral home, the place smelled floral and fresh.

Mr Slater soon appeared, and he did not meet Brooke's expectations. The man was old, probably old enough to be her grandfather. He walked with a hobble and was slightly hunched over. "Hello" he grinned, gazing down at Brooke who stood at only 5'3. "Hey" Brooke shyly smiled, her green eyes glancing away from the director. Brooke's dad and Mr Slater shook hands before he led them to his office a short way up the hall, they all took a seat around Mr Slater's large oak desk. "So" Mr Slater spoke, his voice echoing around the room.

"You want to know what will happen when you die?" he continued, his eyes looking down at Brooke. "Yeah" Brooke spoke, looking nervously up towards her father. "Go ahead" he reassured her.

"It's not so much what happens to me, but what will happen with my body. What happens here and stuff?" she tried to explain, her voice wavering with nerves. Mr Slater nodded his head. "Well, where do you want me to start? The second you come into my custody?" He raised his eyebrows and gazed down at timid little Brooke.

Brooke nodded. "Well" he spoke. "When you arrive here we will take you into the morgue where we will undress you and examine you. Because of your illness you most likely won't be needing an autopsy but we will examine your body, take note of your identifying features; hair colour, eyes, height, weight-" "So, you'll see me naked?" Brooke softly muttered, bowing her head to avoid eye contact with the large elderly man before her. "I will" Mr Slater confirmed, taking an opportunity to glance at the teenage girl's large firm breasts underneath her tight t-shirt.

"It's okay" Brooke's dad said, trying to comfort his only daughter. "After we have examined you we will place you in a fridge until the details of your funeral are finalised, then the embalming process will begin" Mr Slater spoke.

"What does that mean?" asked the trembling girl. "You will be cleaned before I make a small cut in your femoral region and drain blood from you, replacing it with an embalming fluid.

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Your vagina will be stuffed with a gauze and glued together to prevent any bodily fluids leaking out of you. I will also glue your eyes together, your mouth. It's a strong adhesive substance and it won't be noticed at your funeral. It will just look like you will be asleep." Brooke thought for a moment, her small hands trembled on her lap at the thought of the looming Mr Slater working on her petite young body.

She felt violated and the man hadn't even done anything to her. Brooke glanced towards her father who gave her a sympathetic smile. She felt uncomfortable having her private parts discussed so openly in front of him. Mr Slater watched the young girl for a moment. He could see that she was startled by the information he had given to her and he could see she was clearly scared about the process.

Mr Slater's penis jolted in his pants at the thought of the young girl lying on his table in the not so distant future. He had worked on young females before but there was something special about Brooke White. He had never met any of his decedents alive. "Is it true?" Brooke's tight trembling voice squeaked.

"Is it true that I will pee myself?" "You may" Mr Slater nonchalantly answered.


"Depends what your body wants to do. It depends how much is in your bladder. If you go to the toilet before you die, then you will probably stay dry down there." Mr Slater glanced towards Brooke's crotch, her hands sat on her thighs which were presented in the tightness of her black leggings.

"There are things I can confirm with your body. One thing for sure is your muscles will stiffen up in a process called rigor mortis. That will last for a day or so before they will relax again. Livor mortis will occur as well, that is where your blood will pools at the lowest point due to gravity." Brooke slowly shook her head. She had heard enough, she felt incredibly uncomfortable at the thought of the man touching her body with his large wrinkled hands.

Mr Slater on the other hand looked down at the girl, excited for the day he could spend time with the sick girl's body.


PART 2 - EXAMINATION Brooke White died sooner than the doctors had expected. A day after her meeting with Mr. Slater she had been walking through the town's park, with her brother, when a searing heat came across her head. She took a seat on a park bench where life slowly faded out and her delicate heart soon stopped.

Mr Slater entered the morgue and saw the adorable girl he had once met lying on her back on the table, still fully clothed in the outfit she had dressed herself in that morning.

He knew Brooke White would be back, he just didn't expect it so soon. He walked towards her, firmly asserting his hand on her small ankle. "Back so soon?" he grinned, his large hand crawling up the nylon of her black leggings and over her muscular thigh which he slowly caressed. Mr Slater soon felt a warmth on the girl's cooling body. "Had a little accident?" he asked her, a large patch of urine soaked into the material of the leggings.

Of course, Brooke never answered. Her head was resting on the metal block, her green eyes hung slightly open and her dry lips were slowly turning a subtle blue. Mr Slater walked to the foot of the table and untied the laces of the girl's sneakers, slipping them off her small feet along with the white socks she also wore.

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He tossed her shoes aside and wandered to the head of the table and ran his hand through the locks of Brooke's dark hair, gazing at her paling young face. Mr Slater reached for the base of Brooke's t-shirt and rolled it up her torso, revealing her toned smooth stomach.

He pulled it over the hurdle which was her large D cup breasts and continued up, pulling it over her head and yanking her thin arms out. Mr Slater threw the t-shirt aside and gazed at the girl's breasts which sat comfortably in a lacy pink bra. He placed his large hand on her left tit and squeezed it hard, leaving firm impressions on the girl's breast where his fingers had dug in. Mr Slater let out a little chuckle to himself. He moved down to the girl's lower garments and began to pull the tight leggings off her, revealing her smooth toned legs.

He crawled his hand up her legs taking great pleasure in massaging the muscular thigh of the deceased girl.

"You're beautiful" he muttered, examining Brooke who was now wearing nothing but her underwear; a pink bra and black panties. He placed his fingers on the warm wet patch of the girl's panties, taking time to feel her vagina underneath.

The girl's pussy was tight, and wet with the remnants of the urine. "You poor thing" he sympathised, pulling the urine-soaked panties down the girl's legs. He made his way back up to the head of the table and lifted Brooke up into a seated position, her limp torso leaning against Mr Slater. He looked down as his large hands fumbled with the strap at the back of Brooke's pink bra until is suddenly snapped apart and her large firm breasts fell free from the constraints of the undergarments.

Brooke White lay naked on the metal slab, her body slowly cooling. Mr. Slater stared at the young woman's body, her large breasts, and stiff nipples.

He felt his cock beginning to stand to attention over the girl and he approached the top of the slab and ran his large hand over the girl's face.

Brooke's eyes were slightly open and oblivious to the hand which crawled over her. The girl's lips were dry and beginning to turn blue, her cute nose never to let out a breath again. Mr. Slater switched on the voice recorder and began his external examination of Brooke White. "The decedent is a healthy, well nourished and matured female of 19 years. She has long black hair, green eyes, her height is 5'3 and her weight is 110 pounds.

The girl has medical history of an inoperable brain tumour the most probably cause of her death. Brooke arrived wearing a pair of navy blue sneakers, white socks, black leggings and a grey t-shirt. She was also wearing a pink bra, D cup, and black panties. Note, the female had urinated herself during the onset of death." Mr. Slater switched the recorder off and clambered onto the slab, his large body looming over the petite girl's corpse, he slipped his large dick out and inserted it into Brooke's tight cleanly shaven vagina.

The girl who had only been dead a couple hours still held a slight warmness to her as Mr. Slater began to slowly fuck her corpse. He groaned as his pace increased, he looked at the girl's dead gaze and wondered how she would feel about the situation.

Mr. Slater began to speed up, the girl's dry vagina making it rough for the elderly man who still had a good fuck in him. He could feel the girl's breasts move under the momentum of her post-mortem rape. Mr. Slater fired his cum into the girl's vagina and let out a heavy sigh of relief before rolling off of the slab. As Mr.


Slater caught his breath he heard the nearby phone ringing. PART 3 VISITATION Mr. Slater led Brooke's father and brother into the morgue where their little relative was lying.

It was early evening and the girl had been dead close to 7 hours when they arrived to view her. "Once again, I'm sorry for your loss" Mr. Slater stated, holding a bag of clothes the girl's family had delivered for her to be buried in. "I thought she'd be covered up or something" Mr. White said, seeing his daughters body lying on the slab naked and with everything on show, apprehensive to approach her. "I'm afraid that's just on TV" Mr. Slater answered, leading the relatives closer.

The relatives of Brooke White were silent for a moment as they stared at her corpse which had already started to stiffen, her blood beginning to pool and discolour her skin.

"Can I touch her?" her father asked, beginning to reach forward. "Of course" Mr. Slater answered, wondering how her relatives would react if they had seen him just hours earlier fucking their loved one.

Brooke's father stepped forward, glancing at her large cool breasts, her nipples still hard and stiff. He places his hand on her face and slowly ran it upwards and through the long black hair of his daughter. "She's so cold" Mr. White's voice described. "I'm sorry for your loss" Mr. Slater repeated, studying Brooke's brother who stood silently staring at the body of his younger sister.

"She was so scared about been seen like this" Mr. White sobbed, his tears falling onto the face of his daughter. "I know" Mr. Slater nodded, remembering the meeting from the previous day with Brooke and her father. The girl had been so frightened and now she lay on his table, cold and stiff, one load of cum already fired into her vagina. "Your daughter truly is beautiful" he complimented the family, staring at the young naked body. "What's that?" Brooke's brother piped up. "What?" wondered Mr.

Slater, concerned. "That stuff?" her brother continued, pointing towards his sister's vagina. Mr. Slater stepped forward and inspected the vagina of Brooke White. Dripping slowly from the lips of her pussy was his cum which he had fired into her earlier. "That's semen" he explained. "That's her semen" he lied. "Your daughter's body is going through post-mortem ejaculation, it's a completely natural process. It is why before burial we will place a gauze up there to soak up her fluids as well as sewing her vagina up" Mr.

Slater continued, lying about the origin of the cum. "Stop looking at your sister's vagina" scolded Mr. White to his son. "Give her some respect" glancing at his daughter's vagina for a moment himself. "Sorry" sulked Brooke's brother whose cock was beginning to harden under the presence of his sister's cold naked corpse.

"Mr. White, I will get your daughter looking beautiful, don't worry about it" promised Mr. Slater, admiring the girl's naked body. Mr. White thanked the funeral director before leaving the morgue, his son following closely behind him.

As soon as all had fallen silent in the home and the White family had departed Mr. Slater returned to Brooke's corpse. Her lifeless stare was fixated on the ceiling of the morgue and Mr Slater approached placing his large hands firmly on the girl's breasts. "I'm so sorry you had to die" he spoke, feeling Brooke's erect and hard nipples. "You're a beautiful little girl" he breathed, leaning forward and beginning to kiss the nineteen-year-old's dry lips.

He kissed the corpse passionately for several minutes, running his hand over her cheek, through her long black hair. PART 4 PREPERATION Brooke White had spent the last five days laying on a gurney locked in the crammed fridge of Slater Funeral Home & Mortuary.

She was the only body under sixty and the only female in the packed walk-in fridge. Brooke White never considered that when she died, she would be locked in a room amongst naked elderly men. Brooke's green eyes were clouded yet remained open, she was completely pale, and the nipples of her large breasts were harder than they had ever been when she was alive.

Brooke's legs were open slightly and a deceased ninety-four-year-old man who lay opposite had his eyes fixed on her tight vagina. "Oh Brooke!" called Mr. Slater excitedly before banging his large fist on the metal door of the fridge, the booming sound echoing around the fridge's interior. The bodies all remained still as he opened the heavy door allowing light to be cast inside illuminating the corpses who had all been brought together.

"Brooke White" grinned the large elderly man walking over to Brooke's gurney. "It's your turn" he stated. "Your funeral is tomorrow. Let's get you away from all these new friends you made" he chuckled, glancing at the bodies of the elderly men.

Mr. Slater pushed Brooke's gurney down the tiled hallway with a smile on his face, every crack the gurney jolted over caused the girl's large breasts to jiggle. "Can you believe a week ago you came in here with your dad to discuss your funeral?" Slater spoke in a state of bewilderment. "Now look at you" he shook his head, his eyes distracted by the D cup breasts which bounced over every bump of the tiled floor.

They soon arrived at the prep room and Mr. Slater placed one arm under Brooke's knees, the other under her neck and lifted her naked corpse up before placing her on the metal table.

He pushed the gurney away and took a moment to straighten Brooke's body up, placing a metal headrest under her skull. Mr. Slater turned the hose system on which operated like a shower, the water running down the metal table around Brooke's body and draining down the plughole at the base of the table.

Mr. Slater leaned into Brooke's neck and kissed the cold flesh around her collar bone. "You're beginning to smell" he spoke dryly, lifting the hose and directing it straight at Brooke's face. The water rushed at Brooke's face some making its way into her nostrils.

Mr. Slater directed the hose at her hair making sure it was all wet before moving down. He grabbed her left breast and squeezed with a grin on his wrinkled face as he blasted the hose of water at the girl's large breasts moving it down her stomach towards her waist. There was the sudden sound of knocking on the door of the funeral home which startled Mr.

Slater. He turned the water off and left the hose resting on Brooke's torso, her dead clouded green eyes staring down the metal slab at her body.

Mr. Slater was surprised at who was visiting, it was Sam, Brooke's older brother who had a pale look on his face. "Mr. Slater, please, I want to see her again, I want to see her before her funeral, please" he desperately pleaded.

"Follow me" Mr. Slater said inviting the young man in. He led him down the hall to the room where Brooke's half washed cadaver lay. "There she is" he spoke. Sam walked forward towards the table and grabbed his sister's cold hand. His eyes scanned from the haunting look on her face downwards past her large breasts towards her hips and tight vagina.

"It's okay if you want to look down there" comforted Slater. "I've never seen a woman, naked" he nervously stuttered, his eyes still prowling over Brooke's body. Mr. Slater stepped forward and grabbed the hose, turning the water back on. "Right now, I'm just cleaning her. Took her out the fridge this morning." He directed the stream of water at her waist and down to her vagina.

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Slater elbowed Brooke's legs open slightly so the stream of cold water was been blasted right at her pussy. Slater gently rubbed the girl's vagina allowing a finger to slip inside of her as he cleaned her. "Got to make sure she gets cleaned properly." He continued cleaning her, massaging her thighs before her finally shut the stream of water off. Sam was rock hard by the time Slater turned the water off, he stared in awe at corpse of his younger sister. Mr. Slater looked over with warm eyes.

"I'll get her dried and then I will start getting her ready, maybe you can help me." Sam was trembling as he stood next to his sister.

Mr. Slater had a bottle of an adhesive substance and walked to the head of the table.

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"What we do here is close her eyes and mouth shut, don't want those freaky peepers opening at her funeral and scaring everyone?" Sam stepped forward. "One sec." He paused for a moment in front of Mr.

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Slater and leaned forward locking his lips onto Brooke's loose jaw, his warm tongue made it's way into her cold mouth and touched her cold tongue. He kissed the limp jaw passionately for a moment as Mr. Slater stood near by smirking at the sight. Sam knew how much Brooke would hate been kissed by her brother, he knew how much she hated the idea of her body been seen naked after she passed, but here she was. Sam pulled back and stared into Brooke's dead green clouded eyes for one last time.

Mr. Slater glued the teenager's eyes closed for the last time and glued her mouth. He then moved down to her vagina where he stuck his finger up her tight cunt once again.

"You know exactly a week ago your sister was sat in my office, now she is lying on my slab with my finger up her cunt." He removed it and bent down beginning to lick the girl's cold vagina in front of her older brother. Sam let out an excited whimper as he watched the old man lick his sister's vagina, he unzipped his jeans releasing his large throbbing cock and began to rub it as his sister's corpse was defiled.

Mr. Slater stuck his tongue deep into the lips of the cold dry vagina and let out an excited sigh. He stood up and fingered her pussy which had become wet with his saliva.

He looked across to Sam. "Fuck her, it's okay." Sam nodded and immediately jumped onto the table, lowering his jeans to his ankles. His cock was harder than it had ever been as he stuck it into his sister. "I'm sorry, sis" he muttered. He started to slowly fuck her. The dryness of her cunt made it uncomfortable, but the thrill compensated for it.

He stared at the peaceful expression her pale face had been glued into as he fucked her hard before glancing down and watching as her breasts bounced with every fuck he gave her, his hands gripping his sister's cold shoulders tightly.

Then he felt the warmth of his cum inside of her and he let out a groan, slipping his dick from her as he knelt on the metal slab. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" Sam breathlessly spoke, glancing to Mr. Slater. "It's okay" he said reassuringly. "You loved her in life and in death. She may not have liked it but she didn't feel a thing" he grinned. Sam jumped down from the slab and Mr. Slater started to work on Brooke's vagina.

He placed a roll of gauze which looked similar to a tampon into Brooke's vagina before grabbing the glue and applying it to her, stroking the substance of the lips of her pussy and sealing it shut. Mr. Slater wheeled a machine on a trolley over towards the table and grabbed a small scalpel where he made an incision into Brooke's meaty thigh.

There was no blood to Sam's surprise as Mr. Slater placed a hose from the machine into Brooke's leg and switched it on. There was a low hum as a chemical solution began to be injected into Brooke's corpse. Mr. Slater made his way to the girl's ankles where he lifted her left leg and made quickly lacerated her heel, he done the same with her right ankle next.

"You watch, Sam" Slater said with excitement. Suddenly blood came pouring from the wounds at Brooke's ankles and disappeared down the drain. Mr. Slater grinned and Sam stared in fascination. "What's happening, Mr. Slater?" "The embalming machine pumps fluid into your sister, the pressure pushes the blood to the lowest point of her body, her ankles as the table has a slight gradient.

The fluid will make her look a bit more lifelike, take away the paleness" Slater explained. "Give it an hour she should look a lot better." Sam and Slater returned an hour later to find Brooke look astonishingly life like.

Sam forgot that she was still dead when he touched his sister's arm still finding it icy cold. "The outfit your dad brought, let's take a look. The bag is on the worktop over there" he gestured to Sam. Sam grabbed the bag of clothes from the worktop as Slater disconnected the embalming machine from Brooke's corpse and stitched up the wound in her leg and at her ankles, wiping away the remaining traces of blood. He pushed her legs aside slightly and emptied the contents of the bag onto the metal surface of the slab.

Slater rummaged through the contents, a black dress, a pair of thick black tights, matching lacy black bra and panties as well as a pair of black high heels. "Fuck" Mr.

Slater spat. "What?" "Fucking tights, do you know how difficult it is to put tights on a corpse?" "Brooke always wore tights with a dress or a skirt" Samuel replied innocently. Slater laughed. "Help me dress her and I'll take a bit of money of the bill for her funeral" he winked. They started with Brooke's underwear.

Slater slipped on her lacy black panties without an issue before moving to the top of the table and lifting Brooke up into a seated position, her breasts moving with gravity. "Alright, Sam, grab her bra." Sam grabbed his sisters bra and stepped forward, gently placing her arm through the straps and lifting the undergarment up to her shoulders, making sure her large breasts sat in the cups.

"It's on." Slater, still holding Brooke upright clipped the bra on. "Perfect" Slater smiled just dropping Brooke's body onto the table. She dropped like a rock and hit the metal surface with a thud causing an echo to ring out across the room. "Oh my god" Sam stood stunned at the sound of his sister's corpse hitting the metal table. "Relax, she's dead." Slater spoke, grabbing the black tights from the bottom of the table.

Carefully he slipped Brooke's small soft feet into the nylon garment and began to gently roll it up her cool legs. "Right, Sam, put your hands on her legs." Sam grabbed his sister by the shins. "Hold onto the tights so they don't roll down" he spoke. Sam done as he was told and watched as Mr. Slater pulled the tights up Brooke's cold legs grunting every time the tights got stuck or attempted to crawl back down.

Eventually the waistband of the tights sat by Brooke's stomach, just above her panty line. They then slipped Brooke into her black dress which came down to her mid-thigh. Slater smirked to Sam as he slipped Brooke's heels onto her feet. "Cute little thing isn't she" Slater complimented. Mr. Slater then started work tying Brooke's long black hair into a crown braid, something she had wished as well as applying a basic layer of make-up to her face. Sam watched on until Slater was finished.

"Can I have a moment with her, alone?" he asked. Slater nodded his head. "Sure but don't go ripping her pussy open and sticking your dick in her, you'll just make more work for me" he complained as he left the room. Sam paused for a moment and listened to Slater's footsteps walk down the hallway away from the room until there was nothing but silence.

Sam placed his hand gently onto his sister's nylon clad leg and felt the coldness of her skin through the material. "Remember when we picked this outfit out for you, I took you shopping and bought it all for you. You're death seemed so far away and now look at you, I love you sis, I love you so much." Sam moved to the top of the table and pecked his sister on her cold cheek.

The next day Brooke White was buried in her grave where she lay in her silver casket for the rest of eternity, slowly decomposing, unaware of the love her brother had truly felt for her and the experience her corpse underwent at Slater Funeral Home & Mortuary.

Sam became Mr. Slater's apprentice.