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Super sexy teen horny cutie enjoying high def
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Hanna and Lucario had traveled all over the world in her eight years and today she and Lucario were in Pewter town. They had settled down in a cozy hotel and were preparing to battle the Gym leader.

Hanna had learned his name was Brock and a rock type leader. "Hanna you're pacing, are you nervous for our battle tomorrow?" Lucario asked his Voice in Hanna's mind. "I'm Sorry Lucario I know you can handle it, it's just that I get worried" She said turning to face him. Lucario was sitting on the edge of the bed watching her nervous habit. It had been a week since that time in the cave and Hanna blushed with the memory of their love making. Lucario saw her cheeks redden and he knew she was thinking of what they had done.

It's been a week since they had sex. He motioned for Hanna to come to him and she walked over to Lucario slowly. Tugging on her arm Lucario pulled Hanna into his lap and kissed her until she was clutching his fur in her fists.

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Smiling Lucario looked down at his blushing mate. "ooohh Lucario" She said on a wistful sigh. He lifted Hanna's shirt and messaged her soft round breasts and she arched against his paws.


Lucario used his claw to hook it into her bra and pulled it down until her breast spilled out of it. He licked his lips at the sight of her full breast in his paws his claws pressed gently into the white flesh. Hanna gasped out as Lucario's tong teased her nipple to a hard bud.

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He started to suck her breast making her moan. Hanna's hands pushed Lucario's head closer to her as she begged him to take more. Lucario started to bite lightly and message her other breast roughly while he could feel his cock start to poke Hanna through her shorts.

Lucario slipped off Hanna's shirt and bra and brushed his claws gently across her nipples making her squirm. He groaned as her hips moved against his erection. Lucario lifted head to kiss Hanna as he laid back and brought her on top of him.

"Lucario I can feel you're cock pressing against me!" Hanna moaned "Hanna Can you take off the rest of your clothes?" Lucario growled into her lust clouded mind. It had taken her a few seconds to realize what he had asked, but she got up and started to strip off her shorts and panties. Hanna saw Lucario's hard cock sticking up she licked her lips.

She thought of how it would taste in her mouth and blushed scarlet at the thought. She moved forward and touched his cock shyly with her fingers, Lucario moaned and looked at her. Hanna wrapped her hand around the red hard flesh and stroked him. Lucario moaned and laid back as she stroked him with growing confidence.

Hanna felt a satisfying feeling knowing she was making Lucario moan with just her hands. Feeling a little adventurous she lowered her head down and licked the tip of his cock. Lucario let out a gasp of pleasure as his hips arched up for her to do that again. Hanna licked him again and Lucario growled with his lust. She put her mouth on the tip of his cock and sucked lightly this made him let out a moan, taking that as a good sign Hanna brought more of his cock into her mouth and sucked more.

"Oh God Hanna. That feels so good, aaaahh" Lucario moaned into her mind. She kept sucking and teased with her tong till she had to come up because her jaw hurt.

Hanna looked at Lucario as her pussy was wet and tight with the anticipation to have his cock deep inside her. Slowly she climbed up on Lucario and he looked at her as her. Pussy hovered just above his hard cock. "Lucario I want you" She said Placing his paws on Hanna's hips Lucario helped her slip His erection into her wet, hot, little hole. "You're so tight, aahh.

Yeah move your hips Hanna". She did as he said to and moved her hips back and forth on his cock. Hanna cried out as she felt him slip deeper into her. She started to feel her orgasm build as she squeezed his dick with her pussy. Soon Hanna was cumming on his hot cock. Lucario felt his cock further itself into her, and hear the gasps as he pressed against her cervix and started to press his large member into her womb. As Hanna moved her hips Lucario started to trust up into her as his knot pressed against her pussy lips.

He growled loudly and another hard thrust sent his bulging knot into her tight pussy. This made Hanna cum again as she writhe on top of him. Lucario thrusted up some more trying to burry himself deeper into her slick hole. Soon he felt his cock tense and then Lucario was shooting his Hot cum deep into Hanna's womb.

Hanna Cried out and arched up and she came as well from the feeling of being filled with Lucario's seed. "Oh wow, that was amazing Lucario" Hanna said as she breathed hard. "Yes, I liked how you sucked me my mate" He whispered into Hanna's mind.

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"When you whisper in my mind like that it drives me crazy" "Does it?" "Yes!" Hanna laughed and leaned over and kissed Lucario passionately Lucario rolled over so that he was on top of Hanna and kissed back. Hanna wrapped her arms around Lucario's neck as one of his paws were place on her cheek and his other arm above her head. After laying together for a while and Lucario's swollen knot had gone down he slipped it out of her.

Hanna moaned a little then sat up and crawled off the bed. Lucario helped steady her so that her legs didn't give out from under her. "What are you doing?" "I want a shower, care to join me?" Lucario chuckled and helped walked Hanna to the bathroom and sat her on the edge of the tub as he got the shower running.

The second they got in Lucario plastered Hanna up against the wall and growled into her mind "I won't let you make me wait that long again to make love to" Hanna didn't know what to say to that as her normally gentle Lucario was aggressively pinning her.

"I'm sorry Lucario." She looked down at his chest that was now wet from the spray of water. Lucario smiled and kissed her as he released Hanna from the wall. Together they showered and Lucario would pull Hanna against him and would tease her body. Usually he flicked his claws against her nipples or kiss her neck and shoulders.

When Lucario teased Hanna it helped release the cum trapped in her womb. One they finished their shower Hanna crawled into bed completely naked and Lucario cuddled up against her and they fell asleep soon after. Hanna woke up as the sun was just rising above the horizon.


She was well rested and felt relaxed, looking over she saw Lucario who was still asleep. Giggling Hanna kissed him and he slowly awakened. Doing as she always did she rolled over onto her stomach and stretched out.

Lucario saw her nice round ass lift as she stretched and instantly moved behind her.

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Hanna let out a shriek as his cold snout touched her pussy, she got wet instantly and shivered in delight as Lucario's tong flicked out and tasted her. He licked her deeper but slowly entering her with each torturous thrust of his tong. When he licked deep into her Hanna gave a shudder and came, Lucario hungrily drank her juices down.

"aaahhh~ Lucario, more" Hanna sighed Lucario licked a few minutes longer and then lightly with his claw he traced her lips making her gasp and writhed back on his finger. Lucario had to move his hand away or he would had cut Hanna. She looked back at him with a puzzled look on her face. "You're so cute Hanna" He said as he got to his knees. Lucario already hard and poking out of his sheath, moved forward and slid into Hanna's waiting pussy. She moaned and Lucario leaned over to kiss her back, placing his paws on her waist.

Sitting up he started a slow rhythmic thrust into her. Lucario felt himself grow in length and width as Hanna's tight hole squeezed nicely around him. Hanna started to grind her hips back against him and forced him deep into her till her was hitting her cervix she cried out as he pounded against it widening her for his cock to meet with her womb. Hanna kept grinding back against him driving him nuts with lust. Lucario started to thrust harder and faster into her pussy till his knot larger then usually from Hanna's grinding tried to slip in her.

Hanna moaned the whimpered as Lucario thrusts were harder and his knot widened her pussy more than it had. But with her grinding against him and his hard thrust Lucario's knot was finally engulfed by Hanna's Pussy.

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Lucario growled with his pleasure and pounded his cock more into his mate. His thrusts slowed then he shot his cum deep inside her, filling her. "Lucario." "Yes?" He breathed into her mind "I love you" Hanna said as her breathing settled.


"I love you to Hanna" When Lucario slipped out of her core Hanna rolled off the bed and as she stood up she clamped her stomach muscles and Lucario's creamy liquid spilled from her. The cum pooled at her feet and Hanna's wished she could have kept Lucario's warm seed in her.

Then she remembered she had a gym match today.

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Hanna rushed to the bathroom pulling Lucario with her to wash up before facing Brock. She put on her cloths then her and Lucario rushed out the door.

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Hanna had forgotten about her worries and was energized for the battle to come.