Stunning babe banged on the massage table

Stunning babe banged on the massage table
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darn! it's a flat tire and you didn't want to take the back roads anyway.

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now here you are a beautiful woman and stuck in the middle of nowhere. better see if you can change the tire. you're at least off the road a little ways and not too visible with all the trees and brush along this road. when you get out and open the trunk to see what's there you find the spare and a jack. not having done much of this it takes awhile for you to get the parts together and place the jack. it's hot today so you open your blouse since there's no one around anyway.

a few minutes later you hear a car coming. quickly you run to the edge of the road and wave to get them to stop. its an older pickup with a nice looking man probalbly in his early fifties but with a nice looking collie in the back.

it only takes a few minutes for you to tell your story and for him to get out and survey the situation. you'd done everything right but just hadn't finished so he quickly changes the tire and after putting the flat and tools in the trunk he turns to you. it's at this time with his eyes on you that you realize that you have your blouse wide open, it seemed so natural that you had not even thought about it.

blushing red you appologise and stammer your thanks.

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offering to pay him for his labor, he looks a little bemused as he reaches within the folds of your blouse to caress a breast.

i think you have a real good idea of how to repay me he states. not removing his hand, but leaning into him you think that this might be a good day afterall. "my home is just down this road that you've turned onto." he states " would you like to drive down it and spend a little time" because you're not in a hurry and have nothing to do for a few days you readily agree and leaving your blouse open, with the idea of removing it at the end of the drive, you head into the lane and shortly arrive at a neat house.

there are several outbuildings with a corral, some pasture and grazing in the feilds some miniature horses. it's a beautiful well cared for farm. you rather happily leave your blouse in the car with thoughts that maybe your rescuer is in need of rescue.


with an arm around your waist he takes you close for a kiss and offers to show you the house. there no surprises await as you are quickly lead to the bedroom, with its strong masculine look and there he finds your nipples to pinch, nibble and suck.

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your neck recieves kisses while he unbuttons your jeans and skillfully slips them off. now you are open to his caresses and kisses over all of your body. as you join in to remove his clothes, he leads you to the bed where again with his mouth he teases your body. moving from your mouth to your neck and slowly going lower he works at trying to taste all parts. you feel his tongue teasing your hard nipples, while he begins to feel along the inside of your thighs.

again moving on his mouth becomes a part of your sex as he reaches into and around your cunt with his tongue. he bites gently on the lips of your pussy and your clit. it becomes a challenge to see how far into your depths his tongue can go. not to be left out you've found his hard cock and are trying to see how much you can put into your mouth.

it seems impossible but you try to swallow all of it up to his balls. it means that only by forcing it into your throat and gagging yourself can you even begin to get it all in. again and again you try until you fell him swell and not wanting to end it all too quickly you stop.

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as you come up for air with your cunt on fire from his tongue you each have only one thought. quickly he enters you and forces his cock to the end of your hole, filling it as it should be.

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thrusting faster and faster you join to rapidly reach a climax. again you cum. now, slowing he gently pushes himself as far as possible and you feel a warm flow of his cum. it was all over too soon and he lies in and with you as he softens. you're thinking, this is not over yet.

aying there sated with sex and not wanting to move she felt comfortable and happy.

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she didn't want to get up, dress and leave. now, a new friend came by, the collie ambled over and lay beside her.

his fur was clean and silky so that she started to stroke him on the back and head. puting his head on her naked leg he stared up into her eyes with an inteligent look. and she felt that he would be a great friend. at least until he turned his head and sniffed at her cum filled pussy. rather than pushing him away, she felt so good that she let him take another sniff and was shocked to feel his rough wet tongue on her pussy.

now, she did start and try to push him off. he continued to lick though and the sensations were such that after two or three more licks she started to enjoy it. as the collie became more energetic in its attentions the farmer came back into the room. "you've won him over too" he said. "relax and see how much fun he can be" now it became achallenge to remain proper and yet with a man watching and his dog quickly becoming horny she didn't know what to do.


so, she did what comes naturally to a woman wanting all the sex she can get. relaxing she let the dog enjoy itself not really noticing the lengthening cock coming out to get ready for action.

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she instead payed more attention to the man's happy cock which was in the same manner once again getting ready for action. knowing what was to come, the man stood at the side of the bed and with his now hard cock he invited her to come and suck. that meant that to reach his cock she turned and got onto her knees with her head back to swallow that cock full length. in and out he started fucking her face. and with ahand on each side of her he coaxed the collie into position.

with a quick bound the collie mounted her. luck would have it that on the first shot he struck home and entered her cunt with his huge dog cock. she almost gagged with the shock of a mouth full of mancock and a cunt of dogcock. she was held too tightly by both and could not escape. "don't be scared, rrelax and enjoy" was all he said. and she did. in only a short time she was enrapt by such sex as she had never enjoyed before. the collie forced himself faster and faster pounding her cunt and driving her onto the fucking of her face.

it didn't take long before the collie stopped and help it''s position deep inside her. she felt the warm rush of dog cum which seemed to never stop. that was followed quickly by the flow into her mouth and throat of the man cumming as well. she could not help but join, cumming harder than ever. now the three of them relaxed, with the collie doing the honors of cleaning her well fucked cunt.

"shall we have some dinner? i'm starved after all that?" she was asked.


so it seemed that he did not want her to leave any more than she wanted to go. it looked good for more good things to come.